A Knight's Tale

                      by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Sir Alwyn Merriweather, a dashing young knight roams the English countryside, bedding wenches and young girls, defending their honor, righting wrongs and killing bad men.

Some trivia.

This story is set in the eighteenth century mostly in central England and is by far the largest story I have ever written with dozens of characters. My character Catrin, the nine-year-old lover of Sir Alwyn, is based on the character, Arya Stark in my favorite HBO series, Game of Thrones. Most of the names of places are accurate. I only took liberties with a couple for the sake of the story.

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Word Count: 50,898

Published: January 1 2019

Chapter One

The three horses, two black, one white, whinnied as their riders pulled on their reins and brought them to a halt next to old Stone Tower. Lord Evesham was first to dismount, followed by Sir Alwyn Merriweather, his twenty-four-year-old son, and heir to his title. Alwyn handed the reins of his white horse to his father and walked over to where Sophia Merriweather, his fourteen-year-old sister, was still sitting in her saddle.

"Let me help you dismount, Sophia," he offered as he put his hands around his sister's small waist and lifted her off her horse.

"I could have dismounted by myself," she said, her body rubbing against her brother's as he lowered her down to her feet. She smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

"I know you could, little sister," he whispered, as he handed the reins of her horse to her, "but then I would not have had the pleasure of touching your beautiful body."

"Careful," she warned, "Father might hear us."

The three tied their horses to hitching rings built into the old stone structure. Some say pagans built Stone Tower as a tribute to their gods. Others said it was built by the Romans as a watchtower since there were remnants of a large iron cauldron at its top where a signal fire could be lit to warn of impending peril.

No matter who you believed, the stone structure had stood on this site atop the edge of the Cotswold Hills, with sweeping views of the Vale of Evesham below, for who knows how long. It had stood steadfast for a long time, battered by rain and winds, covered in ice and snow in the winter and bleached by the hot sun in the summer.

The imposing structure was built from stones mined in the very hills it stood on. It was a hundred feet tall with a girth of forty feet at its base and fifteen feet at its top. Through a single arched opening on the lee side of the base, a winding stone staircase provided access to the top where, on a clear day, you could see the two shires of Worcester and Warwick.

Below the steep drop-off, the rift valley below was a patchwork quilt of green fields, with hedgerows of blackthorn and dry-stacked stone walls defining farm boundaries as well as roads between—no more than two ruts formed by cartwheels. Small hamlets dotted the countryside with their stone houses, wooden barns and central greens where children played, and summer fêtes were held. Girls and women would dance around a maypole on the first of May.

In the distance, cutting like a knife through the shire, was the old Roman road known as Fosse Way. Whereas most roads zigged and zagged—following the boundaries of the farms they passed—the Fosse Way was as straight as an arrow. It ran from Exeter—the old Roman town of Isca Dumnoniorum in the southwest, through Bath—old Aquae Sulisand—with its Roman baths to Lincoln—Lindum Colonia—in the northeast of the realm.

"I love to come up here from time to time," Lord Evesham said. "Especially on a clear summer's day like today and look at the countryside that we govern for King Jefford."

"I do too, father," Sophia agreed. "To sit here and feel the wind in your face and watch the hawks circling above, looking for a field mouse or a grass snake for lunch."

"I do not think hawks have lunch—or dinner for that matter," Alwyn quipped.

Sophia punched her brother in his arm, admonishing him. "Stop teasing me, brother," she said.

As Lord Evesham stood up and walked to the edge of the escarpment, Sophia turned to her brother.

"Will you come to my bedchamber this evening?" she asked him.

"Why pray should I do that?" Alwyn asked.

"I am getting a little tired of my finger in my hole giving me pleasure. I need my brother's big pole inside me."

"Why do not you get your handmaiden to use her tongue on your sweet cunt? Her name is Lucy, right?"

"I tried, but she does not want to suck my cunt button."

"Ah, Lucy. Such a sweet lass. I need to partake of that girl's cunt sometime," Alwyn remarked. "I wonder if it is as sweet as yours little sister?"

"I will not have my handmaid sullied by you, my brother. Once she gets the taste of a man's cock inside her, there's no telling what she will do. Anyway, she is too old for you."

"How old is she pray tell?"

"She is seventeen I believe. Now the daughter of father's blacksmith is twelve I think. More to your liking."

"Ah yes, how I love the taste and smell of a girl so young," he replied. He sighed. "But one never sullies the daughters of father's workers now does one?"

"So, will you come visit me this evening, Alwyn?"

"Of course, dear sister. I swear you have the sweetest tasting cunt I have ever partaken of."

Lord Evesham returned and sat beside them.

"What are you two plotting now?" he asked.

"Nothing father. We were just talking about the upcoming visit of King Jefford to our home."

Lord Evesham groaned. "I love my king dearly. After all, he gave me these lands and the title for my service to the realm, as well as your knighthood, Alwyn. But it is a big imposition not to mention the cost of putting up his entourage. And the food and wine—do not get me started on how much that lot eat and drink. It's no wonder that the king is so fat; it was lucky that you and I came to his aid otherwise I do not think he would have been able to wield that sword of his. Story has it that he does not please his wife very much these days."

"Is Princess Caitlyn coming with him?" Alwyn asked.

"I believe she is," Lord Evesham replied. "And I expect you to treat her with the respect her station demands."

"I would do nothing other than treat her like the Princess she is, father."

Lord Evesham scoffed. "She is only twelve, and I know your proclivity for young girls. But do not forget she is the king's niece and he expects her to be unsullied on her wedding night to whomever the king decides to marry her to. You know how these things go, Alwyn, marriage at the royal court is never about love."

"I know, father, and I would not want to incur the wrath of my king."

"Come on you two; we need to be getting home; it is a good hour's ride, and you know your mother does not like us to be late for dinner."

Lord Evesham untied his horse's reins and mounted. He was the first to leave with his daughter and son trailing, riding side by side. He remembered the time he was granted the title of Lord Evesham, and his son, sixteen at the time, was knighted. It was during the battle of Red Dyche, where King Jefford's army, aided by himself, his son Alwyn, and others loyal to the king, had defeated the usurper Sir Robert of Rugby.

Father and son had come to the rescue of the king, who had fallen off his horse and was set upon by five of Sir Robert's men. Lord Evesham had dispatched three and his son two. After the battle was over, the king drew his sword and told his son to kneel. He tapped the tip of his sword on each of Alwyn's shoulders in turn.

"I dub thee Sir Alwyn Merriweather. Arise, knight." King Jefford said. "And to you, my most trusted and loyal subject Thomas Merriweather, I grant that part of my realm from Ledbury in the west to Chipping Camden in the east and from this place in the north to Tewksbury in the south to rule over in my stead. From this moment forward you shall be known as Lord Evesham."

On that fateful day, Thomas Merriweather and his son and heir Alwyn Merriweather were granted titles and land for eternity as a reward for staying loyal to the king, saving him from a certain death, and helping him defeat his enemies on the battlefield where the ditches ran red with blood. Lord Warwick, the original lord of the lands given to Lord Evesham that day, was summarily beheaded since he had taken up arms with the traitor Sir Robert against the king.

As they rode back to the manor house, they approached the outskirts of the village of Studerly, with its houses built of stone quarried in the nearby Cotswold hills and their quaint thatched roofs. As they neared the village center, the large pond came into view fed by a small stream.

"Look, father," Sophia said, "our swans have cygnets."

"They are not our swans, my dear. All swans in the realm belong to the king."

"That does not seem right, father," she said. "We tend to them and make sure they are kept safe."

"I know, my dear daughter, but it is the law of the land."

They rode on through the village and after two more miles, their home, Studerly Manor, came into view. It was an imposing two-story building constructed from Cotswold stone. In the center was a massive stone chimney that penetrated the Welsh slate roof. The structure was surrounded by an easily defended six-foot-high wall also constructed from Cotswold stone. It formed a large area with stables to the east and a vegetable garden to the west. In front of the house was a large courtyard that was accessed from the road by way of a large archway with a pair of hefty oaken gates.

There was a stream that ran through the large enclosure at the rear of the house, but this was not used for drinking water since it was a repository for waste from the indoor toilets—quite a luxury for a rural house since they are more prevalent in the large cities. Drinking water and water for bathing and flushing waste was drawn from a deep well next to the garden. Servants would draw the water into wooden buckets, and all of the vessels in the house were kept full at all times.

As they rode through the open gates, a stable hand came running over and took the reins of the horses allowing Lord Evesham, Alwyn, and Sophia to dismount.

"Thank you, Aldrick," Lord Evesham said.

"Yes, m'Lord," Aldrick replied. "Good ride today, m'Lord?"

"Yes, it was a nice ride and a mighty fine day for one."

"I am going to wash and change for dinner father," Sophia said.

The three walked into the Great Hall where the servants were busy cleaning and getting ready for dinner.

"Ah, the three of you are back I see," Margaret Merriweather - Lady Evesham - said. "And here I was thinking you were going to be late."

"Never, my dear," Lord Evesham said as he kissed his wife.

"Okay, the three of you should go and get ready for dinner."

"What is for dinner, Margaret?" Lord Evesham asked.

"Pigeon pie," Lady Evesham replied.

Lord Evesham groaned. "Pigeon pie again!"

"Well, my dear, if you would go with Alwyn and shoot a deer then maybe in a few weeks after it has hung, we can have venison stew."

"Yes, my dear, point taken."


Chapter Two

Alwyn knocked on the door to his sister's bedchamber.

"Is that you my brother?" Sophia asked.

"It is," he replied; he turned the large wrought iron ring and pushed open the sizable oaken door with its arched top and stepped into his sister's bedchamber. He saw her sitting in the copper bathtub and her handmaid Lucy was washing her back. Lucy looked up at him as he entered and smiled.

"Sir Alwyn," she said. "How nice to see you."

Alwyn nodded in acknowledgment. "And are you getting my sister nice and clean after the day's ride?"

"Yes, I am Sir Alwyn."

"Would you bathe me after my sister is done; after all, it would be a waste of hot water would it not?"

"But Sire. You have your manservant . . ." Alwyn waved his hand to cut her off.

"Lucy, if you were me, who would you want to wash your cock—my manservant Edgar—or a handmaiden like yourself?"

"I . . . I do not know Sir Alwyn."

"Yes, you do Lucy."

"Alwyn, stop embarrassing Lucy." Turning to Lucy, Sophia said, "You will bathe my brother, Lucy."

"Yes, m'Lady, as you wish," Lucy replied blushing a little. Inside she was excited at getting to see the young knight naked and maybe she would even get to wash his cock. That thought sent a nice tingle into her pussy.

Lucy finished washing her mistress. Sophia stood, and Lucy poured a pitcher of warm water over her head to rinse her. Alwyn never tired looked at his young sister's naked body. For a fourteen-year-old, she was well developed. Her breasts, although still petite had a nice fullness to them, firm yet soft to the touch with fairly large areolas—a slightly darker pink than her skin and small red nipples that Alwyn loved to suck on and nip with his lips.

Over the last six months, she had started to grow hair on her mound that stood prominently between her bony hips, although still sparse, blonde and almost invisible. He loved her small clitoral cowl that poked out from her very tight slit. He felt the familiar stirrings as he watched the rinse water glisten as it shed off her body, dripping off her nipples and running over her mons and down her long slender thighs.

Lucy wrapped a robe around Sophia, removing her nakedness from his sight—for now, and helped her out of the copper bath tub.

"I do hope you washed her cunt nice and clean, Lucy," Alwyn said.

"Yes, sire, I did," Lucy replied blushing.

Lucy was not just Sophia's handmaid but also her confidant. She knew that her mistress and her brother had been having sex ever since she was hired two years ago after her predecessor had gotten married and moved away. She had been sworn to secrecy, and she knew that if Lord or Lady Evesham ever found out, it would cost her her head. Her head, together with the somewhat privileged life she led at the manor house, was very valuable to her.

She watched as Alwyn got undressed and stepped into the tub and sat down. She caught a fleeting glance of his cock that hung down between his legs. The sight sent a shiver through her body, and her pussy tingled.

"Make sure you wash him well, Lucy," Sophia said. "If his cock is to go in my mouth, then it had better be clean."

"Yes, m'Lady," Lucy replied as she started to wash Alwyn's back.

Lucy finished washing Alwyn's back and front and asked him to stand so she could wash the rest of him. Sophia sat at her elegant antique French dressing table, a gift from the king who had stolen it on one of his raids across the English Channel. She smiled as she watched her brother, her lover, having his cock washed by her handmaid. It was already semi-erect as Lucy pulled the foreskin back and cleaned its crown.

"Methinks you are enjoying washing my brother's rod too much, Lucy," Sophia said.

"No, m'Lady," Lucy replied, "you told me to make sure it was clean, m'Lady."

Sophia smiled. "But there's clean, and then there's clean. If you keep on rubbing my brother's cock, you are going to wear it away, and there will be nothing left for me to suck on."

"Yes sorry, m'Lady. I will finish quickly, m'Lady."

"Relax, Lucy; I am just having a little fun with you."

Lucy poured a pitcher of warm water over Alwyn's head. Then she held a robe out for him to put on.

"Will there be anything else, m'Lady?"

"No, Lucy, that will be all thank you."

They both watched as she left the bedchamber looking a little flustered.

"You should go easy on the poor girl," Alwyn said. "She is still young."

"I know, but I like a little fun at times. Speaking of which, I have not had your cock inside me for two weeks now."

"Sorry little sister, I have been busy doing father's bidding."

"Well, come and do my bidding," Sophia commanded as she disrobed and climbed onto down-filled mattress of the four-poster canopy bed.

Alwyn dropped his robe on the floor; his cock stood straight out.

"Oh my," Sophia said, "that is one long sword you have there Sir Alwyn, and I have its sheath." She giggled furiously.

Alwyn climbed onto the bed between her open legs. Putting two fingers into her vagina, he felt her wetness.

"Seems like your sheath is ready for my sword little sister," he said.

She smiled. Then seriousness returned to her face; there was a flaming passion in her eyes as she grasped the shaft of his cock and guided its tip to her waiting opening.

"Put your sword where it belongs big brother," she murmured. "My cunt is ready for you."

Alwyn needed no further encouragement from his fourteen-year-old sister; his fourteen-year-old lover. With a single thrust, he buried his cock inside her—a very familiar place since it had been there many times.

"Yes, Alwyn, that feels so good—your cock in my cunt always feels so good. I love the way it stretches me and fills me up."

She put her long slim legs behind his back and pulled him deep inside her. When they first started fucking and she was nine years of age, she could only take three-quarters of his length inside her; now she could take all of him, enjoying the sensation of the head bumping her end, and his pubic bone pressing against her clit, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her young body.

Alwyn started stroking in and out of his little sister's tight wet pussy. After three minutes she was panting hard, encouraging him to fuck her with her heels at the small of his back.

"Faster brother, make me cum hard tonight. I have been lusting after you these past two weeks."

He increased the pace of his thrusts. Sophia was near her climax, and as he thrust deep inside her, she grabbed his arms and pulled him down on top of her.

"Stop, let me cum," she whispered.

He lay on top of his fourteen-year-old sister, pressing her body into the soft, down-filled mattress, with his cock buried deep inside her, holding her as she climaxed. He knew his sister's orgasms since he had given her hundreds in the five years they had been lovers and, even though they took the same course, he still loved to feel them.

She was crying out with passion, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh God yes!" He held her tight, feeling her whole body shake and shudder with the passion that was coursing through her. After a few minutes, her legs stopped twitching, and she released her hands from around his neck.

"That was very good, Alwyn," she said at last. "I do not know what I am going to do when I get married as I am certain no man in the realm can fuck me as well as you do."

"Then you will have to come to my bedchamber and let me take care of satisfying you."

"You have not shot your juice yet have you?"

"No, I have not."

"Let me get on top and make you squirt."

Of all the lovemaking positions that they used, being on top was her favorite. She wondered if her future husband would let her do it. She thought not since it would make him feel that he was not a man and it was a wife's job to keep her husband happy. Alwyn had no such concerns—in fact, he liked her on top.

She straddled his hips and took his cock and guided it to her vagina. She let out a long sigh of pleasure as she lowered herself onto his rod. When she was seated, she started to scrub back and forth. It didn't take long for her big brother to cum.

"Cumming sister," he cried as he felt his cock swell. Sophia stopped moving; she was enjoying the sensation of her brother spurting inside her. When he was done, she got off him and put a piece of cloth between her legs to catch his seed, and snuggled up to him.

"Love you brother," she said.

"Love you too sister," he replied.

He was quiet for a few minutes. "Sophia, you do know that your future husband would want you to be a virgin do not you?"

"Of course he would."

"Well, you are not because I took your maidenhead the first time I penetrated you so how do you intend to make him think you are?"

"A simple ruse that Lord Baylor's daughter Catharine taught me. Before the wedding night, I will take a small vial of blood; it does not have to be mine, any blood will do. I could get some from the kitchen when the game is being butchered. Then before he fucks me, I open the vial and pour a little onto the sheet. Come the morrow he will see the stain and know that he deflowered me."

"Very cunning, sister, very cunning indeed."

"You need to go back to your room now."

"Must I? I do so enjoy laying here next to you."

"Sorry, but you must go."

Alwyn reluctantly climbed off the bed, retrieved his nightshirt and returned to his room.

Chapter Three

As Alwyn lay in bed the next morning, after waking at dawn and emptying his bladder in his chamber pot, he remembered when he took his sister's virginity. She was nine years old, and it was a night that he and she would remember forever. He had been surprised at first when she started flirting with him whenever their parents or the servants weren't around. At eight years of age, she had been in puberty for nine months, and he had noticed that she was getting taller by the month and filling out nicely.

Then he noticed that she was developing breasts, small bumps beneath her dress at first—breast buds really—then swells of real breasts. Unlike grown-up women, who wore layers of clothing with stays and slips, Sophia wore a simple cotton dress and nothing else, and he could see the gentle swell of her breasts beneath, with their small nipples that always seemed to be hard, poking at the cotton.

One day, a month after her ninth birthday, she came to his bedchamber after he had retired for the night. He was sat reading by candlelight, and, as she approached his chair, she slipped out of her nightgown and stood before him—naked as the day she was born.

He looked at her young, still-developing body with her small breasts sitting proudly high on her chest and spaced far apart, with their darkened areolas and hard nipples. His eyes moved down to her bald mound with its tight slit formed by plump labia.

"My my, sister, I did not know there was such a beautiful body under your clothes, you surely have developed this last year and a half."

"I want to know what it is like to have a man's cock inside my cunt brother. Will you help me?"

"And what pray, do you want to do that for?"

"I have heard mother and father in their bedchamber making noises like they were enjoying what they were doing."

"And what do you think they were doing little sister?"

"I may be only nine years old, but I know about fucking."

"And how do you know what fucking is, Sophia?"

"Alice told me all about it."

"So, Alice the daughter of our father's stable master told you all about fucking?"

"Yes, brother. She said she and Edwin have been fucking."

Alwyn had long lusted after Alice, since she was by far the most beautiful of his father's servants, with her flowing red hair and breasts—large for her age. But she was off limits, since she was the daughter of a hired hand. He was jealous that she had been fucked by Edwin, since it should have been he who fucked her.

"But you are too young to be penetrated, Sophia. I would hurt you."

"No, you would not, Alwyn."

"How do you know? How could you know something that you have not experienced?"

"I . . . I have been . . ." she looked down at her feet and blushed. "I have been practicing."

There was a slight look of amusement on Alwyn's face.

"Practicing with what pray?"

"My hairbrush handle."

Alwyn was getting aroused—not just seeing his little nine-year-old sister standing naked before him, but also by the image of her pushing the handle of her hairbrush into her small vagina.

"And how do you know the handle of your hairbrush is the same size as your brother's cock?"

"I . . . do not really know for sure . . . I have seen the bulges in your breeches when you looked at Alice and the other girls of the manor."

"Put your nightgown on and go and fetch your hairbrush," he commanded.

Sophia put her nightgown back on and scurried away. She returned a few minutes later with her hairbrush. Alwyn pulled his nightshirt up, exposing his erection. He saw his little sister put her hand to her open mouth and gasp as she saw his cock for the first time.

"Your cock is so big my brother," she said.

"Now put your hairbrush next to my cock and see if it is the same size."

She put the handle alongside his cock. The round handle was about two thirds the girth of his cock.

"Hmm," he said. "So, you can get the handle of this brush inside your cunt without bleeding or without it hurting?"

"Yes, brother."

"You do know if I do fuck you, it has to remain our secret for the rest of our lives?"

"Yes, brother."

Alwyn took a large piece of cloth he used to dry himself with, and placed it on the bed.

"Okay, Sophia, get on my bed and spread your legs."

Sophia pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it on the floor; she climbed onto his bed using the bed step stool. Alwyn followed and lay between her legs, his face inches from her pussy.

"You have a beautiful cunt little sister, so bald and plump. I hope you washed it well for me."

"Yes, brother, I did. I used cloth, soap, and warm water."

He parted her labia, exposing her small clitoral hood and the small red opening to her vagina. As he inhaled, he almost got light-headed at the aroma—a mixture of sweetness, muskiness and a little tartness. He was in heaven.

"Heavens, Sophia, the smell of your cunt is wonderful."

He planted a big wet kiss on her pussy causing a sharp intake of breath. He licked from the opening of her vagina to her clit with the flat of his tongue like a dog lapping at the water in the horse trough. She gasped loudly. He guessed she was ready to be penetrated since she was very wet.

"You ready to lose your maidenhead little sister?"

"Yes, dear brother, put your sword in my sheath," she instructed then giggled.

Alwyn grasped the shaft of his cock and swiped it up and down the nine-year-old's wet slit, rasping over her clit causing more gasps of pleasure. He stopped at the entrance to her vagina. The large crown of his cock covered her entire vulva, and he grew concerned that he would split her wide open.

She sensed his hesitation. "Put it inside me," she said.

He pushed, feeling the resistance of the tight ring of skin. He pushed some more, feeling her vagina yield a little.

"Do it," she said urgently. "Put your cock inside me."

He pushed harder this time. As her vagina dilated and the head of his cock entered her, she cried out in pain. He started to pull out thinking he had hurt his little sister.

"NO!" she said firmly.

"But I am hurting you," he replied.

"You did hurt me when you penetrated me," she replied, "but it is over now."

He looked down and saw the pink ring around the underside of his cock-head—a mixture of her blood and her juices.

"Push in some more; I want to feel you filling me up."

He slowly pushed into her until he hit her bottom. He looked down and saw that she had taken fully three-quarters of his length inside her.

"How does it feel to have lost your maidenhead?"

"I feel like I am being fucked," she replied and then giggled. The act of laughing caused her vaginal muscles to contract and squeezed his cock almost to the point of pain.

He was glad she was happy and laughing and that the worst part was over.

"You need to dispose of that piece of cloth before anyone sees it," he said.

"Why is that?"

"Because there is blood on it, and we do not want Lucy or the other staff to see that I have deflowered my own sister."

"Did I bleed much?"

"Not much, but the cloth is stained."

With that, he started thrusting into her, slowly at first, then picking up the pace as she locked her heels behind his back, urging him. He was close since he felt his ball sack tighten, pushing his balls tightly together as if they were a single mass. Sophia was close as well since she felt her brother's cock thrusting into her, bumping her end, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her young body. She was panting hard now, as he fucked her. Then she cried out.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Alwyn—so good, so good," she said as she climaxed. He had fucked several women, but none had cum so hard as his nine-year-old sister. He couldn't wait any longer; his cock swelled and pulsed as he spurted his cum into his little sister's pussy. He grunted as he thrust into her, spurting cum on every stroke, flooding her with his teeming fluid. When he was done, he pulled out and rolled to her side. His cum ran out of her; it puddled on the cloth and was tinged pink with her blood.

After his breathing had returned to normal, he turned to her and said, "Well sister, did you enjoy it? Was it what you expected?"

"I did, Alwyn, and it was better than what I expected. I do not think my hairbrush will be of much use from now on—except for brushing my hair."

He chuckled. "You will probably be sore in the morn, so I suggest that you have Lucy draw you a warm bath and soak in it for a while. Don't forget to put the cloth between your legs before you go to sleep."

"What . . . ?" she went to say then nodded to tell him she understood.

She got off the bed and walked awkwardly to retrieve her nightdress. After putting it back on, she walked back to his bed and kissed his lips.

"Thank you, brother."

"It was my pleasure, Sophia."

"Can we do it again?" she asked.

"As many times as you like dear sister," he replied.

She smiled and left.


Chapter Four

Sir Alwyn had been drawn to young girls all of his life like a moth is drawn to the candle flame, their nubile bodies tempting him. It was a warm summer afternoon, when, at twelve years of age, he lost his virginity to a sixteen-year-old girl from Studerly, the village near his parents' manor house. He had been riding through the forest on the outskirts of the village when he heard a girl's voice singing a refrain. He dismounted and tied his horse's reins to a log. Leaving the horse to graze, he walked in the direction from where the voice was coming.

He entered a small clearing where a babbling brook fed a small pond. He saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen standing naked thigh-deep in the water bathing herself. She had her back to him, and she didn't hear him come near because of her singing and the noise of the water running over rocks. The words she sang were strange, in a tongue with which he was not familiar.

She was tall—taller than him and had light-brown—almost blonde hair that fell to the top of her bum with its pair of perfectly rounded buttocks, a large dimple above each and a deep cleft between. As she bent over to scoop more water in her cupped hands, he saw a sight that he would never forget as long as he lived. Her plump pussy, shaped like a ripe peach nestled between her thighs. A long clitoral sheath parted the tight slit formed by her labia.

Suddenly, she was aware that she was being watched and turned to face Alwyn. She made no attempt to cover up but just stood there while his eyes roamed over her body from her beautiful hair, past her crystal-blue eyes and plum red lips onto her breasts where his gaze lingered for a while. He took in the sight of two perfectly formed breasts, with dark stippled areolas and small beaded nipples.

Lower still, he looked at her pussy with its large vee-shaped mons covered in fine blonde hair and plump labia parted by her long, thin inner lips.

"You are the boy from the manor house are you not?" she said. She spoke with an accent he had never heard before.

"Y-y-yes," Alwyn stuttered. "I am Alwyn Merriweather, son of Thomas Merriweather."

"You seem nervous Alwyn Merriweather," she replied, smiling. "You never seen a naked girl before?"

"No, I have not. You are very beautiful," he replied now regaining some composure. "What is your name?"

"I am Bronwyn Morgan," she replied as she walked out of the pond and stood in front of him, noticing the obvious bulge in his breeches. He saw her looking at his crotch, so he quickly covered it with his hands.

"You have a strange lilt to your voice," he said.

"I am Welsh; I was born in Aberedw. You never met a Welsh girl before?"

"No, I have not."

"How old are you, Alwyn?"

"I am twelve—soon to be thirteen."

"That is a nice bulge you have in your breeches. You ever fucked a girl?"

"N-n-no," he replied, his nervousness returning.

"You want to fuck me, Alwyn Merriweather?"

"I d-d-do not know. I do not know how to do it."

"It is simple really; you just put your cock inside my cunt."

Without any more words, she unfastened the belt that held his sword and stood it against a tree trunk; he offered no resistance. Next came his breeches and as she pulled them down, his cock sprung out.

"Oh my, that is a nice cock for a twelve-year-old," she said as she grasped its shaft. Get out of your breeches and come and lie beside me on that patch of moss."

Alwyn pulled off his riding boots, stepped out of his breeches and walked to where she was lying on her back with her legs spread; her plump labia parted revealing the bright pink insides and the dark entrance to her vagina.

"So that is what a Welsh cunt looks like?" he said as he looked down at Bronwyn with her legs spread wide, her fingers holding her pussy lips open for him.

"Come and see what a Welsh cunt feels like when an English cock is inside it," she replied smiling.

Alwyn got down on his knees between her legs, his cock standing straight out. She grasped the shaft and guided its head to her waiting hole. She rubbed his cock around the outside of her wet vagina, spreading her juices over its head.

"Push," she said, as she positioned the head against the opening to her vagina.

He thrust his hips forward, and as he penetrated her, she cried out with passion.

"God, yes," she cried. "Fuck me hard, young Alwyn Merriweather of the manor."

Feeling his cock inside a girl's pussy for the first time in his young life, Alwyn was in heaven. The feeling of her tight pussy hugging his cock in a sensual wet embrace was too much. With six quick strokes, he came, and he came hard. He gasped as he spurted his cum inside the Welsh girl's pussy. This was nothing like the feeling when he rubbed himself to an orgasm. This was ten times better.

"You done already my English fuck?" she said.

"S-s-s-sorry," he replied.

"That is alright," she said. "I have found that the first time is always over too quick."

She got up and walked back into the water where she washed his cum out of her. Alwyn, embarrassed at having cum so quick, put his breeches and boots back on, buckled his sword belt and left. Later that night he lay on his bed masturbating as the image of Bronwyn lying with her legs spread wide danced in his mind.

Chapter Five

Alwyn, now twenty-four years old, dressed and went downstairs to the large dining room with its ornate furniture, large stone fireplace, and tall windows that looked out at the lake behind the house. They were open this warm sunny morning in June, and a gentle breeze wafted through. His father, Lord Evesham was sat at one end of the table eating breakfast of freshly baked bread, cheese and a stone jar of milk fresh from their cow.

"Good morrow father," Alwyn said as he pulled out a chair and sat down. Shortly after a kitchen maid came in with a plate of food for him. It was Margaret, and he had lusted after her since she was only thirteen. She wore a simple dress that came to her ankles and had on a white apron. After she placed his meal before him and turned to leave, he smacked her rear end. She shrieked with laughter as she ran back to the kitchen.

"You would be wise to keep your cock in your breeches where it comes to the servants, Alwyn," his father said sternly. "You can fuck your sister all you want but not the hired help and certainly not the manor servants."

Alwyn was shocked that his father knew about him and his sister, since he thought it was a secret. He wondered how his father knew? Did Lucy tell someone who in turn told his father?

"I . . . I do not know what to say, father. How . . . I mean when . . . ?"

Lord Evesham waved his son off. "If you think I do not know what is going on in my own house, then you are a fool, and I do not take you for a fool. I used to fuck my sister too, as it was the only way to make sure it was kept a secret. The moment you start putting your rod inside a servant's cunt, or a stable boy's arse, is the moment that the whole house knows what you are doing."

"But father . . . "

Lord Evesham interjected. "Just make sure your mother does not find out as she less tolerant than I. I know what it is like to be your age, but she does not."

"Yes, father."

Lord Evesham finished his breakfast and pushed his plate away.

"I need you to do something for me, Alwyn, and it needs a certain amount of tact and discretion."

"Of course father. What would you bid me do?"

"Lord Glasbury is having issues with some of the men of the Welsh borders raiding his land and stealing his sheep. He needs someone to broker a peace with their leader and come to some arrangement that both sides are happy with. You speak the language do you not?"

"Yes, father. There is a Welsh family in the village, and their niece, Bronwyn, and her older sister taught me the tongue."

"Is that the lass that took your maidenhead?"

Alwyn swallowed hard. "Yes father," he replied, wondering if there was anything his father didn't know. "She left a month or so later; I have no idea why or where she went and neither her aunt or uncle would tell me anything."

"Glasbury is a good three days ride. I will send a message by carrier pigeon to the Boltons in Worcester. They will put you up for the night. After that, you are on your own finding a night's lodging."

"Certainly father, I will leave first thing in the morrow."

Lord Evesham pushed back on his chair and stood up. As he was about to leave the dining room, he stopped and turned.

"One more thing, Alwyn, if you must fuck Bolton's daughter make sure you are discreet about it. Walter Bolton is an old and dear friend of mine, and I would not like to see his daughter with child. However, I think he would be happy to have a knight of the realm for a son-in-law if she was." He was laughing as he left the room.

"What do you mean you cannot come to my bedchamber this evening Alwyn?" Sophia said, slightly annoyed.

"I am sorry sister, but I have to leave for Glasbury early in the morn, and I need a good night's rest for the ride ahead."

Sophia pouted. "Then I guess it is my finger I need to use," she said.

He kissed her passionately. "I will make it up to you upon my return, I promise."

Chapter Six

At the break of day, with the sun not yet up, Alwyn threw his saddlebags over the rear of his saddle, tied them off, and mounted his horse. One bag contained food for the day and the other a change of clothes, his flintlock pistol, powder and shot. With his sword at his left side, he took the reins from the stable lad and rode through the archway in the wall and onto the road to Studerly.

Fifteen minutes later he rode through the village. Several people were up and about their day's labor and all the men doffed their caps as he passed. There was still a thin veil of mist on the village pond, and the two swans with their signets were still sitting on their nest. He rode on, out of the village and turned right at the crossroads and headed toward Holberrow Green, a small hamlet two hours ride away.

After leaving Holberrow Green behind him, he rode on through the small hamlets of Feckenham and Stock Green where he stopped by a small stream and ate lunch of bread, cheese, and a small flagon of beer. After filling his leather water container, he rode on. He still had a good four hours ride before he reached Worcester, his stop for the night, when he heard a commotion to his left in the woods. After dismounting and tying his horse's reins to a tree, he walked into the woods.

A minute later he came onto a clearing where two men, dressed in the uniform of the king, had a young girl of eight or nine held down to the ground. One soldier had the girl's arms pinned to the dirt, and the other had just torn open her dress; the front buttons had been torn away, and the two flaps lay to either side of her. Her tiny breasts were bare, with little pink nipples and her naked mons was a wide and bald pad between her slim thighs. The second soldier stood up and unbuttoned the fall front of his breeches exposing his erection. The girl screamed.

"Leave the girl and go, and you shall not be harmed," Alwyn shouted.

The man standing turned and looked him up and down. "Fuck off boy," he snarled. "This is no concern of yours. We are the king's men."

Alwyn drew his sword. "I said unhand her."

The standing soldier turned again. As he saw Alwyn's sword, he buttoned up his breeches and picked up his sword where he had dropped it.

"If it is trouble you want boy, then you have come to the right place. I am going to take that sword of yours and stick it up your bunghole."

He walked over to where Alwyn was standing and swiped his sword at him. Alwyn easily parried. As the two men fought, the sounds of steel on steel echoed off the trees around the clearing. It was apparent that the soldier hadn't had much training with the sword and if he did, it was rudimentary at best. Alwyn had been trained at a very early age by expert swordsmen and had killed many a man on the battlefield.

As the soldier made a fateful lunge, Alwyn parried, and, with a single slash of his sword, cut the man from crotch to sternum. The soldier dropped his sword and clutched at his stomach, trying to keep his insides from falling out. He collapsed in a heap on the forest floor with blood pouring out of the deadly wound.

The second soldier lifted his musket to fire but had forgotten to close the flash pan when he last loaded it, so the powder had fallen out. There was a flash as flint hit steel but no explosion. Alwyn quickly walked over to where the second soldier was fumbling with his powder flask and stuck his sword through the man's neck. The girl was whimpering, clutching at her dress trying to cover her nakedness. She was too traumatized to scream or speak. Alwyn wiped his sword clean on the dead soldier's tunic and put it back in its sheath.

He held out his hand to the girl who was cowering on the ground.

"Come, lass," he said, "you are safe now. What is your name and where do you live?"

She took his hand, and he pulled her up. "My name is Beatrice, and I live in Himbleton m'lord."

"I am not a lord," he said. I am Sir Alwyn of the house of Studerly, and Himbleton is a ways off. Why are you far from home girl and how old are you?"

"If it pleases you, sir, I am ten, and I was on my way back from visiting my auntie who lives in the woods, not one mile from here."

"Come with me lass, and I will return you to your home."

She took his hand and walked back to his horse. After untying the reins, he mounted and held out his hand to Beatrice. She took it, and he hoisted her up and sat her in front of him. With one hand around her small waist and the other on the horse's reins, he pulled to the left and clicked his tongue.

"Come on, Whitecrest. Let us go, girl."

They rode the three miles to the hamlet of Himbleton. Beatrice's small body pressed back at him, and he felt her hand on his as he held her waist, rubbing it and pressing it into her tummy. She moved his hand lower until it was between her legs. As he cupped her small pussy, feeling her wetness, his erection pressed into her back.

"Show me where you live, Beatrice," he said.

For the next fifteen minutes, she gave him directions to her house. When they arrived, he pulled up on the reins outside a quite large stone cottage with a slate roof—the sign of a relatively wealthy family. After lowering Beatrice to the ground, he dismounted. A large man with flowing white locks came out of the front door, and Beatrice ran to meet him, flinging her arms around his waist.

Alwyn watched as Beatrice talked to the man who was presumably her father. He looked at Alwyn and came over and offered his hand. Alwyn shook it.

"My daughter tells me that you are Sir Alwyn of Studerly and that you saved her from two soldiers intent on fucking her and probably killing her."

Alwyn nodded.

"Please, sir, come inside and let me offer you lodgings for the night and food for your stomach and a stable for your horse."

"That is very kind of you . . .?"

"Oh, I beg your forgiveness, sir. I am Charles Forthwin, and I am the local sheriff. I will have one of my men report to the local Lord Lieutenant and tell him about the two soldiers. He will no doubt want a word with you."

"Good, sir, I appreciate the invitation, but I am on my father's business. My father is Lord Evesham, and I need to be in Glasbury as soon as I can. I have lodgings for the night in Worcester."

"But one night will not make a big difference. I insist if I may, Sir Alwyn. My daughter needs to thank you for rescuing her from those ruffians."

The thought of a ten-year-old in his bed for the night was too much for Alwyn to turn down.

"I will be glad to partake of your generous hospitality, sir," Alwyn said.


That evening at dinner, Beatrice sat opposite to him with her older brother to her right and her younger sister to her left. To Alwyn's left was Charles Forthwin and to his right was Charles's wife, a very beautiful woman by the name of Sarah. She was a lot younger than her husband by quite a few years. It was apparent that the Forthwins had laid on a big feast for him, with venison pie, potatoes, fresh green beans and a goblet of red wine.

Throughout dinner, Beatrice never took her eyes off Alwyn. Every time he looked at her, she would smile demurely and look down. Charles's wife Sarah kept giving him sideways glances as well. After dinner, Alwyn and Charles retired to the small garden at the rear of the house and sat sipping stone mugs of beer.

"I want to thank you again for saving my daughter's life," Charles said as he puffed on his clay pipe.

"You do not have to thank me, sir, any gentleman would have done the same."

"Tonight, Sir Alwyn, as a measure of my immense gratitude for returning my daughter safely to me, you can lay with my wife or my daughter, Beatrice."

The offer shocked Alwyn. He knew the honor of the people of the shire, but for a man to offer his wife for a man's pleasure as a token of his gratitude was not the norm and spoke spades at how grateful he was for his daughter's honor and life. Alwyn knew that it was something that was not to be taken lightly, and he didn't want to make this man feel uncomfortable taking his wife for his sexual pleasure. The thought of having sex with the man's ten-year-old daughter though, was something he could not pass up.

"Sir, I could never disrespect you by laying with your wife. But I accept the offer of your daughter Beatrice. You can be assured that I will treat her with respect and gentleness."

"You honor me, Sir Alwyn. My children are precious gifts especially Beatrice, and I love them all more than I can describe. By saving her life, she is a gift to you, and I will have her sent to your bedchamber this very night."

That night after the sun had set an hour before, the door to his bedchamber opened, and Beatrice stepped through followed by her mother. Alwyn looked at the woman, and for a brief moment, he didn't know what she was going to do. Then he realized that she too was going to spend the night with him.

Sarah closed the door behind her, and she and Beatrice came over and climbed onto his bed. Both women wore a simple long nightdress that they quickly removed. They sat there with no shame at their nakedness. Beatrice's long brown hair spread over her shoulders and down her back. Her very small breasts stood proud of her chest with tiny pink nipples at their centers. He looked into her crystal-blue eyes and saw a hint of passion—something he had never seen in one so young.

Sarah was equally as beautiful as her daughter, with the same brown hair and crystal-blue eyes. She had large pendulous breasts that sagged some from giving birth to and suckling three children. At their centers were large dark brown areolas and long brown nipples. She was the first to speak.

"As you can see, sir, my husband is much older than I, and unfortunately he no longer has the urges nor the stiffness of a younger man such as yourself. My youngest daughter Mary was the result of the last time we had congress, and that was five years ago. He is a proud man, and would never admit to the fact that he cannot please me anymore, which is why he offered me to you as a token of his thanks for saving the life of our daughter."

"You both are quite beautiful," Alwyn said. "You honor me with your bodies."

"Thank you, sir," she replied. "And you are quite handsome. What would you have us do to please you? Beatrice can suck your rod if you wish. She knows how to, as she pleasures her brother from time to time. She has not been penetrated yet, but if you wish to take her maidenhead then we both would be honored, and should she be with child from the congress then we will raise it as our own."

"Well for a start you and Beatrice can suck my rod and later I might put it in your cunt and maybe in your daughter's cunt or her other hole, leaving her virgo intacta for her future husband."

"As it pleases you, good sir."

Alwyn lay on his back as mother and daughter took it in turns to suck his cock. First Sarah would suck him while Beatrice would lick his ball sack or take each testicle into her small mouth. Then they would swap, and Beatrice would take him into her mouth, but all she could take was the head that she expertly sucked and licked. Alwyn thought that her brother was a very lucky lad. As Beatrice sucked the head of his cock, her mother took all of his ball sack into her mouth and sucked. The sight of mother and daughter pleasuring him was incredibly exciting, but he wanted to fuck the mother first then her daughter afterward.

"I would love to put my cock in your cunt, Sarah," he said.

"It will be my pleasure, sir," she replied.

Sarah got onto her back with Beatrice beside her as Alwyn got between her legs. She had a large brown pubic bush that covered most of her mons. But what surprised him was the size of her pussy lips that hung open like leaves of a book between her plump labia. They were the largest he had ever seen, pink on the inside and dark pink with brown deckled edges on the outside.

As Alwyn pushed the head of his cock inside her vagina, her large pussy lips wrapped themselves around its shaft. She gasped as he plunged inside her very wet pussy. She was nowhere near as tight as his little sister, but for a woman who had given birth to three children, she was surprisingly snug.

Beatrice watched as he fucked her mother. His hands were squeezing her ample breasts and tweaking her rubbery nipples; they were long from suckling three children. Sarah was moaning loudly as he plunged into her. Then, after just a minute, she climaxed. She pulled him down on top of her, her large breasts squashed against his chest as her body shook and jerked. A few minutes later after she had calmed, she kissed him.

"Thank you, sir," she said. "Would you now like to deflower my daughter?"

"Yes, that would be my pleasure, madam."

"Beatrice dear, come and lay on your back."

Beatrice lay beside her mother and dutifully opened her legs.

Alwyn sat on his haunches and draped Beatrice's slim legs over his thighs, resting the crown of his cock on her mons. Her slit was tightly shut, but her clitoral sheath was visible, and he thought it quite long for such a young girl. He noticed that she too had juices leaking out of her, creamy juices running down into her bum crack. She was very much aroused, and he could see that same passion in her eyes that he had seen earlier. This was no ordinary child he thought; there was an older soul inside her body that had loved and fucked before.

Sarah pushed two fingers into her own pussy, gathering her juices that had flowed freely since Alwyn had fucked her just a few moments ago. She parted her daughter's reddened labia, exposing the bright pink insides and pushed her two fingers, wet with her juices, into Beatrice's small opening, lubricating her, readying her for penetration.

"There, sir," Sarah said, "my daughter's cunt is ready for you to take her maidenhead."

Alwyn grasped his cock and pushed its crown between Sarah's fingers, letting it rest at the small red opening to Beatrice's vagina. As Sarah removed her fingers from her daughter's pussy her plump inflamed labia closed around the head of his cock, enveloping it in her hot moist embrace. He pushed, feeling the resistance of her small opening. As he looked into Beatrice's beautiful crystal-blue eyes, he saw the fire that burned inside her small body—a fire that wanted him to penetrate her, fuck her, take her maidenhead.

Alwyn pushed some more, and, as a cry of pain escaped her lips, he penetrated her. He looked down at the tight ring of skin that gripped the underside of his glans; it was tinged with her blood where he had torn aside her hymen. She was very tight, as tight as he remembered Sophia was when he penetrated her for the first time.

Beatrice's mother leaned in and kissed her daughter's lips and whispered to her.

"You are a woman now," she said. "How do you feel, my dear?"

"I am fine, mother," she replied. "His cock feels so big inside me."

"It is going to feel even better when he is buried inside you."

Alwyn pushed a little more, and slowly, oh so slowly over the course of five minutes, he buried his cock inside the ten-year-old's tight pussy. She surprised him that she was able to take all of him inside her. As he bumped her end, she gasped with pleasure. He withdrew and slowly plunged into her, bumping her end. As he slowly fucked Beatrice, Sarah lay beside her daughter rubbing her tiny nipples and kissing her forehead.

He was surprised at how quickly Beatrice climaxed. She cried out as her orgasm engulfed her, causing small jerks of her legs or her bottom. He mother held her tight as she rode the waves of pleasure crashed into her body. After a minute she finally calmed and opened her eyes and looked at Alwyn with so much love and affection.

"Thank you, sir," she said. Her mother looked at Alwyn and smiled.

"She does not bleed yet, sir, so you may spurt inside her."

Alwyn carried on, gently fucking Beatrice with slow, languorous strokes, feeling her getting wetter. There was now copious amounts of her creamy cum coating his cock, lubricating her. He felt his orgasm quickly arising inside him. His cock swelled as cum rushed through it and spurted into Beatrice's tight pussy. Six times he spurted until he was done. She squeezed her pussy, ejecting his semi-erect cock. He rolled to her side and lay on his back.

As he lay there in his post-orgasmic state, he felt a hot breath on his cock. He opened his eyes; it was Sarah, and he watched as she sucked and licked her daughter's pink cream off of his cock. When she was done, she lay to one side of him with Beatrice on his other side. Together they all fell into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Chapter Seven

The crowing of a rooster at dawn woke Alwyn up. As he opened his eyes her saw Sarah squatting over his chamber pot, hot clear urine gushing out of her large pussy lips. She looked at him and smiled. When she was done, she wiped herself with piece of cloth and got back into bed where Beatrice was still asleep.

"I think that maybe she will be too sore for you to fuck her this morrow, sir," she said. "However, I would be happy for you to fuck my cunt if it pleases you."

Alwyn got off the bed, picked up the still steaming chamber pot and emptied his bladder while Sarah watched. He climbed back into bed and got between Sarah's legs. His now erect cock found her waiting hole without any guidance from his hand. He watched her as he thrust inside her; she gasped with pleasure as he bumped her end. Alwyn fucked her like there was no tomorrow, pounding hard into her at her insistence. She was crying out with intense pleasure as she climaxed. She pulled him to her and held him tight while her orgasm consumed her.

A few minutes later, with Beatrice watching, Alwyn unloaded his cum inside Sarah, spurting as hard as he had the previous night when he fucked her daughter and took her virginity. When he was done, he rolled to Sarah's side. Now it was her daughter's job to clean him. He watched as she lapped at his semi-erect cock, cleaning up her mother's juices and his cum.

"I am sorry to have to leave you beautiful ladies, but I have to be on my way soon."

"Breakfast will be ready downstairs, sir. The cook will be happy to feed you and provide victuals for the ride ahead."

"Thank you for your generous hospitality, madam."

"You are most certainly welcome, sir. May I be so forward to ask that you stay with us on your way back," she said, as she looked down demurely.

"I would like that very much," he replied.

He poured water into the basin on the washstand and washed his face and hands. Downstairs, Sarah's husband Charles was sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast. Alwyn joined him and broke some freshly baked bread from the loaf sitting on a platter and helped himself to some butter and cheese.

"I trust you slept well Sir Alwyn," Charles said. He said it as if the events of the previous night never happened.

"I did, sir, and I thank you for your very generous hospitality," Alwyn replied. He thought he saw a hint of embarrassment on the old man's face.

"The Lord Lieutenant will be by shortly to speak with you about the two soldiers you killed yesterday," Charles said. "I am sure he will not keep you long, sir, and you can be on your way."

Half an hour later, the Lord Lieutenant, a man by the name of Roderick Paulson, got off his horse in the courtyard and handed the reins to Charles's stablehand. He was a tall, slender man with a small goatee beard. He strode over to where Alwyn was standing, removed his gauntlet and proffered his hand. Alwyn shook it.

"My name is Roderick Paulson," he said in a very deep voice, which surprised Alwyn since he didn't expect it from such a slender man. "I am the Lord Lieutenant for this area."

"Sir Alwyn Merriweather of Studerly Manor," Alwyn replied.

"You are Lord Evesham's son."

"That is right, sir. You know my father?"

"Indeed I do, sir. My father fought alongside him at the battle of Worcester, and I accompanied him when he visited him on occasions. You were three or four at the time, and I was twelve."

"I have also fought alongside my father. The last was the battle of Red Dyche after which the king knighted me and made my father a Lord."

"Thank you for waiting to speak with me prior to rejoining your journey. My men retrieved the bodies of the two dead soldiers. They were apparently deserters from the garrison at the city of Warwick. I sent word to the garrison commander. Young miss Beatrice was indeed fortunate that you were riding by at that very moment as I have been informed that the body of a twelve-year-old girl was found three days ago not ten miles from where we stand. We believe that these men were responsible."

"Very fortunate indeed," Charles said. "We are eternally in the debt of Sir Alwyn, and my doors are always open to him."

"Well if that is all gentlemen," Alwyn said as he stood, "I need to be on my way."

Charles's stable boys brought out his horse and handed the reins to Alwyn.

"She is all rested and fed, sir," the boy said.

"Thank you, lad," Alwyn said. He mounted his horse, and as he turned to leave, he saw Sarah and Beatrice standing at the bedchamber window. Each gave him a small wave of their hand. He nodded in response and rode off.

The ride to Worcester would take him another four hours, and since it was only mid-morning, he decided to stop for lunch at an inn in the village of Broughton Hackett. There was a sign over the door.

He tied his horse next to a water trough, took the saddlebag containing his pistol and clothes and went inside. Inside, it was quiet with only a couple of old men sipping tankards of ale and smoking pipes. He sat at a table by the window. Shortly a young girl, maybe sixteen or seventeen came over. She was wearing a dress that came to her ankles. The girl had large breasts, and the low cut of her dress's neckline revealed a lovely décolletage. She leaned over, giving him a good look down the front of her dress between her breasts. She smiled.

"Good day, sir," she said. "Can I get you a tankard of ale and something to eat? We have very nice porkpies and very plump sausages as big around as a man's cock."

"I guess it depends on how big you think a man's cock is," Alwyn replied. The girl laughed. "I will have a tankard of ale and a porkpie if you will."

"Certainly, sir," she said. As she turned to leave Alwyn smacked her bottom.

An hour later, with his tankard empty and only the crumbs of the pie left on the pewter plate, the girl came back and collected the tankard and plate.

"Follow me," she said. "I need to show you something."

He followed her out to the kitchen where a plate of sausages sat on the table.

"Now tell me, sir, that these sausages are as big as a man's cock."

Alwyn unbuttoned the fall front in his breeches exposing the erection he had had all through his meal thinking of what it would be like to spurt his cum over the girl's sizable breasts.

"Oh my, sir," she said. "I must admit that I was wrong. I shall have to ask the butcher to stuff more meat in them in future."

Alwyn spun the girl around and with his hand in the small of her back pushed her down onto the table. He grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head, exposing her rump. He felt her buttocks, soft and cool. With the shaft of his cock in his hand, he guided it to her plump pussy; he pulled back on her hips, burying his cock deep into her wet pussy. She grunted on every stroke of his cock as his ball sack slapped against her plump lips. He reached around and squeezed her ample breasts as he fucked her.

She came hard as he fucked her, moaning and shaking. Not wanting to impregnate her, he pulled out. She immediately turned around and dropped to her knees on the flagstone floor and took his cock into her mouth. As she sucked its head and stroked its shaft, it didn't take long for him to cum, spurting hard into her warm mouth. When he was done she swallowed and wiped her mouth with the hem of her dress.

He opened a purse that was attached to his belt and pulled out two shillings and laid them on the table. It was more than ten times the cost of the meal.

"Thank you, sir," she said. "You are quite generous. Stop by here again any time as I would like to eat your sausage again." She giggled

He buttoned up the fall front of his breeches, gathered his belongings and walked out the front door. Mounting his horse, he rode off.

Chapter Eight

The sun was just starting its descent as he entered the city of Worcester, its tall cathedral spire, the highest in the city, had been in front of him for the last two hour's ride. The clackety–clackety–clack of his horse's hooves on the cobbled streets echoed off the half-timbered walls of the houses on either side. Ten minutes after passing through the gates in the city wall, he rode into the large courtyard of the manor house of Sir Walter and Lady Catherine Bolton.

The Boltons had long been friends with Alwyn's father and helped oversee the running of this area of the shires. Sir Walter was in his forties and Catherine, his wife, in her late thirties. She had given Sir Walter four children, three boys—John aged nineteen, George sixteen and Harold six and a daughter who was twelve. Claire was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes like her mother. At five foot three, she was as tall as her sixteen-year-old brother, and it had been three years since Alwyn had seen her last.

A stable lad came running up and took the reins to his horse. Alwyn dismounted and removed the saddlebags.

"I will take good care of your horse, sir," the stable lad said.

Alwyn turned and walked to the house. It was an imposing structure with half-timber frames with red bricks and mortar in between. The roof was slate, and a tall stone chimney with four pots stood to one end. The windows were all leaded glass in a diamond pattern. Sir Walter Bolton came striding out to meet him.

"Alwyn dear boy," he said as he shook Alwyn's hand. He had called Alwyn a boy ever since Alwyn was three years old and the address had not changed as he attained manhood. "We expected you yesterday."

"Yes, Sir Walter, I got delayed due to some unfortunate business on the road. I will tell you all about it later."

"Of course, of course. Come inside, Lady Catherine, and the children are waiting to greet you."

Inside the great hall, Lady Catherine was the first to greet him. She was a beautiful woman with long, blonde curly tresses and deep-blue eyes.

"Lady Catherine, so nice to see you again," Alwyn said as he kissed her hand.

"You are getting more handsome every day, Alwyn," she said. "I bet you have to beat the girls away with a stick."

"You are too kind my Lady," Alwyn replied.

One by one, he shook the hands of the three boys and then he came to Claire. She was almost a spitting image of her mother with the same curly, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had grown a lot since he last saw her. Then she was just a girl, straight up and down. Now she was a young woman with curves.

She held out her hand, and Alwyn bent and kissed it.

"My word, my lady, the last time I saw you, you were just a little girl. Now look at you, you are a grown woman." He could hardly tear his eyes away from her young body. She wore a blue silk dress with a tight bodice that was low cut, demure but it emphasized her breasts. She had twin swells that the tight bodice pushed up a little. The rest of the bodice was tight accentuating her small waist then, with the aid of a petticoat, the dress flared out down to her ankles.

"Thank you, kind, sir," she replied. "I believe you have indeed gotten more handsome and dashing since we last met."

A servant came and took his saddlebags that were sitting by the front door.

"There are clothes in the one that needs washing," Alwyn told the servant.

"Very well, sir. I will see that they are washed and put in your room."

Sir Walter and Lady Catherine left to attend to the dinner arrangements, and the boys disappeared, leaving Claire and Alwyn alone.

"Will you walk with me, sir," Claire said.

"Please call me Alwyn if you will, and may I call you Claire?"

"Yes, you may," she replied.

He walked beside her as they exited the rear of the house into the formal garden with hollyhocks, roses, sweet williams, marigolds, and peonies. She sat on a bench under an arbor covered in fragrant jasmine; Alwyn sat beside her.

"I have been excited ever since father told me you were coming to spend the night," she said.

"No more than me, Claire. I still can't believe at what a beautiful young woman you have become. I daresay the boys chase after you."

"Boys are well . . . boys, and I have no interest in them. My brother John is fine I guess, as he's almost a man, but he's a bit broody at times. He looks at me as if I know he has a secret but I do not. Harold is cute, and I like him, but George is so full of himself."

She put her hand on his arm and leaned in close. "Can I tell you a secret?" she whispered.

"Of course you can," Alwyn replied.

"He likes to play with his cock. I can use that word, can I not?"

"Yes, but I would not use it in company. The usual term is a sword or a rod. So, what does he do with his cock?" The conversation was exciting him.

"I saw him by the garden wall the other day, that one over there," she nodded in the direction to her right. Alwyn could see a stone wall about four feet tall partially hidden behind a large rhododendron shrub.

"What was he doing?"

She looked around to see if anyone was within earshot and whispered. "Two girls in the family live next door, and they were out playing in their garden. George had his cock in his hand, and he was rubbing it while he looked at the girls. I think he spurted because after he had left, I took a look and there was this white stuff running down the wall."

"Seems like he spurted his seed."

"So, a man's seed is white?"

"Yes, Claire."

"Do you do that too . . . you know, spurt your seed?"

"You do know what masturbating is do you not, Claire?"

"Is that what it is called when I rub my cunt with my finger and make myself feel really, really good?"

"Yes, that is right."

"So . . . do you do it?"

"Sometimes, if there is no woman who I can fuck."

"What is it like to fuck someone?"

"You know what it feels like when you rub your cunt. Well, it is much, much better than that. You told me a secret, so it is only fair that I tell you one, but you have to swear that you will never tell anyone."

"Of course. If I told, then it would not be a secret would it?" she got all excited at the thought of knowing Alwyn's secret. "Do tell me pray."

"I fuck my sister Sophia."

Claire put a hand over her open mouth, and her eyes got big. "No, you do not!"

"Most certainly I do. We started having sex when she was nine and a half when I took her maidenhead."

Claire leaned in closer and whispered in his ear. "Would you fuck me, Alwyn? Would you take my maidenhead?"

"Are you bleeding yet?"

"Yes, why?"

"Has not your mother told you anything about how babies are made?"


"Well if you are bleeding it means your womb is fertile and all it takes is for me to spurt my seed inside your cunt for you to be with child."

"How about if you spurt outside my cunt, will I still be with child?"

"No, you will not."

"Will you do it with me, Alwyn? I want to know what it feels like to have a man's cock inside me."

"I leave in the morrow."

"I can come to your bedchamber tonight. Yours is next to mine."

"Okay but make sure no one sees you."

"I will not. Oh, this is so exciting!"

Chapter Nine

"So, you killed two horrible men and rescued a damsel in distress?" Claire said. "How exciting."

Claire was sat next to Alwyn throughout dinner and would occasionally rub her foot against his leg or accidentally on purpose brush her hand against his.

"I trust the girl's parents' rewarded you well," Lady Catherine said.

"I asked for no reward as I consider it my job to protect the innocent."

"How noble of you, Sir Alwyn. How old are you now?" Lady Catherine asked.

"I am twenty-four, my Lady."

"Any thoughts of taking a bride?" As Lady Catherine asked the question her gaze moved from Alwyn to her daughter sat next to him. The look wasn't lost on him, and after the talk he had with Claire that afternoon, the thought of making her his bride tickled his interest, and at twelve years of age, she was legally allowed to marry.

"I had not given it much thought, my Lady,"

As the servants cleared away the remnants of dinner, Alwyn followed Sir Walter Bolton to the parlor where he poured two glasses of sherry. He handed one to Alwyn.

"Can we have a man-to-man talk, Alwyn," Sir Walter said.

"Of course, sir."

"You know that my daughter Claire loves you. I can see the way she looks at you. In the few hours you have been with us, it seems as if you have stolen her heart."

"You are too generous, Sir Walter. Claire is a beautiful young woman, and if I ever decide to take a bride, she would be on the top of my list."

"I am glad to hear that, my boy. She is my only daughter, and I want her to be happy and marry into the right family, and the Merriweather's are certainly the right family. One day you will become Lord Evesham, and the title Lady Claire rings well in my book."

"I trust that day is far off, Sir Walter."

"Yes, yes of course but still, Lady Claire has a nice ring to it do not you think?"

"Yes, Sir Walter."

"Now look, Alwyn. I know what it is like to go into a marriage without knowing if you will be compatible with your bride in a . . . well . . . in a sexual way."

The change in the conversation certainly pricked Alwyn's ears. Up until now, he had just been going along with Sir Walter, nodding and agreeing with whatever he said. The mention of sex certainly got his attention.

"When I married Lady Catherine, she was a virgin of course, and although I love her dearly and she has given me four beautiful children, she and I are . . . how shall I put it not on the same page when it comes to sex? If I was blunt, she does not much care for it. As you can imagine as a young man with a big libido, I was frustrated."

"I can understand that, sir."

"What I am trying to tell you in a very roundabout way, is that you have mine and Lady Catherine's blessing to have sex with Claire so long as you do not get her with child; otherwise you will be getting wed a lot sooner."

Alwyn was stunned. For a few moments, he was at a loss for words.

"Sir Walter, the thought of sex with Claire was furthest from my mind."

"Come now, my boy. I have seen the way you look at her. Tell me you do not find yourself sexually attracted to her."

"If I was being honest, sir, then I find Claire to be an extremely attractive young woman and very sensual."

Sir Walter stood and slapped his thigh. "Right then, that settles it."

"Thank you, Sir Walter."

"It's Lady Catherine you should be thanking as it was she that suggested it."

The two of them returned to the great room where the two eldest boys were playing chess. Young Harold was playing with a black cat while Lady Catherine was deep in conversation with Claire sitting on a sofa. Claire looked at Alwyn and smiled as he entered the room. Lady Catherine got up and came and took Alwyn's arm.

"Walk with me for a while," she said.

"Yes, my Lady," Alwyn replied.

They walked out into the garden and sat on the same bench under the arbor that he and Claire had sat at earlier in the day. Lady Catherine was the first to speak.

"I believe my husband has had a conversation with you concerning our daughter Claire."

"Yes, my Lady he has, and to be honest, I was astonished at what he had to say."

"I am sure you were. It's not every day that we discuss such sensitive matters in such an open manner. I love my daughter, and I want her to be happy. Although I have been happily married to my husband, I know it has been difficult at times for him. I do not want my daughter to go through life knowing that her husband was not entirely happy."

"No, my Lady of course not."

"Are you sexually attracted to my daughter?"

This kind of conversation with the wife of the head of the manor was not something that happened every day, if ever. But given the conversation Alwyn had just had with Sir Walter, he was not shocked.

"Very much so, my Lady. Claire is a very beautiful and desirable young woman."

"I think I can assume that you are not a virgin, Alwyn."

"I am not, my Lady."

"Then all I ask is that you are gentle with my daughter and teach her that sex can be a wonderful experience."

"Yes, you have my word, my Lady."

She put her hand on his arm. "Thank you, Alwyn. If you are not satisfied after you have bedded Claire, then you can come to my bedchamber as I am sure my husband told you that we sleep in separate rooms."

"Sorry, my Lady?"

"My husband has never satisfied my sexual appetite."

The admission shocked Alwyn. Then it dawned on him that Sir Walter had tried to preserve his dignity by reversing the roles of he and his wife.

"I am confused, Lady Catherine. I thought that . . . "

She put her hand on his arm. "I am sure, knowing my husband, he told you I was the one who didn't much care for sex."

"Yes, he did."

She smiled. "I am sure you understand why he said that."

"Yes, my Lady. But how do you . . . ?"

"Satisfy my sexual appetite?"

"That thought did cross my mind."

"You think I would bring a stranger to my bed and have the Bolton name dragged through the gutters of this fair city?"

"No. Of course not, my Lady."

"My son John is more than capable of satisfying his mother—and do not look so shocked Alwyn. I have seen how you look at your sister. Look me in the eye and tell me you have not bedded her."

Alwyn didn't reply.

She patted his hand. "You will find that every family has its secrets, Alwyn, even the royal family."

"Yes, my Lady."

"Oh, and one other thing. It is acceptable to spurt your seed into my daughter's cunt."

"My Lady?"

"Alwyn. You may be a knight of the realm and have fought bravely in many battles, but you lack a little . . . how shall I put it, insight into a woman's guiles? How do you think I was with child four times from a man who probably hunted more times than he fucked his wife? There are certain times in a woman's cycle that she can conceive and certain times when she cannot, and this happens to be a safe time for Claire. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling a man's seed spurt inside a woman's cunt."

Chapter Ten

That night, Alwyn was lying in bed excited at the thought of having sex with Claire, of taking her virginity. He heard the door creak and saw Claire slip in. He could see by the dim candlelight that she was wearing a white satin gown. She walked to the bed and stood there. He got off the bed and stood in front of her.

"You look so beautiful, Claire, and you would make any man a fair bride."

"You mean that, Alwyn?"

"Yes, I do. When I saw you today for the first time in three years, you took my breath away."

She looked at him and smiled. She untied the cords that held the robe closed and let it slip from her shoulders. He had seen many naked girls, but the sight of Claire's naked body caused him to gasp. Her breasts were petite, but firm, and stood proudly off her chest, high and spaced far apart. Her darker pink areolas, although small, were in stark contrast to her milky-white skin and her small red nipples were like the cherry on the cake, waiting to be sucked and licked.

He looked down at her small waist and lower still at her mons with its smattering of blonde hairs that stood prominently between bony hips. What caused another gasp, was the gap between her long slim legs that was filled with the plumpest vulva he had ever seen with the long ridge of its clitoral sheath visible from her tight slit.

"My God, Claire. You have the most beautiful body I have ever seen."

"I am glad I please you, sir, and I can tell by the size of your cock that I do."

He put his arms around her and pulled her to him, trapping his hard erection between their two bodies. He inhaled her fresh aroma of lavender bath oil and the unmistakable smell of her sex—sweet and slightly earthy. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him, their open mouths locked together, tongues entwined. They kissed for a full minute when she broke away, gasping with passion.

"Take me, sir, make me yours forever," she said.

Alwyn picked her up and carried her to his bed where he laid her on her back. He climbed onto the bed and opened her legs. Her vulva opened like the petals of a flower revealing her clitoris, pink, firm, like a small pearl. At the base of her cleft was heaven, the opening to her unsullied vagina.

"You have to most beautiful cunt I have ever seen."

"I am glad you like it, sir, as it is yours and yours only. No other man will ever see it, should you make me yours."

He lay between her legs, his face inches from her open pussy. He cupped her firm cool buttocks in his hands and placed a kiss on her pussy. She shuddered with pleasure as he licked from her vagina to her clit, feeling her creamy moisture on his tongue.

"If it pleases you, sir, I yearn for your cock inside my cunt."

"Certainly, my dear and please, while we are intimate, call me Alwyn and not, sir. We are equals in bed."

"Of course, thank you, Alwyn."

Alwyn got up and sat on his heels, and lifted her slender legs over his thighs, the crown of his cock rested on her prominent mons—a broad vee-shaped pad lying between twin peaks of her bony hips. He remembered the night he took his sister's virginity, the thrill of penetrating a vagina for the first time, and it excited him. His sister was nine-years-old at the time, much younger than the twelve-year-old beauty lying before him.

He looked at her face that seemed to radiate her beauty; her golden blonde hair lay on the pillow like a fan; her firm breasts stood up from her chest with a small, red, bead-like nipple atop each gentle swell. She smiled and, biting her bottom lip, nodded—indicating she was ready.

Alwyn grasped the shaft of his penis and settled the head against the opening to her vagina. She had leaked creamy liquid, and it coated the head of his cock. He pushed and her vagina dilated a little and admitted the very tip of his cock. Before he could push some more, she curled her pussy toward him and with a small cry of pain, the head entered her.

She looked at him and smiled. "I am yours now, Alwyn," she said, "now and forever, if that is what you desire."

He pushed some more, and slowly in a single stroke he buried his cock deep inside her. The feeling of having his cock in the warm moist embrace of her silken sheath was incredibly arousing. She put her long slim legs around his waist and locked her ankles together. Slowly at first, he made love to her; then, at her urging, he started to thrust faster, bumping her end and squashing her clit against his pubic bone sending shards of pleasure throughout her whole body.

"Oh dear God, Alwyn, this feels so good. I love the way your cock stretches my cunt and fills me up. I know that I am going to love sex with you."

"I love how tight you are, and how your creamy liquid makes your cunt so accomodating."

Claire could feel stirrings inside her pussy; her breasts felt full and heavy and her nipples tingled like they had never done before. As Alwyn thrust his cock inside her faster and faster, she teetered on the cusp of her climax. Then, without warning she dropped into her orgasm; she felt herself falling into a seemingly bottomless pit. Then it was if she was coddled by a cloud and the sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before.

She grabbed Alwyn by his arms and pulled him down on top of her, relishing the weight of his muscular body on hers, feeling her breasts squashed against his chest and his hot breath on her neck. Her whole body jerked and shuddered as her orgasm coursed through her. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, her orgasm waned, and, with a final jerk of her legs, left her limp and panting.

"That was incredible, Alwyn my love. It felt like I was floating on a cloud."

"Sex with you is the best I have ever experienced, and I cannot get enough of you."

"Spurt inside my cunt, my love, fill me with your seed."

Alwyn started to thrust again as he felt his orgasm rising fast. Then he felt his cock swell as his cum burned through it and spurted into her waiting sheath. She felt it too, the swelling and pulsing of his cock as his cum splashed against her cervix. Two, three, six more times she felt him spurt his liquid inside her. Then he was done. His cock started to soften, and as she clenched her vagina, trying desperately to keep him inside her, it only served to expel him. She felt his juice starting to leak out, so she retrieved the piece of cloth from beneath her pillow where her mother had told her to hide it and put it between her legs.

Alwyn rolled to her side and spooned her. "I was in heaven," he said. "Your cunt is my heaven."

"If it pleases you, my cunt is yours forever, sweet knight."

She lay there enjoying the new feeling of being a woman with her lover beside her hugging her and showering her with kisses until she finally fell into a deep and satisfying sleep.


Chapter Eleven

Alwyn had a long ride ahead of him, so he was up before dawn. Claire was lying in bed watching him wash and get dressed.

"Good morrow, Alwyn," she said as she stretched and yawned.

"Good morrow to you, my sweet," he replied. "How do you feel now that I have taken your maidenhead?"

"My cunt is a little sore, but otherwise I feel wonderful."

"I leave shortly, but you sleep in and rest up."

He kissed her lips and left the bedchamber. Sir Walter was already up when he walked into the dining room where the servants had already laid out breakfast for him and put food for the ride ahead in one side of his saddlebags together with freshly washed clothes.

"Good morrow, Sir Walter," Alwyn said as he sat at the table.

"Good morrow to you dear boy," Sir Walter replied. "I trust you slept well."

"Yes I did, sir, very well indeed."

After breakfast, as the sun was just starting to rise, Alwyn walked outside where one of the stable lads was holding the reins of his horse. He tied his saddlebags over the rear of the saddle and mounted his horse. With a quick kick of his heels into the horse's side, he rode off. His destination for the day's ride was Hereford, a large town on the banks of the river Wye some forty miles away. At a steady trot, it was going to take him a good five or six hours.

Back at the manor house, Claire put on her gown and went downstairs where her mother was eating breakfast.

"Where is father?" she asked one of the servants.

"He went to see the blacksmith, m'Lady. Will that be all, m'lady?"

"Thank you, Mary," Claire replied and joined her mother at the dining room table.

"You look happy this morrow, my dear," Lady Catherine said. "I trust last night was what you expected."

"Much more, mother. Alwyn was wonderful."

"So, you have decided you like the young knight?"

"I love him, mother and I think he feels the same, although he has not yet professed his love for me."

"The young knight will make a good husband, my dear, and one day you will be Lady Evesham. The Merriweather's are a fine and noble family."

"Yes, mother. I do hope he stops here on the way back."

"I am sure he will, but do not forget you cannot let him spurt his seed inside you as you are coming into the part of your cycle where you can be with child."

"Yes, mother."

The sun was over Alwyn's left shoulder for most of the day. He rode into the small hamlet of Lugwardine a few miles from Hereford. He decided to spend the night there instead of inside the city walls. After dismounting and tying his horse outside a tavern he looked up at the swinging sign.

He removed his saddlebag and entered the main room, where a man, and what appeared to be his young daughter of eight or nine, were in a heated discussion with the tavern's owner. Alwyn sat at a table by the window and listened to the conversation.

"I am not a charity, if you want food and a room for the night, then you have to pay." The tavern owner said.

"But good, sir, our money was taken by a couple of ruffians on the road here. We were lucky to escape with our lives."

Just then a serving wench came to Alwyn's table. "What can I get for you, sir?"

"Do you have a stable for my horse as I need a room for the night?"

"Yes, sir, we do. Shall I send out our stable lad to feed and bed your horse down for the night?"

"If you would, thank you. What is on the menu for dinner?"

"We have pigeon pie and venison stew, sir."

"I will take the venison stew and a mug of ale."

"Yes, sir," she said and turned to leave.

He called after her, "Wench."

She turned and walked back to his table. "Yes, sir."

"Give that man and his daughter whatever they want to eat and drink, and put it on my bill."

"Yes, sir," she replied. He watched as she spoke to the tavern owner who looked over at Alwyn, sizing him up. From the fine clothes Alwyn wore and the sword at his hip, he figured that he was someone of high birth and would be good for his bill. He nodded at his serving wench. She spoke to the young girl's father who looked over at Alwyn. When the serving wench had left to give the food orders to the kitchen, the man stood up and walked over to Alwyn's table followed by his daughter.

"I want to thank you, sir, for your generosity," he said as he doffed his cap. "I am Harold," he said.

Alwyn shook the man's proffered hand. "Please join me at my table," Alwyn said.

"We do not want to impose, sir."

"It's no imposition, I insist."

"Thank you, sir," Harold said as he sat, indicating his daughter to sit as well.

"I am Sir Alwyn of Studerly and what pray is your beautiful daughter's name?"

"Her name is Jayne, sir, and she is eight years of age."

Alwyn looked at the girl. She was a little dirty, but he could see that under the grime she was a beautiful child with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes.

"She is very beautiful," Alwyn said.

"Thank you kindly, sir. She takes after her late mother who was killed by a runaway hay wain just a year before."

"I am sorry for your loss. Where were you headed when you got robbed?"

"My sister's house in Blakemere. She said we could live with her and her husband."

"That is on my way. I can offer you and your daughter protection."

"You are too kind, Sir Alwyn."

Their food arrived. The serving wench placed the plates of venison stew in front of them and turned to leave.

"Wench," Alwyn said after her.

She returned. "Yes, sir."

"Do you have an extra room for this man and his daughter?"

"No, sir, I am sorry as all our rooms are taken. But the room we have for you has two beds."

Alwyn turned to Harold. "You have an issue with sharing a room with me?" he asked.

"Of course not, sir. That is very kind of you, sir."

That night, as Alwyn got undressed, he saw Jayne watching him. He got into bed naked. He could hear Harold and his daughter whispering. A few moments later the bed creaked, and Jayne slipped under the covers.

"What are you doing in my bed, child?" he said.

"I am yours to do as you please, sir," she replied.

"You are too young, child. Go back to your father."

"But, sir, my father would be angry with me if I did not stay and please you."

She snuggled her naked body to his front. It was apparent she had bathed since she smelled of soap and her hair was still damp. He had never kissed a girl so young. He turned his head to her and kissed her small lips. It was the most sensual kiss he had ever experienced, and when she sucked his bottom lip he almost came.

He started to explore her small body, and as his finger found her small nipples, she shuddered. As he moved the pad of his finger around her nipple feeling the slight swell of her breast bud, her nipple got hard like a tiny bead, and her breaths came quicker.

He leaned in and took each nipple in between his lips in turn while his hand moved down across her small waist to her bony hip. His hand found her bald mons; he was surprised at how large it was for such a young girl, broad and prominent. Her plump labia parted as he slipped his middle finger into her tight slit. She gasped loudly as the pad of his finger brushed her small clit.

Jayne was surprisingly wet as his finger slipped lower and found the small entrance to her vagina. He pushed his finger inside her eliciting more gasps. She was panting now as he sucked on her small hard nipples and finger fucked her. It was evident to him that she was too small to penetrate with his cock as her vagina squeezed his finger tightly. She was moaning now as he rubbed her small hard clit. Then she climaxed, and it thrilled him when she mewled like a kitten. She closed her legs on his hand with his finger still inside her very tight vagina.

She held onto him as she rode her orgasm, small jerks of her bottom and legs continued for a good minute. Then she calmed and kissed his lips, a small tongue probed; as he opened his mouth a little, her tongue pushed inside and found his tongue. He was giddy with emotion at this child's French kiss, so delicate yet so passionate.

He almost pulled her back to him as she broke their kiss, but he let her move down the bed. He felt a small hand grasp his erection and a few moments later a small tongue licked its crown. Her hot breath on his cock almost made him climax, but he fought it back down. Her mouth was stretched wide as she took the head into her mouth and started to stroke his cock, first with one hand then with both.

Alwyn couldn't wait any longer, he was so aroused at fondling this child, bringing her to an orgasm and her sucking and stroking his cock. His cock swelled as he spurted cum into the little girl's mouth. He heard her gag and swallow as he pumped his seed into her mouth and down her throat. After he was done and had no more seed to spurt, she started to get out of the bed.

"No. Stay, child," he said.

She lay with her back to him, and he spooned her with a finger of one hand circling her tiny nipple and breast bud and a finger of his other hand gently stroking her wet slit. Within a minute she climaxed again. They lay together and slipped into their dreams.


Chapter Twelve

Jayne was still sleeping next to Alwyn when he awoke the next morning. He looked over at the other bed. It was empty. He kissed Jayne on her lips; he couldn't get enough of this child, she was that addictive. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"Good morrow, sweet girl," he said.

"Good morrow to you, sir. Thank you for last night," she replied. "That was the first time I felt nice like that."

"But not the first time you have sucked on a cock."

"No, sir, I suck my father's."

"You are very good at it."

"Thank you, kind, sir."

"So, your father does not pleasure you the way I did?"

"No, sir."

"Then you should ask him to."

"I could not be so bold, sir."

"Listen, child. You will not get anything in this life unless you either take it or ask for it. You understand?"

"Yes, sir."

He watched Jayne squat down over the chamber pot and pee. The sight of yellow urine gushing out of her tight slit was something that always excited him since he had watched his sister do it many times. After emptying his bladder in the chamber pot and splashing some water on his face at the dry sink, he dressed, picked up his saddlebags and went downstairs. Jayne's father was eating a simple breakfast of porridge. Alwyn and Jayne joined him. A woman brought them both bowls of porridge, and they proceeded to eat in silence.

Harold finished his meal. "I trust my girl pleased you well, Sir Alwyn," he said.

"She is a sweet child," Alwyn replied, "and could please any man. I gave her much pleasure with my finger and she liked it. You should do the same, sir. She would love you more for it."

The man didn't reply. After breakfast was over and Alwyn paid his bill, the stable lad brought his horse to the front.

"He's well fed and rested, sir," the boy said.

"Thank you, boy," Alwyn said as he tossed him a penny.

"Thank you, sir," the boy said as he doffed his cap.

"Jayne can ride with me," Alwyn said. The thought of her young body in front of him with his hard cock pressing into her bum excited him.

So, with Jayne sitting in front of Alwyn with his one hand holding the reins and the other around her small waist, they set off west toward the village of Blakemere and the house of Alfred's sister and her husband, a distance of some twenty-four miles. As Alfred was walking, the pace would take them a good five and a half hours.

The sun was high in the sky at midday as they stopped in front of the house of Alfred's sister. As Alwyn dismounted, a burly red face man came out of the front door of the thatched cottage followed by a buxom woman. She wore a tight cotton dress that emphasized her large breasts and ample hips.

"Alfred, my brother, it is so good to see you and Jayne again," the woman said as she hugged her brother.

Alwyn hoisted Jayne's small frame off the saddle and lowered her to the ground, where Alfred's sister lifted her up and hugged her.

"My you have grown since I last saw you," she said to Jayne.

"This gentleman is Sir Alwyn, and he has helped us as we got robbed. He paid for our meals and a roof over our heads for the night."

"That was very kind of you, sir. My name is Marigold, and my husband here is Joseph, she said. Please stay for lunch before returning to your journey."

"Thank you kindly, madam, I would love to stay for lunch."

Jayne sat very close to Alwyn as they ate a simple lunch of bread, butter, cheese, and pickled onions. She would put her hand under the table and feel his cock through his breeches. Needless to say, it was as hard as a wooden pole. Alwyn put his hand under Jayne's dress and felt the wetness between her legs. He wanted to fondle her again so badly but knew it was not possible with her aunt and uncle present.

Marigold looked at Alwyn and Jayne sitting so close together. After lunch was consumed, she told Jayne to show Alwyn the bedchamber where she and her father would be sleeping. She had a sly smile on her face. Jayne took Alwyn's hand and led him outside and across the small courtyard to the stables. They climbed a set of stairs and at the top was a door to a quite large room with two beds, a chest and a dry sink with a porcelain bowl and pitcher.

When inside, Jayne immediately hoisted her dress over her head and jumped on the bed. "Make me feel nice again," she said. Alwyn got onto the bed and opened her legs wide. The tight slit of her small vulva flowered open. He lay between her legs and proceeded to lick and suck her small hard bead. It didn't take but a minute before she climaxed, her whole body shook and jerked as her orgasm washed over her. He held her tight to his chest as her orgasm slowly passed.

"That was better than before," she said. "Can I suck your cock before you leave?"

Alwyn undid the fall front of his breeches as Jayne knelt before him and grasped his cock in both hands and put her mouth over its crown. Her lips stretched around the bulbous end as she took the whole head inside her mouth. It had been dark the night before, but now with an early afternoon sun streaming in through the open window, he could see the eight-year-old with his cock in her mouth, and it was a very erotic sight.

She stroked his cock to a quick climax, and he watched, amazed that an eight-year-old could swallow all of his cum. When she was done, she kissed the end and wiped her mouth with her dress.

"That was incredible, Jayne. Thank you very much."

"Will we see you again, sir?"

"I am not sure, child, but remember what I said, get your father to pleasure you like I did."

"Yes, sir, I will.

Fifteen minutes later, Alwyn mounted his horse, and, with a wave of his hand, rode off toward the west, chasing the sun. As the sun was slowly sinking on his right side, he rode over a stone bridge on the River Wye and entered the small village of Glasbury. On the other side of the village, he came to his final destination—the sheep farm and manor house of Lord Glasbury.

A stable hand came running and took the reins of Alwyn's mare, allowing him to dismount. After untying his saddlebags, he walked to the house. It was an imposing, large, two-story stone structure with ivy growing up the walls and around the leaded-glass windows. Lord Glasbury, a tall man with a full beard, came out to greet him.

"Welcome to my home, Sir Alwyn," he said. They shook hands.

"Sorry, I am a day late. I got held up on the road taking care of a couple of would-be rapists."

"I am afraid there's a lot of that happening lately. Just last week, my stonemason's daughter was raped. Poor girl will never get over it, and she is only ten years old."

As his horse was being led away, Alwyn followed Lord Glasbury inside where his wife, the Lady Charlotte, was waiting to greet him. It had been six years since he saw the Glasburys last and he remembered the lord's daughter, the Lady Anne, as a lanky six-year-old. Now she stood before him, a beautiful red-haired beauty. She was wearing a sky-blue cotton dress with a tight, low-cut bodice that emphasized her breasts; she smiled.

"Wow, Lady Anne, look at how you have grown; you are tall and beautiful."

She blushed a little. "Thank you, kind sir."

"I have had your bags taken to your room. I guess you would like to freshen up before dinner?" Lord Glasbury asked.

"Thank you, my Lord I think I will."

Lord Glasbury turned to his daughter. "Show Sir Alwyn where his room is, my dear."

"Yes, father," she replied, excited that Alwyn was visiting them. Ever since she was six years old, she'd had a crush on him, and when her father had told her he was coming to stay for a while, she had counted down the days. She wondered if he was attracted to her as much as she was to him.

"This way, sir," she said to Alwyn.

"Please call me Alwyn," he told her as they were out of earshot of her parents.

"I am excited that you are here, Alwyn. I hope we can do things together."

Alwyn was intrigued by her comment. "What things, Anne?"

She lowered her voice. "There is a place on the river where the bend has made a large oxbow lake. I sometimes go swimming there with my friend Eve, naked."

"That sounds like fun. I have to leave the day after tomorrow to see to the problem your father's been having. Maybe tomorrow?"

"Shall I see if Eve wants to come with us?"

"That would be nice."

Anne opened the door to Alwyn's bedchamber, and they walked inside. She walked to the dry sink.

"Shall I pour some water for you to wash in?"

"Please," he replied.

After Anne filled the porcelain bowl, she turned and gasped as she saw him without his shirt. She admired his muscular torso.

"My, Alwyn, you have a strong-looking body."

With her finger, she traced a long scar on his back. Her pussy was tingling as she touched his body. "When did you get this?"

"The battle of Red Dyche fighting alongside my father. I got a little complacent, and the tip of the usurper's sword cut me."

"You are a fearless knight," she said as her hand glided over his shoulder.

Alwyn turned and took her in his arms and kissed her lips. She put her hands on the back of his shoulders, pulling him to her, feeling her breasts press against his chest and his hard cock push against her stomach. When she broke his kiss, she was panting with passion.

"You know how to kiss," she said. "I have only ever kissed a girl before."

She watched as he stripped off his breeches, admiring his erection as he washed it. Her pussy and nipples were really tingling as he stood there, unashamed of his nakedness. She wondered how many women he'd fucked—probably a lot and here she was, a virgin, and she was jealous. When he was done, he put on a clean pair of breeches and pulled a white cotton shirt over his head.

"Come on, Anne. I am hungry, let us go and eat dinner."

Chapter Thirteen

The following afternoon, he walked with Anne and her friend Eve to a secluded spot on a small oxbow lake near the River Wye that ran through Lord Glasbury's vast estate. He had left his sword in his room but carried his flintlock pistol and dagger. Many tall bamboo grasses hid the lake from the river. It had been formed many years ago as the rushing water had eroded the bank on the near side widening the river. The river had finally taken a new, straighter direction cutting the lake off from the river so no river traffic would bother them.

Eve was the first to strip off. She was a year older than Anne and had larger breasts, the size of half pomegranates; her mons was full with a smattering of dark brown hairs. As she ran to the water her breasts, although quite firm, moved seductively from side to side. Anne was next, and she had petite breasts with reddish areolas that contrasted against her alabaster skin. Her small nipples were also red. She also had a smattering of red hairs on her plump mons. Her breasts hardly moved as she followed Eve into the water.

Alwyn had taken his time undressing, preferring to watch the two beauties undress and expose their bodies. The two girls watched as he sauntered down to the water's edge. They whispered to each other as they watched his semi-erect cock move from side to side as he walked.

"He is quite handsome is he not?" Eve said, "And such a long pole."

"He was naked in his bedchamber last evening, and he kissed me," Anne said. "I almost swooned.

Alwyn waded in and grabbed Eve around her waist and pushed her underwater. Anne grabbed him around his neck and hoisted herself onto his back with her long, slim legs encircling his waist.

After a few minutes, Alwyn and Anne headed for a thicket of bamboo grass where they started to kiss passionately. Anne felt his hard erection, trapped between their bodies, pressing urgently into her stomach. They were both lost in their kiss and at first didn't hear Eve's shouts. However, when they turned to screams, Alwyn heard her.

"Stay hidden," he commanded her.

He waded out of the bamboo thicket and saw two men. One had Eve pinned to the earth while the other was unbuckling his breeches.

"I bet this one is gonna be as tasty as that little stonemason's girl we had last week Bert, whadda ya think?" The man standing said.

"She got nice tits as well, George. That other girl only had bee stings."

The two men were so engrossed in what they were doing and contemplating that they never saw Alwyn get to his clothes and pick up his flintlock and dagger.

When he was a few yards away, he spoke. "Get off the girl," he shouted.

They both tuned and since they saw him naked, they burst out laughing. Alwyn aimed and fired his pistol at the man standing. The large round ball hit him dead center of his torso, knocking him backward into the water. His lifeless body lay there, a large red stain spreading outwards. The second man let go of Eve, who immediately rolled away. He stood up and reached for the butcher's knife in his belt. The man never got chance to draw it because Alwyn threw his dagger and the blade pierced his right eye. He fell back and was dead before his body hit the ground.

Alwyn walked over to Eve and hugged her. "Did they hurt you?" he asked.

"No, I am fine," she replied. "They are the two who raped the stonemason's daughter. It was all they could talk about. Thank you, Alwyn, I do not even want to think about what they were going to do to me."

Just then, Anne came out of the water, giving the body in the water a wide berth. She hugged her friend.

"You alright, Eve?" she asked. Eve just nodded.

"You girls go and get dressed and get back to the house and tell Lord Glasbury what has happened. You can leave out the part of us being naked."

Anne nodded. When the girls had left, Alwyn got dressed and dragged the body out of the water and laid him beside his friend. After pulling his dagger out of the man's brain, he wiped it on the man's coat and put it back in its scabbard. Ten minutes later, Lord Glasbury and two of his men came running down the slope. Alwyn told him what had happened and indicated that these were the two men who raped his stonemason's daughter.

"I am indebted to you for my daughter's safety, Sir Alwyn."

"Think nothing of it, my Lord."

"Will you depart for Aberedw tomorrow?"

"Yes, my Lord. You say that is the village where the head of the Welsh clan that is responsible for the stolen sheep lives?"

"That is right. It is around thirteen miles, it is a hilly ride, but you should easily be there by lunchtime."

Chapter Fourteen

Alwyn left Glasbury Manor at nine o'clock the next morning. Anne was up to kiss him and wish him a safe trip.

"I await your safe return, sir. I trust you will spend some time with us before your return home," she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"It cannot be too soon, my Lady," he replied.

A stable lad brought his horse to the courtyard, and Alwyn tied his saddlebags on the rear of the saddle, mounted and rode off.

The road followed the course of the River Wye to his left. After three miles, as he rode west the sun at his back, the elevation started to rise and soon he was riding in green hills sparsely covered with windswept trees. The river gurgled over rocks and splashed over small waterfalls on its downward journey to eventually form a confluence with the River Seven near the town of Chepstow.

In another few miles, he passed through the small hamlet of Boughrood with no more than a half-dozen houses. As he climbed higher, the road went straight, but the river took a sharp left turn and soon disappeared only to rejoin the road a mile later. The river and road were his traveling companions for the rest of his journey.

Just before midday, he rode into the village of Aberedw. The road through the village was lined with stone cottages with gray slate roofs. In the center of the village sat a two-story, large stone building that served as a meeting place and an inn. The swinging sign outside bore the body of a slain dragon and the inn's name.

Folklore has it that a Welsh King slew a large fire-breathing dragon on this very spot, hence the name. He dismounted and tied his horse's reins to a post, removed his saddlebags and entered the inn. It was just one large room with tables and window seats and a large inglenook stone fireplace with a huge log for a mantle and to support the stone chimney. A few men were eating their midday meal and drinking ale from pewter mugs. A serving wench came over to his table.

She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and deep blue eyes just like his own.

"Nid ydych o gwmpas y rhannau hyn ydych chi'n syr," she asked in a heavy Welsh accent. He wasn't too sure of the translation, but he thought she asked him if he was of these parts.

"Na, dwi'n o Studerly;" "No, I am of Studerly," he replied switching to English hoping she understood him.

"Your Welsh tongue for an Englishman is good if a little rough."

"Forgive me, it has been twelve years since I was taught and I have not used it since. Do you have a room and a stable for my horse?"

"Yes, sir. I will have our stable lad take your horse and feed and water it. A tankard of ale perhaps to wash the dust of the road down."

"That would be good, thank you . . . ?

"Sorry, sir, my name is Aelwen, and my mother owns this inn."

"Well thank you, Aelwen, and how old are you?"

"I am twelve; I will be thirteen in a few months."

She went to the bar and drew a mug of ale from a large cask and returned, putting it on the table in front of him. She turned to leave, but he put his hand on her arm.

"Will there be anything else, sir?"

He lowered his voice. "I am seeking a man who I believe lives in this village. He is head of a local clan I understand."

"That would be David Rees, sir. He usually comes in for a mug of ale in the evenings. Shall I tell him you seek him?"

"No, just let me know which one he is. You have food?"

"Yes, sir. My mother Bronwyn makes a very tasty fish pie. Caught local they are."

"I will partake of that and add it to my bill."

"Yes, sir."

She went to the kitchen where her mother was busy cooking.

"We have a new guest for the night mother," Aelwen said. "He's an Englishman, and he says he's from Studerly, and he'll take one of your fish pies."

Bronwyn dropped her ladle into the pot of venison stew she was working on. The sound made Aelwen jump.

"What is it, mother?" Aelwen asked.

"Does he speak Welsh?"

"Yes, he does. Why?"

Bronwyn didn't answer. She cut a slice of the hot fish pie and put it on a pewter platter. Picking up a spoon she left the kitchen. As soon as she saw Alwyn, she knew it was him. She walked over to where he was sitting and placed the platter and spoon in front of him.

"You honor my humble inn with your presence, Alwyn of Studerly," she said.

Alwyn looked up. "Bronwyn, is it you?" he said.

He stood up and hugged her. "It really is you, is it not?"

"Yes, sir, my sister and I were your Welsh teachers—me a little more than a language tutor though." She chuckled.

"Why did you leave Studerly, Bronwyn?"

Just then Aelwen came and stood next to her mother.

"You are looking at the reason. Alwyn meet your daughter, Aelwen meet your father."

Aelwen broke into tears as she hugged him. "Mother often spoke of my father. She told me he was the son of a high-born family and now I finally get to meet you."

"So, your aunt and uncle insisted you go back home after they found out you were with child?" Alwyn said.

"Yes. They did not want the stigma of raising a bastard."

Aelwen wiped the tears from her eyes. "Mother would often tell me of the handsome young man who made her with child. She said he was very dashing."

"Why did you not try and contact me, Bronwyn?"

"I did for a while, but your father had some men warn me off. They gave me money to leave. When I came back here, I got a job as a cook, and four years later, when the owner said he wanted to sell the inn and move south, I managed to purchase it with the money your father gave me."

"I trust you know that I would never have turned you away—you were my first; it was you who took my maidenhead."

"Yes, I know that. You are an honorable man. I think your father wanted to marry you off to a high-born family—maybe even royalty."

"Is there anything I can do for you or Aelwen?" Alwyn asked.

"Thank you, kind, sir. We have everything we need. I understand that you want to meet with David Rees."

"That is right. Do you know him?"

"Yes. Be careful, Alwyn, as he is a very powerful and dangerous man."

"Thank you for your concern, Bronwyn."

"It is the least I can do for the father of my daughter."

Chapter Fifteen

Alwyn was seated on a window seat that evening sipping a tankard of ale when David Rees walked in and sat at a table by the empty fireplace. Aelwen spotted him and came over and whispered in Alwyn's ear.

"David Rees just walked in. That is him sitting by the fireplace."

"Thank you. Send him a tankard of ale with my compliments."

Alwyn watched as Aelwen put a tankard of ale in front of Rees and said something to him. She looked over at Alwyn. Rees nodded. He stood up, picked up his tankard and walked to Alwyn's table and sat down opposite him.

"A ydw i'n eich adnabod chi? He asked who Alwyn was.

Alwyn was very rusty with his Welsh, but he tried his best.

"No, sir, I am Sir Alwyn of Studerly to the east."

"Ah, an Englishman. What brings an Englishman to my country?" Rees asked.

"I am on a mission from Lord Glasbury to see what I can do about the raiding parties that cross the border and steal his sheep."

"We do not steal sheep, Englishman," Rees said indignantly.

"Well, I am sure you know that sheep do not just jump stone walls and wander off. Lord Glasbury was informed by his sheepherder that over the last six months six sheep have gone missing. Do you know anything about that?"

"I do," Rees replied.

"So, you admit to taking them?"

"No, I admit to buying them. Your lord has a crooked sheepherder."

"I find that hard to believe," Alwyn said.

"I do not care if you believe it or not, it is the truth. See here, we buy one sheep a month. The fleece is made into clothes for the cold winters, and the mutton is hung, and some finds its way into Bronwyn's pies and stews."

"When do you buy another sheep?"

"Tomorrow. If you wish, you can accompany us and see for yourself."

"Thank you, I would be happy to do that."

"Good. Then it is done. I will meet you here tomorrow at nine in the morrow. Thank you for the ale."

With that, Rees got up and went back to his table.

That evening, Bronwyn came to his table to clear away the platter and bowl.

"The mutton stew was excellent, thank you," he said.

"I am pleased that you liked it. I have asked Aelwen to draw you a bath in your room. It should be ready in fifteen minutes. I hope you enjoy it."

Fifteen minutes later, Alwyn entered his room where his thirteen-year-old daughter was pouring the last pitcher of hot water into the copper tub. The room was spartan, with just a simple bed, a table, and chair, but comfortable and clean.

"Everything is ready, father. Do you want me to wash you?"

The thought of his daughter washing his naked body excited him.

"Yes, please, that would be very nice."

She watched him undress, and a smile came to her face as she saw his semi-erect cock hanging down between his legs. He stepped into the tub and sat down. She was standing behind him, so he didn't see her lift her simple dress over her head and drop it on a chair. As she came around in front of him, a gasp escaped his lips as he saw her naked body. She was well developed for a twelve-year-old, with nice-sized breasts with their half-crown sized dark-pink areolas and red nipples. Her hips flared out from her small waist, and her prominent mons was covered in fine blonde hair.

"My God, Aelwen, you have an incredibly gorgeous body!"

"Thank you, father," she said blushing slightly.

She stepped into the tub and sat facing him. The water came to just under her breasts, they looked like they were floating with their hard nipples uncovered. She soaped up her hands and proceeded to wash his torso, feeling the taut muscles of his arms and chest. She asked him to stand. His erection stood straight up, and she proceeded to wash it, drawing his foreskin back exposing the helmet-shaped crown, rubbing the palm of her hand over it.

"Mother told me that you had a beautiful cock," she remarked as she cleaned it and his ball sack. "I can see why she would say that."

After she had washed him, she washed herself. Her breasts were full and firm and moved a little as she washed them. They both got out of the tub and dried each other off then got into bed. The candlelight flickered and danced off her body as she lay beside him. He trembled with anticipation of having sex with his own daughter as he leaned in and kissed her lips.

She tilted her head and opened her mouth. He took the opportunity and pushed his tongue inside her mouth. The feeling of having his tongue sucked was incredibly arousing, made even more so by her hand on his cock, rubbing it gently. He broke their kiss as he wanted to see what her breasts felt like; they stood proud of her young body, areolas darkened and stippled; her hard beaded nipple pressing into his palm as he gently squeezed her breasts, feeling how full and firm they were.

As he took each hard nipple between his lips and nipped, he heard her moan. Leaving her breasts to his mouth to stimulate, he trailed his fingers over her taut stomach and touched the ridge of her clitoral sheath. Cupping her pussy, he parted her plump labia with his middle finger, feeling the wetness inside her cleft. Lower still he found the opening to her vagina and pushed his finger in, feeling the hot wetness. A second finger followed by a third stretched her tight opening.

"I am not a virgin, father," she said. "It will not hurt when you put your cock inside me, my cunt will stretch, but you cannot spurt your juice inside me as I do not want to be with child."

"Then perhaps I will spurt in your arse if I may."

She giggled. "That would be nice, I have never had a cock in my rear."

Alwyn parted her legs and sat on his heels; his cock head lay on her mons, cushioned by her tight curly blonde hair. He grasped the shaft of his cock and rubbed its bulbous head in circles around her opening, gathering her moisture. Then, as he pushed, he felt her vagina stretch and engulf the head of his cock. He was now inside his twelve-year-old daughter, and it felt so good; her hot and moist silken sheath accepted him and gripped him along its entire length as he buried his cock deep inside her body.

"Oh father," she cried, "that feels so good. You fill me up and stretch me so."

As Alwyn continued fucking his daughter; he could feel her body start to tremble and jerk—the start of her orgasm. Then, a few minutes later she cried out.

"Ohhhhh cumming, father!"

Her body shook and spasmed as her orgasm grabbed her. He lay on top of her with her arms around his neck holding him tight, her breasts squashed against his chest, hot puff of breath on his neck. Finally, she calmed down and released her hold on him.

"That was wonderful," she said. "My first orgasm with my father's cock inside my cunt. Are you ready to spurt your seed?"

"Oh yes, daughter," he replied.

Alwyn pulled out of her; she bent her knees and grabbed her feet causing her buttocks to come off the bed, exposing her dark pink anus. He grasped his shaft and rubbed the head around her small puckered opening, coating it with her creamy juices. She was watching his face as he pushed into her. At first, her sphincter stayed tightly closed. Then as he applied more pressure, her anus yielded and admitted the head of his cock inside her. She winced a little.

"Did I hurt you, my daughter?"

"I am not used to having a cock in my arse, but now you are inside me it feels good—strange—but good."

He pushed some more and slowly she took the entire length of his hard rod inside her bowels. He started to stroke in and out of his daughter's bum. He had been close to his climax while fucking her pussy and he was getting near to it again.

"I am almost there," he cried as his cock swelled and cum burned through its shaft and flooded her bowels. He kept thrusting into her, his balls slapping her buttocks as he came. Exhausted and covered in sweat from fucking his twelve-year-old daughter, he collapsed on top of her. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him.

"I love you, father," she murmured.

"I love you too, child," he replied.

His flaccid cock slipped out of her bum, and she put piece of cloth between her legs to catch his cum that would leak out in the night. As he spooned her back with his hand cupping her firm breast, he slipped into a deep sleep.

Chapter Sixteen

As the dawn's light started to filter in through the small bedroom window, Alwyn stirred. He was still spooning his daughter's back and holding her breast in his hand. A full bladder called, so he extricated himself from her and got out of bed. As he peed into the chamber pot, he looked at his daughter still sleeping, her firm breasts rising and falling with her easy breathing. His life had changed dramatically in the last twenty-four hours.

He splashed some water on his face and got dressed. Downstairs Bronwyn was busying herself preparing breakfast for her guests and what locals wandered in on their way to work in the fields.

She looked up from kneading dough for fresh bread. "Good morrow, Alwyn."

"And good morrow to you," he replied.

She smiled. "I trust you slept well and that your daughter was good to you."

"Aelwen has a sweet cunt and a very nice arse."

"I am glad your seed found a good resting place. You care for some breakfast?"

"Yes please, my dear."


Alwyn took the reins from the stable lad and mounted his horse as Rees rode up with three of his men.

"Good morrow, sir," Alwyn said to Rees.

"And good morrow to you, sir," Rees replied.

Alwyn followed them as they rode out of town on the same road he had come in on the day before. They rode for the good part of two hours, and as they neared the village of Boughrood, they left the road and headed east. In another five miles, they jumped the low dry-stone wall and headed for the small, two-roomed stone cottage of Lord Glasbury's sheepherder, a man by the name of John Smallwood.

Smallwood saw the riders approaching his cottage and was rubbing his hands at the thought of more money in exchange for a sheep. When the riders got to the cottage, they dismounted.

"Good morrow," Smallwood said to Rees. "Come for your sheep?"

"Yes, I have, but this gentleman has something to say to you first."

"Who are you?" Smallwood said to Alwyn.

"I am on a mission from Lord Glasbury to find out where his missing sheep are going."

"I am not sure what you mean, good, sir," Smallwood replied. "I told his lordship that they were being stolen by men from across the border."

"Are these men you see here the ones who stole them?"

"I . . . I do not know, sir. Maybe I was mistaken."

"The truth of the matter is, Smallwood. The sheep have not been stolen, you have been selling one a month to this man David Rees and telling his lordship they had been stolen."

"That is a lie, sir!" Smallwood said.

Alwyn nodded to Rees who in turn nodded to one of his men who walked over to Smallwood and tied his hands behind his back with a length of cord.

"I do not understand, good, sir," Smallwood said. "Why am I being tied?"

"Because John Smallwood, you are a bald-faced liar and you are the one who has been stealing Lord Glasbury's sheep and selling them to this man for two shillings and pocketing the money."

Smallwood, knowing that his ruse had been discovered said nothing but bowed his head.

"David Rees, sir," Alwyn said, "If you will, please, have one of your men escort Smallwood back to Lord Glasbury's estate I shall pay you a half-crown for your trouble. Also, if you agree to have one of your men be Lord Glasbury's new sheepherder, you shall have one sheep a month as a way of payment for your services."

"You are most generous, Sir Alwyn. I will be happy to accept your offer."

"Very well then. Here is a letter signed by me for your man to give to Lord Glasbury's head man on his arrival at Glasbury Manor. It provides an accounting of what I have found." Alwyn handed the letter to Rees. It was sealed with his own crest.

One of Rees's men took the letter from Rees and tucked into his tunic. After tying the end of the rope that was used to tie Smallwood's hands in front of him to his saddle's horn, he rode off south with his prisoner walking three paces behind.

Another of Rees's men hog-tied the legs of the lamb and threw it over his saddle. All four of them rode back to Aberedw. It was late afternoon as Alwyn dismounted his horse in front of the Dragonfall Inn.

"I never thought I would like an Englishman, sir," Rees said. "But you are an honorable man, and I thank you for your trust."

"Do a good job, and Lord Glasbury will be good to you as he is an honorable and kind man," Alwyn replied.

As Alwyn walked into the inn, it was starting to get busy. He saw Aelwen just nod to acknowledge his presence as she carried three tankards of ale to men sitting by the inglenook.

He sat at a table, and after a few minutes, Aelwen came over. "Sorry, father, I did not mean to ignore you, but I have been busy."

"You do not need to apologize to me, Aelwen. A tankard of ale if you please."

"Yes, father."

He slapped her shapely bum as she turned to leave. A few minutes later she returned with his ale. Things had quieted a little, so she sat next to him.

"Last night was wonderful, father. Do any of the serving wenches catch your eye?"

The previous evening, Alwyn had had his eye on a beautiful petite girl with light-brown hair and sparkling pale-green eyes.

"What is her name?" he replied, nodding toward the girl.

"That is Catrin, father, and she's such as sweet child, but she is not a virgin."

"How old is she?"

"She is almost nine and a half years old, and she has done nothing but talk about the dashing Sir Alwyn ever since you arrived."

"She is so young to not be a virgin—she is just a child really."

"It is common in these parts for a father or older brother to take a girl's maidenhead as soon as her cunt is big enough. Catrin's father took hers when she was just shy of eight and a half years of age."

"And if you do not mind me asking, who took yours and how old were you?"

"I was eleven, and as I did not have a father or older brother, it was mother's lover at the time."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Not really. He was a bit rough, and I bled. You were only my second, and I wish it had been you who took my maidenhead as you were so gentle last evening."

"Does Catrin's father drink here?"

"No, her father has been dead these past six months. Got kicked in the head by his horse. She's an orphan as her mother died in childbirth. She lives here at the inn. Mother and I sort of adopted her."

"For one so young to be without either a mother or father is so sad. Does she speak any English?"

"Yes, she speaks both English, Welsh, and some French."


"Yes, we had a Frenchman stay with us for a month and Catrin was so taken with his strange tongue, that she asked him to teach her. I think she has a natural ability for foreign tongues."

"And her English is good?"

"Yes, mother and I saw to that. Even with her difficult past, you will find that she's a very strong girl and you will like her. You want me to bathe you again?"

"That would be nice of you. What time does the inn close?"

"At ten o'clock, but Catrin finishes at nine."

"After I have bathed you, I will send her to your room."


Aelwen was naked, and Alwyn was enjoying how her breasts moved sensually as she washed him. She poured a pitcher of warm water over his head as he stood in the tub. After he stepped out, there was a small knock on the door. Alwyn had a smile on his face as Aelwen opened the door and admitted Catrin. She came in and had a shy smile on her face as she saw Alwyn standing there naked.

"I am going to bathe Catrin, so her cunt is nice and clean for you father. She has not bled yet so you can spurt your seed inside her belly."

Alwyn sat on the edge of the bed while his daughter lifted Catrin's simple dress over her head. He got very excited as he saw her naked body. She was very petite with very, very small breasts—no more than bumps on her otherwise flat chest. Atop each breast was a tiny, tiny red nipple. His erection hardened as he saw her pussy, a raised pad between her bony thighs. Her plump labia were squashed between slim thighs forming a tight slit with a small indention at the top.

"You like what you see father?"

"My goodness, Aelwen, she is a beautiful child."

"You will be her second lover so be gentle with her."

"Of course, daughter."

He sat and watched as his daughter washed Catrin's petite frame. Catrin shuddered slightly as Aelwen washed her small breasts. She gasped again but louder this time as Aelwen washed between her legs and she steadied herself with her hands on Aelwen's shoulders. When Aelwen was finished, she rinsed Catrin off and helped her out of the tub and dried her. The whole time she was in the room, Catrin never took her eyes off Alwyn. She was either looking at his face or at his erect cock standing straight up against his stomach.

Aelwen took Catrin's hand and led her to her father's bed. "There you go, father, she is all nice and clean for you, and I paid special attention to her cunt and her arse should you wish to partake of either." She kissed him on his lips and left the room. Catrin stood in front of him with both hands in front of her crotch. He lifted her hands up.

"You are too beautiful to hide your body, my dear," he said. "Turn around for me child."

She slowly turned around for him. From the front she was almost as straight as a beanpole, but in profile her small bum with its twin globes and a tight slit was very sexy as it rose up from the small of her back, giving her some shape. Her small breast buds, the size of grapes with her tiny nipples stood out from her otherwise flat chest. She looked at him with a hint of nervousness on her face.

"Catrin, you have got nothing to be nervous about. Tell me what it was like when your father fucked you."

"It was not nice, my Lord. He hurt me and made me bleed."

"I am not a Lord so please address me as Alwyn or, sir. I can assure you that you will enjoy tonight and I will be gentle with you."

"Thank you my . . . thank you, sir."

"Come, child, get on my bed."

Catrin climbed onto his bed and lay on her back with her legs tightly closed. He lay beside her and kissed her delicate lips. It was a chaste kiss, but the sensation of kissing such a young girl excited and aroused him. Her tiny nipples were as hard as beads as he sucked them, taking each of her breast buds into his mouth in turn, swirling his tongue around her nipples. His attention to her breasts was arousing her; her breathing was getting faster. Then she surprised him as she climaxed, mewling like a kitten, her body shaking. He never knew a girl could orgasm while only having her nipples sucked. She truly was a most unusual child.

He gently parted her legs and settled between them with his face inches from her pussy. He inhaled the scent of her pussy, a mixture of her sweet sex and soap. As he parted her very plump and child-like labia, her small clitoral cowl with her small clit was revealed. It was like a pink pearl in its half shell. He touched it with the very tip of his tongue. The action caused her whole body to jerk as if she had been struck with lightning.

She held his head in her small hands as he licked and kissed her whole pussy. A creamy liquid was seeping out of her vagina; he tasted it, and its potency made him light-headed. He didn't know why, but he was smitten with this nine-year-old child. He gently pushed his finger inside Catrin's vagina and was surprised at how large it was for such a young girl. He pushed another inside her causing a sharp intake of breath. A third finger stretched her, the tight band of flesh gripped him.

Alwyn thought that she was ready to be penetrated, so he sat on his haunches and gently lifted her slender legs over his. Looking down at his large adult cock lying on her bald fleshy mons, he could hardly believe her father had taken her maidenhead, penetrated her small eight-year-old vagina. But penetrated her he had and Alwyn shuddered at the thought of the pain she must have endured.

He grasped the shaft of his cock and swiped it up and down her slit, pushing aside her plump labia, coating its head with her cream. She had her face scrunched up in anticipation of the pain she was sure would come.

"Relax, child," he said as gently as he could. "The more you tense up, the more it will hurt."

"Yes, sir," she replied with a trembling voice.

Alwyn was as gentle as he could be. He pushed a little harder and felt her vagina yield just a little. Just a third of the head was encircled by the tight ring of skin. He moved the head in a small circle trying to stretch her some more. It seemed to work as slowly, so very slowly he felt her dilate some more until, with a small whimper, the head suddenly popped inside her. He looked down and was glad to see no blood. She was incredibly tight, but he had not torn her vagina, and for that he was thankful.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Thank you, sir," she said.

Over the next five minutes, he carefully pushed and pulled back, pushed deeper and pulled back until the end of his cock bumped against the end of her vagina. She had taken almost three-quarters of his six inches inside her. The combination of her very slick cream and copious amounts of his precum had made her vagina like a silken sheath that gripped his cock. He knew he couldn't fuck her like he fucked his daughter or his sister as she was so young and tight and was not yet fully used to having a man's cock inside her. The feeling of her small pussy gripping his cock was incredibly arousing to Alwyn as he slowly withdrew until just the head was inside her, then gently pushed it all of the way back in.

After a few minutes of this, Catrin started taking a more active role, curling her pussy up against his gentle thrusts until she climaxed for the second time.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh," she cried as her body arched, drawing him deep inside, the head pressing against her cervix. It was an incredible experience to witness the nine-year-old's orgasm. She finally calmed and opened her eyes.

"Have you had orgasms before, Catrin?"

"Orgasms, sir?"

"Yes child, that nice feeling you just had."

"Oh yes, sir, many times," she replied.

Her answer confused him; how could one so young have many orgasms? Was she giving herself orgasms? Aelwen said he was her second lover so she must be doing it herself. He put the matter out of his mind and continued to fuck her as he wanted to cum inside her so badly. He thrust gently into her, bumping her end for the next few minutes until he felt the warmth spread throughout his groin. As he felt his cock swell and throb, she climaxed for the third time. He spurted hard inside her infertile womb, climaxing at the same time as she did something he had never done before. It made the feeling he got doubly intense.

Alwyn pulled out of her tight pussy and put piece of cloth between her legs to catch his cum as it would seep out during the night. They both lay there breathing hard. She turned to him and hugged his side with her small hand on his chest. She leaned up and kissed him.

"That was very nice, sir," she said. "I felt your seed spurting inside me."

He put his finger under her chin and lifted her face to him and planted a kiss on her small lips.

"Catrin, you are a very beautiful and sexy little girl."

"I am sexy, sir?"

"Most definitely. How would you like to travel back with me and come and live in my family's house? We always need more serving wenches, and we can fuck from time to time." He knew that it would be risky fucking a servant, but with the help of his sister, he felt it would be worth the risk.

She pondered his offer for a few moments. "Thank you for your kind offer, sir. If it pleases Bronwyn, sir, then I would like that very much."

He kissed her shoulder as he put his arm around her and hugged her. A few moments later she was snoring lightly.


Chapter Seventeen

Alwyn awoke the next morning to the wonderful sensation of a small hand grasping the shaft of his cock and hot breaths on its head as Catrin licked it. It was an incredibly arousing sight as she licked his shaft and tried to get its bulbous head inside her small mouth. All she managed to do was get half of his head inside, but the sensation of her tongue poking his pee hole and swirling over the head was still amazing.

"Here let me," he said as he stroked his cock while she sucked and licked its head.

He was fairly certain she had not performed oral sex on a man, so he wondered who had shown her what to do. He would get his answer later as all he was concerned about at that moment was cumming in her mouth. The sensation of having Catrin lick and suck the head while he stroked the shaft was enough to bring him to his orgasm.

"I am going to spurt my seed Catrin," he said

She paid him no heed and kept on sucking. Then, as the first spurt entered her mouth, she pulled off—coughing as his cum went down her throat. The rest of his cum splashed onto his stomach.

"Sorry, sir," she said after she had recovered.

She jumped off the bed and fetched a damp towel and proceeded to clean him.

"Thank you, Catrin, I did try to warn you."

"Yes, sir, I will do better next time. I have to go now as I need to get ready to serve breakfast."

He watched as she pulled her dress over her head and walked a little awkwardly to the door. He knew she had to be very sore. After washing and dressing, he headed downstairs. There were three men eating breakfast. Bronwyn came over and sat at his table.

"And how was last night with Catrin?" she asked.

"She's an incredible little girl. Where did she learn to suck a cock and who taught her to pleasure her own cunt?"

"She has been between my legs for a while, and I have been between hers. Bronwyn replied. She has the sweetest cunt."

"That she does. And what about sucking cock?"

"You have Aelwen to thank for that, Alwyn. She taught her using a courgette."

"I have a favor to ask of you. I want to take her back home with me and put her to work as a serving wench."

She had a smile on her face. "Just as a serving wench?"

"Well, what can I say?"

"I will gladly let her go with you as there have been many a customer inquiring of her availability lately. Aelwen and I have been trying to delay the time when someone wanted to take her for his own. We're happy that you want her to go with you as I know you will treat her right and be as gentle with Catrin as Aelwen said you were with her."

"Good, then that is settled. I would like breakfast please as I will be leaving at noon. Will you please tell Catrin to pack her things and tell her she will be coming with me?"

As the sun reached its highest point, a stable lad brought Alwyn's horse to the front of the inn where he was waiting with Bronwyn and Aelwen together with Catrin who was clutching a simple cloth bag containing her few clothes.

Bronwyn was the first to hug and kiss him. "It was a nice surprise when you walked into my inn," she said.

"No more of a surprise than knowing I had a daughter," he replied as he hugged Aelwen.

"You sure you do not want to come with me daughter?"

"Yes, father I am sure. My place is here with mother. Will you come and visit from time to time?"

"Yes, I will now I know I have a daughter, and I know where you live. If there is anything either of you want or need, please have someone come and let me know."

"Thank you, Alwyn, we will," Bronwyn replied.

He mounted his horse and reached out his hand to Catrin. She grabbed it, and he pulled her up and sat her in front of him, her slender legs straddling the saddle. She clutched her bag in one hand while holding the horn of the saddle in her other. Alwyn clicked his tongue a few times, and they rode south following the river. After a few miles, Catrin shook his hand. He stopped the horse.

"What is it, Catrin?"

"My cunt is sore, sir."

"Oh sorry, I forgot that you would be sore this morrow."

He lifted her up, and she stood on the horse's neck, steadying herself with a hand on his shoulder.

"Give me your bag."

She handed him the bag which he placed in front of him. He swung her around, and she sat on the bag with both legs to one side.

"That better?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, thank you, sir," she replied.

With both arms around her, holding the reins, they rode on. It was approaching four in the afternoon as they rode into the courtyard of Glasbury Manor. After letting Catrin down, Alwyn handed the reins to a stable lad and dismounted. Lord Glasbury strode out to meet him.

"Welcome back, Sir Alwyn," he said as he shook Alwyn's hand. "You did a fine job finding my sheep stealer and making sure no more are taken. A sheep a month is a fair exchange for tending to the flock."

"Glad to be of service, my Lord. May I ask what his punishment was?"

"He was put in the stocks in the public square for two days. It's the only way to deal with thieves of livestock. He took off as soon as he was released cursing your name. I would watch out for him if I were you."

Lord Glasbury looked down at Catrin. "And who is this young girl?" he asked.

"This is Catrin Evans, my Lord. She is without mother or father, so I decided to take her home as we need more serving wenches."

"She looks a little small for a serving wench I think."

"She may be small, my Lord, but she is a hard worker."

"I will get our housekeeper to find her a bed to sleep in. Come on in. Lady Glasbury and Anne are anxious to see you again."

Catrin looked up at Alwyn and put her arms around his waist.

"It's fine, my dear. I will not be far away," he said to reassure her. "Go with his lordship, and I will see you later. We leave for home first thing in the morning."

"My Lord, would you please ask your housekeeper to give Catrin a bath this evening."

"Of course, come with me, my dear."


Later that night as Alwyn lay on the four-poster bed with its lace canopy, he heard the door creak, and Anne slipped inside and closed it quietly behind her. He could see by the three candles on the bedside table that she wore a long, pale-blue cotton nightdress that she quickly pulled over her head and dropped on the floor.

"Sorry I could not come sooner," she said. "Mother insisted I stay and read to her. I think she knew I was going to come to your bedchamber this night."

"And how pray did she know that?"

"She kept asking me if you were attracted to me. I think she and father would very much like it if you made me your bride."

"And what did you tell her?"

"I said that although I would very much like to be the future Lady Evesham when you succeed your father, it was not my decision to make. Mother has a younger sister who is a member of the royal court at Hampton and the rumor is that the king would very much like you to wed his niece, Princess Caitlyn."

"I know what life is like at the court with arranged marriages, but I do not subscribe to that. I will marry the woman who steals my heart be she a princess or a serving wench."

"I am sure your father would not be happy if you wed below your station, sir."

"I do not concern myself with what my father thinks or what anyone else thinks for that matter. Enough talk, you want to fuck or not?"

"Most definitely yes, sir!" she giggled.

She lay on her back with her legs open waiting for him. After a few minutes, she spoke.

"Is there something wrong, sir? Do you not want me?"

"I most definitely do. But I want you on top of me."

"Women do not fuck the man, the man fucks the woman," Anne said.

"Who taught you that?"

"I . . . do not know . . . it is what normal men are supposed to do. Mount a woman from behind or on top of her."

"I am not your normal man. Have you ever thought what it would be like to straddle a man and fuck him?"

"Well . . . my friend Eve and I have talked about it some."

"So, what are you waiting for?"

She straddled his hips with her pussy pressing into his erection that lay flat on his stomach, her plump labia hugging his shaft, her hands flat on his chest. Her breasts stood proud of her chest with their slightly puffed areolas and hard nipples.

She smiled.

"I could get used to this," she said. "It feels like I am in control."

She lifted and took his cock between her finger and thumb and guided it to the opening to her vagina and let it sit there. Slowly she lowered herself feeling the head of his cock start to stretch her. He watched as a frown came and went as she tested how much his cock stretched her and how much discomfort she felt. Then with a wince, the head penetrated her. She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that the pain of penetration was small and brief.

"Wow!" she said, "I cannot believe you are inside me. I thought it would hurt a lot more as your cock is so big and my cunt is so tight. Did I bleed any?"

He looked at the tight ring of skin around the underside of his cock-head. There was no blood.

"No, you did not. But make sure you do for your husband."

Over the next few minutes, she lowered herself all the way onto his cock until their pubes met. She had a big smile on her face.

"Dear God, this feels so good. You've stretched me more than I have ever stretched and I love the way your cock fills my cunt."

"Move back and forth rather than up and down," he instructed.

She scrubbed back and forth and at one point moved too far forward expelling his cock. She reached behind and put it back inside her. She had a determined look on her face as she fucked him, sweat formed on her brow and breasts. Then she climaxed.

"Nh, nh, nh, nh, nh, nh," she cried as her orgasm took over her body. She dropped onto his chest and grabbed his shoulders. He could feel her heart thumping in her chest as it rose and fell with her rapid breathing. Finally, she calmed and pushed back up.

"That was the best orgasm I have ever had. I think I like fucking you Alwyn." She chuckled. "If Mother could see me now."

"If your mother could see you now, I think your father would be called to skewer me with his sword."

"Oh I think you exaggerate, sir. Mother and Father would love nothing more than to greet you as a son-in-law, as I am sure other parents of lasses you have bedded would as well."

"I cannot risk making you with child so lift up, and I will show you how you can make me spurt."

She lifted up, and his cock slipped out of her and slapped back against his stomach. She sat back down on his shaft, her plump labia pooched out either side, opening her up, exposing the bead of her clitoris inside its cowl.

"Rub your cunt back and forth on my cock and make me spurt," he said.

With her hands on his chest, she proceeded to slide her very wet vulva along the length of his cock. She got the added pleasure of her clit dipping and being rubbed. Her breathing started to get quicker as she became aroused at the feeling of her clit rubbing along the shaft of his hard cock. It took only a few minutes before she felt his cock swell and pulse; she watched with her mouth open in amazement as thick ropes of his cum spurted onto his stomach.

The feeling of his cock swelling under her pussy put her over the top, and she too climaxed. She collapsed on top of him, trapping his still pulsing cock and his semen between their bodies. Both their bodies shook and jerked with their intense orgasms. The image of the white ropes of cum spurting out of his cock would be forever burned in her brain. Finally, they both calmed and she rolled to his side where she lay, the sweat on her face and breasts evaporating, cooling her skin and her ardor. At last, she spoke.

"That was an amazing sight to see you spurt your seed," she said. "I did not know a man spurted that much."

"The sight of your very sexy countenance made me spurt even more than usual, my Lady."

"You have made a mess," she said.

"I think we both made a mess," he countered. "Your juices flowed freely."

"We had better clean up, or we will be sleeping in a wet bed tonight," she said.

They both got up and with water in the bowl, proceeded to soap their hands and clean each other. After drying off, they got back into bed, and Alwyn spooned Anne's back with his hand on her hip. They both soon dropped into a deep, pleasing sleep.

Chapter Eighteen

The crow of a rooster woke Alwyn who extricated himself from Anne's embrace and used the chamber pot to empty his bladder. He got back into bed and hugged her back. Ten minutes later she stirred and yawned.

"I could get used to waking up with you," she said.

"Sorry, Anne, but I have to leave today."

"Oh, no. Why cannot you stay longer?"

"I have to get back home and help Father prepare for the king's arrival. We have to hunt for venison, partridges and wild boar. You have no idea how big an entourage king Jefford will bring."

Alwyn kissed her and got out of bed. After washing and dressing, he went downstairs. Lady Glasbury was sitting at the long mahogany table as he entered the dining room.

"Good morrow, my Lady," he said. She looked up as he walked in.

"And to you good, sir," she replied. "I trust your bed was well used last night."

He just nodded.

"I hope my daughter is not with child, Sir Alwyn."

"No, my Lady."

Just then Lord Glasbury came in. "I told my stable man to have your horse ready in half an hour as you said you needed to leave early," he said.

"Thank you, my Lord. If I may, will Catrin be ready?"

"Yes indeed. Our housekeeper has rather taken with her and wanted to know if she could stay on as a serving wench. She seemed disappointed when she said she had to leave with you this morning. That bag of rags she had were burnt, and she has been given some of the other serving girls' hand-me-downs."

"Thank you, my Lord."


Catrin came out of the house wearing boys' clothes, a pair of leather breeches and a white collarless shirt with ruffled cuffs.

"Why are you wearing a boy's breeches and a boy's shirt, girl?" Alwyn asked.

"It was the housekeeper's idea, Alwyn. She thought it would be more comfortable riding a horse. She said they used to belong to a stable boy who outgrew them."

"I see you have riding boots too."

"The boots were the stable boy's as welI. I like them. I have never worn boots before."

Fifteen minutes later, with Alwyn's saddlebags safely tied off together with Catrin's bag of new clothes, he kissed Anne goodbye.

"Safe travel, sir," she said. She got on tiptoe and whispered in his ear, "I enjoyed being on top last night."

Alwyn mounted his mare and offered his outstretched hand to Catrin who took it. He hoisted her up, and she straddled the saddle in front of him.

"You not sore anymore?" he whispered.

"No, sir. I had a nice warm bath last night," she whispered back.

He pulled the reins to the right, clicked his tongue twice and his horse, Whitecrest, turned and they headed east on the road to Hay-on-Wye. A few minutes into the ride, Catrin reached behind her and felt the hilt of his dagger.

"This is poking me in the back, Alwyn," she said. She pulled it out of his belt and stuck it down inside her right boot. He protested, but it fell on deaf ears. Alwyn was beginning to warm to Catrin's somewhat feisty attitude—an unusual trait for a girl, and one so young as well.

He sighed. "I do not know what I am going to do with you, child."

"You could fuck me, sir," she replied and giggled furiously.

The river didn't run straight but meandered whereas the road was fairly straight, meeting the river from time to time until they entered the town of Hay-on-Wye an hour later. As they rode through the city, Catrin's eyes were looking left then right at the large houses.

"Have you never been to a such large a town before, Catrin?"

"No, I have not," she replied. "Do people live in these houses? They are so close together."

"Yes, my dear, they do."

They rode east for another hour until they were on the outskirts of the small hamlet of Dorstone. It was almost eleven o'clock, and Catrin said she needed a rest. Alwyn stopped beside the small brook of Pont y Weston. The water looked cool and inviting, so he tied his horse's reins to a willow tree and left her to graze and drink while he stripped off.

"What are you doing, Alwyn?" she asked. She had now taken to calling him Alwyn even in company, and he liked that. The more he was with her and saw what an incredible young girl she was, the more he was enamored with her. He had never met a woman or a girl with as much spunk.

"I need to bathe," he replied. "Take care of our things."

She sat on a rock and watched as he jumped into the stream and started to bathe. With the noise of the splashing water and the horse munching on grass, Catrin didn't hear the man come up behind her. He grabbed her around her waist, trapping her left arm. She struggled, but he was too strong for her.

"Well what have we here?" he said as he held a pistol to her head.

Alwyn heard the man's voice and turned. "Put my friend down, and you shall not be harmed," he said.

The man guffawed. "I do not see any weapon on you except your cock maybe." He laughed again. "And that ain't much of a weapon."

Alwyn climbed onto the bank and stood ten feet away from the man. "You are making a big mistake, sir," he said.

"No, it is you who is making a big mistake by letting this boy guard your possessions," the man said. He kicked the purse that was attached to Alwyn's belt. The coins inside jingled.

"I think I will just shoot you and take your things. I like little boys, and when I have sucked this one's little cock, I think I will fuck him in his arse. I bet it is as tight as a virgin's cunt."

As he cocked the pistol, Catrin pulled the dagger out of her boot and, as hard as she could, she stabbed behind her, hoping to hit him. Her strike found its mark, and the blade plunged into the side of the man's neck. He screamed and let go of Catrin and dropped the pistol. He grabbed the haft of the dagger and pulled it out. In the process, the sharp blade sliced his jugular, and blood spurted out. He tried to stem the flow by clutching his neck with both hands, but it was in vain. He fell to the ground, and Alwyn and Catrin watched as he bled out.

Catrin calmly picked up the dagger, wiped the blade on the man's breeches. "Arsehole," she said.

"Remind me not to make you mad," Alwyn said as he hugged her. "Thank you for saving my life."

"Can I keep the dagger?" she asked.

"It is yours, my love. Here, take the scabbard and tuck it inside your boot."

Alwyn got dressed and searched the man's belongings. All he found was a few coins, a powder flask, patches and shot for the pistol. He put them in his saddlebag together with the flintlock.

"Come, Catrin. Let's go."

He mounted his horse and pulled Catrin up in front of him. They set off to the east with the sun high in the sky. They passed through the small hamlet of Dorstone at noon and stopped at a wayside inn with a sign outside that bore the name of the inn.

After tying his horse to a hitching rail, they went inside and sat at a table. A large ruddy-face woman came over.

"What can I get for you two gentlemen?" she said. "We have freshly baked shepherds pie."

"That will do fine, madam and a tankard of ale for me."

Five minutes later, she returned with their food and a tankard of ale. Catrin looked at it.

"What does ale taste like?" she asked.

He handed the tankard to her. It took both hands for her to lift it to her lips. She drank some and gave it back to him. He roared with laughter.

"What is so funny, Alwyn?"

"You dress like a boy; you fight like a boy, and now you have a mustache like a boy," he replied.

She had a quizzical expression on her face. Then she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and saw the foam from the ale.

Catrin admonished him, "That is not funny, Alwyn."

"Where are we going to spend the night?" she asked after they had eaten their meals.

"I think we should make Hereford by evening. We will find suitable lodging there."

Alwyn paid the bill, and they set off again with the sun to their backs through the small hamlets of Blakemere, Madley and Clehonger. Their shadows stretched long in front of them as they crossed the stone bridge over the River Wye and entered the old city of Hereford. The noise of the horse's hooves echoed off the half-timbered houses as they rode through town.

"This looks like a good place to spend the night," Alwyn said as he turned the horse's head into the large courtyard of a tavern. The building was impressive with a large six-foot tall sign above the door that proclaimed it's name.

It was a two-story structure built of red brick with a slate roof and leaded-glass windows. To one side of the courtyard were the stables and a stable lad came running over and took Whitecrest's reins.

"Will you stay for the night, sir?" The lad asked.

"Yes, boy. Make sure my horse is well fed and watered. She needs grooming as well." Alwyn dismounted and lifted Catrin off and set her down. After retrieving his saddlebags and her bag of clothes, they entered the tavern's main room. There were about half a dozen men sitting drinking. Judging by the cut of their clothes, Alwyn could see that they were men of means. Some drank silver tankards of ale and some goblets of red wine. Alwyn found a table by the window and set his things down on a chair. A serving girl came over. She looked to be ten or eleven, and she smiled at Catrin.

"What can I get you, gentlemen?" she asked still smiling at Catrin.

"We need a room for the night and food," Alwyn replied.

"Yes, sir. Would you like a bath too?"

"Yes, we would. What do you have for food?"

"We have freshly caught salmon, sir," she replied.

He looked at Catrin who nodded. "Salmon it is, and a goblet of wine for me and water for my friend here."

"Yes, sir," she replied and went off to the kitchen.

"Me thinks the wench has eyes for you," he said to Catrin.

"She might be surprised if she grabbed my crotch," Catrin replied.


When dinner was eaten, and Catrin had turned up her nose as she sipped some of his wine, they went to their room where a girl had just finished pouring hot water in the copper bath tub.

"Water is nice and warm, good sirs," she said and left.

Alwyn and Catrin got undressed and into the tub facing each other. She proceeded to wash him, paying particular attention to his cock that soon got hard as she cleaned it.

"I love your cock, Alwyn. I love how hard it is yet the skin is soft," she said as she washed it as well as his ball sack.

"I love my cock too and was happy to keep it today thanks to you. You are one incredible young girl, Catrin. I have never met anyone as brave as you. Today, most girls would have let that ruffian kill me and rape you without lifting a finger in their defense. They would probably have been killed as well."

"I could not stand by and watch the man I love, get killed."

Her last statement surprised him. "You profess your love for me?"

"Yes, I do. I know I can never be more than someone for you to fuck as I am low-born. Yet I do love you, Alwyn."

"Catrin, my dear. You are much, much more to me than someone to bed. I have a great affection for you and one way or another you will be in my life forever."

"You really mean that?"

"Yes, I do, Catrin. Now let me return the favor and wash you as I love touching your beautiful young body."

She turned and sat between his legs. He washed her back, and as he washed her chest, he felt her small breast buds swell, and her tiny nipples get hard. She leaned back against him as he washed between her legs, bringing her to a quick orgasm.

"I love hearing you when you have your orgasm. Your little mewls are so sexy."

They finished washing and got out of the tub and dried off. Alwyn looked at Catrin's young body and still found it difficult to believe that one so young could give him so much pleasure. They both got into bed.

"This is the most comfortable bed I think I have ever slept in," she said as she luxuriated in the feel of the soft mattress under her body and the pillow under her head.

"That is because both mattress and pillows are not stuffed with horsehair, but with the feather and the down from ducks. I have one back home."

"What will happen when we get home, Alwyn? Will I sleep in the servant's quarters like I did at Lord Glasbury's house?"

"Yes, you will."

"So, will we not have the chance to fuck?"

"Did you enjoy being bedded by Bronwyn?"

"Very much so. Her cunt was so sweet and her tongue so adventurous. Why?"

"I have not told you this, but my sister and I fuck, and I think she wants to have sex with a girl. So we can bring you to her bedchamber, and we can all have sex together."

"That sounds like a lot of fun."

"It will be. And speaking of fun, how would you like to be on top of me for a change and fuck me tonight?"

Catrin needed no more urging. She climbed over him and straddled his hips, with her small but plump pussy hovering above his erection. He watched as she lowered herself down onto his cock, her plump labia parted and coddled his shaft.

"Ooo, this feels good," she said as she moved back and forth along his shaft. Her juices started to flow, and soon his cock was covered in her cream making it slick. She moved forward until her clit was sitting just under the crown of his cock. Then she slowly moved backward an inch on his cock causing her clit to pull down and rub on the shaft, then forward again until she bumped the tight ridge of skin that was his frenulum.

Soon she started moving back and forth an inch, using his frenulum to masturbate causing the both of them intense pleasure. She had her eyes closed and her hands on his chest as she masturbated. He thought it was an incredibly arousing sight to see this nine-year-old use his cock like that to get herself off.

She was breathing rapidly as she approached her climax, and as he reached up and squeezed her small nipples between his thumb and finger, it pushed her over the top. She stopped moving back and forth and dropped on top of him. He held two exquisitely firm buttocks in his hands as her body shook and jerked, puffs of hot breath on his shoulder, small hands around his neck.

After a minute or two, she finally calmed down and pushed back up.

"Wow! That was good," she said. "I like being on top. You want to put it inside me now?"

"Why do you not put it inside by yourself," Alwyn replied.

She lifted up onto her knees and, grasping the shaft in her small hand, lifted it off his stomach and moved the tip to the opening of her vagina. A couple of times she didn't lower herself enough to trap it, and as she let go of it, it slapped back down onto his stomach.

"You want me to do it?" he offered.

"No, I can do it," she replied somewhat testily.

The third time she lowered herself a little more, trapping the head at the entrance to her opening. He watched as she slowly lowered herself, and, with a slight frown of discomfort, the head popped inside her.

"See," she said proudly, "told you I could do it."

Even though she had been penetrated twice, once by her father as he took her virginity at age seven and once by Alwyn a few days ago, she was still incredibly tight and it took her a couple of minutes to fully lower herself. At least she could now accommodate his girth with little discomfort even though she was too young to take all of his medium six inches inside her. He watched as she moved back and forth on his cock, seeing her clit dip and slide along its shaft. Alwyn was still amazed that one so young and so slim could accommodate his adult cock. It seemed to him that they were made for each other.

She had her eyes closed tightly as she chased another orgasm. He had never known anyone to have so many orgasms as Catrin did. The effect of watching her actively fucking him and his cock sliding in and out of a very tight and very slick pussy was drawing up his orgasm from his bowels. He could feel the warmth spreading and the little jerks of his leg and bum, telltale signs that his climax was near.

"Oh my God," he cried as he felt his cock swell and pulse. As soon as the first spurt of his cum entered her, she climaxed as well, dropping on top of him again.

"Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh," she cried into his shoulder.

Alwyn hardly felt her weight on him as they both rode their orgasms. His was over first, but hers carried on for almost another minute. She lifted up and got off him. After putting a piece of cloth between her legs she snuggled up to his side, holding his rapidly softening cock in her small hand.

"I love you, Alwyn," she said and immediately fell asleep.

Even though he thought that a girl so young couldn't grasp the concept of love; love between a man and a woman, the concept of romantic love. Alwyn was confident that the way she said it, with full conviction, that she meant it and was not just saying it to please him or because she thought it was something she was expected to say. The more he got to know Catrin, the more he liked and admired her.

Chapter Nineteen

Both Alwyn and Catrin were up before dawn the next morning as they had a good day's ride ahead of them, and another good day's ride after that until they reached Worcester and the home of the Boltons. They ate a simple meal of porridge as the stable lad saddled his horse and brought it 'round to the front of the tavern. Alwyn paid his bill and took their bags outside. The dawn was just breaking as he mounted Whitecrest and pulled Catrin up onto the saddle. He flipped a penny to the stable lad, clicked his tongue twice and they exited the courtyard.

Fifteen minutes later, with the first rays of the sun in their faces, they left the city behind. They rode for four hours before stopping for a rest and something to eat near the town of Ledbury. There was a small lake to the side of the road, so Alwyn dismounted, and, after helping Catrin down, tied his horse to a tree near the lake allowing her to graze and drink.

Alwyn sat on the grassy banks of the lake with Catrin napping beside him. He heard laughter to his right coming through a small copse of trees that went all the way down to the water. A few moments later two women who looked to be in their twenties came into view. They were wading in waist deep water, and they were naked.

When they saw Alwyn and Catrin they made no attempt to cover up their nudity, in fact, they almost flaunted it as they walked out of the water. He got up and walked down to greet them.

"Good day, ladies," he said

"Well look here, Charlotte," the woman with brown hair said. She was attractive, slim with small breasts and a bush of brown pubic hair that hid most of the vulva, only her pink inner labia were visible.

"A quite handsome gentleman and a boy do not you think, Abigail?" Charlotte replied. Charlotte looked to be older and had a much fuller figure with large pendulous breasts that moved from side to side as she waded toward the small sandy beach. She too was quite pretty, blonde hair, long legs and sparse pubic hair on her prominent mons.

"It is not often I come across two beautiful ladies without the modesty of clothing."

"He speaks well, Charlotte, he must be a lord," Abigail said, smiling as she admired the bulge in his breeches. "We are naturists, sir, and we go without clothes because it is so . . . well au naturel," she said. As she laughed her small breasts jiggled.

"Sir Alwyn of Studerly, at your service," he said.

"Oooh, a knight of the realm no less," Abigail remarked.

She walked closer to him and felt the muscles in his arm.

"A strong knight as well," Abigail added.

Both Charlotte and Abigail were both touching him now, feeling his muscular torso. Then Catrin woke from her nap and saw the two women touching Alwyn. But what she saw both shocked as well as terrified her. It wasn't two beautiful women she saw; it was two hags with wizened skin, sagging breasts like empty sacks, yellow teeth between thin lips, and bellies like flaps of loose skin that covered their crotches.


Catrin had heard tell of witches who changed into beautiful women and seduced men and stole their souls. She had been told that only young girls could see the witches' true selves.

Catrin stood up. "Alwyn, we need to leave, to get away from them," she said with determination. She picked up the remnants of their meal and threw them in the lake for the fish to eat.

"Why are you in such a hurry to leave?" Alwyn asked Catrin.

"Quite a feisty boy you have there, Sir Alwyn of Studerly," Charlotte the witch said.

"Come, boy, let me embrace you," Abigail said to Catrin.

Catrin drew her dagger from her boot and pointed it at Abigail, the witch. "Stay away from us," she shouted.

"Why are you threatening these ladies, Catrin?" Alwyn said.

"Catrin is her name?" Abigail the witch said.

"Yes, she is my traveling companion," Alwyn replied.

"The boy is a girl! Ahhhh," Charlotte the witch cried. "Come, Abigail we must leave."

Both witches ran back the way they came through the copse.

"What were you doing, Catrin?"

"They were witches, Alwyn! did you not see that?"

"What happened to me? I feel like I just woke up from a bad dream." Alwyn said.

"I have heard of witches who transform themselves into beautiful women and seduce men," Catrin told him. "My father told me that his brother was seduced by one and ended up a drooling simpleton."

"Again, I must thank you for saving me, Catrin."

She took Alwyn's hand and led him to Whitecrest. He got in the saddle and hoisted her up, and they rode off.

The market town of Ledbury lay to the west of the Malvern Hills, and as they rode through the town, they passed black and white half-timbered buildings until they came to the other side of town to a crossroads where Alwyn pulled on the reins and they came to a halt. The signpost that pointed straight ahead said,

Hollybush 5 Miles

He kicked his heels, and Whitecrest trotted through the crossroads toward Hollybush.

"You were jealous when those women spoke to me were you not?" Alwyn said.

"I was not jealous," Catrin retorted.

A few minutes passed. "Yes, you were," Alwyn said. "You were jealous and angry that I got an erection looking at them."

"It is not your fault, Alwyn as you did not see what I saw."

He put his free arm around her and hugged her. "Sorry, Catrin. It was not like I wanted to fuck them. It was a natural reaction. Men get erections when they see naked women. Do not be angry at me, my dear."

"I was not angry at you, I was angry at them for trying to seduce you with their false beauty. Alwyn, I know you are going to bed other girls and women. You told me you fuck your sister and will probably do so again. I will tell you one thing though, no other man's cock but yours will ever enter my cunt. I love you and always will whether you return my love or not."

That last statement told him a lot about her. With the icy silence broken, they rode on for another four hours until they entered the walled city of Worcester. Ten minutes later he dismounted in the courtyard of Bolton Manor, where a stable boy took the reins off him. After helping Catrin down, he took their things and entered the house where Lady Catherine was waiting to greet them.

"It is good to see you again, Alwyn," Lady Catherine said. "Claire and I prayed for your safe return." She looked at Catrin. "And who pray is this beautiful child?"

My Lady, this is Catrin Evans; Catrin this is Lady Catherine Bolton."

Catrin did a small curtsy, something Alwyn had taught her after they had left the Glasburys.

"She is without mother or father, so I am taking her home to work as a serving wench."

"That is very kind of you, sir. You said her, but she dresses like a boy. Why is that so?"

"Lady Glasbury felt it more comfortable for riding a horse and a boy would draw less attention from strangers than would a young girl."

"I see," Lady Catherine said.

"May I ask where Sir Walter and Claire are?"

"Sir Walter is out hunting pheasant, and Claire is at her friend Eve's house. Both should be home for dinner." She pulled a cord by the front door and in the distant bowels of the manor house a bell rang. A few minutes later a large woman with ample breasts and rear end dressed in a simple red check dress and a white apron appeared.

"Yes, m'Lady," she said.

"Mary, take Miss Catrin Evans here and make her comfortable in the servants' quarters. She will be spending the night with us."

"Yes, m'Lady." Mary walked off with Catrin following behind.

"Come, Alwyn, show me how a real man fucks as I tire of a boy's cock."

In shock, Alwyn followed Lady Catherine to her bedchamber where he stood rooted to the spot as she started to get undressed. She unbuttoned the tight bodice that pushed her breasts up, so they showed as swells above the neckline. She shed the dress and pulled her shift over her head.

He was greeted with the sight of her breasts, large, full, soft with large dark-brown areolas and rubbery pink nipples. She had a classic hourglass figure with a nicely rounded bum.

She looked at him. "You going to stand there and stare or are you going to get out of your clothes and fuck me?" she smiled. She climbed onto the large four-poster bed with its silk brocade canopy, Alwyn quickly got undressed and followed her. He started to squeeze and suck her breasts.

"If I wanted that, I would have asked my handmaiden to do it. I want your cock in my cunt my good knight."

Alwyn got between her legs and looked at her vulva with its plump labia and thin inner lips. He was surprised to see that she shaved her pubes, something that he preferred but not all women did. It was also the reason that he liked young girls as their pussies had very little if no pubic hair. He wondered how long it took her handmaiden each week to take a cutthroat razor and keep her pussy shorn.

He swiped the head of his cock up and down her cleft, feeling how wet she was. As he put the head against her wet opening, she grabbed him by his hips and pulled him inside her.

"Oh! Dear God, that feels so good! I had forgotten what it felt like to have a man's cock in my cunt. I love when my son John fucks me, but he does not fill me up like you do."

Alwyn continued to fuck her surprisingly snug pussy as she moaned and tugged at his hips, pulling him deeper inside her. After a few minutes, he felt his cock swell and spasm as he spurted his seed into her. The sensation of his hot cum flooding her vagina put her over the top, and she too climaxed, pulling him down on top of her, squashing her ample bosom against his muscular chest.

His orgasm was quickly over, but hers lasted for another minute, her legs and bum jerked and spasmed. Finally, she calmed.

"That was long overdue," Lady Catherine said, breathlessly. Thank you, sir."

"My pleasure, my Lady." Was all he could muster.

Everything had happened so fast his head was in a spin. He got off her and dressed. Back in the main hall, Claire had returned from her friend's house. As soon as she saw him, she ran over and put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Welcome back, Sir Alwyn," she said with a smile. "How long will you stay this time, sir?"

"Just for the night as we must be on our way come the morn."

She pouted. "Just one night! I heard about your traveling companion. She's a little young for you is she not?"

"Do I detect a hint of jealousy?"

"Me, jealous of a nine-year-old serving wench? I think not, sir."

Just then Lady Catherine descended the stairs. "Who is jealous?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing Mother," Claire replied and walked off.

"Is my daughter upset with you, sir?"

"I think she showed a little jealousy, my Lady."

"Jealous of who may I ask?"

"Catrin, my Lady."

"But she's a serving wench and but nine-years-old," Lady Catherine replied. Then she had a thought. "Tell me you are not fucking her?"

"As you said, my Lady, she's only nine, and I am sure her cunt is too small to fuck."

"Nonsense," Lady Bolton replied, "girls of seven and eight can be fucked if the man uses hog fat on his cock." With that she walked off into the kitchen to see how dinner preparations were coming along.


Dinner was comprised of stuffed partridge, whole boiled potatoes and pole beans. Catrin was now dressed in a pale-blue blouse and a skirt that dusted her feet shod in a pair of leather shoes—hand-me-downs from one of the other serving wenches. She brushed against his arm as she refilled his goblet with red wine. Alwyn noticed that Claire watched Catrin like a hawk every time she was in the dining room. He knew he would have to tread carefully while he was in the Bolton's home.

The wine flowed freely, and by nine o'clock Sir Walter hauled himself off to bed, leaving Lady Catherine, their three boys and Claire. The three boys went to bed, leaving Lady Catherine and Claire in Alwyn's company.

"Sir Walter tells me that you are leaving come the dawn," Lady Catherine said.

"Yes, my Lady. My father wants me home to prepare for the visit of King Jefford. There are deer and wild boar to hunt and pigeon and partridges to shoot."

"When can we expect your return to court my daughter?"

"I cannot say, Lady Catherine," he replied.

"I trust you are not toying with my daughter's affection for you, sir. Bedding her is not to be taken lightly."

"Mother!" Claire said.

"I am just looking out for your interest, my dear. It is time you were wed. You will be thirteen soon, and I do not want you to become an old biddy with a dried-up cunt."

Claire lowered her head and said nothing.

"I think I should retire, my Lady," Alwyn said, "as we have a long ride ahead of us tomorrow."

Alwyn got up from his chair and after nodding to them both, went upstairs to his bedchamber. He was in bed getting ready to settle down for the night when the door opened, and Claire came in. After closing the door behind her she moved to his bed, and after removing her nightdress, she got in beside him.

"I am sorry for what Mother said at the dinner table. I know you have not asked Father for my hand, but Mother wants to get me wed."

"Whenever I make up my mind who I want to wed, that girl's father will be the first to know."

"You cannot squirt inside my cunt tonight, but I will gladly suck on your cock and let you spurt into my mouth."

"You are most generous, Claire. Your sweet lips around my cock will be most welcome."

Claire held his cock in her hand and lowered her mouth over it, feeling her hot breath on its head. She was amateurish but it was pleasurable nonetheless. On a couple of occasions, she raked her teeth across his frenulum, eliciting many 'sorries!'. He wished it was Catrin in bed with him sucking his cock and not Claire.

"I am close to spurting lest you do not want my seed in your mouth."

She lifted off his cock. "It is quite acceptable for you to spurt in my mouth," she replied.

He groaned as she continued sucking his cock. Soon he felt his cock swell as semen coursed through it and spurted into her mouth. It was evident to him that it was the first time she had done this as she gagged a little as his cum hit the back of her throat. She quickly swallowed as more cum spurted into her mouth. He was finally done, and she wiped her lips with the palm of her hand.

"Did I satisfy you, sir?"

"Yes you did, Claire, very much so."

"Can I stay the night?"

"I have to be up before dawn," he replied.

"I do not mind as I like rising early."

She snuggled up to him, and they both were quickly asleep.

Chapter Twenty

A rooster's call woke Alwyn the next morning. Claire was still asleep beside him. He thought her to be a very, very beautiful young woman and out of all the women he had bedded she had the most beautiful breasts. He watched as they rose and fell with her breathing, two perfect half-orbs space far apart with small, darker-pink areolas and red nipples. He thought that she would make a good wife but he was not happy with her mother trying to push her onto him, plus he was not in love with her. The Lady Catherine didn't think it mattered one way or the other if a man was in love with his bride to be or not, but it mattered a lot to him.

Alwyn washed and got dressed and went downstairs where a simple meal of bread and honey was laid out on the dining room table. Sir Walter was already up and eating his meal as Alwyn entered the dining room.

"Good morrow, my boy," he said.

"And to you, Sir Walter," Alwyn replied.

"So, how is it with my daughter?"

Is he in bed with his scheming wife to get Claire married off to me? Alwyn thought.

"Very well, sir."

Alwyn quickly ate his breakfast and walked to the courtyard, where a stable lad was holding the reins to his horse. He was happy to see that Catrin was already in the saddle and his saddlebags were secured.

"Good morrow, my sweet," he said as he swung his leg over and sat behind her.

A quick kick of his heels into the Whitecrest's sides and they were away. When they were clear of the city walls, he put his free arm around her and kissed her neck.

"I am so glad to be away from the Boltons," he said.

"I missed you last night, Alwyn," she said.

"I missed you too, my dear."

"Why are you glad to be gone from there?"

"If her ladyship and his lordship, not to mention their daughter Claire, had their way, I would already be married."

"Claire is a very beautiful girl and would make a good wife for you. The talk in the servant's quarters is that the marriage is all but settled."

"They would like to think so. A marriage between the house of Bolton and the house of Evesham would be more beneficial to the Boltons. But the fact is, I am not in love with the girl, and, although father likes Sir Walter, he is not in favor of a union between our two houses."

"This is something that I love you for, Alwyn. You put your happiness before the needs of your family. I know we could never be man and wife, but I want more than anything for you to be happy."

That last comment touched Alwyn's heart as nothing else had ever done. He was starting to have feelings for Catrin. They rode on with the sun rising in front of them. After twelve miles or so, with the sun high in the sky, they stopped in the small hamlet of Grafton Flyford. He stopped his horse outside a small wayside inn. The sign swung back and forth in the light midday breeze.

After dismounting and helping Catrin off the horse, Alwyn tied the reins to the hitching post, and they went inside.

"Sir Alwyn," the innkeeper said as he came over to shake Alwyn's hand. "You honor me with your presence."

"Jacob, it is good to see you again," Alwyn replied. "Food for me and my fellow traveler, if you please."

"We have freshly baked bread from my wife's kitchen, butter, and cheese from the local dairy."

"Yes please, Jacob. Your wife's bread is known far and wide. I shall be sending someone to purchase your bread to serve to King Jefford who will shortly be gracing our manor with his presence."

"My wife and I are indeed honored, Sir Alwyn."

Alwyn and Catrin sat down waiting on their food. A few minutes later, a man walked over to where they were seated. Alwyn recognized him as Lord Glasbury's sheepherder who he had sent back to the manor for stealing and selling the Lord's sheep.

"You think you can just walk into this inn and lord yourself over everyone," the man said. It was obvious he had been drinking. "I spent two days in the fucking stocks enduring the taunts and rotten fruit of the townsfolk because of you."

"You are drunk, sir. Be gone with you!" Alwyn said and turned away.

He didn't see the man pull a knife out of his belt and start to toward Alwyn but Catrin did. Before the man could stab Alwyn, Catrin leaped at him and had her dagger at the man's throat.

"Make one more move, sir, and your blood will be all over this floor," she said.

As Alwyn turned, he saw Catrin with her hand around the man's throat and her dagger at his jugular. Catrin held her dagger at the man's throat until the innkeeper came back with two strapping stable lads. They quickly disarmed the man.

"I have sent for the sheriff, Sir Alwyn," he said. "I am so sorry this happened in my establishment."

"It is not your fault, Jacob. This man had been stealing Lord Glasbury's sheep and selling them, telling his lordship that some Welsh border raiders had stolen them."

The two stable lads hustled the man outside, and Catrin and Alwyn sat back down. Catrin put her dagger away inside the scabbard in her boot.

"That is the second time you saved my life. I hope people trying to kill me is not going to be a habit; but if it is, then I am glad to have you by my side, my dear."

Their food arrived brought by the innkeeper's wife.

"Jacob said you were going to serve my bread to the king, Sir Alwyn. You do me a great honor, sir."

"An honor that is truly deserved, madam."

They sat and ate in silence. When they were done, Alwyn paid their bill. Outside, the sheriff was just hauling away the man who had tried to murder Alwyn.

"No stocks for this man this time, Sir Alwyn," the sheriff said. "It will be the hangman's noose for him."

Alwyn mounted his horse, and after pulling Catrin up, they rode off.


Three hours later, with the sun settling to their left, they entered the courtyard of Studerly manor where a stable lad quickly came over and took Whitecrest's reins.

"Welcome home, sir," he said.

Alwyn dismounted and helped Catrin down as Lord Evesham came out to greet them.

"Welcome home my son," he said as he hugged Alwyn. "And who pray, is this lad?"

"This is no lad father; may I introduce a young girl who has not just saved your son's life once but twice. The second time not three hours ago. This is Catrin Evans, and she is without mother or father, and she has agreed to come home with me and be one of our serving wenches."

Lord Evesham shook Catrin's hand. "She will be no serving wench in my house. A girl who saved my son's life deserves more. I will speak with her ladyship to find a suitable position for her."

"Thank you, my Lord," Catrin said.

Just then Sophia came running down the staircase and hugged her brother. "Welcome home brother," she said. "And who pray, is this boy."

"This is Catrin, sister and she is a girl and no ordinary girl either as she has twice saved my life."

Sophia hugged Catrin. "Welcome to Studerly Manor," she said. "Any girl who saved my brother's life is my friend forever."


At dinner, Catrin was sat between Alwyn and Sophia, and it was obvious to all that Catrin and Sophia liked each other. And for that, Alwyn was glad as it was going to make having sex with her much easier. Catrin was wearing a simple pale-green cotton dress that buttoned down the front; The bodice was tight which emphasized her small waist. The rest flared down to her ankles. During dinner, Lady Evesham said she had decided what to do with Catrin.

"I have spoken to Martha, our housekeeper, and she has spoken to Catrin who has agreed to be her understudy and can sleep in the spare bedroom next to hers. Martha thought Catrin to be a little too young to be giving orders to the housemaids, so she will let her know what she wants her to do. As she and Sophia seem to have become quite good friends, Martha has assigned her the task of cleaning Sophia's as well as Alwyn's bedchambers."

When Alwyn heard that he was thrilled as it would not be unseemly for Catrin to be seen upstairs and would make it easier for him and Sophia to be alone with her. He was looking forward to their first night together in his own home.


At nine, Alwyn left his bedchamber and entered his sister's where she and Catrin were already in bed—both were naked.

"Well I see that you two could not wait for me," he said.

The two girls giggled. "Catrin has been telling me of yours and her exploits," Sophia said. "Rapists, murderers, and witches; oh my, such excitement! She also tells me she liked to use her tongue on her innkeeper's cunt."

Alwyn was glad that Catrin had held her tongue and not mentioned his daughter Aelwen as he had requested. He didn't want his father to know of his daughter.

"Come and join us brother," Sophia said, as she patted the bed beside her.

He shed his nightshirt and lay beside his sister. Catrin smiled at him as she climbed between Sophia's legs and proceeded to kiss and suck her pussy as he watched. It was not the first time he had watched two women have sex; the last time it was a grateful mother and daughter. It was evident that Catrin had had a lot of practice with Bronwyn. She had Sophia's plump labia parted with her fingers and was lapping at her vagina and nubbin. He heard Sophia's sharp intake of breath as Catrin pushed first one, then a second finger into her vagina.

Alwyn knew how much his sister liked to be finger fucked, and he supposed she had told Catrin as much before he got there, because she was moaning loudly. It didn't take long before Sophia climaxed and closed her legs around Catrin's head. He sucked on his sister's left breast and nipple, adding to her excitement. She finally released Catrin's head and looked at her brother.

"You failed to tell me how much of an expert Catrin was in bed brother."

"I did not know. All I was told was that she had spent time between the innkeeper's legs and she had returned the favor."

"Well, now I have someone to pleasure me while you are away."

"You want to fuck me or your sister, Alwyn?" Catrin asked.

"I think I have enough stamina for both of you ladies," he replied. Both women giggled.

"Take me first, dear brother, then you can spurt your seed inside Catrin's belly."

Alwyn and Catrin changed places. His cock easily slipped into his sister's vagina as it was very wet. Her puffed labia hugged the shaft of his cock; they inverted as he stroked into her all the way to her end. He kept up his strokes as Catrin lay beside Sophia and sucked on her breasts and nipples. He felt something touch his cock and looked down; Catrin was pressing Sophia's clit with her forefinger and letting her pinkie touch the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of Sophia's pussy. She looked at him and smiled. He reached down and caressed her cheek.

Sophia quickly came to her second orgasm from her brother's cock inside her pussy and from Catrin's attention to her clit. She was panting hard as her orgasm racked her body. Finally, she calmed, and her breathing slowed.

"I think if we keep this up, I am going to die," she said.

She switched places with Catrin and Alwyn swiped his cockhead up and down Catrin's cleft. She was very wet from the excitement of sucking on a young girl's pussy. He pushed into her, pushing her engorged labia aside, feeling her resistance. She was so much tighter than his sister, but there again Alwyn had been having sex with Sophia for going on six years, and she was five years older than Catrin. After a few attempts, his cockhead finally entered her with just a slight whimper.

Sophia was lying beside her kissing her lips. "Does it still hurt when he penetrates your cunt?" she asked.

"Yes, but just a smidgeon. We've only had sex a few times. My father took my maidenhead when I was seven."

"Seven!!" Sophia said. "My God, Catrin, did he rape you?"

"No. It was custom where I lived for a father or older brother to take a girl's maidenhead when she was ready."

"How barbaric."

Sophia gently kissed Catrin's cheek and lips as she massaged her clit, feeling her brother's cock slide in and out of her tight, wet hole. With both Alwyn and Sophia pleasuring her, it didn't take long for Catrin to climax. Mewls greeted Sophia as Catrin's orgasm took over her body causing her legs and bum to jerk and tremble.

Alwyn was close behind as his cock swelled and spurted inside her tight wet sheath. He sat back on his haunches as Sophia held Catrin's body while her orgasm peaked and then waned. The three of them lay there in their post-orgasmic state until Catrin said she had to get up.

"Why do you have to leave so soon?" Sophia asked.

"When you rang for me, Martha said to find out what you wanted and to be quick about it. What shall I tell her you wanted?"

"Tell her I spilled wine on my nightdress and I needed you to put it in soak so it would not stain. It is over there on the chair."

"You thought of everything, dear sister," Alwyn said smiling.

"Thank you, brother. Are you staying?"

"I am fatigued from the day's ride and satisfying two women, and so I shall retire to my bedchamber."

Chapter Twenty-One

The next two weeks were hectic in Lord Evesham's house preparing for King Jefford's visit. Alwyn, his father, and a couple of stable hands went out on a hunt early one morning. They returned late that afternoon with meat they had dressed from two deer they had killed together with meat from three wild boars. The meat was hung in the manor house's cellar so it could age.

Three days later, two knights, Sir Godfrey and Sir Willem together with their squires and ten workers arrived to help prepare for King Jefford's visit. They brought with them tents to provide sleeping quarters for the large entourage that would arrive in two days' time. The house was abustle with activity; the two cooks busied themselves with preparing vegetables, roasting venison and wild boar and baking pigeon pies and blackberry and apple pies. The maids were busy cleaning the house and polishing the silverware and cleaning the fine china.

The evening before the king was due to arrive, Catrin stole into Alwyn's bedchamber and slipped under the covers.

"Did anyone see you, Catrin?"

"No, I was very careful. I know the king is coming tomorrow and I am sure you will be very busy keeping Princess Caitlyn's cunt nice and wet."

"I am sorry, Catrin; I wished we could be more in the open with our relationship."

"That is fine, I know how all this works. I just want you to fuck me tonight as all I shall have to satisfy myself for a good while with my finger."

She worked her way down the bed and grasped his hard rod. He caught his breath as she lowered her mouth over the bulbous head.

"God, I swear you are the best sucker of cock in the kingdom."

Catrin continued to suck the head of his cock while stroking its shaft with her small hand that could not fully close around it. Alwyn was breathing hard as she swirled her tongue around his cockhead. Then to his dismay, she stopped, pulled the sheet back and straddled his hips. Rising a little, she guided his cockhead to her wet hole and very slowly lowered herself onto his hard rod.

He groaned. "I swear, Catrin, you know how to please me. From your mouth to your cunt with nary a stop."

She rose up and down on his cock, filling the room with a squelching noise as her slick vagina slid on his rod. Five minutes later they both climaxed at the same time. Catrin lay almost weightless on his chest with her arms around his neck. Alwyn could feel the rapid puffs of her hot breath on his neck. His cock spasmed as each rope of his pearly-white semen jetted inside his young lover's pussy.

When Catrin finally calmed, she pushed up and sat on his cock. She looked deeply into his eyes and said, "I love you, Alwyn. I will love you to my dying day."

Alwyn stroked her cheek. "You honor me with your love, Catrin my dear."

Catrin reluctantly got off of him and clamped a piece of cloth to her crotch as she climbed down from the four-poster bed. She put her nightgown back on, kissed him and left.

Chapter Twenty-Two

The day of King Jefford's arrival, the manor house was a veritable hive of activity. The king and queen would occupy two of the six guest quarters, with Princess Caitlyn in a third, which just happened to be right next door to Alwyn's bedchamber. Throughout dinner, Queen Esmerelda and Princess Caitlyn couldn't keep their eyes off of Alwyn. Even though Catrin wasn't a serving wench, she helped out. She would brush Alwyn's arm as
she refilled his goblet with wine or removed his empty plates.

Alwyn looked at King Jefford and wondered how on earth he had had let his body go. The king was forty-three—the same age as Alwyn's father yet he was fat and apparently suffered from gout. No doubt from the copious amounts of wine and huge portions of venison he ate. Queen Esmerelda, on the other hand, was still a very attractive woman. Alwyn had heard that she was of Spanish heritage hence her raven-black hair, and dark brown—almost black eyes.

After dinner, everyone retired to the great room where minstrels played their lyres and jugglers entertained them. One of the queen's handmaidens stopped behind where Alwyn was sat listening to the music and whispered into his ear.

"Her Majesty would like for you to come to her quarters at bedtime where she will be waiting for you with Princess Caitlyn."

Alwyn nodded to let the messenger know that he understood. At eight-thirty, King Jefford rose. It was an indication that the festivities of the evening were over and he was retiring to his bed. After he had left, Alwyn watched Esmerelda and Caitlyn go upstairs. He followed twenty minutes later. A handmaiden opened the large door to the bedchamber and beckoned him to step inside. The queen was sitting in the large copper tub with two of her handmaidens washing her. Caitlyn was sitting on a chair at the ornate dressing table. She was wearing a silk robe and was brushing her hair that was the color of spun gold.

"Come, Sir Alwyn," the queen said.

Alwyn walked to the tub and bowed. "Your majesty," he said. "You bade me attend you and the princess."

Esmerelda stood. Alwyn looked at her beautiful body. Her skin was flawless, the color of pale honey which was accentuated by her raven-black hair that hung down her back to her bum. Her breasts were full and heavy, and they moved sensually as one of her attendants washed them.

"We must discuss your betrothal to Princess Caitlyn, my young knight. But of course, we must see if she sexually satisfies you before your formal announcement. Please remove your clothing."

This is why Alwyn had dreaded the visit of the king and queen. Protocol says that once the king and queen have decided who Princess Caitlyn would wed, the betrothal was a mere formality. The witnessing of the congress of the princess and her suitor was so that the suitor couldn't complain that the princess was not sexually compatible. Caitlyn was stunningly beautiful—probably the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. There was no way on God's green earth that he would not rise to the occasion.

The queen watched as Alwyn shed his clothes. She smiled when she saw his erection. It was the protocol that the official congress of the princess and her suitor was not going to end with ejaculation. The vessel for the suitor's seed was usually a handmaiden. But for Alwyn, the queen had decided that he was going to finish inside her. The thrill of having the manly, young knight spurt his seed inside her caused her body to quiver with anticipation.

The queen stepped out of the tub, and into robe held by one of her helpers. As she was dried off, Alwyn got into the tub and was joined a few moments later by Caitlyn. Alwyn gasped as he saw the twelve-year-old princess' naked body for the first time. Her skin was as white as alabaster and was flawless. Her breasts were perfect, the size of half-tangerines and her red puffy areolas and red nipples contrasted against her pale skin. Alwyn was surprised at how well developed she was. Her prominent mons was covered with curly hairs the color of spun gold.

The queen knelt behind Caitlyn and cupped her breasts. "Look at how firm her breasts are, Alwyn. Would you like to suck her puffies?"

Alwyn couldn't deny, they were the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. His cock was in a state of permanent erection the whole time the attendants washed him and Caitlyn. After they dried off, Caitlyn lay on her back on the large bed. She opened her legs.

"I am a virgin, sir knight," Caitlyn said. "You will see that I bleed when you enter me."

The queen dismissed her handmaidens and sat near the bed to witness Alwyn taking Caitlyn's virginity. The queen, Alwyn and Caitlyn were now alone. She watched as Alwyn grasped the shaft of his cock and proceeded to get Caitlyn's pussy wet with her juices. The queen put her hand between her legs and scooped up some of her juices and rubbed it into Caitlyn's pussy.

"There," the queen said. "Now her cunt is well and truly wet, she is ready to be deflowered, Alwyn."

Although Alwyn was acutely aware that once he penetrated Caitlyn's vagina, his fate would be sealed. But to have refused to come to the queen's room that evening would have brought shame on his whole family, and they would have been ostracized from the king's court.

He pushed the head of his cock into Caitlyn's tight hole. Feeling resistance, he pushed some more. Caitlyn cried out with pain as Alwyn's member penetrated her and tore through her hymen.

"Withdraw," the queen said. She knew of all the tricks to fool a man into thinking he had deflowered a virgin. She herself had used chicken blood on the bed sheet the night the king fucked her for the first time.

Alwyn pulled his cock back out of Caitlyn's pussy. His cockhead was red with her blood. The queen took a small piece of cloth and wiped the blood up. It would be proof that the young princess was indeed a virgin.

"You may fuck her now, sir knight, but do not spurt your seed."

Alwyn continued to fuck Caitlyn, who now, with the initial pain of penetration was over, was enjoying the sex.

"I like the feel of your knightly cock sliding in and out of my cunt, Alwyn. I shall bear you many babies my love."

He brought her to an orgasm and then withdrew. "I am close to spurting Your Majesty. Which of your handmaidens is going to receive my seed?"

"None of them, young knight," the queen replied.

"But Your Majesty . . ."

She cut him off. "I am going to receive your seed. Caitlyn, off the bed if you will, my dear."

Caitlyn did the queen's bidding, and Queen Esmerelda took her place. Alwyn entered the Queens waiting hole and proceeded to fuck her. He made sure she climaxed first, and it was quite an event. He was sure that half the house heard her cries of passion as she orgasmed. After she had cum, he quickly spurted and got off of her.

"That was a good fuck, Alwyn. I shall retain your seed, maybe I will be with child."

That last comment scared Alwyn. He didn't know if the queen was still capable of bearing children. He quickly dressed and went back to his bedchamber.

Chapter Twenty-Three

The next day, Alwyn's mother wanted to know if he had deflowered Princess Caitlyn. She smiled when he gave her the details.

"So, my son, you will be betrothed to the young princess at this evening's dinner."

"But I do not love her, mother."

Lady Evesham waved her hand as if she was shooing away a pesky fly and said, "Silly boy, love has nothing to do with affairs of the monarchy. When you marry the girl, you will become a prince, and who knows—maybe one day you will be king. Princess Caitlyn is heir to the throne you know?"

"I know, mother. But I have no desire to be king."

The rest of the day, Alwyn was in a funk. Not even his sister could drag him out of it. He found Catrin and took her to a bench in the apple orchard.

"You are not happy, my love," Catrin said as they sat. "And if you are not happy, that makes me unhappy."

Alwyn looked at Catrin, his almost ten-year-old lover. He had had sex with young girls before; the youngest was with his own sister when she was nine and a half years old. At almost ten-years-old, Catrin was the not the youngest, but she gave him by far the most pleasure. It wasn't her age, he knew that, and it wasn't because she was the tightest pussy he had ever fucked.

It was because he was in love with her.

The thought shocked him.

The more he thought about it, the more he knew that he connected with her at a fundamental level. He knew this was no ordinary nine-year-old girl. At times she acted her age and giggled like all little girls do. But at other times she seemed to be old beyond her years. And her fearlessness warmed his heart. She was more fearless than some knights he had fought alongside.

He loved everything about her; he loved her beautiful smile; he loved her gorgeous pale-green eyes; he loved her slim but sexy body; but most of all, he loved her spunk and her courage. She had saved his life, and he was sure that none of the other women in his life would have had enough courage to do that. Not Anne, not Claire, not even his own sister Sophia.

"You are deep in thought, Alwyn," she said. "Is something troubling you?"

He leaned over and kissed her on her lips. "I have fallen in love with you, Catrin Evans."

She smiled. "I knew you would eventually, Alwyn Merriweather."

He had a puzzled expression on his face. "I think you really believe that do you not?"

"I knew the moment I saw you walk into the inn, that I loved you and that you loved me, but it has taken you a while to know it. We have met and fallen in love before."

"But how is that possible?"

"I do not know Alwyn. It is not a thought or even a memory. It is just a feeling. When I sleep I dream as we all do. But I dream of a time long ago when we met and fell in love. I love you Alwyn, and it scares me. But it makes me sad."

"Why does it make you sad?"

"Because I know your family will never let us be together."

"I have made a big mistake, my love. I put my family before my own needs. I could have refused to go to the queen's bedchamber last night—refused to deflower Princess Caitlyn. But I knew if I did, my family would be disowned by the monarchy. But I did not do what I knew I should have. Now I am expected to marry Caitlyn and one day become king."

"Then you should do it, Alwyn. Put aside any thoughts of me. You will make a good king. You are brave, you are honest, and you care for the simple folk."

"You would walk away and never see me again? You love me that much?"

"Yes, my love. I do love you that much. There is an old Welsh saying. 'If you love someone, set them free; if they come back, they are yours; if they do not come back, they never were'."

"I am not going to let you do that, Catrin. I will not marry Caitlyn, I do not love her. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to have my babies. We must go far away. My family will still be disgraced, and there may be a bounty placed on my head."

"I will go wherever you go, my love."


An hour later, after telling Catrin to gather her belongings and be ready to leave and not to let anyone see what she was doing. Alwyn quietly gathered a few necessities then went to speak to his father.

"Father, I am sorry, but I cannot go through with the betrothal to Princess Caitlyn. I do not love her, and I never should have agreed with the queen to go through with the deflowering ritual. I am sorry that I have put you in an awkward situation with King Jefford. I know he expects me to ask for her hand in marriage at this evening's dinner."

"Do not worry about the king, Alwyn. This whole thing has been cooked up between your mother and the queen. Your mother has always wanted for your sister to be at the court. She never stopped to ask Sophia what she wanted. I assume all this has come about by you falling in love with Catrin."

"How did you know, father?"

"I may be old son, but I know what a star-struck lover looks like. It was the same when I met your mother. Not many people know this, but she was a serving wench at the manor house of a good friend who was Scottish. Your mother is part Scottish, but she will never admit that fact."

"Thank you for being so understanding, father."

"You know you cannot stay here. The king will not do anything, but the queen will never forgive you, and I would not put it past her to have someone hunt you down. They may not hurt you, but I cannot say the same thing for Catrin. She will think that once Catrin is dead, you will come to your senses and wed Caitlyn."

"Then the queen is sorely mistaken father."

"What are your plans son?"

"I have gathered what I need, and it is my intent for Catrin and I to be gone long before the evening's celebrations."

"You will need money," Lord Evesham said as he went to the large chest in office. He opened a strongbox and retrieved a bag of gold coins. He handed them to Alwyn.

"Here you go, son. This should tide you over for at least a year. With your skills, I am sure you will find good work. When all of this has blown over, return and take your rightful place."

"You are very generous, father. I cannot thank you enough."


Alwyn and Catrin were long gone when Queen Esmerelda stood to announce to the gathering the betrothal of Princess Caitlyn to Alwyn. She looked around the room for Alwyn.

"Where is your son?" she asked Lady Evesham.

Lady Evesham had started to panic half an hour earlier when she couldn't find her son. "I . . . I am . . . I do not know Your Highness."

"What do you mean, you do not know? He is your son!"

"I . . . I am sorry, Your Highness."

Lord Evesham spoke, "I know where Alwyn is, Your Highness."

Lady Evesham glared at her husband. He knew he had some answering to do when he was alone with his wife later that evening—something to which he was not looking forward.

"Speak," Queen Isabella said curtly.

"Earlier today, my son came to see me and said he had made a mistake. Although he thinks very highly of Princess Caitlyn and told me she is very beautiful and desirable, but he is not in love with her."

"Pray tell us, Lord Evesham, what has love ever got to do with marriages?" The queen said disdainfully.

"My son, Your Highness, believes that love is the foundation of a good marriage. He is in love with someone else."

"And please tell us, Lord Evesham, who is your son in love with? The Bolton's daughter—what is her name?"

"Claire, Your Highness," Lady Evesham said.

"Yes, the twelve-year-old. Pretty girl, but not good enough for a future king. Don't tell me it is the Glasbury girl—Anne."

"No, Your Highness," Lord Evesham said. "It is not Anne Glasbury. My son is in love with Catrin Evans."

"Who on God's green earth is Catrin Evans pray?" The queen asked.

Lady Evesham leaned over and whispered in the queen's ear.

"A serving wench!!" The queen yelled. "Has your son lost his mind? The future king of the realm, if he marries Princess Caitlin, is in love with a serving wench. Well, we shall soon put a stop to this nonsense will we not, Jefford?" She said to the king.

"Of course, my dear," the King replied half-heartedly, trying to stay out of the whole affair.

Thirty miles away, Catrin had just brought Alwyn off with her mouth. She lay beside him on a bed of moss in a wood beside a brook. She was wearing her traveling clothes, long-sleeved shirt, leather breeches and riding boots. The noises of the forest, the tree frogs, the hooting of an owl and the sound of the water falling over stones were all they could hear.

"I wonder how dinner went?" she said.

"I am sure it did not go as mother expected," Alwyn replied.


Chapter Twenty-Four

"I think the queen is up to no good, Thomas," Lady Evesham said to her husband.

"How so, Margaret?" Lord Evesham had endured two hours of his wife's wrath after dinner was over. He didn't dare tell her that it was her scheming with the queen that had gotten them into the mess they were in. Neither did he tell her that he had given their son money to ease his and Catrin's escape.

"One of the chambermaids overheard the queen telling one of the king's knights to carry a note to Henry Sykes," Lady Evesham said.

"Sykes, huh. I had better warn Alwyn that Sykes and his gang of ruffians are probably looking for him and I am sure it is not to wish him good day."

"You know where our son is?"

"Not exactly, but I think I know where he's heading—France. He mentioned looking up his distant cousin Henri Lequerque. I will get a message to Bristol. If I am not mistaken, there is a ship bound for La Rochelle in four days. I am sure Alwyn is smart enough to not take the direct route."

At that moment, Alwyn and Catrin were riding into the city of Gloucester. "We will spend the night here my love. Tomorrow we set out for Bristol."

"Tell me again where we are going, Alwyn?"

"We are going to stay with my cousin in France. He lives in Saint Rogatien, it is a small town ten miles from the port of La Rochelle in France."

"Where is France?"

"It is many miles south of here. But we will take a sailing ship from Bristol. It is a three-day journey."

"I have never been on a ship before."

Alwyn rode into the courtyard of the pub and inn. The painted sign needed no name.

A stable boy came out and took the reins from Alwyn. You staying the night, sir?"

"Yes, boy," Alwyn said, tossing the boy a penny. "There will be another one in the morning if you take good care of my mare."

"Yes, sir, I will take good care of her," the boy replied.

Alwyn carried his saddlebags and Catrin's small bag into the inn. This inn had a reception hall. He rang the small hand bell, and a few moments later an older woman entered.

"Yes, good, sir. What can I do for you this fine summer's eve?"

"A room for the night and stable for my horse."

"Very well, sir. Will you and the young gentleman require a bath?"

"Yes please."

The woman handed Alwyn the key to his room. He and Catrin climbed the stairs and found their room at the rear of the inn, overlooking the gardens. It was spacious and had a separate bathroom unlike his at home that had a copper tub that could be brought out and filled with hot water.

After eating dinner of fresh fish pie, Alwyn and Catrin went to their room to bathe but not before stopping at the reception and asking for their bath to be drawn.

"I will send the wench right up, sir," the woman who they had met earlier at reception said.

Alwyn and Catrin were undressing as a young girl entered their bedroom pushing a cart loaded with large jugs of steaming hot water. She looked to be around fifteen or sixteen, and Alwyn thought her to be quite pretty with short blonde hair and hazel eyes.

"I am Elisabeth, and I have come to bathe you," she said.

Alwyn looked at Catrina and shrugged as if to say, it's okay. They continued getting undressed as Elisabeth filled the slipper-shaped copper tub with water. When she was done, she removed the simple cotton dress she was wearing and place it over a chair. She was naked underneath, and both Alwyn and Catrin admired her body. Her generous-sized breasts were perky with large, upturned darker-pink areolas and small pink nipples. There was a smattering of straight blonde hair on her large mons.

She looked at them staring at her nude body. "It is so I do not get my dress wet," she said. "Is this agreeable to you?"

"Yes," Alwyn and Catrin chorused.

They both climbed in the tub and relaxed from a long day's ride. Elisabeth started with Alwyn, washing his upper torso. She got tingles in her pussy as she felt his muscular body. She noticed the scars. He must be a knight she thought. She had never fucked a knight before. She had him stand so she could finish washing his body. Alwyn watched her breasts move sensually as she washed him. Catrin smiled as she saw his cock come to full attention.

"You missed some," Catrin said when Elisabeth told Alwyn she was done with him.

"Where?" Elisabeth asked.

"His cock and balls," Catrin replied.

"We are not allowed to touch our guests' privates," Elisabeth replied.

"Then I guess you do not want your florin tip," Catrin shot back.

"If that is what you wish," she said, "as long as you do not tell anyone."

Alwyn shot Catrin a look as if to say, 'I know what you are up to.'

Catrin smiled and watched as Elisabeth soaped her hands and proceeded to wash Alwyn's stiff member and his ball sack. Alwyn could see that Elisabeth was aroused by the flush of red across her upper chest.

After washing Catrin but staying away from her pussy and small breasts, Elisabeth announced, "I am all done, sir."

"No, you are not," Alwyn said. "You have yet to wash my friend's cunt. And I want you to make sure it is nice and clean because I am going to lick it later. And while you are at it, you get in the tub and let Catrin make sure your cunt is clean as well because I am going to lick yours."

"Sir Alwyn is very strict about only licking a clean cunt," Catrin said.

"Your traveling companion is a knight!?" Elisabeth said.

"Yes, Alwyn has fought many battles and once helped save the life of the king. He is also my lover."

"You are fortunate, Catrin, I envy you."

Alwyn got out of the tub as Elisabeth got in. He dried himself off as he watched Elisabeth wash Catrin's small pussy. His cock twitched as he watched Catrin go to work between Elisabeth's legs, making sure her pussy was clean as well. Both girls dried off and joined Alwyn on the bed.

"I think I would like to see you lick Elisabeth's cunt, my love," Alwyn said to Catrin.

Catrin wasted no time. She got between Elisabeth's wide-open legs and began to suck her clit and lick her vagina. Alwyn lay beside Elisabeth and kissed her while squeezing her generous breasts. She was moaning loudly as Catrin worked her clit and finger fucked her.

"Oh God, Catrin, oh God!" Elisabeth cried as Catrin brought her to her orgasm with her small tongue. Elisabeth's whole body shook and jerked with her intense orgasm. Catrin got next to Alwyn and took his hard rod in her hand and began to stroke it. Elisabeth now calmed, saw Catrin stroking the dashing knight's cock.

"Can I suck it, sir?" she asked.

Catrin offered Alwyn's cock to Elisabeth who immediately lowered her mouth over it and began to suck it and swirl her tongue around its head. It was apparent to both Alwyn and Catrin that she had sucked many cocks before. Catrin and Alwyn were kissing passionately as Elisabeth worked on his cock. Catrin was fondling Alwyn's ballsack with her right hand and had her left hand around his neck, pulling him into their kiss, as he climaxed. He moaned into Catrin's mouth as he flooded Elisabeth's mouth with his cum.

"Wow!" Elisabeth said. "You spurted a lot of seed."

All three lay side by side with Alwyn in the middle. One by one they fell asleep.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Elisabeth was gone from their bed when Alwyn and Catrin awoke the next morning. The sun was already up, and they could hear the hustle and bustle of the staff serving breakfasts to their guests. There was a knock at the door. Alwyn got out of bed and opened the door. It was Elisabeth, and she slipped inside. She had a concerned look on her face.

"What is it, Elisabeth?" Alwyn asked.

"Three men who came in for breakfast looked like a bunch of ruffians. They asked me if I had seen a man and a young girl," she said. "He told me that the man would look like he was high-born—a knight."

"What did you tell them, Elisabeth?"

"I told them that you had left before dawn, and was headed for Stroud. You told me you were headed for Bristol to catch a ship to France so they should miss you."

"Thanks, Elisabeth, that was quick thinking on your part."

"I did not think they were your friends. I got the impression they were after Catrin because they kept asking about her—you know, how tall she was, the color of her hair, what she was wearing."

"Are they gone?"

"Yes, half an hour ago."

"Okay, we shall get dressed and be down for breakfast shortly."



"Can I come with you? I speak fairly decent French, and I have never been there. I will not be any trouble, I promise."

Alwyn thought for a few moments. "Okay, get ready to leave as soon as we have finished breakfast."

What Elisabeth didn't know, is that the three men didn't buy her story and they were waiting nearby.


With breakfast over, Elisabeth had the stable boy bring Whitecrest around to the front of the inn. After securing his saddlebags and tossing the boy a penny, Alwyn got onto the saddle. He pulled Catrin up to sit in front of him and Elisabeth behind, with her arms around his waist.

"Come on girl," Alwyn said to his horse. The horse whinnied and exited the courtyard and headed south toward Breadstone and Bristol beyond. It would take the best part of the day to reach Bristol—longer if they ran into the three ruffians.

The three men, followed on foot biding their time. There was no way they were going to try and kill the girl while still in the city. No, they would wait for Alwyn and his two companions to stop for lunch. If it were in a quiet place, they would creep up on the three of them.


The sun was high in the sky as Alwyn pulled on the reins and Whitecrest came to a halt. "This looks like a good place to stop and eat the lunch that Elisabeth packed for us," he said. There was a small brook that crossed the road next to a copse of trees.

He swung Catrin's leg over the mare's neck and lowered her to the ground. Elisabeth was next. When Alwyn was on the ground, he tied the mare's reins to a tree next to the brook. The horse began to drink as Elisabeth laid a cloth on the ground and set out their lunch comprising crusty bread baked that very morning, cheese and homemade chutney.

They were halfway through lunch when Whitecrest whinnied, Alwyn trusted his horse more than his own sense of danger. He stood up and drew his pistol from his belt.

"What is it, Alwyn?" Catrin asked. She stood as well and drew her dagger.

"Shush, Catrin," Alwyn said.

They heard a twig snap in the woods to their left. As Alwyn and Catrin turned in the direction of the noise, three men came out of the trees. They faced each other across the brook.

"You are, Sykes, are you not? I know of your sort. You would kill your own mother for a few farthings."

"We have no argument with you, Sir Alwyn, we just came for the girl," Sykes said. Alwyn figured he was the leader because he stood slightly ahead of the other two. He had a pistol in his right hand. The other two men had swords.

Alwyn cocked his pistol. "You have to come past me to get her, and I can assure you, you will not succeed. While you still have breath in your lungs, I suggest you return and tell the queen that you could not find us."

"That ain't gonna happen," Sykes said, as he started to cock his pistol. He managed to get off his shot as a round lead ball from Alwyn's pistol struck him in the chest. Sykes's ball was wide, but it still clipped Alwyn's left bicep. Elisabeth screamed.

The other two men drew their swords and started across the brook. Alwyn dropped his pistol and drew his own sword. The men, now on Alwyn's side of the brook, began to circle him. As Alwyn followed their moves, Catrin stayed at his side with her dagger pointed at the two men. Elisabeth stayed back and kept out of the way.

The man on the left made a move. He made a side slicing move, but Alwyn easily parried it. Soon the sound of steel echoed off the trees. Even though blood was running down Alwyn's left arm, he easily parried the mens' amateurish swordplay. The man to Alwyn's right made a thrusting motion with his blade. Alwyn stepped to one side, and in the action of parrying the trust, he managed to twist the man's sword out of his grip. It flew in the air and landed point down ten feet away. The man ran to retrieve his weapon, but Catrin was quicker. As the man's hand reached for the sword's hilt, she jumped on his back, and in a single slice severed the man's jugular.

He clutched his throat with both hands trying to staunch the flow of blood, but it was a futile attempt. He collapsed to the ground. Catrin wiped her blade on the back of his tunic and put it back in its scabbard in her boot.

"Arsehole," she said and spat at the now lifeless body.

The remaining man, seeing the ever-widening pool of blood under his friend, turned tail and ran. Alwyn steadied himself on his sword and dropped to one knee clutching his left arm. Elisabeth grabbed the cloth that their lunch was lying on and rushed over to where Alwyn was kneeling. She tore the sleeve of his shirt and wrapped the cloth tightly around the wound.

"How does it look?" Alwyn asked.

"You were fortunate, Alwyn. It is only a flesh wound which is more than I can say for him," Elisabeth said, nodding toward the dead man lying face down in his own blood. "You are very brave, Catrin, you could have been hurt."

"No one messes with my Alwyn," Catrin said.

"Once again, you saved my life my love."

"She saved your life before?" Elisabeth said.

"Twice before," Alwyn said. "Three if you count the two witches."

They finished up their lunch, and, after dragging the two bodies into the dense copse, they got back on Whitecrest and resumed their journey.

Chapter Twenty-Six

It was getting dark as Alwyn, Catrin, and Elisabeth entered the city of Bristol. They found an inn and ale house not far from the docks. The name of the establishment was on the hanging sigh.

The Ship Tavern

They managed to secure a room for the night. Elisabeth cleansed Alwyn's wound at the dry sink with water from the crock pitcher and put on a clean dressing. Alwyn kissed her on her lips.

"Thank you, Elisabeth."

"I am glad that I could help some," she replied.

The three of them ate dinner and afterward asked for a bath to be drawn in their room. When the chambermaid had left, they all got undressed. Catrin and Elisabeth got into the tub first and Alwyn sat and watched as the two girls washed each other, hands wandering here and there with no rhyme or reason. Bathing—washing oneself—is done by rote, usually starting at one's head and finishing at one's feet or vice versa. But one moment Elisabeth would be washing Catrin's small breasts, the next her legs. In the end all the important places were clean.

It was Alwyn's turn next and it was Elisabeth who performed the honors while Catrin looked on, drying herself. Finally, with all three bodies, cleansed and dry, they got onto the large bed. Elisabeth lay next to Alwyn as Catrin straddled his hips. Elisabeth watched in amazement as Catrin guided his erect cock to her waiting vagina since she had never had sex with herself on top. Ever so slowly, Catrin lowered herself onto Alwyn's erect member. When she had almost all of him inside her, she put her hands flat on his chest and started to make love to him.

Elisabeth watched from behind as Catrin moved up and down on Alwyn's cock. At one point Elisabeth put her thumb and finger around the base of his cock and stroked him.

"This looks like fun, being on top of you, Alwyn," Elisabeth said. "I think I would like to try it."

By lifting up and down on her lover's cock, Catrin quickly brought herself to an orgasm. When she was calmed, she got off Alwyn and Elisabeth took her place. Elisabeth, being older, could take all of Alwyn's cock inside her. She sat high while she scrubbed back and forth.

"Don't spurt your seed inside me, Alwyn. I do not want to be with child."

Catrin sat beside Alwyn as Elisabeth worked back and forth. Soon, she was breathing heavily and moaning as she chased her orgasm. Small snorts filled the room as she orgasmed. She dropped to his chest. Alwyn, held her firm buttocks in his hands as he felt her bum and legs jerk uncontrollably. When her orgasm had waned, she got off Alwyn and she and Catrin took it in turns to fellate him.

"Good God, girls, you two are amazing," he said as he watched first Elisabeth suck the head of his cock as Catrin stroked its shaft. Then they switched. This went on for five minutes. Alwyn's cock was in Elisabeth's mouth as he climaxed. His semen flooded her mouth but she managed to swallow it all.

"Save some for me," Catrin said.

Elisabeth squeezed the last of Alwyn's cum out of the end and sucked it off. She and Catrin kissed and Elisabeth passed a small mouthful of Alwyn's cum into Catrin's mouth who immediately swallowed it. The three of them, arms, legs, bodies entwined drifted off to sleep.


At breakfast a stranger approached their table.

"Are you Sir Alwyn?" he asked.

Alwyn looked him up and down, trying to determine if this was another threat, but dismissed the thought.

"Yes, and who are you, sir?"

"I was sent by Lord Evesham to warn you that a man called Sykes and two other ruffians are looking for the young lady here."

"I am afraid you are a little late, sir. The Sykes fellow and one of his companions are lying dead back on the road. The third turned tail and ran when young Catrin here, slit Sykes other companion's throat."

"I am so glad to hear that, sir, as will be your father." The stranger touched his forehead. "I will take my leave of you. Have safe passage to France."


Later that morning, Alwyn managed to secure passage for himself, Catrin and Elisabeth on the French sailing vessel Voiles Sécuritaires.

"Safe Sails, that is a good omen," Elisabeth said.

As it turned out, Patrick, the captain, was a thirty-six-year old Frenchman who took an instant like to the three of them, particularly Elisabeth. In fact he couldn't keep his eyes off her. After he had shown them their two cabins he took Alwyn aside.

"Miss Elisabeth est-elle votre femme?"

"No Henri, Elisabeth is not related to me. She is a free spirit."

Patrick smiled broadly. "Très bien."

"What was all that about, Alwyn?" Catrin asked.

"It seems that our good captain is smitten with Elisabeth, and judging by the way she looks at him, the feeling is mutual."

Sure enough, just one day out of port, Elisabeth moved her belongings into the captain's cabin.

"I hope you do not think I am deserting the two of you," Elisabeth said after supper that evening.

"Absolutely not, Elisabeth," Alwyn replied. "It has been a lot of fun, and Catrin and I wish you luck."


"Oh, God, Catrin," Alwyn said as he exploded inside Catrin's pussy. It was the culmination of an hour of lovemaking made more exciting by the gentle movement of the ship. He rolled to her side, breathing heavily.

"It was great having sex with Elisabeth present, but you are the man I love, Alwyn. Now I have you all to myself. I love you very much."

"I love you too my darling, Catrin. You are the light of my life."


Chapter Twenty-Seven

"But how did this happen, Esmerelda?" King Jefford said. "I have not bedded you going on seven months now."

"It was Sir Alwyn. I allowed him to spurt his seed inside me the night he deflowered Princess Caitlyn."

"But this must never be made public. If it is, I would be the laughing stock of the realm. King Cuckold they would call me."

"It will remain our secret. One more thing, my dear, if it turns out to be a boy, then your lineage will remain intact."

The king smiled upon hearing that bit of information.

"But there's something that needs to be taken care of."

"What is that, my dear?"

"Sir Alwyn cannot be allowed to live. He and Princess Caitlyn are the only two people who know who the true father is, and I think we can rely on Caitlyn to keep her mouth shut."

"Esmerelda, I forbid that. Sir Alwyn helped save my life for God's sake."

"Well, it is on your head, Jefford. If he ever makes it known the child is his, it is your name that will be besmirched."


Two weeks later, the news of the queen's pregnancy reached Evesham Manor. It was Sophia who heard it first from her handmaiden, who heard it from the cook, who heard it from the butcher in town, who had heard it from a band of traveling minstrels.

"Mother, did you hear that the queen is with child?"

"No I did not, who told you?"

Sophia related the story of how she came to find out.

"I am going to have a word with Cook. She should have told me as soon as she found out."

"I did not think the king slept with his wife anymore," Sophia opined.

"He does not," Lady Evesham replied. "I am going to tell you something daughter, that you will not breathe a word of to anyone. You understand?"

"Yes mother," Sophia replied, excited to be told what was apparently a very big secret.

"The father of the queen's child is your brother, Alwyn."

Sophia put her hand over her open mouth. "No! How did that happen?"

"He most certainly is," Lady Evesham replied. She went on to relate the events of the night Princess Caitlyn lost her virginity.

"So, Alwyn could be the father of the next king if it is a boy?"

"That is right, Sophia, and that would guarantee your place at court."


It took three more weeks for the story to reach Alwyn and Catrin at his cousin Henri Lequerque 's home in Saint Rogatien. Henri had met them at the docks in La Rochelle over a month ago. Henri greeted his cousin with open arms and a kiss on each cheek—something that Alwyn could never get used to. Men kissed women, but men didn't kiss other men. Nevertheless, Alwyn was happy to see his cousin.

"Ow long 'as it bin?" Henri asked in broken English.

"Too long, my cousin," Alwyn replied.

"Et qui est ce bel enfant?" Henri said, reverting to his native tongue as he told Alwyn how beautiful Catrin was.

"Je suis l'amante de ton cousin," Catrin replied.

"Your beautiful lover speaks my tongue, Alwyn?"

"She speaks the Welsh tongue as well, Henri."

"I love 'er already mon amie. Come, my wife Chloe awaits us."

Henri, had them step into the buggy and headed east to the Lequerque home. Alwyn hated to leave his mare Whitecrest in a stable in Bristol, but was assured by the owner that she would be exercised and cared for. Henri's wife, Chloe was at the front door of the stone cottage to greet them. Chloe and Catrin hit it off straight away when Chloe heard Catrin speaking French.

"So, you and Catrin are lovers, Alwyn?" Chloe smiled at Alwyn.

It had been quite a few years since Alwyn has seen Chloe. The last time she was just a fifteen-year-old girl. She had developed into a beautiful twenty-two-year-old woman. Her long blond hair covered her shoulders framing an oval face with pale-green eyes and a wide mouth with full red lips. Alwyn admired her small breasts inside the tight bodice of her simple dress. Cousin Henri is undoubtedly a fortunate man to have such a beautiful and desirable wife, Alwyn thought.

"We are more than lovers, we are madly in love with each other," Alwyn replied.

"I am sure there were a lot of maidens with broken hearts when they heard about that," Chloe mused.

"I care not for anyone other than Catrin."

That night as Catrin was getting undressed, Alwyn notice something. "Come here, my love," he said.

Catrin walked to the bed where he was sat. "What is it, Alwyn?"

Alwyn rubbed around Catrin's nipples feeling her breast buds that had gotten larger since he had known her. He said, "You are growing breasts, Catrin."

Catrin felt her small breast, and a broad smile lit up her face. "I am, am I not?"

"You will move into womanhood soon my darling and will soon be old enough to wed. I trust you will find the right suitor."

Catrin punched Alwyn in the arm. "Do not jest of such things," she said. "Just for that, I am going on top this night, and I am going to ride you like a steed."

And ride him she did. After lowering herself onto his hard rod she bucked and scrubbed her pussy, grinding her sensitive clit into his pubic bone.

"Oh, my love," Catrin cried as she orgasmed. Alwyn held her tight as her orgasm racked her small body. He kept thrusting into her and a few moments later as Catrin was still quivering with excitement, he emptied his seed inside her tight vagina. The night breeze through the open window soon cooled their bodies as they lay next to each other.

"I do love you so, Alwyn."

"And I love you my darling, Catrin.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Two days later, Henri approached Alwyn as he was grooming one of his cousin's horses. "Alwyn, I must leave to take care of some business in La Rochelle. I should be gone for two days."

"I will take care of things while you are gone, cousin."

Alwyn, Chloe, and Catrin waved goodbye to Henri as he rode away. Later that evening after supper, Chloe took Alwyn's hand and led him outside. Alwyn thought she seemed quite nervous and it was confirmed by the slight quaver in her voice. Her English was very sketchy, so she spoke in her native tongue.

"Alwyn, you are a fine gentleman, and I have always liked you. My husband is a very proud man, and he would not think of asking you what I am going to ask on his and my behalf."

Alwyn took Chloe's hands in his. "What is wrong, Chloe?"

"We have been trying very hard to be with child for the last two years. We do not know if it is because I am barren or Henri's seed is bad. I . . . we want you to bed me and see if you can make me be with child."

"Chloe, I do not know what to say."

"Please say yes, Alwyn. It means so much to us. We want a child so badly."

"I am honored that you would ask me. I need to speak with Catrin and make sure she understands."

"Of course, please do."

Ten minutes later, Alwyn told Catrin what Chloe had asked him to do. "If you do not want me to, my love, I shall tell her that I cannot do it," Alwyn said.

Catrin smiled. "No, Alwyn. It is the honorable thing to do."

"So, you do not mind me fucking another woman?"

"Just do not make a habit of it, Alwyn," said sternly then broke into a fit of giggles.


The next time Alwyn saw Chloe, he just nodded. Chloe smiled. Later that evening after Alwyn had kissed Catrin goodnight, he followed Chloe to hers and Henri's bedroom. He got undressed and onto the bed as she went behind a screen. Alwyn smiled at her modesty. A few moments later she emerged dressed in a full-length nightdress that was buttoned at the front down to the waist. Alwyn could see the swells of her breasts and the small bumps of her areolas with pea-sized nipples on top. The tall collar couldn't hide Chloe's long swan-like neck. She walked to the bed and stood there looking at Alwyn's long cock lying semi-erect along his thigh.

"I am sorry, Alwyn I am nervous. No other man except Henri has seen me without clothes," she said.

Alwyn swung his legs over the side of the bed and reached out and began undoing the nightdress's buttons. "There's nothing to be nervous about Chloe, I will be gentle with you."

As the last button was undone, Alwyn opened the flaps and pulled the nightdress down over her shoulder and let it fall to the floor where it puddled around her ankles. Chloe instinctively brought her hands up and cupped her breasts. Alwyn looked down at her plump vulva in the gap at the top of her slender thighs with its tight slit formed by her fleshy labia. The large pad of her mons had a smattering of tight curly hairs.

Alwyn removed Chloe's hands from her breasts and admired her naked body. He said, "You do not need to cover your perfect breasts, Chloe." And perfect they were, the size of half-lemons with puffed areolas and red beaded nipples. Alwyn pulled Chloe in close and sucked on each breast in turn, taking in its areola and nipple. Chloe had her hands on the side of Alwyn's head as he ministered to her petite breasts.

After a few minutes of Chloe standing there with her eyes closed and her lips parted, Alwyn bade her to lie beside him. She did as he asked and lay with her hands covering her breasts. Alwyn parted her legs and moved between her slender thighs. The action of opening her legs caused her vulva to flare open, exposing her long clitoral hood and the red opening to her vagina that was seeping a creamy liquid.

Chloe's bum jerked as Alwyn touched her clit with the tip of his tongue, and as he administered to it she began to moan. He looked up over the twin swells of her breasts with her puffed areolas rising up with small beaded nipples atop each one. Chloe's puffed areolas reminded him of Catrin's small, developing breasts.

Alwyn brought Chloe to her orgasm. Her whole body shook, and she closed her legs against his head. He was still licking and sucking her clit as her orgasm coursed through her body. After thirty seconds, Chloe put her hands on his head and said, "Stop, Alwyn, that is too intense."

After Chloe's orgasm had abated, and she released her grip on his head, Alwyn sat up on his haunches and grasped the shaft of his now extremely hard cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. With a single slow stroke, he entered her, bumping her end. With Chloe once more cupping her breasts and squeezing them for extra stimulation, Alwyn began to thrust in and out of her slick, snug vagina. Since the intent was to try and get Chloe pregnant, he kept his thrusts short, making sure the head of his cock pressed against her cervix.

It didn't take long for Alwyn to climax. As he felt his cock swelling, he pushed in deep. He grunted as the first load of his cum splashed against Chloe's cervix. Alwyn stopped thrusting and pushed his cockhead hard against her end as he flooded her with his teeming fluid. When he was done, he rolled to her side. Chloe clenched her vaginal muscles, keeping his semen from leaking out. Tired, Alwyn dropped off to sleep. Two more times that night and once more at dawn, Alwyn spurted his seed inside Chloe.

"How did it go?" Catrin asked when he got into bed beside her just as dawn was breaking.

"I spurted four times, and now I need to rest," Alwyn replied. Catrin snuggled up to him and hugged him.

Alwyn went to Chloe's bed again that evening, and by morning he was spent, having spurted three more times.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

A month later, Chloe came downstairs to where Alwyn and Catrin were eating breakfast. Henri had been up at dawn and was still outside feeding the chickens and goats.

"Good news," Chloe said with a big smile on her face, "I am with child."

Alwyn and Catrin smiled. "That is indeed great news, Chloe," Alwyn said. "Does Henri know?" he added.

"Yes, I told him, and he's a very, very happy man," Chloe replied.

The first time Alwyn bumped into Henri, it was a little awkward since it was now obvious it was Henri's sperm that was weak. But as the days went by, their relationship returned to normal. Henri walked around with a big smile on his face.

As the months went by and Chloe's bump got bigger, Alwyn was getting more eager to go home. Word had come from his father that things had quieted down and he thought it safe for him to go back to Studerly Manor. Henri and Chloe drove Alwyn and Catrin to La Rochelle where they said their goodbyes. Henri promised to send word as soon as Chloe gave birth.

As it happened the sailing ship, Safe Sails was in the harbor, and as they approached the vessel, they saw Elisabeth. As soon as she saw them, she waved.

Elisabeth hugged Alwyn and Catrin after they came aboard. She said, "It is so good to see the two of you again. Are you returning to Bristol?"

"Yes we are, Elisabeth," Alwyn said. "Do you have a cabin for us?"

"Yes we do, come let us go and see Patrick who I am going to marry in a month."


The return voyage to Bristol was uneventful. Catrin wanted her and Alwyn to have sex with Elisabeth again but was disappointed when Elisabeth said she couldn't because of her commitment to Patrick. Once they had docked in Bristol, Alwyn and Catrin said their goodbyes to Elisabeth and headed for the stables where Alwyn's horse Whitecrest was being boarded. Alwyn was happy to see that Whitecrest had been taken good care of and so gave both the stable owner and stablehand generous tips.

At a slow walking pace, Alwyn and Catrin arrived at the city of Stroud by late afternoon where they took a room at an inn inside the city. Alwyn wondered if it was a good omen for the night's activities.

After letting the stablehand take Whitecrest, they took the saddlebags to their room and went to the tavern for supper. The tavern was half full, so they sat at a table by the window. A young serving wench came to their table. She looked to be twelve—maybe eleven and she was pretty with auburn hair and blue eyes. Alwyn saw Catrin smile as soon as she saw her and knew Catrin enough to know she was going to bed her before the evening was over.

"Evening, good sirs," the serving wench said. Alwyn needed to let the girl know that Catrin wasn't a boy.

He said, "Good evening, I am Sir Alwyn of Studerly Manor, and my traveling companion here is Catrin Evans. And what pray, is your name girl and how old are you?"

The wench's eyes lit up as she realized Catrin was a girl. "If it pleases you, sir, my name is Brea, and I am eleven years of age."

"Well, Brea I would like a tankard of your finest ale and Catrin here would like a cup of milk and a kiss."

Catrin shot Alwyn a daggered look.

"Certainly, sir," Brea replied and bent and kissed Catrin on her lips. "I finish work at nine," she whispered. Catrin whispered their room number.

"What is there to eat tonight, Brea?" Alwyn asked.

"We have venison stew or pigeon pie, Sir."

"I will take the venison stew," Alwyn said. "What do you want to eat, Catrin?"

"I will have the same please."

When Brea had left, Alwyn asked, "What did Brea whisper to you, my love?"

"She said she finishes work at nine and I told her our room number," Catrin replied with a satisfied grin on her face.


At nine-fifteen, Alwyn and Catrin were sat on the bed in their room when there was a knock on the door. Catrin who had shed her clothes ten minutes ago answered it and let Brea inside. She saw Alwyn sitting on the bed naked and immediately frowned.

"I . . . I did not know Sir Alwyn was going to be here. I have never been with a man before," Brea said.

"It is alright, Brea," Catrin said. "If you do not want to be fucked by Alwyn you do not have to. He likes to watch."

"Alright," Brea said, "I guess it is acceptable for him to be present." She began to get undressed. She undid the buttons down the front of her simple dress and pulled it over her head. She had on just a plain cotton undershirt and nothing else. Alwyn's cock twitched as he saw eleven-year-old Brea's hairless, plump pussy with its tight slit. She pulled her undershirt off and stood in front of them naked. She had small breasts with tiny red nipples.

"My, Brea," Alwyn said, "you have a beautiful body."

"Thank you kindly, sir, I think my tits are too small though."

"Nonsense, child, they are perfect tits, are they not, Catrin?"

Catrin put her hands on Brea's hips and sucked each of her small breasts in turn. Then she replied, "Yes, Alwyn, they are perfect."

Catrin took Brea's hand and led her to the bed. They both got onto the bed with Brea on her back with her legs invitingly open.

"I washed my cunt for you, Catrin," Brea said.

"Mmmm, then I am going to enjoy kissing it," Catrin said with a smile on her face. She got down on her knees between Brea's legs and began to work on her pussy and clit. Soon, Brea was moaning with pleasure. Not wanting to be left out, Alwyn knelt behind Catrin and, after wetting the head of his cock with saliva, he began working it into her small, tight pussy.

"Oh, yes," Catrin cried as Alwyn had managed to get all of his cock inside her.

Brea opened her eyes, and as she saw Alwyn thrusting in and out of Catrin's pussy, she said, "He can get all of his rod inside your cunt, Catrin?"

"Most of it he can, we have been fucking for going on six months now."

"Does it not hurt you? His cock looks so big!"

"Only a little when he put it in me for the first few times, but not now. It feels so good. You should let him put it inside your cunt, Brea, you would like it too."

Catrin continued administering to Brea's pussy while Alwyn fucked Catrin from behind. Even though Catrin's pussy was tight, she was even tighter fucking her from behind. It didn't take Catrin long to bring Brea to her climax. She jerked and shook as her orgasm took root. A few minutes later, Brea opened her eyes.

"That was a good one. You are very skilled at kissing cunts, Catrin."

"I have had a few," Catrin replied. "You ready to have Sir Alwyn fuck your sweet cunt, Brea?"

"I do not know, Catrin. Will it hurt when he puts his rod inside me?"

"Let me check," Catrin replied and inserted first a single finger inside Brea's very wet vagina. Then she added a second, then a third and finally a fourth. "Does that hurt?"

"Not really."

"Then you should only feel a twinge."

"Okay, Catrin if you say so."

Catrin pulled her fingers out of Brea's pussy as Alwyn switched places with her. Brea was looking nervous and biting her bottom lip as he swiped the head of his cock up and down her slit, oozing her plump labia aside.

"Relax, Brea," Alwyn said as he felt her tense up. She relaxed a little as he pushed the head into the opening of her vagina. As he applied pressure, he felt her vagina start to dilate. Just as Brea began to screw up her face anticipating being hurt, his cockhead popped inside. Brea smiled.

"Wow, that did not hurt very much," she said.

Catrin stopped sucking on Brea's small breasts, and said, "Told you."

Over the next minute, Alwyn slowly worked his penis all the way inside Brea's snug but slippery hole, feeling the folds of her vagina grip his shaft.

"My friend Emma will be jealous when I tell her that a knight took my maidenhead," Brea said.

Alwyn started to fuck Brea with long slow strokes as Catrin sucked on her nipples and caressed her breasts. Brea's breaths came faster as she closed in on her second orgasm of the evening. Then she realized that she could get pregnant. In a panic, she stopped Alwyn's thrusts.

"Do not spurt your seed inside me, Alwyn as I do not want to get with child."

"Let me have your seed, Alwyn," Catrin said.

Alwyn began fucking Brea again, but faster this time. After a few minutes, she climaxed.

"My God," she cried as she orgasmed.

Alwyn stopped stroking into her since his orgasm was close. He waited until Brea's orgasm was over and then withdrew from her pussy. Catrin immediately took Alwyn's cock inside her mouth. Brea watched in awe as Catrin expertly sucked it.

"You going to let him spurt his seed inside your mouth?" Brea asked.

"Of course, his seed tastes wonderful," Catrin replied as she continued to suck on Alwyn's member. Soon he was ready to spurt, and Catrin sat there with her mouth open and her tongue out waiting for him. She didn't have to wait long. Brea looked on as Alwyn stroked his cock and positioned the head of his cock on the end of Catrin's tongue. She gasped as his cock pulsed and the first rope of his pearly-white semen hit Catrin's tongue and entered her mouth followed by more spurts until her mouth was full. She closed her mouth and swallowed twice.

"I want some," Brea said. She opened her mouth and put her tongue out, emulating Catrin. Alwyn spurted the last of his cum onto Brea's tongue. She too swallowed.

"Mmm, tastes good," Brea said.

The three of them snuggled together and dropped into a satisfying deep sleep.

Chapter Thirty

Brea was gone when Alwyn awoke the next morning at dawn. He got out of bed and splashed water on his face from the crock bowl in the dry sink. He got dressed, woke Catrin up and went downstairs where Brea was serving breakfast. She blushed as she saw him enter the room.

"We have porridge, sir," Brea said.

"Two bowls please, Brea," Alwyn said.

At that moment, Catrin came into the room. The two girls exchanged a few words and Catrin came and sat down.

"Last night was fun," Catrin said.

"We are making a slight detour today my love."

"Where to, Alwyn?"

"To the small village of Himbleton where a young lass by the name of Beatrice lives. Beatrice has the sweetest cunt, and you are going to enjoy partaking of it."

"How long will it take to get there?"

"It is a good day's ride. I will ask Brea to pack a lunch for us for sustenance today."

Half an hour later, they were on their way. They rode out of the city with the rising sun off their right shoulders. The sun was high in the sky when they stopped for lunch in the small hamlet of Tewksbury where the River Avon flowed into the larger River Severn. They sat beside the River Avon and ate their lunch of crusty bread baked fresh that morning, butter and cheese with a few pickled onions. When they were done, they set off once more.

The sun was now over their left shoulders as they passed through the small hamlets of Bredon and Eckington. They forded the River Avon at Pershore, and after letting Whitecrest stop to drink, set off again traveling due north. The sun was beginning to set as they entered the village of Himbleton. Alwyn easily found the house of Charles Forthwin. His wife Sarah answered the door.

"Sir Alwyn, what a great pleasure to see you again! Please come in," Sarah said.

"And who is this beautiful child?" Sarah asked as they were inside the house.

"This is Catrin, and she is the love of my life."

Sarah hugged Catrin. "Our daughter, Beatrice, is going to be excited to see you again. I assume you are staying the night."

"If it is convenient, madam."

"Yes, we would love for you to stay and perhaps Beatrice and I can join you and Catrin in your bedchamber."

"Catrin and I would like that very much. I have told Catrin how sweet your daughter's cunt is and she cannot wait to taste it."

"Beatrice will be thrilled, and I hope you will partake of my cunt as well, sir."


They ate dinner of roast chicken and boiled potatoes around the large dining room table with Beatrice sitting between Alwyn and Catrin. Charles Forthwin sat at the head of the table, his wife Sarah sat at the other end and Beatrice's younger sister and brother sat opposite. Catrin and Beatrice were chatting away, and Sarah couldn't take her eyes off Alwyn. She remembered the last time he was here and how much she enjoyed sex with him.

Later that evening, the bedchamber door opened and Sarah and Beatrice stepped inside. Alwyn and Catrin were already naked sitting on the bed. Sarah and Beatrice immediately shed their long nightgowns. Beatrice got onto the bed on her back with her legs spread wide. Sarah and Alwyn stood and watched as Catrin went to work on Beatrice's pussy.

"Straddle Beatrice's head, Catrin, facing her feet," Alwyn said. "That way you can work on Beatrice's cunt while she works on yours."

Alwyn and Sarah watched Catrin shuffle around until eventually their faces were next to the other girl's pussy and they went to work. Alwyn was stood behind Sarah with his hands around her squeezing her ample breasts feeling her large hard nipples press into his palms. Sarah turned, got onto her knees and took Alwyn's hard cock into her mouth. The room was filled with the slurping noises of sex and moans from Catrina and Beatrice.

"Stop, Sarah, I am about to spurt my seed," Alwyn said.

"I am fertile, Sir Alwyn. I talked to my husband about having another child. Will you spurt your seed inside me?"

"I am honored that you want me to father your child, Sarah."

"No, good sir, the honor is all mine. If it pleases you, sir, may I travel to Studerly Manor once our child is old enough to travel?"

"You may, though my role in the child's birth must remain a secret."

"As you wish, sir."

Sarah got up and lay on the foot of the bed next to Beatrice's head. Alwyn looked at Sarah's large bush; it covered all of her pussy, only her large, pink inner labia were visible. Alwyn grasped his cock and penetrated Sarah as Sarah's daughter looked on smiling. Then she went back to pleasuring her new friend. Alwyn began thrusting in and out of Sarah's snug pussy. Soon she was moaning loudly. She had her legs over Alwyn's shoulder so he could plunge deep inside her and spurt into her cervix.

As Alwyn felt his orgasm rising within his bowels and spreading throughout his nether regions, he plunged deep inside Sarah and held his cockhead against her rubbery end. He felt his cock swell, and spasm as the first load of his cum burned up its shaft and into Sarah's fertile womb. More of his teeming fluid spurted inside Sarah, flooding her womb. Then he was done. He collapsed on top of her, pushing Sarah's ample breasts aside.

She put her arms around him and whispered, "Thank you, Sir Alwyn."

Sarah and Alwyn lay watching Beatrice push her tongue into Catrin's wet, red pussy. Catrin had her tongue on Beatrice's small puckered anus trying without success to get her tongue inside. Catrin stopped what she as doing as she climaxed. Her body went rigid as she cried out.

"Oh, Alwyn," she said.

"Your daughter is very adept at pleasuring Catrin's cunt," Alwyn said.

"She has had much practice pleasuring me and her little sister. She loves to make me feel good as she licks my cunt and sucks on my love nubbin."

After Catrin calmed down, she went back to work on Beatrice's pussy, licking it and sucking her clitoris. Soon it was Beatrice's turn to climax, and it was spectacular for one so young. Her legs jerked, and she grabbed fistfuls of bed linen as her orgasm engulfed her. As Alwyn watched Sarah's daughter climax, Sarah brought his cock to full erection again with her mouth and hand.

"My, my, sir you are hard again," Sarah said.

Sarah kept sucking his cockhead and swirling her tongue around the end all the while stroking its shaft. Alwyn had to steady himself by holding onto Sarah's shoulders as his legs trembled with another orgasm. She felt a small amount of his semen spurt into her mouth.

Beatrice, now recovered from her orgasm, got off the bed and pulled her nightgown back on. Sarah did the same. They both kissed Alwyn and Catrin goodnight and left.

Chapter Thirty-One

After eating a hearty breakfast, Alwyn got on his horse and pulled Catrin up to sit in front of him. They waved to the Forthwin family and with a click of Alwyn's tongue and a gentle kick in Whitecrest's side, they set off for the two hour ride back to Studerly Manor. Sophia was the first to see them riding toward the manor from out of her bedroom window. She ran downstairs.

"Alwyn and Catrin are coming," she shouted.

Lord and Lady Evesham followed Sophia outside to greet them. Aldrick, the stable lad took the reins from Alwyn and held the horse steady as Alwyn lowered Catrin to the ground. Alwyn then dismounted. Sophia was the first to hug and kiss first her brother then Catrin.

"It is good that you both are home," Sophia said.

"It feels good to be back," Alwyn replied. He strode up to his mother and kissed both of her cheeks and shook his father's outstretched hand.

"Welcome home, boy," Lord Evesham said, "welcome home."


That night, Sophia stole into Alwyn's and Catrin's bedchamber where Alwyn already had his cock inside Catrin's pussy.

"You could not wait for me?" Sophia said.

"Come and join us, sister. Why not straddle Catrin's head so she can suck your sweet, sweet cunt."

Sophia wasted no time and Catrin began licking her pussy and sucking on her clitoris, while Alwyn stroked in and out of Catrin's tight, wet pussy. Catrin was the first to climax. She stopped sucking Sophia's pussy and dropped her head back onto the mattress. Alwyn held her hips as she shuddered and jerked with her orgasm. He never tired of feeling and watching Catrin's orgasms.

A few minutes later, Alwyn said, "I am ready to spurt."

"Spurt in my mouth, brother," Sophia said, almost begging. "I have missed feeling you spurt and the taste of your seed for many a long night."

Alwyn withdrew from Catrin's vagina who got out from under Sophia. "Let me stroke your pole while you spurt your seed, my love," she said.

Alwyn knelt next to Sophia's head. She opened her mouth and put out her tongue. Catrin sat behind Alwyn and proceeded to stroke his cock as she pointed it at Sophia's face. She felt his shaft swell as the first rope of his pearly-white semen spurted out the end and into Sophia's waiting mouth. She closed her lips to swallow but didn't open her mouth quick enough so the second rope hit her square in her face. She was giggling so much that she didn't care that the rest of his cum covered her nose, mouth, chin and throat. When Alwyn was done, Catrin let go of his cock and proceeded to lick his cum off of Sophia who was still giggling.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Seven months later, Lady Evesham received word from France and announced the news over dinner.

"I am happy to announce that our nephew Henri's wife Chloe gave birth to a baby girl," she said. "They have named her Juliette."

"That is great news mother, as I know how hard they tried to get Chloe with child," Alwyn said.

Catrin looked at Alwyn and gave him a knowing smile.


One day in early May, Alwyn was riding into Studerly to attend to some business of the estate, when he saw a one-horse chaise coming toward him. He immediately recognized the driver; it was Sarah and Beatrice sat next to her holding a young girl. He stopped and dismounted and helped Sarah, Beatrice and the young girl get down.

"Sarah, it is good to see you again," he said as he hugged and kissed her. He hugged and kissed Beatrice. "My, Beatrice, you have grown quite a lot since I last saw you."

"Thank you, Alwyn," Beatrice replied.

"I would like you to meet my daughter, Catherine," Sarah said. "She is two years old and is just old enough to travel otherwise I would have made the journey before."

Alwyn picked Catherine up. She put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. "What a beautiful child, Sarah. Such gorgeous pale-blue eyes."

"Yes, Alwyn, just like yours."

"If you have time, I would like you to come to the manor house and meet my family. But please, no mention that I am the child's father."

"Of course, Alwyn, and yes, we would like to meet your family."

"I have a little business to take care of first and it should only take but half an hour."

As Alwyn pulled up in front of the manor, Sarah stopped the chaise next to him. Alwyn's mother and father came out to meet them. Alwyn helped the women get down from the chaise.

"Mother, father, I would like you to meet Sarah Forthwin and her two daughters Beatrice and Catherine. Sarah, this is Lord and Lady Evesham."

"It is very nice to meet you, m'Lady and, m'Lord," Sarah said.

"And how do you know these women, Alwyn?" Lady Evesham asked.

"On that journey I made to take care of the problem Lord Glasbury was having with his sheep disappearing, I came across two of the king's men—deserters I later discovered. They were assaulting Miss Beatrice. I managed to kill them both and took Beatrice home. I stayed the night at their home and enjoyed their hospitality."

"Welcome, ladies, would you care to stay for lunch?" Lady Evesham said.

"Yes please, m'Lady. Thank you." Sarah replied

After lunch when Alwyn had set Sarah, Beatrice and Catherine on their way with one of his father's hands sent along to ensure their safe return home, he went back inside the house where Lady Evesham was waiting.

"Hmm," she said, "it seems as if you partook of the Forthwin's hospitality a little more than a meal and a bed judging by the color of child's eyes."


Lady Evesham waved off his admonishment. "Come now, Alwyn, I am sure little Catherine is not the only child of your loins in this shire."


Sophia came bursting into the great hall where Alwyn, his wife Catrin, their four-year-old daughter Hattie, and Lord and Lady Evesham were sitting by a fire that was roaring in the large inglenook fireplace. Lord Evesham's two Great Danes who were lying in front of the fire, raised their heads at the loud intrusion then promptly went back to sleep when they saw it was only Sophia.

"What is it that warrants such a noisy entrance?" Lady Evesham asked after looking up from a book she had been reading.

"The king is dead, King Jefford is dead," Sophia said.

"What!? King Jefford dead?" Lord Evesham said. "How did that happen?"

"And how did you find out, Sophia?" Lady Evesham added.

"Hunting accident," Sophia said. "His horse was spooked by an adder and bolted. It threw the king, and he hit his head on a rock and was killed instantly. Cook just told me. She heard it from the butcher, who heard it —" Lady Evesham cut off her daughter in mid-sentence.

"I thought I told Cook to come and tell me if she got any important news," Lady Evesham said. "I guess she did not heed my words. If she was not so good at what she does, I would have fired her long ago."

"So, this means Alwyn's six-year-old son Alfred is now the new king?" Sophia said.

"That is correct, daughter," Lady Evesham said. "The new king is going to need a good counselor, a King's Regent. It should be you, Alwyn."

"I do not know, mother. I have no standing, and Princess Caitlyn is close to the boy and will no doubt advise him. Also, I am sure she is still angry at me for not making her my bride."

"You should go to London, Alwyn," Lord Evesham said.

"I will not go unless I am invited, father and that is my final word."


A month later, Alwyn was playing with his four-year-old daughter Hattie feeding the ducks on the pond inside the manor house enclosure when a rider came through the large opening in the stone wall. It was Sir Henry, who Alwyn knew well, and he was followed by his two squires. A stablehand took the reins of Sir Henry's horse and the knight dismounted. Alwyn walked over to greet him with Hattie holding her father's hand.

"Greetings, Sir Henry, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit to Studerly Manor?"

"Greetings to you as well, Sir Alwyn. I bring a letter from Princess Caitlyn."

"Come inside and rest a while. I am sure it has been a long and tiring ride from London," Alwyn said.

Lord and Lady Evesham were in the great room as Alwyn, and Sir Henry walked inside.

"We have a visitor from London, mother and father. He brings a letter from Princess Caitlyn."

The knight withdrew the letter from inside his tunic and handed it to Alwyn. It bore the royal seal. Both Lady and Lord Evesham gathered 'round as Alwyn broke the seal and read the letter.

"Come on, Alwyn," Lady Evesham said, after waiting for what to her way of thinking, was an inordinate amount of time, "what does it say?"

"Princess Caitlyn wants me to become King Alfred's Regent, to advise him on affairs of state. She says that Sir Henry will escort me and my family to London and she wants Sophia to come as well to be an attendant at court."

Lady Evesham clapped her hands. "This is wonderful news, and thank heavens it did not come from Cook for once."


Two weeks later, Alwyn, Catrin, Hattie, and Sophia rode into London. They were greeted at Saint James's Palace by Princess Caitlyn. She hugged Alwyn and took him to one side.

"Thank you for coming, Sir Alwyn, and agreeing to be the King's Regent," she said.

"I presume making me King's Regent was your idea, Princess Caitlyn," Alwyn said.

"Well, we all know you are the boy's father, sir. When the queen died at childbirth, I waited for the day that Alfred would be king and you could come to court. King Alfred does not know you are his father and I trust we can keep it that way."

"Of course. Thank you for thinking of me for this very important position, but I thought you were angry with me for not becoming betrothed to you once I had taken your maidenhead."

"Not at all, sir. Marrying me off to you was all the queen's idea. I was secretly in love with someone else whom I have since wed. You know how things are arranged at court, love never enters the royal decision making process. I am happy that you wed the person you love as did I."

At that moment, Catrin came walking over with Hattie at her side.

"Princess Caitlyn, may I present my wife Catrin and our daughter Hattie."

Princess Caitlyn hugged Catrin and picked Hattie up in her arms. "What a beautiful child, Alwyn. And Catrin is quite the beauty as well. You are one fortunate young lady, Catrin to have landed such a catch as the dashing Sir Alwyn."

"I owe Catrin my life three times over," Alwyn said.

"My goodness, not only beautiful, but strong as well. You must tell me all about it, Catrin."

The first time Alwyn met King Alfred, his son, he instantly liked the boy. He had the same pale-blue eyes, and he had a sweet demeanor. As the king grew older, he relied heavily on Alwyn's counsel. He would always consult with him before making any decisions. There were some at court who were not happy that Alwyn was the King's Regent, since it meant that they had very little influence in matters of state. Many had tried to poison Alwyn's relationship with the king, but even at a young age, King Alfred was a determined boy. Alwyn believed that maybe it was because he was the boy's father that there was a special bond between the two of them.

Lord and Lady Evesham visited their son and their grandson the king several times. Their daughter, Sophia had met a member of the king's inner circle, Lord Charleston, and they had fallen in love. The wedding was a grand affair, and soon after their wedding Sophia got pregnant and later gave birth to a boy who they named Alwyn. Catrin also got pregnant while at the court and she gave birth to a boy who they named Stewart.

When the king attained the age of sixteen, Alwyn told him that his work as the King's Regent was done and that he was sure that the king could handle things by himself. King Alfred thanked Alwyn profusely. A week later, Alwyn said his goodbyes and returned to Studerly Manor with Catrin, their sixteen-year-old daughter Hattie and their eight-year-old son Stewart. Alwyn took over running the estate so his father could spend the rest of his days unencumbered by the needs of the estate and the lands granted to the Merriweathers by King Jefford. And, occasionally for years afterward, a young maiden would find her way into Alwyn and Catrin's bed.


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