A Lover of Young Girls

                      by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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This is the story of Winston Tomlin who, at an early age, discovers his love of young girls. I hope you enjoy his story. Please fill out the form to let me know how you liked each chapter in Winston's life. Each story varies in length but a rarely more than 2,500 words—short and sweet with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but hey—I'm not Ernest Hemingway and this isn't literature. I'll try to add Winston's new sexual encounters on a regular basis.




I well remember the very first time I fondled a little girl. The very act of hugging her and then exploring her small body made me realize that I was a lover of young girls. I found that young girls naturally trusted me and were drawn to me. Some girls even initiated contact with me. I wasn't some dirty old man; I was a good-looking, easy-going and unassuming guy.

It was usually girls who were into puberty who initiated contact. They were now aware of the effect their developing bodies were having having on a guy and used it to get what they wanted. The only thing I had to do, was to ensure I stayed under the radar of the authorities or that of the girls' parents.

So, this is the story of my life as a lover of young girls, the life of a pedophile.


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Claire & Polly




Winston Tomlin begins his life's journey as a lover of young girls when he sits Emily, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Summers whose house his mother cleans.
mg 15/7, mast, bathing, ped, fondling, stroke.
Word Count: 2,221
Date Published: January 20 2019

I was fourteen, and little Emily was seven years old. I was sitting her while her parents attended some sort of charity event. They were the rich folks whose house my mother cleaned. I had sat Emily one time before. She was a cute little girl with long brown hair and gorgeous crystal-blue eyes. She was just over four feet tall and was a straight as a beanpole, but she had the most gorgeous little butt.

I remember the last time I sat her and got a look at her little pantied pussy. Her mons rose up from her rounded tummy, and her soft, plump labia was squashed between her thighs. My cock got hard as I saw her tight slit inside her white cotton panties with its little indent at the top. The tight elasticated leg openings of her panties had cut deep into either side of her pussy, making it look even plumper.

On the evening in question, a Friday, Mr. Summers picked me up and drove me to his house. When I got there, Emily was on the floor of the large living room watching television. She was wearing a cotton tee-shirt that came to her knees. It was printed with Disney movie characters.

After Mr. and Mrs. Summers had left, I sat on the sofa watching whatever program Emily had on. I wasn't interested in the television program, I was more interested in looking at Emily's little butt. As she had shuffled around lying on her front, her teeshirt had ridden up to her waist exposing her pink, full-cut, cotton panties. The material had gotten sucked into the crack of her butt and I was mesmerized by the sight of two buttocks separated by a very sexy cleft.

Two hours later, my focus on Emily's butt was broken, as I heard the large grandfather clock in the foyer chime half past the hour.

"Okay, Emily, bath time. Off you go upstairs and run yourself a bath," I told her.

"Do I have to, Winston?" she pleaded.

"Yes, honey. It's eight-thirty, and your mother said you were to go and take a bath before getting in bed."

"Will you run it for me?"

"Okay," I replied.

Emily followed me upstairs and into her en-suite bathroom. I opened the faucets on the clawfoot tub and waited while the tub filled. Without any prompting from me, Emily hoisted her tee-shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. She stood there and looked at me and smiled. All she had on were her full-cut cotton panties. Her small areolas were a darker shade of pink than her skin and her tiny, tiny nipples were red.

My heart started beating fast, and my mouth got dry as she put her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and tugged them down. My heart was now racing, and my head was spinning when she turned around and bent over to pick up her teeshirt and her underpants and place them on the chair. I had never seen a girl naked before and was not familiar with female anatomy. I knew girls had pussies but had never seen one. This was before porn on the Internet, so I had no idea what to expect.

There, squashed between her slim thighs, was a gorgeous, plump, peach-like pussy. Her slit was tight and only a small ridge of skin poked out at the bottom that I would later discover was her clitoral hood. I could clearly see her light-brown anus between two gorgeous buttocks. She turned back around. The vee-shaped pad of her mons looked quite large as it stood proud from her body between bony hips. Her slit was tight, and it merged with the cleft between her buttocks visible between her thighs. Blood was pounding in my head, and my cock was straining within the tight confines of my shorts.

"Emily, I'm not sure I should be seeing you naked," I said. "If your parents found out, I'd be in a lot of trouble."

She looked at me and smiled again and said, "It's okay, Winston. It'll be our secret. I like secrets don't you?"

"Yes, honey, I love secrets."

The tub was half full, so I turned off the faucets. Emily got in and stood there facing me. "Will you wash me, Winston?" she said.

I'm sure she could see the prominent bulge of my erection in my shorts. She confirmed that when she said, "You've got a stiffy haven't you? My Daddy gets stiffies when he kisses Mommy. Why did you get one?"

"That's because I'm looking at a lovely and sexy little girl."

Emily smiled. I knelt down and took a bar of soap and lathered up both hands. As I washed her front, her tiny nipples got hard, and as I rubbed them with the pad of my thumb, she closed her eyes and murmured. I washed her arms and her chest and her legs.

"Turn around, Emily so I can wash your back."

"But you haven't washed between my legs yet. Mommy said it's important to keep my pussy clean. My friend Jenny calls it her coochie. I told her that grownups call it a pussy."

I was almost lightheaded as I washed between her legs. My fate as a pedophile for life was sealed at that very moment when I pushed my finger between her plump, soft labia. It was a good job I was kneeling down, otherwise I may have had to hold onto something. I took my time cleaning her pussy—enjoying the feeling of my finger being hugged by her plump lips. As I pushed in a little further, Emily surprised me by gently purring like a kitten. Her whole body jumped as the tip of my finger touched her opening. I daren't go any further since I didn't want to push my finger inside her. I was so näive back then; I knew nothing about hymens and clits. I thought that if I put my finger inside her, I might hurt her or make her bleed and there was no way I could have explained that away to her parents. Scared, I removed my finger from between her legs.

Emily turned around, and I was greeted with the sight of her gorgeous ass with its twin globes and the deep cleft in between. She had a dimple above each cheek—well they were more like depressions—that I thought were very sexy indeed.

"Make sure you wash my butt," Emily said.

I pushed a soapy finger between her buttocks and washed her little anus feeling her body shudder. Bath time was over too soon since there wasn't much of her to wash. I took the hand-held spray wand and rinsed her off. She got out of the tub, and I dried her. After pulling the plug to let the tub drain, I made sure she brushed her teeth. When she was done, I followed her into her bedroom where she fished a clean pair of panties out of the chest of drawers and put them on. They were followed by her cotton nightie with an image of Minnie Mouse printed on the back and the front.

"Will you kiss me goodnight, Winston?" she said.

"Sure, honey," I replied and kissed her on her forehead.

"No, Winston," she admonished, "I want a real kiss like Daddy kisses Mommy. I knelt down and pulled her to me and kissed her on her lips. I had kissed girls before, but only girls of my age. It was the most incredible kiss I had ever had, and when she put her arms around my neck and kissed me back, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

"That's better," she said.

She climbed into bed and pulled the covers up. I couldn't resist it, so I leaned down and kissed her again. Her arms came out from under the covers, and her hands went around my neck and kissed me back.

"Mmmm, I like kissing you, Winston," she said. "Boys my age don't know how to kiss a girl. I think I'm going to marry you when I'm older so we can kiss all the time and have sex."

"What do you know about sex?" I asked.

"I know that a man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina and spurts his stuff," she declared with a voice of authority.

"You know a lot for a little seven-year-old girl."

"I know how to give myself an orgasm," she said proudly.

"What's an orgasm, Emily?" I asked. I had no idea what she was talking about.

"It's that really nice feeling I get when I rub my clit."

"What's a clit?"

"For someone as old as you, you don't know a lot do you?"

"Sorry, Emily."

Emily sighed and rolled her eyes. She had an expression on her face of slight annoyance at having to teach me something that she apparently thought I should have known.

She said, "I guess I'm just going to have to show you."

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she pushed the covers down with her feet and hoisted the hem of her nightie up to her waist and tugged her panties down and kicked them off. She opened her legs, and I almost blew my wad there and then as I saw Emily open up her pussy by taking the forefinger of both hands and part her plump labia. I could feel my cock leaking precum into my underwear as I saw the insides of a girl's pussy for the very first time.

The inside was bright pink and glistened with moisture. Emily had very thin and very short inner labia forming her clitoral sheath, and at the very top poking out was a tiny pink bead. At the bottom, just before where her buttocks were pressed together by the bed was a small red opening.

She held her labia apart with the thumb and finger of her left hand and pointed at the red opening with her right and said, "That's my vagina where a man's penis goes. Of course, I'm too young to have sex because my vagina is too small." She shuddered as she touched her clit.

"That's my clit," she said. "If I rub it, it makes me feel really, really good and I get an orgasm. You wanna watch me do it?"

My mouth was open, and all I could do was nod my head. I sat in amazement with a raging erection inside a very confining pair of shorts as Emily rubbed her clit with the pad of the finger of one hand while rubbing and pinching her nipple with the other. She had her eyes closed, and there were small furrows between her eyes as she chased her orgasm. Her breathing increased and soon she was panting. I could see her legs jerking and then her whole body would jerk as she reacted to the stimulus she was giving herself.

Then Emily climaxed, and I shall never forget how she sounded as her orgasm grabbed her. She snorted twice and then her whole body seemed to relax. She let her arms fall to her sides. A few minutes later she was snoring lightly; she was all tuckered out giving herself an orgasm. I had to get some relief, so I went into her bathroom and masturbated into the toilet bowl. Back in her bedroom, I put her panties back on, pulled the hem of her nightie down and covered her up. I kissed her cheek.

"Goodnight, Emily," I whispered.

I left the door ajar and went back downstairs and sat on the sofa. The television was on, but I didn't see or hear it; I was reliving what I had just witnessed. Emily's parents arrived home at eleven-thirty. Emily's mother asked, "How was Emily? I hope she behaved herself."

"She was very good, Mrs. Summers. She went upstairs and took her bath without complaint. When she called downstairs to say she was done, I went up and made sure she brushed her teeth, and the tub was drained."

"Thank you, Winston," Mrs. Summers said as she handed me a crisp twenty dollar bill.

I thanked her, and Mr. Summers drove me home. Unfortunately, I never got to sit Emily again because her parents hired a British au pair. But I never forgot her. I lost my cherry to Emily. I miss her still; I miss her kisses; I miss her crystal-blue eyes, and I certainly miss her orgasm.

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Winston can't believe his luck when he picks up Kate, hitchhiking her way home.
Mg 16/11, ped, mast, fondling, stroke.
Word Count: 1,676
Date Published: January 27 2019

It would be three years before I got to do anything with a young girl. In the intervening years I found that, although I liked pre-teens and girls in their early teens, my preference was for girls who were just entering puberty when they started to grow real breasts. My absolute favorites were girls with just developing breasts, and Kate filled that roll the best.

It was a Saturday morning; I was eighteen, and it was a warm early June day. I was driving my sixty-nine Mercury Cougar on the outskirts of town when I saw a young girl walking in the same direction as me with her thumb stuck out. It surprised me because she looked so young to be hitchhiking. I pulled over onto the gravel shoulder ten yards in front of her and stopped. As she approached the passenger side door, I leaned over and cranked the window down.

"You need a lift somewhere?" I asked.

The girl leaned in, and I could see her small cone-shaped breasts inside the cotton top through the loose fitting neck opening. Her ash-blonde hair had fallen down either side of her head, framing her oval face with its rounded chin and a small nose. Her pale-green eyes smiled at me as she said, "Yes please, mister. I need a ride home."

"Okay, jump in," I said.

The girl got into the passenger seat and closed the door. "My name's Kate," she said.

"I'm Winston," I replied as I put the car into gear and pulled back onto the two-lane highway. "How old are you, Kate?"

"I'm eleven," Kate replied.

"Don't you think you're a little young to be hitchhiking?"

"Not really," she said.

"You don't know me, and I could just drive you somewhere quiet and have my way with you," I said in jest.

"Ooo, that sounds like fun," Kate replied semi-seriously but still with a jokey lilt to her voice to keep the conversation light.

"Where were you coming from?"

"I was at my friend's house, and I missed the bus back to town. I didn't want to wait for the next one since they only run on the hour."

I kept glancing across at Kate as I drove. Apart from the cotton top, she had on a short, loose skirt that came to mid-thigh, exposing her long slender legs. As she moved in her seat, the hem of her skirt got tantalizingly higher and higher until the deep vee of white cotton appeared. My excitement jumped as I became aware that Kate was giving me a look at a small cameltoe in her panties and she was in no hurry to pull the hem of her skirt back down.

But what dragged my attention away from her cameltoe, was the small bumps in her top. I thought that her nipples seemed rather large for such small tits and I almost lost control of my car as I imagined taking each one in turn into my mouth and sucking them.

Kate looked down at the bulge in my jeans and said, "You're hard."

I was surprised by her directness but thrilled nonetheless.

"Sorry, Kate, but it was the sight of your tits down the front of your top."

Now I did lose control of my car for a few seconds after she said, "Yeah, I saw you looking at 'em. You wanna see um?"

"Could I?" I replied as I regained control of my car.

"Why don't you find somewhere to pull over," she said. "I don't want you to wreck this nice, old car."

A mile down the road, I spotted a turnoff that I knew led to an old abandoned flour mill. I hit the blinker, slowed and took the righthand turn. A mile later the gravel road ended at the mill. I stopped the car and killed the engine. I turned toward Kate. She grasped the hem of her top with crossed hands and pulled it over her head. I gasped as I saw her perfect cone-shaped tits standing about two inches off her chest. What I had thought earlier were large nipples poking at her top, were, in fact, her puffy areolas. Her nipples were small and flat. Kate started to rub her tits as I watched and her nipples got hard like tiny beads.

"My God, Kate, if those aren't the most beautiful tits I've ever seen, then I don't know what is."

Kate smiled. She said, "I saw you looking at them when I leaned in the window. You think they're too small? My Mom's aren't very big, and she said mine won't be either."

"God no, Kate. They're a perfect size. Can I touch them?"

"Don't you think we'd be more comfortable in the back seat?"

We both got out of the car, tilted the front seats forward and got on the bench seat in back. As soon as the doors were closed I put my arm around Kate's shoulders and we kissed. At first, it was just lips on lips with small kisses. Then Kate opened her mouth, and her tongue pushed urgently against my lips. I opened my mouth, tilted my head and then we were off to the races. I absolutely adored French kissing Kate. Her mouth was wide, and her lips were full, and her tongue was active—all the essential elements for Frenching.

As we kissed, my hand slipped off her shoulder and cupped her petite, young, naked breast. I gently squeezed its firmness, feeling her puffy areola swell and her small nipple bead up and press against my palm. I felt her hand move from my waist and settle over the bulge in my jeans. She squeezed my erection, and I moaned into her mouth.

After a good five minutes of French kissing, Kate withdrew her tongue from my mouth and pulled back.

"Gawd you kiss good," Kate said. "Did you like feeling my tit?" she added.

I leaned in and took her whole tit into my mouth and sucked while running the tip of my tongue around her puffy areola and beaded nipple. Now it was Kate's turn to moan. After a few minutes of sucking each of her tits in turn, I kissed her lips.

"I absolutely love your tits, Kate."

"I've never seen a man's cock except on the Internet. Can I see yours, Winston?"

I didn't need any more encouragement. I undid my belt buckle and the button at the top of my jeans and drew the teardrop-shaped zipper tab down. I fished inside my boxers and, with a bit of a struggle since my cock was partway down the leg of my jeans, pulled it free. Kate had her hand over her open mouth as she saw my cock. I'm not well endowed, but I like to think I'm a little thicker than average.

"Can I touch it?" Kate asked.

"Go ahead," I replied, "be my guest."

Kate touched it first with a couple of fingers. Then she put her hand around its shaft. "It's so thick," she said.

"You wanna fuck?" I asked.

"No, Winston. I'm a virgin, and I want to be in love with my first—in any case, you're too big, you'd hurt me. I'd like to see you . . . you know . . . do it yourself."

"You wanna watch me beat off?"


I dug into my pocket and pulled out my handkerchief and laid it on my lap. Kate watched intently as I took my shaft in my hand and began stroking it. I knew it wouldn't take long since the French kissing and my hand on her tit had aroused me so much. I switched hands a couple of times, and when I felt that all too familiar warmth spread throughout my groin area, I switched to my thumb and forefinger. I was breathing hard as I masturbated while looking at Kate's gorgeous tits. I slowed stroking my cock as I felt the onset of my orgasm.

"Aghhhh," I cried as the first rope of my pearly-white cum spurted out into the handkerchief. Then another and another and another. I had never spurted as much, but there again I wasn't looking at a girl's naked tits while doing it before. When I was done, there was a pool of semen in my handkerchief. I scrunched it up, opened the door and threw it out. I looked at Kate who still had her hand over her open mouth.

"What did you think of that?" I said rather proud of the amount of cum I had spurted.

"Gawd, that was amazing," she replied. "Do you always spurt that much?"

"Not normally. But there again, I don't usually have a girl with her tits on display while I do it. It's normally to a picture of a naked girl in a magazine. Thanks for letting me see your gorgeous tits, Kate."

"Will you take me home now, Winston?"

"Of course, Kate."

We both got dressed and back into the front seats. With Kate giving me directions, I drove her home. She leaned over and kissed me on my lips after I pulled up in front of her house. She asked for my phone number. I gave it to her.

"Thanks for letting me watch you do it," she said and got out of the car and disappeared into her house.

I sat there for a few minutes. My iPhone warbled, telling me I had a text. I pressed my thumbprint onto the screen to unlock it. There was a new message, and it was from Kate.

It read, "Here's something better than a picture in a magazine to beat off to. X Kate."

Attached was a closeup shot of Kate's pussy with her fingers spreading her lips. I tried to call and text her a few time after that, but she had blocked my number. But I did enjoy masturbating while looking at the photo she'd sent me many times after that.

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Claire & Polly

Winston sits his professor's two daughters,Claire and Polly.
Mg 19/9, Mg 19/4, ped, oral, fondling, stroke.
Word Count: 2,162
Date Published: February 00 2019

It was the end of my Fluid Dynamics class at UNC Chapel Hill, and we were all getting up and putting our books away when our professor, Dr. Jones, rapped the blackboard with the back of the eraser to get our attention.

"Ladies," he said, "Can any of you sit my two girls this Friday evening from seven to eleven?"

The four girls in our class looked at each other rolled their eyes. None of them responded to Dr. Jones's request and they all left the classroom. I hung back and, when the room was empty, I walked down to the front and approached my professor.

"Excuse me, professor," I said.

Dr. Jones turned and said, "Yes, Mr. Tomlin, what is it?"

"I'm free on Friday evening if you still want someone to sit your daughters."

Dr. Jones smiled. "Have you sat children before?"

"Yes, sir, quite a few times when I was fifteen. Children seem to take to me right away. How old are your daughters?"

"Claire's nine and Polly's four. You sure you wouldn't rather be out with your classmates, after all, it's the start of the weekend?"

"No, sir. I need to do some studying for the upcoming mid-term exam."

"Well, thank you . . . Winston isn't it?"

"Yes, sir."

Dr. Jones scribbled his address on a piece of paper and handed it to me. "Be here by a quarter to seven. I'm sure Mrs. Jones will want to check you out," he said.


At a quarter to seven on the dot, I rang the Jones' doorbell. A strikingly beautiful woman answered the door.

"You must be, Winston," she said as she put out her hand.

I shook it and said, "Yes and you must be Mrs. Jones, although I have to say, you're not what I expected."

She chuckled. "I get that a lot. Come on in and meet the girls. I must warn you that Polly, the little one, can be a little precocious at times, but her older sister, Claire, can usually keep her in check."

The two girls were in the living room and were wearing long teeshirts. Polly was lay on the floor, and Claire was sitting on the sofa, and they were both watching television. They turned to look at me as I walked into the room with their mother. Both girls had brown hair and gorgeous pale-green eyes; both equally as beautiful as their mother.

Mrs, Jones said, "Girls, this is Mr. Tomlin, and he'll be taking care of you this evening. I want you to be on your best behavior, especially you, Polly."

Polly pulled a face, but Claire got up and came over and offered me her hand. I shook it. "Then you must be Claire," I said.

Claire gave me a sweet smile and said, "Yes, Mr. Tomlin, and that's my little sister Polly," she replied nodding over her shoulder.

"Oh, please call me Winston," I said.

Ten minutes later, after Dr. Jones and his wife had left, I sat on the sofa next to Claire. Polly was laying on her front on the floor watching television. Five minutes later, Polly jumped up.

"Gotta pee," she said and padded down the hallway to the half-bath.

"You want a beer, Winston?" Claire asked.

"Yes please, Claire, thank you," I replied.

Claire got up and went into the kitchen. Polly came back and plopped herself down on the floor. My cock hardened as I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. She had her legs parted a little, and I was treated to the beautiful sight of her plump pussy squashed between slender thighs with its very tight slit that merged with the crack of her butt. I noticed a little indentation at the bottom where her clit was located.

Claire came back and handed me a beer and sat beside me. She saw her sister's naked butt and said, "Polly! Where are your underpants?"

"I peed a little in them, so I left them off."

Claire looked at me and just rolled her eyes. Then she smiled as she saw the bulge in my pants. I smiled back.

"Polly!!" Claire said as she looked over at her sister. I turned to see why Claire was chastising her sister. My cock twitched as I saw Polly on her knees, facing the television with her butt in the air and her pussy on display. This time she had her legs parted, and I could see the short ridge of her clitoral hood poking out of her tight slit. My cock twitched again as Polly turned around and sat with her legs spread as wide as they would go. The action opened her pussy, and I could see the tiny red hole of her vagina with its hymen visible. She has shed her teeshirt, and I was greeted with the sight of her small, light-brown areolas and tiny, tiny pink nipples.

"Winston's got a stiffy," Polly said as she saw the prominent bulge in my pants. "Daddy gets stiffies when he gives me a bath."

"Sorry about my sister," Claire said as she threw a cushion at her.

Polly caught it and giggled. She turned back around and lay her forearms on the cushion and her head on her hands, continuing to watch television with her pussy on display. My cock stayed as hard as a rock throughout the rest of the television show.

At eight o'clock Claire said, "Okay, Polly time for bed."

"Oh, Claire must I?" Polly replied.

"Yes, Polly. Mom said you have to go to bed at eight. Now go and brush your teeth and get ready for bed."

"Okaaaay," Polly said and stood up. I had to catch my breath as I saw her plump mons rising up from her tummy with its tight slit that merged with the cleft formed by her buttocks. She ran from the room, her cute little bottom undulating sensually. I sat and sipped my beer as Claire followed her sister upstairs. When she was gone, I adjusted my now deflating cock inside my pants. Ten minutes later, Claire came back down and sat on the sofa next to me.

"My sister can be quite naughty at times. I would apologize for her behavior, but I could see that you were enjoying it," Claire said with a soft smile.

"Sorry about that, Claire. I have no control over my penis at times. I hope she won't tell your mother that I got an erection seeing her naked."

Claire gave me a shy smile and replied, "Not to worry, I told her not to say anything. She does the same thing when my parents are present."

"She does? Don't they say anything?"

"No, they don't. Mom and Dad are quite open about stuff like that. They said she'll grow out of it. I used to do the same thing when I was younger, and Dad would get an erection too."

I glanced at Claire. She was sitting with her legs tucked under her, and I could see the gusset of her sky-blue panties. It coddled a plump pussy between her slender thighs. Then I noticed her breast buds pushing at the front of her teeshirt topped with nipples like tiny beads. She saw me looking; she blushed a little and looked down.

"You're a very beautiful young woman, Claire," I said.

"Thanks, Winston," she replied. Then she looked at the growing bulge in my pants. "I can see I have the same effect on you as I do on my Dad," she added, "and I'm glad I can do that."

"Can't hide it," I replied. "You're a very desirable and very sexy young woman, Claire."

"I am?"

"Most definitely. I think your breast buds I can see poking your teeshirt are so sexy."

Claire surprised me by pulling the hem of her teeshirt up to her neck and trapping it there with her chin. I think she was deliberately pushing her chest out to accentuate her developing breasts. I gasped quietly as I saw them. They were the size of walnuts and her areolas were a dark-pink with tiny, pink beaded-nipples at their centers.

"They're beautiful, Claire. May I touch them?" I said with bated breath.

"Uh-huh, but gently as they're sensitive right now," she replied and slid along the sofa until we were touching. I reached over, and with the pad of my forefinger, rubbed a circle around each in turn. As I carefully and gently rubbed her breast buds and nipples, Claire's eyes closed and she began to moan quietly. I leaned in and, as I sucked each one, she gasped, and I felt her shudder.

I had my arm around her shoulder as I sucked first one and then the other young, exquisite budding breast. Claire was moaning as I swirled the tip of my tongue around her nipples, feeling how hard they were like tiny beads. She lifted her chin and the hem of her teeshirt dropped back to her lap. As I slipped my hand under her teeshirt and touched her pussy through her cotton panties, Claire gasped.

A shiver of excitement ran through me at the thought of what I was about to do—an illicit act that could get me into serious trouble if anyone found out. I got off the sofa and lifted the hem of Claire's teeshirt up, exposing her soft, sky-blue bikini-cut panties. She opened her eyes and looked at me and nodded her approval at what I was about to do. I would bet the house that she thought I just wanted to see her pussy, and not bring her to orgasm with my tongue.

Claire lifted her butt off the sofa as I tugged her panties over her slender hips and off. It was my turn to gasp as I saw her naked pussy. Her mons swelled up from her tummy, a soft vee-shaped mound with, surprisingly, a smattering of half a dozen or so brown hairs. The cleft formed by her plump, reddened labia was open slightly, and I could see her thin inner labia with her pink clit at its top.

"You've got a gorgeous pussy, Claire," I told her.

She gave me a soft smile in reply. I moved in and inhaled her aroma, and it was magnificent. I could smell floral soap, a hint of urine and the incredible aroma of her vagina—earthy, slightly tart. I parted her plump, soft outer labia, exposing the red opening to her vagina. I looked and couldn't see the membrane of her hymen. It appeared that sweet Claire may not be a virgin and at nine years of age it surprised me. I wondered if she had torn her hymen from physical activity or from intercourse and if the latter who the lucky guy was who had done it.

I heard a sharp intake of breath the instant the tip of my tongue touched her clit. I kissed her pussy. It was so small my mouth covered it entirely. As I kissed it, I sucked gently and swirled my tongue around her clit. At one point I pushed my tongue into her opening tasting her juices that had begun to flow. I could feel Claire's butt jerking and her legs trembling as she approached her orgasm.

"Oh my God," she cried as she climaxed. Her legs snapped shut on my head, and she ground her pussy into my mouth. She was breathing heavily, and her whole body was trembling as her orgasm grabbed hold of her and didn't let go. This went on for a good minute and a half, and my face was covered with her pussy juice. Then she started to calm and released the grip of her slender thighs on my ears.

I got up off my knees and sat beside her with my arm around her shoulders. She put her arm over my chest and laid her head on my shoulder and purred like a kitten.

"Mmm, that was the best I've ever had," she murmured. "I didn't know what you were going to do. I thought you just wanted to look at my pussy."

"Your pussy tastes and smells wonderful. I didn't see your hymen. Aren't a virgin, Claire?"

"Yes, I am. I've been using things to put inside me while I masturbate. The first time I did, I bled a little. I was scared, so I asked Mom, and she told me all about a girls' hymen."

We sat there for a half hour. Then Claire got up and put her panties back on. I opened the windows for a while to air out the obvious smell of sex. At ten-thirty, I followed Claire upstairs to her bedroom where we kissed for a short while. I went back down and waited for the Joneses to return, but not before washing Claire's juices off my face.

I sat for the Joneses a few more times and each time I got to see Polly's little pussy and brought Claire to orgasm.

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Winston meets Daisy at his HOA pool and strikes up a conversation.
Mg 11, ped, oral, fondling, stroke.
Word Count: 1,778
Date Published: February 17 2019

It was a hot, cloudless, August morning. The sky was Carolina blue, and the humidity had not yet peaked at its typical ninety-three percent. It was a Saturday, and I was home for summer break from college. I sat under a large umbrella at one of the dozen or so round wooden tables at our home-owners' association pool. Four tables besides mine were occupied with kids. Some as young as six accompanied by either a mom or a dad or in one case—both.

I could see one girl in the pool, swimming effortless laps; legs scissoring, arms bent at the elbow, hands formed into spearheads as they entered the water with hardly a splash; head rolling to one side, then the other. She finished her lap at the deep end resting her forearms on the concrete coping; she looked at me and smiled.

It was Daisy, the eleven-year-old daughter of a couple who live six doors down from my house. I had lusted after her many times as I watched her walking past my house after getting on or off her school bus that stopped at the end of our street. But I had never seen her in a swimsuit before.

Daisy got out of the pool; I noticed that her tits inside her swimsuit didn't move as she walked to where her beach towel lay on a chaise two down from where I was sitting. She picked up the towel and walked over and stood in front of me. Daisy is a beautiful young girl, with light-brown hair and hazel eyes. She's tall, at five-four and was not far into puberty and it showed. Her small waist barely flared into narrow hips. I noticed the twin swells of her young, firm breasts inside the one-piece, sky-blue swimsuit with tiny hard nipples poking at the material.

But what caught my attention and caused my cock to swell, was the size of Daisy's vulva. It was made to appear larger by the elasticated leg openings that dug in at its sides. Her mons rose up from her tummy forming a delta-shaped pad that merged into her plump labia forming a nice cameltoe. I swallowed hard as she spoke.

"Hi, Mr. Tomlin," she said.

"Hello, Daisy," I replied, "but please call me Winston if you will."

Her eyes were locked on the tell-tale bulge in my shorts and mine on her breasts. From the way the material of her swimsuit formed around them, each looked to be about the size of a small espresso cup, and I could imagine sucking an entire breast into my mouth. As Daisy looked at my erection inside my shorts, she smiled. I knew I had to have her—or perhaps it was Daisy who had to have me. I knew from talking to my pedo-friends as I called them, that girls in puberty with raging hormones think as much about sex as boys do—a fact that would give the girls' fathers apoplectic fits if they knew. But most fathers didn't think that way; there was no way their daughters had such sexual thoughts. No, not their little girls, but I knew better.

But, whereas most boys could only masturbate without a hope in Hell of fucking a girl, girls with their new-found sexuality could—and did use it to seduce men. And it appeared that Daisy was about to seduce me—not that it would take a lot of seduction.

"Your cock's hard, Winston," Daisy said matter-of-factly as if she was telling me the pool water was warm.

"How do you know about erections, Daisy?" I asked.

"I've seen my Dad's," she replied with a giggle.

"You've seen your father's erection? How did that happen?"

"My parents' bedroom door was open, and I saw Dad getting onto the bed with Mom who was naked, and his cock was sticking straight out; it was hard and big just like I would guess yours is right now."

I smiled and asked, "I wonder why that is, Daisy?"

A flirtatious smile crossed her face, and her hazel eyes twinkled with mischief. She said, " 'cause you're looking at my pussy and my tits."

"That's right, and what a plump pussy it is. Love the cameltoe by the way. I bet you love to rub your pussy while you're in bed at night and make yourself feel really, really good."

"Uh-huh, and I use my hairbrush handle to fuck myself. It's as big as Dad's cock."

"Lucky hairbrush," I said eliciting a fit of giggles.

Daisy was quiet for a while. Then she excited me no end when she said, "You wanna take me back to your house? I wanna see your cock."

"I'd love to, Daisy, but if anyone found out, I'd be in big trouble."

"You don't have to worry about that, Winston. If I did, I'd lose an FWB."

I was puzzled since I'd not heard that acronym before. "What's an FWB?" I asked.

"It's a friend with benefits, silly," Daisy replied.

I smiled. "I hope the benefits extend both ways."

"They might. You ready to go?"

"I'll go ahead, and you come to the back door. It wouldn't look good if you were seen walking into my house with me."

"Kay," Daisy said.

I waited inside by the back door and opened it as soon as Daisy knocked. She stepped inside the kitchen.

"You wanna kiss me, Winston? I like to French kiss," Daisy said.

I bent over, and Daisy got on tiptoe and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She tilted her head, opened her mouth and our tongues started their sexy, flirtatious dance, first in her mouth then in mine. All the while I could feel her firm breasts pressing into my chest. My hands were on her buttocks, feeling how firm they were.

Daisy finally broke our kiss panting hard. She said, "Gawd you're a good kisser, Winston."

Without a word, I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. Daisy watched as I took my shorts off; she couldn't tear her eyes away from my cock that was tenting my boxers.

"You want to fuck?" I asked her matter-of-factly.

"No, I don't. I'm still a virgin and want to stay that way for a while."

"You know you can't get pregnant with either anal or oral sex," I ventured. Daisy gasped and clamped her hand over her mouth as my boxers came off. My cock twitched at the thought of putting it in her sweet ass.

"Anal sex!? I'm not putting anything in my ass, thank you very much and certainly not that big thing," she said pointing at my cock that was standing straight out.

"How about oral sex?" I said wishfully.

Daisy came over and knelt before me and took my cock in her hand. "I like oral sex," she said, "but you can't cum in my mouth—okay?"

"If you say so, Daisy," I replied unenthusiastically.

"I mean it, Winston! You better give me a fair warning or else you'll not be my FWB anymore."

Daisy lowered her mouth over my cock and began to suck. This wasn't her first rodeo that was for sure. She was making all the right moves. She even licked the underside of the head with the tip of her tongue all the while smiling at me.

I groaned. "Good lord, that feels so fucking good."

She continued to give me one hell of a good blowjob, swirling her tongue around the head all the while stroking my shaft with her thumb and forefinger wrapped around it. I could feel my orgasm building, spreading a warm feeling throughout my nether regions. As I felt its onset, I gave Daisy a fair warning.

"About to cum," I told her. But she never lifted her head off my cock; she kept stroking and sucking.

"Good lord, Daisy," I cried as I exploded in her mouth. Daisy never flinched but kept on sucking as I pumped load after load into her mouth. When I was finally done, and my cock began to soften, she took her mouth off of it, swallowed a couple of times, and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Mmm, yummy," she said as she smiled and stood.

"But . . . " I was speechless.

"I told you that to see how honest you were, Winston. I told the first guy I gave a blowjob to the same thing, and he never warned me. He never got any more blowjobs."

"How about me?"

"I like the taste of your cum so, yes you get more blowjobs. I gotta go," Daisy said.

"One thing before you go, can I see your tits?" I asked hopefully.

Daisy pulled her hands through the armholes of her swimsuit and pulled it down to her waist. I gasped quietly as I saw her gorgeous tits. They were perfect—small—but perfectly formed with dime-sized pink areolas and tiny nipples.

"Beautiful, Daisy," I said, "simply beautiful. Can I touch them?"


I cupped her breast which didn't entirely fill the palm of my hand. I felt her hard nipple. Kneeling down, I put my hands on her hips and took her entire breast in my mouth. She was moaning as I swirled my tongue around her nipple. I felt her areola swell with her arousal. Daisy moved my hands away and tugged her swimsuit over her hips and let it fall to her feet.

While I ministered to her tits, I cupped her pussy. I pressed my middle finger against her slit, feeling her plump labia ooze aside. She gasped as I found her wet opening and it wasn't from pool water; she was slippery with a creamy secretion. Daisy had her hands on my shoulders as I worked on her clit with the pad of my finger. She was moaning loudly as I slowly brought her to orgasm. I had to hold her around her waist since her legs had given way. I held her for a good two minutes until her orgasm waned.

"That was a good one, Winston," she said.

Daisy pulled her swimsuit back on and adjusted her tits inside it. We kissed, and she went out the back door. I saw Daisy getting off the school bus the following Friday for the last time before summer break. I found out that she spent the summer at her parents' lake cabin. When she came home, she had a boyfriend who I assume got her benefits, because I sure as heck didn't.

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Winston meets Matty on a cruise. He asks her if she wants to be his FWB—his friend with benefits.
Mg 11, ped, oral, mast, fondling, stroke.
Word Count: 2,422
Date Published: March 3 2019

When I graduated from college, my parents gave me a cruise for a graduation present. I flew to Miami and boarded The Queen of the Seas luxury cruise ship. My parents didn't know of my proclivity for young girls otherwise they would never have booked a cabin on this ship since it was a cruise for children of all ages. I was one of the first to board and, after getting my charge/door card, a steward showed me to my cabin which had a balcony. After I tipped him twenty bucks, I unpacked, changed into a tee shirt and a pair of cargo shorts, and wandered down to the main pool. The early boarders' children were already enjoying the pool.

I sat under an umbrella admiring the sight of children playing. The younger ones were in the roped-off shallow end, their parents sitting in deck chairs watching them, making sure they didn't go past the rope. Then I saw her. She was about ten feet away, and was standing on the springboard in the deep end looking at me, all five foot of her. She was absolutely gorgeous and cute into the bargain. I guessed she was ten or eleven. I was pretty good at telling how old girls are, but I sometimes got it wrong. It's difficult to determine their age since it depends on how far into puberty they are.

She had blonde—almost white hair that was fixed in a knot on the top of her head. She had on a pale-blue, one-piece swimsuit and I could make out the small swells of her breasts. Her pussy looked large for the size of her body. It swelled up from her flat tummy between pointed bony hips, and my cock began to fatten as I saw a perfect cameltoe. When she saw me looking at her body, I detected a slight pullback of her shoulders to emphasize her small breasts. She smiled at me, and I smiled back.

With hardly a splash she dove into the water and swam to the side of the pool near where I was sitting. She put her forearms on the coping cradling her petite breasts. Up close I could see her gorgeous sapphire-blue eyes and her wide, full mouth. She smiled and said, "My name's Matty, what's yours?"

"I'm Winston," I replied.

"I saw you looking at me," she said.

"You're a very beautiful young woman, Matty and you have the most gorgeous blue eyes I think I've ever seen."

Matty blushed a little. "Thanks," she said. "You here by yourself?"

"Yes, it's just me. How about you? You with your parents?"

"No, it's just my older sister and me. She's almost twenty."

"And how old are you, Matty?"

"I'm eleven, but I'll be twelve in two months."

"So, I guess you're what's known as a Tweeny."

"Yeah, but I hate that term. How old are you, Winston?"

"I'm twenty-one. I just graduated from university."

"That must be nice. You wanna be my friend for the cruise?"

"I'd love to be your friend, Matty. Is that as just a friend or as an FWB?" I'd heard that acronym one time before, and Daisy, that little minx of a twelve-year-old, had told me what it stood for.

Matty blushed a little, then said something that got my blood heading south.

"We need to be careful that my sister doesn't find out, but I'd like to be your FWB."

"Can I ask you a question, Matty?"

"Uh-huh," she replied.

"Do you do this a lot—I mean approaching strangers and striking up this kind of conversation?"

"Just a few times. The others treated me like a kid and told me to bug off. I've seen the way some older men look at me—well it's more like a leer, and I avoid them. They're pervs."

"But you don't think I'm a pervert?"

"No, Winston. You weren't ogling me like the others. You were admiring my body, and there's a big difference."

"You're very grown up for an eleven-year-old, Matty."

She giggled, reminding me she was just a young girl. She said, "My sister says I'm forward for my age. She said it will get me into trouble one day. She gave me motherly advice; like don't talk to strangers; don't get into a strangers car; stay in public spaces and all that stuff."

"Can I ask you a personal question?"


"You a virgin?"

"No, I'm not."

"Hmm, lucky, lucky guy."

Matty giggled again and replied, "It wasn't a guy, it was the rather large handle of my hairbrush."

"Well, lucky, lucky hairbrush then."

That response brought on a fit of giggles. I saw Matty's breasts moving a little inside her swimsuit.

"You've got a great-looking body," I told her.

"Thanks," she replied, "but I wish my boobs would get bigger. My best friend Mandy wears a 32B bra."

"Let me guess, you wear a 30A."

"Yeah, they're more like bee stings than boobs."

"I think you're being a little hard on yourself, Matty. I love to take a girl's whole breast into my mouth, and you can't do that with a B-cup boob."

Matty got a serious look on her face as she said, "We're going to have a lot of fun the next seven days, aren't we?"

"Yes, we are. You want to come to my cabin now?"

Matty climbed out of the pool and followed me to my cabin.

"Wow, Winston! Yours is much bigger than ours, and you have a balcony," Matty said once we were inside.

"You want to take your swimsuit off and take a shower with me?"


I watched as Matty pulled her hands through the armholes of her swimsuit and tugged it down over her slim hips and off. I stifled a gasp as I saw her naked body. Her boobs were petite but perky, and her nipples were hard like tiny beads. I was surprised at how much pubic hair she had but was glad to see it was confined to her prominent mons, leaving her pussy lips bare. I turned the water on and quickly shed my cargo shorts and tee shirt. We got into the shower. It wasn't large, and my cock was bumping Matty's tummy. I started to stroke it while she watched.

"Can I do that?" she asked.

I let go of my cock and Matty put her fingers around it and began to stroke me. It was evident to me that she had done this more than a few times since she was doing all the right things like rubbing her palm over the head, gathering my precum and spreading it over my shaft, making my cock more sensitive.

"God, Matty!" I said. "You sure know how to give a good hand job."

She smiled and said, "Daddy likes me to do it to him."

"You and your father have sex!" I said, thinking what a lucky guy he was.

"Uh-huh, but he hasn't put it inside me yet. He said I have to wait until my twelfth birthday. Daddy said it's going to be my very special birthday present."

Matty was really going at it now, twisting her hand as she stroked me. I was getting really close. My scrotum was drawing up tight, and that warm feeling was spreading through my groin.

"Gonna cum, Matty, whatever you do, don't stop."

The first load of my cum burned almost painfully up the shaft and spurted out the end and splashing onto Matty's small breasts. I had to put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself since I was getting weak at the knees. After I was done, I looked down at Matty and saw she was using two fingers to scoop my cum off her breasts and put them in her mouth.

When we washed off and dried, we lay on my bed. I leaned over and took the whole of her breast in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the areola and nipple, feeling it bead up. I switched to its twin and soon Matty was breathing hard. I shuffled down the bed and opened her legs. Her gorgeous pussy flared open, revealing the bright pink folds of her inner labia and her clit at the very top and the dark red opening of her vagina at the bottom.

Matty had my head in her hands as I worked my magic on her clit. She was grinding her pussy into my face. Her moans were getting louder, and I could feel her whole body begin to tremble. She was grinding her pussy harder into my face, her clit was squashed against my chin as she climaxed. I never know what to expect when a new girl climaxes. Matty's was quiet with just a snort as she breathed in sharply through her nose. Then her whole body relaxed, and she let go of my head.

"Mmm, that was good," she said a few minutes later as she lay beside me with my arm around her shoulder and her head on my chest. "I'm glad I found a willing partner since I miss sex with Daddy."

"Does your mother know what you and your father do together?"

"I don't have a mother, my Mommy's in heaven."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Matty," I said. I kissed her soft lips.

"S'okay. I didn't know Mommy, Daddy said she died giving birth to me. My sister, Mel, told me what she was like. Mel's more like a mother than a sister even those she's only twenty."

"Is your father having sex with Mel?"

"Of course. He took her virginity when she turned twelve."

"Sort of like a family tradition, huh?"

"I guess. I can't wait, since Mel told me what it was like to feel Daddy spurt inside her."

We lay there for another fifteen minutes when Matty said, "I'd better get back to the pool. Mel will be wondering where I am."

I watched as Matty got off the bed and padded to the bathroom, her cute bottom undulating sensually. She came back out with her swimsuit back on. A shudder ran through me as she kissed me on my lips.

"See ya later, Winston," she said and left.

I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the aroma of Matty's juices on the sheets. Then I got up and went looking for a place to get a beer.


I didn't see Matty until the next morning at breakfast. She was sitting at a communal table with who I presumed was her sister—a beautiful young woman with the same color hair and gorgeous sapphire-blue eyes. Matty smiled at me. I put my tray down opposite Matty and her sister Mel. Mel looked up and smiled at me.

I reached my hand across the table and said, "Hi, I'm Winston."

Mel shook my hand and replied, "Nice to meet you, Winston. I'm Mel, and this is my sister Matty. You here on your own?"

"Uh-huh?" I replied. "The cruise is a graduation present from my folks."

"That's nice. I'm a junior, and can't wait to graduate," Mel said, brushing her hair behind her ear and smiling at me.

All the time I was talking to Mel, I could see that Matty wasn't happy with the way her sister was flirting with me. But she didn't have to worry, since I had no interest in Mel sexually. I'd had quite a few women come on to me, and they probably thought I was gay since I showed no interest in return.

Later that day, with Mel being pursued by a good-looking guy and Mel playing hard to get, Matty and I stole away to my cabin. Once inside with the door locked, I quickly shed my tee shirt, shorts, and underwear. Matty took off her bikini.

"I want to do what I do for Daddy, today," she said.

I had an inkling of what she had in mind, and I was aroused witnessed by my cock lying against my leg, slowly getting fatter. Matty took my hand and led me to the bed. I had never met a girl with such an appetite for sex—except maybe Claire, but all I did with her was bring her to orgasm with my tongue.

I lay on my back on the bed, and Matty lifted my now fully erect six inches off my stomach and lowered her mouth over it. I caught my breath as I first felt her hot breath on its head and then her soft, full lips encircling its underside. She could only get the head inside her mouth.

She took her mouth off of it and remarked, "Yours is a lot fatter than Daddy's."

Matty went back to sucking just the head and swirling her little tongue around the end. As she stroked the shaft, she expertly twisted her hand. At one point she took my cockhead out of her mouth and spat into the palm of her hand then went back to sucking and stroking me. I debated whether to let her know I was going to cum, but figured she'd sucked her father's cock enough times by now to know the signs. Besides, she'd already tasted my cum.

I began to have that wonderful feeling in my groin. Then, as I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm, Matty took my cock out of her mouth, looked up and me with those gorgeous sapphire-blue eyes and said, "It's okay to cum in my mouth."

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I felt my cock swell, and the first rope of cum jetted into eleven-year-old Matty's waiting mouth. My cock was painfully hard as more loads of cum flooded her mouth. Then, all too soon, I was done, sated, empty, but eminently satisfied. Matty squeezed the last of my cum out and licked it off.

"Mmm, you taste nice, Winston," she said after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

I cleaned up and got dressed. We went back to the pool. Matty's sister Mel was waiting for us and laid into me with a tirade of verbal abuse. I had a feeling she was madder at me for not having sex with her than she was for me having sex with Matty. In any case, she kept a close watch on Matty for the rest of the cruise.

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