A Phone Call From The Past

                              by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MF, MFF, Mf 14, mf 16/13, incest, father/daughter, 1st, con, oral, mast, long, romantic

Kent, an Army captain who received a medical discharge after being wounded while on a recon mission, starts his adjustment to civilian life after serving honorably for sixteen years. Then he receives a phone call that makes his adjustment a lot different than what he expected.

Word Count: 21,584

Published: February 10 2019

Chapter One

"Do you like the house, Mr. Allison?" the real estate agent asked. She was a tall, attractive woman in her late-thirties maybe, with light-brown hair, brown eyes, nothing on her ring finger so apparently not married or engaged. Boyfriend status unknown.

She said her name was Trudy. Under the dark-grey, pencil skirt and loose cream-colored blouse, Kent could see that she wasn't a small person by any means and she was not large either. He guessed that under those clothes was a woman with full breasts and rounded hips and that any guy who fucked her would be in for a very comfy ride.

The house was a single story, ranch-style, built in the mid-eighties but remodeled two years ago according to the agent. It had a master suite and three guest rooms covering some two thousand six hundred square feet, with a full, unfinished walkout basement that also served as a two-bay garage.

Trudy had said that the owner was moving into an apartment and was including a Honda riding mower in the deal. For Kent, it would be the first time that he would use a mower since he cut grass for spending money when he was sixteen.

The previous owner had spent a lot of money on the remodel, judging by the almost new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen; a Wolf four-burner gas cooktop and griddle, a Sub-Zero side-by-side fridge-freezer, Bosch dishwasher, and Bosch wall oven and microwave. The master suite had a large bathroom addition with double vanities, glass-enclosed shower, clawfoot tub, toilet and, surprisingly, a bidet. But what sealed the deal for Kent was the private enclosed backyard with a large terrace and in-ground swimming pool.

"What's the asking price, again?" Kent asked. "And please call me Kent."

"Okay, Kent it is. The property is listed at two hundred thirty-five thousand," Trudy replied. "And at that price, it's a steal. They spent over sixty thousand on the remodel alone, not including the pool and landscaping."

"Does the furniture come with the house?" Kent asked, since he didn't have any possessions except the contents of his large U.S. Army duffel bag with his name and rank stenciled on the side.

"No, the owner had the house staged, but I'm sure you could come to some agreement with the staging company."

"Okay, I'll take it, but on one condition."

"I'm not sure the owner will want any conditions beyond an inspection."

"It doesn't concern the owner."

The agent seemed taken aback. "Oh, and why's that?"

"Because the condition is that you have dinner with me."

Trudy smiled, and without any hesitation replied, "Deal."

Mission accomplished—boyfriend status determined. They shook hands and drove to her office where she drew up a contract. Kent gave her a personal check for fifty thousand dollars and signed on the dotted line. He was going to close in seven days after an inspection. A dinner date was set for the Saturday after he moved into his new home. Trudy told him she was looking forward to it. He was too, that was for damn sure.


Chapter Two

It felt good to be back in the States after being away for so long. Kent had just been honorably discharged by the United States Army with the rank of Captain after being wounded in action in a small village called Rukha, north of Bagram Air Base in northern Afghanistan. Kent had been heading up a Special Forces recon team who had come under fire from a much larger Taliban force. Fortunately, he was able to call in an airstrike, and he and his men were able to make it safely back to base. Kent was unfortunately hit by mortar shrapnel in his lower body and was medically evacuated to a field hospital.

Kent's wounds weren't life-threatening, but after being patched up in the field by his corpsman, he was operated on back at Bagram then flown back to the States. His injury was serious enough to warrant a medical discharge. So, at thirty-four years of age Kent took his pension and, with a permanent, but slight, limp, headed back to civilian life.

Kent was born and raised in North Carolina, so it seemed the most logical place to start looking for a home. He preferred larger cities to smaller towns, so he settled on Charlotte. There was no way for him to have amassed enough money to buy a house on an O3 pay or his O3 grade medical pension, but he had been fortunate enough to have inherited a very tidy sum of money from his grandmother.

After a successful inspection, Kent closed on the house and moved in two days later. He had met with the staging company, and they agreed on a price for the furniture. They had not staged the whole house—just the master bedroom, living room, one guest bedroom, and the dining room. It was an eclectic mix, and it suited his taste. It took him all of twenty minutes to unpack. Since Uncle Sam had clothed him ever since Kent was eighteen, a shopping expedition was in the cards. But first, he called the Personnel Records Section, Department of the Army toll free number and advised them of his new address.


The better part of the next day was spent at South Park mall where Kent's Visa card took a big hit. He took a good ninety minutes to unpack his new clothes, cut the tags off and put them away. It wasn't until he unscrewed the cap off a bottle of Stoli at four-thirty on a Thursday afternoon that he realized the large chef's kitchen cabinets were bare. "I guess staging didn't extend to closed cabinets," he said to the empty cupboards.

Kent wasn't about to drink a martini out of the bottle and was too tired to go shopping for all the things to fill the empty kitchen cabinets and drawers, so a quick foray to a local Home Goods store produced some basics. Kent also picked up some toiletries, and bath and hand towels while he was there. He was going to have to get used to doing things for himself. The army makes its soldiers a little lazy about the little practicalities of life and the higher up the tree you get, the lazier you get with aides to do the fetching and carrying.

Chapter Three

Kent called Trudy on Saturday morning and got her address. She lived in an upscale apartment complex on the south side of the city. He picked her up at seven as agreed and headed for a restaurant he'd heard of from the three other real estate agents he'd met while looking for a house. Three women, two married and one in her mid-fifties; none of them dinner date material, that was for sure.

Trudy looked spectacular in a black dress that hugged her body. The low back and lack of bra straps meant she was naked underneath, except a pair of what Kent hoped would be black, lacy, and skimpy panties. The tightness and the deep vee of the bodice showed an inviting cleavage. By far Trudy's best asset was her ass. It was rounded and didn't seem to move much as she walked—not that the tight dress would allow it. She held his forearms and kissed him in the corner of his mouth when they met in the foyer of her apartment complex.

"Hello, Kent," she said after she had kissed him. "I've really been looking forward to this evening."

"You look spectacular, Trudy, and I've been counting the days as well," he said gallantly.

She smiled. "Thanks, Kent."

Kent held the passenger door of his rental open and Trudy slid in butt first then folded her long slender legs inside. Once inside he fired up the anemic four-cylinder rental and drove off. Twenty minutes later, they were seated in a booth in the main dining area of Upstream, a three-star restaurant. After ordering cocktails, they glanced at their menus.

"You make it a habit of hitting on real estate agents?" she asked.

"There were three before you but none as spectacular. Besides, two were married, and the third was ancient."

She chuckled and said, "You have a thing about not dating married women?" she asked.

"I have a thing about not going out with women who have husbands who might be bigger and stronger than me and who might be proficient with firearms."

"You've never been married?"

"In a way. I was married to the United States Army for quite a few years."

"You seem so young to have served your time."

"I enlisted the day after my eighteenth birthday. I was wounded last year. Then I was medically discharged."

"Not in the more important places I hope," she said.

"No, those are intact and fully functional."

"I'm glad," she replied.

Chapter Four

Dinner was great, and Trudy was an even greater company. She told him she was thirty-eight and had been divorced six years. She had a daughter who was a freshman at UNC Wilmington and lived alone with a two-year-old English Springer Spaniel called Sir Charles. It became evident after the first ten minutes of their date that they were going to have sex that evening. Trudy was the consummate flirt playing footsie with him, pushing her shoeless foot into his crotch.

When they got back to her apartment, there was no awkwardness since they both knew what they wanted. Trudy didn't even ask if Kent wanted to come upstairs—that was a foregone conclusion. Inside her apartment, they were greeted by Sir Charles. Trudy took Kent's hand and led him to her master suite, closing the door behind them.

No words were spoken as they both got undressed. Kent watched as Trudy kicked off her shoes and drew down the side zipper of her dress. He was right about the panties; they were black, lacy, very skimpy, and as sexy as hell. Her breasts were large and had sagged somewhat, which was expected given her age and the fact that she had suckled a baby. They had the classic ski-slope tops and rounded undersides that were full and heavy. Her areolas were large and brown, and her nipples were big and soft. As she slipped her panties off, he was happy to see that she had shaved, her prominent mons was smooth, and her large clitoral sheath was on display between plump pussy lips.

They got onto the bed, and Trudy immediately ran her fingers along the nine-inch long scar in his groin. It stretched from the inside of his thigh and extended to a point just shy of his left hip.

She said, "How did you get this?"

"Shrapnel from a Taliban mortar round."

"You were lucky it wasn't two inches higher and three inches to the right," she said, as she grasped his erection, "otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this."

Trudy went to work on his cock. Kent gasped as he felt her hot breath on its head as she engulfed it. Trudy gave good head, stroking his shaft with a thumb and forefinger of her right hand while fondling his scrotum with her left. She ran her full lips up and down the shaft and licked his sensitive glans with her tongue.

"Good God, Trudy, you sure know how to give head."

"I've never had any complaints in that department. You want to fuck now?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Kent replied. Although he was not fond of women using coarse language, in this case he welcomed her directness.

Trudy got on her knees, pushed her ass in the air, and leaned forward with her elbows on the pillow. Kent took the hint and got behind her. He licked from her pussy all the way to her pink puckered anus. She was leaking clear juices that tasted divine. He lapped them up. Grasping the shaft of his cock, he guided its bulbous head to her vagina and pushed. He slipped inside a surprisingly snug pussy all the way to its rubbery end.

As Kent thrust into her, Trudy pushed back against him. He reached under her with both hands, grasped her pendulous breasts and squeezed them. They were more than a handful, and they were soft and warm, her large, rubbery nipples pressed into the palm of his hand. Trudy's body brought back memories of Mrs. Johnson, the neighbor who had taught him how to please a woman when he was fourteen.

"Oh God, Kent," she moaned as they fucked. "Your cock feels so damn good inside me. Fuck me harder, ram it inside me."

Kent was happy to accommodate her. Soon the room was filled with the sound of squishing and flesh on flesh as his cock rammed hard into her, his pubes hitting her and his balls slapping against her mons. Kent let go of her right breast, leaving it to swing free and placed his palm on her lower back between her buttocks. She gasped as he pushed his thumb into her ass. That simple act caused her to climax.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed as she orgasmed. Trudy dropped to the bed, and Kent collapsed on top of her with his cock buried deep inside her pussy. He could feel her vaginal muscles clench then release his cock as she spasmed. Her body was shaking, and her breathing was quick and hard. He continued to pump her and, since she had not told him to pull out, he let his orgasm wash over him. His cock jerked and swelled as the first load of his cum spurted inside her, flooding her with his teeming fluid.

Kent's orgasm was over; he was spent, but Trudy's was still going strong. After a minute she began to calm, and he pulled out of her and rolled to her side. She turned to her side and kissed him.

"Thanks, Kent, that was so good. We have to do it again."

"It sure was," he replied, and she kissed him again.

"You want to spend the night?"

"That would be nice," he said.

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, fished in her lingerie drawer and pulled out a clean pair of cotton panties. She pulled them on and got back into bed. She snuggled her back to Kent, and he put his arm around her and found her soft, ample breast. He quickly fell asleep.

Chapter Five

The bed beside him was cold. Kent yawned and stretched, got out of bed and padded to the bathroom where he showered. Now dressed, he left the bedroom and followed his nose into the kitchen where Trudy stood watching the last of the coffee percolate into the glass container. She had on a pale-green dressing gown that looked like it was made out of silk. Kent could see the outline of her large breasts inside and the two large bumps of her nipples. Trudy was the oldest woman he had ever had sex with, and it was now his considered opinion that experience comes with age.

"Good morning, Kent," she said with a big smile. She turned and kissed him full on his lips. "Last night was really good, and it's been a while since a man shared my bed for the whole night. Coffee?"

He nodded, said, "About last night, Trudy. I didn't know if you were on any sort of birth control, and I don't make it a habit of carrying condoms."

Trudy put a mug of steaming coffee on the countertop of the kitchen island. She kissed him again.

"That's sweet of you, Kent. And to answer your question, yes I am on birth control, and I liked the feel of you spurting inside me. And I loved that you stuck your thumb into my ass."

"Spur of the moment thing," he told her. Then he picked up the mug and took a tentative sip of its contents.

"You want to spend the day?" she asked.

"Sorry, Trudy. I'd love to but I've still got a ton of things to buy, and I need a car so I can turn in the rental."

She looked a little disappointed. She said, "Well, you've got my telephone number. Call me."

Trudy cooked French toast for them. When they were finished, Kent hugged, kissed and fondled her tits through her dressing gown before he left.

Later that afternoon, after dropping off his rental, Kent got a lift back to the Lexus showroom by the guy who had just sold him a one-year-old RC F in a dark-silver with black leather interior with red leather inserts in the seats and door panels. Kent drove to the nearest Belk store and purchased the necessary items to equip his kitchen including basic china, flatware, and pots and pans. It was almost five o'clock when he got back home, so he fixed himself a vodka martini. He would have liked a slice of lemon but had not done any food shopping. He ordered a pizza and sat on the terrace enjoying the late afternoon air.

A hundred and thirty-six miles away, Margaret Evans, head of the Fayetteville office of the Division of Social Services, itself a part of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, unwound the string closure and opened a dark green folder. The name on the front was Olivia Patsy Allison. Margaret was intimately familiar with its contents since she had been the girl's caseworker since she came to work for the office some fifteen years ago.

Chapter Six

Two days later on a Friday, Kent called Trudy. "You want to have dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to, Kent, but I'm having dinner with a girlfriend. Sorry. Maybe next week."

"Okay, thanks. I'll call you. Have fun."

Kent ended the call. Five minutes later Trudy called him back.

"I spoke to my friend Emily, and she said she'd like to meet you, so she suggested we all have dinner together. You okay with that? Emily's not married by the way."

Kent didn't quite know what to make of that last comment but accepted the invitation. Trudy said she'd pick him up at seven. At seven-ten, Kent's doorbell rang. He opened it to find a very attractive thirty-something woman standing there. She had long blonde hair and pale-blue eyes. She was the exact opposite of Trudy. She was tall and slender. She wore a simple summer dress with a tight bodice that hugged her petite breasts. It was obvious she was braless. She stuck out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Emily, Trudy's friend," she said.

Kent took her hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Emily."

He stepped out and closed the door behind him and locked it. Trudy was waiting in his driveway in a dark blue Chevy Impala. Emily got in the back and Kent in the front passenger seat. He leaned over and kissed Trudy. Trudy backed out of the driveway and drove down the street. Twenty minutes later, she pulled up in front of a French restaurant called Le Chardierre. They all got out, Trudy handed the keys to a car hop, and they went inside. The maître d' seated them at a table at the rear of the restaurant. Emily sat next to Kent with Trudy opposite him. Emily and Kent half turned so they could properly see each other.

"Trudy tells me that you're ex-military," Emily said.

"That's right. I was in the Army for sixteen years and was discharged as a Captain."

"She said you got wounded and won a Purple Heart."

"Yeah, I was lucky I guess, unlike some other guys. It ended my career though."

Then Emily said something that put the subject of the evening's agenda front and center, and Kent was happy with that.

"I can't wait to see your scar." She said as she stroked the top of his thigh under the table.


They all ended up at Trudy's apartment. The two women headed for the master bath, leaving Kent to get undressed and lie on the bed. The covers had already been pulled back. Either Trudy figured it was going to be a threesome or just her and Emily. Kent's cock was as hard as a baseball bat at the thought of having sex with two women at the same time, something he had dreamed of but had never done before.

Emily was the first to come out of the bathroom. Her breasts were like two orbs standing off her slender chest spaced close together. She had a small waist, and narrow hips—almost like a boy's; her legs were long and toned. She got on the bed and immediately attacked Kent's cock. She grasped its shaft and lowered her mouth over it and took it all in and partway down her throat.

Trudy got on the bed behind Emily, parted her buttocks, and buried her face in her pussy. Soon the bedroom was filled with slurping noises. Trudy was working on Emily's pussy and anus while Emily was giving Kent a mind-blowing blowjob. He lay back and enjoyed the sight and sensation of having his cock licked and sucked and his scrotum fondled and squeezed gently. Then they changed places. Kent reached out and got hold of Trudy's ample right breast and squeezed it, feeling her hard nipple press into his palm.

"Put your finger in my ass, Emily," Trudy said.

Emily pushed first then a second finger into Trudy's pucker causing her to emit a somewhat strangled gasp because Kent's cock was in her mouth. They stayed that way for a few minutes with Emily licking and sucking Trudy's pussy while finger fucking her ass.

Emily couldn't wait any longer, so she said, "I gotta have his cock in my pussy, Tru."

Emily moved up and straddled Kent's hips, grasped his shaft and guided it to her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto it enjoying every moment as the head slipped inside her and bumped her end. Kent loved her tightness and assumed that she had never had children.

"Oh, Gawd, Tru. Now I know why you wanted to fuck Kent again," Emily said as she rode his hard cock.

Trudy sat between Kent's legs and put her hands around Emily and cupped her petite breasts and squeezed. Meanwhile, Emily moved back and forth on Kent's cock, feeling the shards of pleasure stab her pussy as her clit dipped and slid along his wet shaft. With Trudy squeezing her breasts and Kent's cock buried in her pussy, it didn't take long for her to climax.

"Jesus, Tru!" she cried as she orgasmed. Kent felt her tight vagina spasm and clench then release his cock. Her whole body trembled, and she dropped on top of Kent. He put his hands on her compact buttocks and continued to thrust into her. A few moments later he climaxed. Emily felt his cock swell as the first rope of his cum spurted inside her. She climaxed a second time as he filled her with his creamy fluid.

Then he was done. Emily expelled his rapidly softening penis and rolled to his side. Kent watched in amazement as Trudy went to work. She got between her friend's thighs and proceeded to suck Kent's semen out of Emily's leaking vagina. Kent had never seen such an incredible sight. Having sex with two attractive women was one thing, but watching one suck his semen out of the other's pussy was another entirely different thing altogether.

When Trudy was done, Emily went to work on her. Kent was too tired to do anything. He lay there watching Emily work her magic on Trudy's clit. She soon brought her friend to a noisy climax. When Trudy calmed, both women snuggled up to Kent, one on each side. Soon they all fell into a deep and blissful sleep.

Chapter Seven

Olivia Patsy Allison was born out of wedlock to a twenty-five-year-old named Patsy Flint who was a waitress at a diner outside the gates of Fort Bragg, home of, amongst others the 82nd "All American" Airborne Division and the Special Forces Command. She had listed the father as Kent Michael Allison aged nineteen. After she gave birth, she put the baby up for adoption, without telling anyone why. Even Margaret Evans, who had been assigned as Olivia's caseworker, couldn't find out why Patsy didn't want to keep the baby. She had managed to place Olivia with a young married couple, Angela Johnson and Tony Ambrose, who had tried to have a child of their own but had failed and given up, so they turned to adoption.

When Angela and Tony formally adopted Olivia, they had insisted that the child keep her own full name since the wife had kept hers when she married, and it seemed silly to have a daughter with the last name of just one of the parents. It was a little unusual since adopted children normally take on the last name of the adopting parents, but under the somewhat unusual circumstances, Margaret agreed. The other thing the couple had said, was that as soon as Olivia was old enough, they were going to tell her that she was adopted in part because they couldn't very well explain why she had a different last name from both of theirs.

The couple was advised by Margaret that the DSS could go after the soldier for child support, but they had declined the offer. The reason that Margaret had pulled Olivia Allison's file fourteen years later was that her adopting parents had died in a car crash, and none of their relatives were able to take on the responsibility of taking care of a teenage girl.

Margaret had two choices. She could put Olivia in a foster home until she turned eighteen, but after spending her whole life with one family, she didn't think it a wise move—too unsettling for a fourteen-year-old girl. The second choice was risky and maybe even more unsettling—contact Olivia's biological father—something Olivia's biological mother didn't want them to do, giving no explanation. Margaret figured that since Patsy Flint was now deceased, that instruction had died with her. She sat there for a good half-hour pondering her decision. Then she picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"This is Department of the Army Human Resources Command," the voice on the other end said, "how may I help you?"

Margaret identified herself then said, "I'm looking to contact one of yours, a Kent Michael Allison. He would be around thirty-three or thirty-four years old by now.

Half an hour later Army HRC called back and gave Margaret Kent's address and his cell phone number.

Chapter Eight

Before taking the next step of contacting Kent, Margaret had to be sure that it was something Olivia would agree to. Olivia had been living with Margaret's sister, Mary, since the tragic death of her family. It was an interim measure until Margaret could figure out what to do next. She drove to her sister's house. Olivia answered the door.

"Hey, Aunt Margaret," Olivia said with a smile. "Aunt Mary's not here right now."

The smile was one of the first Margaret had seen in the month since the accident. She had kept tabs on Olivia through her sister, who told her that Olivia seemed to be coping well. The grief counseling had helped, her sister had told her.

"I know, Olivia. It's you I want to speak to," Margaret replied as she stepped inside.

They sat down at the kitchen island. Margaret spoke, "I've been struggling with what to do about you, Olivia. You know the living arrangements with my sister are only temporary."

"Yes, I know. I was told that before I moved in. It was very kind of your sister to allow me to come and stay with her."

"We can do one of two things, and I think you should be the one to make the decision. I could find a family to take you into foster care until you're eighteen when you would be an adult and responsible for yourself. The money from your adopting parents' estate would allow you to get your own place."

Olivia frowned and asked, "What's the alternative?"

"You go and live with your biological father."

Both Olivia's adopting parents had asked her a few times if she wanted to find out who her real father was, but she refused and had not told them why. Now there was the possibility of seeing him. She was torn. The thought of going to live with people she didn't know for four years didn't appeal to her, but there was this nagging thought in the back of her head that her real father had abandoned her mother when he found out she was pregnant. She asked herself if she wanted to meet him. She figured that meeting him wasn't like she had decided to go and live with him.

"Can I just meet him and afterward decide what I want to do?"

Margaret thought hard, then said, "That may be like opening a can of worms, Olivia. Once he knows he has a daughter out there, he may want to stay in touch with you. It might hurt him badly if, after meeting you, you tell him you don't want to live with him."

"What's he like?"

"I don't know since I've never met him. But he's a decorated Special Forces Captain. He has medals including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, which means he was wounded. He's thirty-four years old, and he just left the army with an honorable medical discharge. I spoke with his last commanding officer who gave him glowing reviews. Said he has a slight limp from a leg wound. Said his men were very loyal to him and were sad to see him leave."

"Can I sleep on it, Aunt Margaret?"

"Of course you can, my dear. Take a few days if you want."


Olivia didn't take two days. She had laid in bed that night, unable to sleep. At first, she decided she didn't want to go and live with her father. Then she decided she did. She went back and forth for two hours until sleep grabbed her. She had a vivid dream that night. She dreamt that she was alone on a windswept beach and the tide was rapidly coming in. She tried to climb the steep rocky cliffs but kept slipping back. Just as the waves started crashing against the rocks, she heard a man's voice.

"Take my hand, daughter," the voice said.

She looked up into the deep green eyes of a handsome man who offered his outstretched hand. She grasped it, and he pulled her to safety.

"Thank you, Daddy," Olivia said.

The next morning, Olivia called Margaret and told her she had made her decision.

Chapter Nine

Kent's iPhone did its little dance on the brand new, round teak patio table with its octagonal, beige canvas umbrella. The table, umbrella, together with four matching chairs and two matching chaise lounges had been delivered and set up two days ago. Kent grabbed the vibrating phone before it committed suicide on the stone terrace—Gorilla glass or not.

He hit the answer icon and said, "Hello this is Kent Allison, how can I help you?"

"Mr. Allison, my name's Margaret Evans, and I'm with the Division of Social Services over in Fayetteville, North Carolina."

Kent was puzzled as he knew no one from Fayetteville, and could not imagine why someone from the DSS would be calling him. He said, "Yes, Mrs. Evans, what can I do for you?"

Then she asked some unusual questions, "Can you tell me your full name please, your date of birth, your army ID number, and rank at your discharge from the Army?"

He shrugged and replied, "Sure. Kent Michael Allison, I was born ten-twelve eighty-four, my army number was six-two-seven-niner-eight-four, and I was a Captain when I got out. What is all this about, Mrs. Evans?"

"This may come as a shock to you, Mr. Allison but you have a fourteen-year-old daughter."

Kent sat there for what seemed like ages to him, but in reality was only a few moments.

"But, how's that possible? Surely I would know if I was a father."

"Do you remember a woman named Patsy Flint. She was a waitress at the diner outside Fort Bragg's gates?"

Kent threaded his way back through his memories. Fourteen years ago Kent was a nineteen-year-old Specialist 4 on an A Team in the 5th Special Forces Group. Then he remembered the one-night-stand he had with the young waitress who had caught his eye. He recalled that she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. His buddies had seen him looking at the waitress and had egged him on to go and ask her out for a date.

He remembered his awkwardness since she was quite a few years older than him, but he managed to charm her by saying how beautiful her eyes were. Charming women had been easy for Kent all of his life, and the waitress had agreed to meet him at the diner on his next night off. They had a few drinks at a nearby roadhouse and then went back to her apartment.

The sex had been spectacular. It was apparent to Kent that she was more experienced than him. They made love until it was time for him to head back to base. He remembered the broken condom and her reassurance that it was a safe time of the month for her. They promised to meet again, but a week later he was shipped off overseas with his unit before he had the chance to tell Patsy goodbye.

Margaret had given him a few minutes to let the news sink in since she was sure it was quite a shock to him. "Mr. Allison," she said, "you still there?"

"Sorry, Mrs. Evans, I was trying to recall my time at Fort Bragg. Yes, I remember Patsy. We dated one time but how can you be sure the girl is my daughter? I mean, Patsy must have dated quite a few soldiers, that's what many of the unmarried girls in that area do."

"Well, that's possible, but she put your name down as the father."

"That doesn't mean I am the father, does it?"

"No, it doesn't. Let me ask you a question if I may."

"Of course."

"Who knows your middle name?"

Kent thought for a few moments then replied, "My parents, of course, Social Security, the state of North Carolina, and the Army. Why?"

"The father's name on the birth certificate is listed as Kent Michael Allison." She answered stressing his middle name.

"Right. And there was no way I would have told a casual date that—no reason to."

"I was the caseworker when Patsy Flint gave her daughter up for adoption. I remember that I asked her how she knew your middle name, and she told me she saw your driver's license. It seems to me that if she wanted to put a name down for the father, she would just have put down Kent Allison. But she went to the trouble of putting down your full name. That tells me that she was positive you were the father."

"What do you want me to do, Mrs. Evans?"

"Could you come to Fayetteville and meet with Olivia?"

"That's her name, Olivia?"

"Yes, Olivia Patsy Allison."

"I'll drive over tomorrow, I can be there by—say eleven-thirty."

"Eleven-thirty is fine. I'll text you our office address."

Kent ended the call. He sat there for the longest time. "I'm a father," he said out loud. "I have a daughter." Saying it out loud made him feel good.


Chapter Ten

At eleven-thirty the next day, Kent pulled into a visitors' parking spot at the DSS building on East Main Street in Fayetteville. He headed for the reception area where he asked for Mrs. Margaret Evans. The receptionist nodded toward a seat and told him to wait. He sat down; he was rubbing his hands up and down his thighs with nervousness. He had never been so nervous in his life—not even when setting out on night missions into enemy territory in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Margaret Evans came down a staircase, walked to where he stood and introduced herself. "Good to meet you, at last, Mr. Allison."

"Same here," Kent replied with a smile. They shook hands.

"Before we proceed, there's a bit of formality we need to get out of the way first. I just need to see some form of ID."

Kent showed her both his North Carolina driver's license and his Army ID. Margaret thanked him. He followed her back upstairs and down a long hallway. She opened a door into a small conference room.

"Please wait here," she said.

Kent walked in; Margaret closed the door. He walked to the window and looked outside. He could see the parking lot and his Lexus. He heard the sound of a door latch, so he turned around. The door opened, and a young girl walked into the room. Kent was a little taken aback. He had spent his whole adult life around soldiers, and he knew Olivia was fourteen so he was expecting a little girl. But what just entered the room was a beautiful young woman.

He thought she seemed tentative. She was tall, around five foot six or seven, with a slim waist and slender, still-developing hips. Kent could see the twin swells of her breasts under the simple cotton top. She had light-brown hair fixed in a high ponytail with a white elastic tie. Any doubt that she was his daughter was instantly dispelled when he saw her deep-green eyes—his eyes, that was for sure.

Olivia looked at the man who she was told was her biological father. She liked what she saw. He was a little taller than her, handsome, lean. He stood upright as if he was about to meet an officer of a higher rank than him. He had sandy-colored hair, and any doubt that he was her father was instantly dispelled when she saw his deep-green eyes—her eyes, that was for sure.

Olivia walked slowly over to where he was standing. She introduced herself. "I'm Olivia," she said.

"I'm thrilled to meet you, Olivia Patsy Allison," Kent said with a warm smile. "Why don't we sit down since I'm sure you have a lot of questions for me."

They sat facing each other near the window. Kent could see that she was as nervous as he was—maybe more so. She was the first to speak, and it wasn't what Kent was expecting.

"Why did you abandon my mother when you found out she was pregnant with me?"

Her voice was quivering, and Kent at first didn't know if it was anger or nerves. He looked into her eyes; they were most definitely angry eyes.

"Olivia, I never knew your mother was pregnant. We went on our first date and agreed to meet again. But before my next leave came up, I was shipped overseas with my Team. I'm so sorry. If I had known, I wouldn't have abandoned her. I would have stayed in touch and visited with her whenever I could to give her support. Please believe me."

Olivia burst into tears. Kent offered Olivia his handkerchief. She wiped her eyes. "Can I have a hug?" Olivia asked nervously.

"By all means," Kent said opening his arms to her. They stood silently holding each other for several minutes both lost in their own thoughts. Kent gave her a little squeeze and said, "That was nice, thanks."

"I'm sorry," she said.

"Sorry for what, Olivia?"

"For accusing you of abandoning my mother."

"You don't have to apologize for that, Olivia. You didn't know any better."

"What do I call you? I had a mother and father who raised me. But I'm sure you know that already."

"Yes, Mrs. Evans told me, and please accept my sincere condolences. It must be awful to lose two people who meant the world to you. You can call me Kent if you like."

"Okay, thanks for agreeing to meet me, Kent."

"How could I not? You're my daughter."

"But you didn't have to."

"I wouldn't be much of a man if I didn't, now would I? And if I hadn't I never would have known my beautiful daughter."

Olivia smiled. She was going to like getting to know Kent. Of that she was sure. The reason that she told her adoptive parents that she didn't want to try and find him was because for all these years, ever since she was told she was adopted, she thought he had abandoned her mother when he found out she was pregnant. Now she knew she knew the truth and regretted her decision not to try to find him earlier. But she was determined to make it up to him.

She took his hand and said, "Can we go home now?"

Tears rose in Kent's eyes but he quickly brushed them away. They exited the conference room through the same door that Olivia had used. Margaret was waiting for them. She smiled when she saw them holding hands.

"There's just some paperwork to go through, and your signature, Kent, and the two of you can be on your way," Margaret said.

An hour later, with Olivia's clothes and personal items safely in the trunk of Kent's Lexus after a visit to Margaret's sister's house, Kent pointed his car toward home.


Chapter Eleven

On the two-hour drive home, Olivia asked Kent where he lived. He told her about the house he had just closed on and the swimming pool. Olivia told him she loved to swim. She asked about his military service and how he had gotten the Purple Heart. He described the operation where he was injured minimizing the violence of the skirmish. Olivia was concerned about where she would be going to school and making new friends. Kent told her that there were good schools where he lived; as it was now early in summer break, they had plenty of time to find one and get her enrolled. The more they drove, the more Olivia warmed to the idea that she was going to live with her father. But, even though she knew he was her biological father, she didn't really see him as her father. To her, he was a good-looking guy she was going to live with, and that seemed sort of exciting to her.

As Kent pulled into his driveway, Olivia looked at the house. She didn't know what to expect. She wanted to go to college to study architecture, so buildings interested her, especially houses. She figured the houses in Kent's development were all built in the late seventies–early eighties and a quarter of a century of upgrades and new roofs, and additions, and new siding and paint had caused most of them to have a character of their own.

Kent's house looked neat, and the front yard was tidy. As he reached the bottom of the driveway the concrete widened to twenty feet, he turned toward the basement garage and hit a button on the underside of the rearview mirror, and an overhead garage door opened, and he drove in. He killed the engine, and they both got out. After closing the garage door, Kent started moving Olivia's clothes into the house. He showed her the furnished guest bedroom.

"If you don't like this furniture, we can go shopping for some that you like since neither of the other two guest rooms are furnished. I'd like to keep at least one as a guest room. The family bathroom is all yours since I have an en-suite."

Olivia looked around at her new bedroom and said, "This is nice."

Kent sensed that she wasn't a hundred percent happy. He said, "You know, Olivia, I have to furnish one of the other bedrooms, so why don't you sleep here tonight, and we'll go shopping tomorrow for furniture for your room."

Olivia hugged him. "Thanks, Kent, you're so kind. Can I ask a favor?"

"Of course you can."

"Could I maybe have my bedroom furniture from my old house? Aunt Margaret said the house was mine now, and it was being put up for sale."

"Sure, I think we can do that. Let me call Mrs. Evans and make arrangements."

She unpacked just what she needed, her pajamas, clean underwear, and clothes for the next day, and her toiletries that she put in the family bathroom that Kent had said she could make her own. She made sure that she had enough birth control pills for the rest of the month and put the dispenser on the vanity. She made a mental note to tell Kent she needed to find a local doctor.

Kent was sitting at the kitchen island when she walked in. He looked up. With everything that had gone on that day, he hadn't realized how truly beautiful she was. She was stunning, slender—almost willowy, with the poise of a dancer. Her facial features were angular with a straight nose—not too big—not too small. Her mouth was wide, and her lips were full—but not overly so like Angelina Jolie's. Kent had a word for women with mouths and lips like Olivia's—kissable. She had high, wide cheekbones and a tapered chin.

Olivia saw him staring at her and said, "What?"

"Sorry for staring, Olivia, but you're so incredibly beautiful. Your mother was a stunner, but you're in another league."

She blushed a little. "Thanks, Kent."

"You're welcome, Olivia."

"I'm starving, what's for dinner?" she said as she opened the fridge and freezer doors. Both were empty.


"I have to apologize, Olivia. I've only been out of the Army for about ten days, and I've spent most of that time, buying a house and a car and getting pots and pans and cutlery and dishes, so I haven't shopped for food. I've been eating out. The Army took care of my three squares a day for the better part of sixteen years."

Olivia giggled. "I guess I'm going to have to take care of you then. I'm a pretty good cook—took lessons even. So tonight you take me to dinner—sort of like a date. Then tomorrow we shop for groceries. Deal?"



Dinner was very nice, and in Kent's opinion, Olivia was a mighty fine date judging by the stares she got.

"Did you see how men looked at you?" he asked her after they got home.

She smiled and said, "I think they were looking at you and thinking how could this old man get a date with this cute girl?"

"Hey, enough of that old man stuff already!" he laughed.

"Just kidding, Kent. I know of at least ten of my classmates who would die for a date with you."


"You're a very attractive man, Kent Allison."

"Well thank you very much, Olivia Allison. I'm sorry but there's not much to do here. I don't even have a television yet."

"That's okay, I have books, so I think I'll turn in early and read for a while since we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow." Olivia put her arms around his neck. "Can I get a kiss? My parents were a loving couple, and I was always getting kisses, so I miss that."

"Of course you can, honey."

Kent bowed his kissed Olivia on her cheek.

"Can I get a real kiss?" she asked. She had to control her breathing since she was excited at getting a real kiss from a good-looking guy.

Their first kiss was just lips brushing lips, but it was one of the most wonderful kisses he had ever received. It was a kiss that seemed to hold a world of promise.

"Night, Kent," she said and smiled softly.

"Good night, Olivia."

Olivia headed off to her room. Kent sat for a while sipping his vodka martini, reliving the kiss. He thought that his life was about to change, but he had no inkling of how much. Olivia brushed her teeth, took a birth control pill and got into bed. She stared at the book for the longest time but wasn't reading it. She was thinking about the kiss. She hadn't planned on asking for a real kiss—it was a spur of the moment thing. After their date, it seemed like the right thing to do. The memory of it caused her pussy to tingle.

Chapter Twelve

Olivia remembered her first real kiss. She was thirteen, and the boy was sixteen. It was their first date. His name was David, and he had an old pickup with a bench seat. They had gone to the movies and then parked in a turn-off from a quiet country road. She was as nervous as could be. He slid across the seat and put his arm around her shoulders, and they kissed. She felt his tongue pushing against her lips. She opened her mouth and tilted her head; it seemed the natural thing to do.

She froze as David put his hand on her breast and squeezed it. He told her to relax. A few minutes later he dropped his hand to her crotch. She froze again. Again he told her to relax as he was going to make her feel really good. David grabbed the teardrop shaped tab of the zipper on her shorts and drew it down. He told her to lift her bottom off the seat, and he pulled her shorts off.

David unzipped his own shorts and pulled them and his underpants off as one. She froze again as he took her hand and placed it on the shaft of his cock and told her to rub it. After a few minutes, he moved her so she was lying along the bench seat and he was on top of her. Olivia had her hands up by her breasts as David opened her legs.

He moved the cotton gusset of her panties aside, and she felt his fingers probing, pushing her labia aside. She gasped as she felt his fingers enter her pussy. It didn't seem like he knew what he was doing since he never touched her clitoris which she knew from masturbating gave her the nice feelings he had promised.

Then Olivia tried to push him off as he started to push the head of his cock inside her. He told her to relax, or it would hurt. She was afraid, this wasn't the way she wanted to lose her virginity, so she just lay there with her hands balled at her breasts, and her eyes shut tight. David slowly pushed inside of her, feeling how tight she was. She was a virgin alright, and he couldn't wait to tell his pals he'd deflowered a thirteen-year-old.

Olivia cried out as he penetrated her. She wanted this to be over as quick as possible. She was glad her mother had gotten her on the birth control pill due to her erratic and uncomfortable periods since she didn't want to get pregnant. She didn't have to wait long since David climaxed after four strokes. She felt his hot fluid spurt inside her.

Then he was done and pulled out of her. Olivia watched as he pulled his underwear and shorts back on. He asked her if it was good for her too. She just gave a small nod and pulled her shorts back on. She swore to herself that the next time she had intercourse, it was going to be with someone with experience.

Olivia slipped her hand down inside the waistband of her panties inside her pajama bottoms and cupped her pussy and started to rub her clit. As she worked her way up to her orgasm, she wondered if it was possible to have sex with Kent. That thought took her over the top and into a very satisfying orgasm. She held that thought as she slipped into the arms of Morpheus.

Chapter Thirteen

With no food in the house, Kent and Olivia headed out to breakfast before a day of shopping. They shopped 'til they dropped, as the saying goes, and Kent spent a lot of money, but Olivia was worth it. They purchased bed linens for his room, hers and the guest room. Kent put Olivia's iPhone on his Verizon account, got a couple of televisions—a large plasma for the living room and a smaller one for Olivia's room, and last but not least they did a marathon food shopping spree. The trunk of Kent's Lexus as well as the back seat was full to capacity. Margaret called during the day and told him that a local moving company had loaded Olivia's bedroom furniture in their van and had promised to deliver it the next day.

"I don't know about you, Olivia, but I'm beat. I've never shopped so much in my life. I only made forays into the PX on whatever base I was on for essentials. The Army provided everything else."

"It was fun though wasn't it, Kent," Olivia replied.

"Sorry, honey, not my idea of fun but you made it bearable for me. You said you were a good cook, so I'll make a deal with you. You cook dinner while I'll set up the TVs. Deal?"

"Deal," Olivia replied.

It was a one-sided deal as far as Kent was concerned since setting up the TVs was relatively straightforward with just two cables for each set—a power cord and an HDMI cable that plugged into the satellite boxes that the dish installer had shown him. So, half an hour later, Kent was sat on the terrace sipping his martini while Olivia was standing over a hot cooktop.

A few minutes later, with the lasagna baking in the oven, Olivia came out onto the terrace sipping a small glass of red wine. She sat next to Kent and said, "I think you got the better part of that deal, Kent Allison."

Kent smiled and ignored the glass of wine. "Tell me about your life, Olivia. Did you have a boyfriend back in Fayetteville? How many girlfriends did you have? What was school like?"

"There were only three girls that I would call close. Since it's only a few hours away, maybe I could stay in touch with them."

"Of course you can, honey."

Olivia told Kent about David and her first time. She wanted him to know that she was not a virgin. She didn't tell him she was on birth control since she was sure he'd see the pills in her bathroom.

"That's awful, Olivia. How inconsiderate of him. It almost sounds like he raped you."

"No, it wasn't rape. It was consensual. I didn't tell him 'no' nor did I try to fight him. I was scared more than anything else."

Olivia went back into the kitchen. Five minutes later she said dinner was ready.


"That was delicious, Olivia," Kent said as he put his knife and fork down on an empty plate. "You are a terrific cook."

"Thanks, Kent. Let's put the dishes in the dishwasher and watch a movie."

They sat on the sofa. It was covered in a material he was not familiar with, but it was comfortable. Kent sat all the way to the right side and Olivia to the left, with her feet tucked under her body. Her cotton shorts were a little loose at the leg, and Kent caught a glimpse of a pair of dark blue underpants. The movie was The Girl On The Train; it was one Kent hadn't seen—not that he saw many movies in the Army, but he did recognize the actress. It was the English actress Emily Blunt, and he remembered her from a movie he had seen—The Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise.

Ten minutes in, Olivia slid across the sofa and snuggled up to his side with her head on his chest and her right hand on his thigh. He put his arm around her shoulders. She remembered that Margaret had told her he was injured and that he had got a Purple Heart for it and that it caused his limp. She also recalled that he limped with his left leg, so she wondered where on his left leg he got injured and if her hand was lying on it right now. Tomorrow she would find out because tomorrow she was going to use the pool.

Chapter Fourteen

Kent was up first the next day and had already made a pot of coffee. He started to pull bacon out of the fridge then thought better of it. He was just pouring his second cup of coffee when Olivia came into the kitchen, yawning and stretching. She was wearing a pair of dark-green pajamas that almost matched hers and his eyes. They were long-sleeved; the top buttoned down the front and the bottoms were just a pair of shorts. The thing that Kent noticed was the gentle swells of her breasts and two small bumps in their centers. Olivia was a very sexy young woman, he was sure about that. Then he remembered that she was only fourteen and she was his daughter. He sighed.

She hugged him and kissed his lips. They tasted minty. She said, "Morning, Kent."

"Morning, Olivia. Sleep well?"

"It was okay, better than the first night. It was the new bed and new surroundings. I'll be glad when my furniture arrives. Can I get some coffee, please?"

"Sure, honey." Kent took one of the new mugs out of the cupboard and filled it, and handed it to her."

She looked at the price sticker that was on the bottom, but part of it was visible. She asked, "Did you run any of the dishes through the dishwasher before using them?"

"No, why should I? They're all brand new."

"Kent! What am I going to do with you? Yes, they're brand new but not necessarily clean."

She emptied the coffee in the sink, peeled off the price sticker, hand washed the mug, then poured more coffee into it. Kent looked at his cup, shrugged and walked outside and sat down at the table. Olivia joined him.

"This is nice, Kent. It's very private back here. I think I'll swim today."

The thought of seeing Olivia in a bathing suit excited him.

"I saw the bacon you removed from the fridge. Did you have second thoughts?"

"Yeah, I didn't want to burn the house down."

Olivia sighed. "I'll show you how to cook breakfast today, okay?"

"I'm sorry I'm so useless in the kitchen, Olivia. I can field strip and reassemble an M16 in thirty seconds though."

Olivia giggled. "That might come in handy," she said.

Kent laughed. "The guys bringing your bedroom furniture will be here at one."

"I can't wait," Olivia said.


Olivia showed Kent how to cook bacon, turning it frequently until it was just crisp. She had him put it on a paper towel on a previously washed plate under the infrared light on the stainless steel shelf above the gas cooktop. Then she showed him how to mix scrambled eggs, adding a little milk and a dash of Texas Pete hot sauce. Kent managed to brown two slices of toast. But there again, you had to make a concerted effort to burn bread in the toaster.

At ten-fifteen, Kent was on his third mug of coffee when Olivia came out of the house. Kent looked up and had to swallow a mouthful of coffee hard and stifle a gasp as he saw that she was wearing the skimpiest string bikini he had ever seen. The bottoms were tied at the sides below her hip bones, and the triangle of cloth barely covered her plump mons. The two triangles of fabric molded themselves to the shape of each of her breasts but left enough exposed. Olivia was the sexiest female he had ever seen that was for sure. She walked over and sat next to him.

"My God, Olivia, you're every teenage boy's wet dream," Kent said. He didn't know if that was an appropriate comment for a fourteen-year-old girl or not, since he had never had conversations with a fourteen-year-old girl before. Although she was his daughter, he spoke to her as he would talk to any soldier—male or female since female soldiers, in what was basically a man's world, learned to be as tough as the guys.

Olivia giggled. The portion of her exposed breasts moved a little.

"I'm glad you like it," she said.

Olivia let Kent fix lunch since she figured it would be hard to burn sandwiches. But, when told him to use a butter knife so he wouldn't cut himself, he sighed heavily.

At five minutes to one, the delivery van turned up, and two older guys and a young kid got out. Olivia supervised the placement of the furniture. The kid kept looking at Olivia in her skimpy bikini, so Kent pulled him aside.

"Look, son. You keep ogling my daughter like that and I'm going to break your arms," Kent said.

"S-s-s-sorry, sir," he said, and he kept his head down not looking at Olivia the rest of the time he was there.

Kent signed the delivery ticket once Olivia was happy with the placement of her furniture, paid the delivery charge with a check, and gave the foreman a twenty dollar bill. The kid was the last out. He stopped.

"Sorry about looking at your daughter, sir," he said.

Kent put a hand on his shoulder and said, "It's okay son if I were your age I'd have done the same thing. Just don't make it so obvious the next time you see a sexy girl."

"What was all that about, Kent?" Olivia asked when Kent closed the door behind them.

"The kid's eyeballs were all over your body, so I told him to quit, or I'd break his arms."


"It's okay, honey, I didn't mean it. The truth of the matter is, I've been doing the same thing all morning."

Olivia smiled softly, and Kent left her to make her bed and hang all her clothes in the walk-in closet or put them away in the drawers of the tallboy. The doorbell rang. Kent answered it and saw Trudy standing there with a wrapped gift.

"Trudy, come on in," Kent said and stepped aside.

She handed him the gift. "Housewarming present," she said.

Kent tore open the wrapping and took the lid off the box. Inside was a Murano glass paperweight.

"Thank you, Trudy, that was so thoughtful of you."

Kent put his arms around Trudy's neck and kissed her. Just at that moment Olivia came out of her bedroom and saw them kissing. Trudy broke their kiss and had a surprised look on her face when she saw Olivia standing there. Kent realized something was going on since Trudy seemed to stiffen up. He turned and saw Olivia, and she didn't look too happy.

"Oh, Olivia, come and meet Trudy. She's the real estate agent who sold me the house."

"Trudy, this is Olivia."

Olivia came up and shook Trudy's outstretched hand. "Nice to meet you," Olivia said, with not much conviction in her voice.

"The reason I came 'round was not just to give you the housewarming gift but to see if you were free for dinner this Friday."

Kent wasn't stupid. He could sense the animosity that Olivia was projecting toward Trudy.

"Let me call you later, Trudy. This week has been crazy so far, and my head's in a spin—what with taking furniture deliveries and stocking up on food and buying things for the house."

"Okay, you have my number," Trudy said a little coldly.

Kent showed her to the door and joined Olivia who had gone back to her room. She was sat on the bed and didn't look like a happy camper at all.

"You sleeping with her?" were the first words out of Olivia's mouth, with an emphasis on the word 'her.'

"What if I . . ."

It hit Kent like a Mack truck—Olivia was jealous. He sat down on the bed beside her and put his arm around her shoulder. He felt her stiffen up.

"If it bothers you that much, honey, then I won't see her again. You mean more to me than any woman. In any case, I prefer younger women."

Kent felt Olivia's whole body relax. She said, "I'm sorry, Kent, that was rude of me. I'm not normally like that."

He kissed the crown of her head. "That's okay, honey. Do you like your room?"

"It's perfect, thanks so much."

Twenty minutes later, Olivia came out onto the terrace and sat beside him.

"Will you show me where you were wounded?" she asked.

Kent stood, undid the snap at the waist of his shorts, and drew the zipper down. The shorts fell to his ankles. Olivia knelt and looked at the bulge in his stretch cotton briefs. He pulled the leg opening to one side. She traced the scar all the way from its start to just short of his hip. Her knuckles brushed the bulge in his briefs as she did so. Olivia felt a small shudder in his leg.

"Wow, Kent, you were lucky. How deep did it go?"

"It cut pretty deeply into one of the thigh muscles which is why I limp a little."

Olivia looked up at him and smiled softly. She knew he knew she had deliberately brushed his cock through his briefs, yet she had no idea why she did that. She stood and kissed him lightly on his lips.

"I'm glad it wasn't fatal," she said, "or I would never have gotten to meet you."

Kent pulled his shorts back up and sat down. Olivia swam a few laps, dried her face and lay on a bath towel on the chaise. At four o'clock, she got up and went inside. A few minutes later, she came back out with a martini glass. The chilled glass was already beading with condensation.

"Why thank you, Olivia."

"I used to make one for my Dad," she said, then paused for a few moments. "You know it's a really weird feeling, I called the man who wasn't my father Dad, and I call the man who is my father, Kent."

Olivia handed Kent the martini, and said, "I wasn't sure if you liked it shaken or stirred."

"You remember what Daniel Craig said to the barman in the Bond movie Casino Royale?"

Olivia shook her head.

"Bond said, 'do I look like I give a damn?' " Kent said in an exaggerated English accent.

Olivia giggled. Kent noticed her breasts jiggle just a tad. God, he couldn't believe how sexually attracted he was to Olivia. He knew it was wrong. He had to remind himself that she was his daughter and was only fourteen years old—she was underage. But he couldn't help it. He had dated a lot of women. There were always women near the Army bases he served on, including Europe, so there was never a shortage of dates. But he was more attracted to Olivia than he ever had been to the others. He also guessed that she was attracted to him since that almost imperceptible brush of her knuckles against his cock was no accident, he was sure about that. But the million dollar question was what to do about it.

Chapter Fifteen

Kent got his answer to the question later that evening. Olivia had kissed him and gone to bed at nine. It was one of the lingering kisses she had started to give him—kisses not quite full-blown kisses and not just a quick brush of her lips on his either. They were kisses that told a story. They said, 'I know you're my father and daughters don't kiss their fathers like this, but if you want to, we can do more than just kiss.'

Kent went to his room half an hour later. He brushed his teeth, showered and got into bed. He was just reaching over the turn off the bedside lamp when the bedroom door opened. Olivia walked in. She wasn't wearing the pajamas from the night before. Instead, she had on an oversized teeshirt with large Minnie Mouse on the front. The shirt looked old since the image was faded; it was almost unrecognizable. She walked to the bed, lifted the covers and climbed in.

"Olivia, you shouldn't really be here," Kent said.

"Tell me to go back to my room and I will," she replied.

Kent didn't say anything.

"Can I get a kiss," she said.

Kent put his left arm around her shoulder, and his right hand on her cheek and turned her face toward him. There was a flush of desire in her deep-green eyes, and a shiver of excitement entered her body. She closed her eyes and parted her lips. Desire for his daughter bloomed. Kent took the cue and kissed her. For a few moments, she was a little tentative. Then, when he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue against her teeth, she opened her mouth and tilted her head.

Suddenly they were French kissing. She had only ever French kissed her girlfriends, and that was just to see what it felt like. This was passionate French kissing, and it made Olivia's nipples tingle and her panties damp. They kissed for two minutes—maybe more since they both seemed to lose track of time in their kiss. Finally, Olivia broke their kiss, panting hard. She looked at the outline of Kent's cock in the bedsheet. A pang of pleasure shot through her pussy as she realized she had made her father hard.

"Wow, Olivia! That was amazing. Where did you learn to kiss like that?"

Olivia blushed a little as she said, "With my girlfriends—but I'm not a lesbian. We did it just to see what it felt like, but kissing you is different."

"I know, I'm a guy." He smiled.

She pushed at Kent's shoulder. "Doofus, I know that. I meant there was a passion and love that wasn't present when I did it with my girlfriends."

Olivia looked at the outline of his cock in the sheet. Then she looked at him, and with a slight blush she said, "Did I cause that?" She nodded toward his erection.

"Olivia, do you have any idea how sexy you are? Do you know how sexy you looked today in that thing they call a bikini? I hope you didn't pay good money for a few small pieces of cloth."

Olivia smiled softly. Inside she was glowing. Kent thought her sexy. Her father thought her sexy. How cool was that?

"It cost forty-nine ninety-nine," she said.

"Daylight robbery, that's what it was, daylight robbery," Kent replied.

Olivia giggled. "I bought it just for you, Kent."

Kent chuckled. "Worth every penny then," he replied.

Olivia giggled, then got serious as she asked, "Can I see it?"

"I'm not sure that's a good idea, honey," he said.


"Because the next request will be 'can I touch it,' then we're on a very slippery slope, and who knows where that will end. I love you, Olivia and I don't want to see you get hurt emotionally."

"I'm a big girl, Kent. You don't have to worry about me. Please? Pretty please?"

Kent sighed. He didn't say anything when she pushed the sheet down exposing his erection lying on his stomach. Olivia stared at it for the longest time, examining it from different angles.

"It's big, isn't it?" she said at last.

"I'm just normal size," he countered.

"It's the biggest one I've seen," she said.

"And how many have you seen—and I don't mean on the Internet?"

"Three, but they were all boys."

"There you go, that answers your question."

Kent thought things had gone far enough for one night. He wanted Olivia to touch his cock but wanted to take things slowly. She may say she's a big girl, but she's only fourteen. He wanted to give her the opportunity to stop before things got out of hand. He pulled the sheet back up.

"Thank you," Olivia said. She thought for a few moments. "You know, this is really, really weird. I know you're my real father and all, but it doesn't feel like you're my father. You know what I mean?"

"Now this may sound even weirder, but when you moved in with me, it didn't seem like you were my daughter. It was if a gorgeous sexy fourteen-year-old moved in with me."

"I don't think I'm sexy, but the way you looked at me in my bikini and the way you hug me and kiss me, makes me feel sexy."

Olivia turned her back to him and pulled his arm around her letting it rest on her hip. Kent spooned her back, trying to keep space between his still hard cock and her ass. Olivia moved his hand up off her tummy, place it over her left breast covered by her teeshirt, and purred like a kitten. A few minutes later, Olivia was asleep.

Kent lay there trying not to move his hand. He could feel her firm breast under the thin teeshirt and her small nipple pressing into his palm. His erection was starting to get painful, so when he was sure Olivia was asleep, he slipped out of bed and went to his bathroom and proceeded to masturbate.

Olivia smiled when she heard him grunting as he masturbated. A few minutes later she was asleep. immeasurably satisfied that she could excite her father so much.

Chapter Sixteen

The next morning, it was as if nothing had happened the night before. Kent got up, showered, got dressed and left Olivia sleeping. A half hour later, Olivia came out onto the terrace with a mug of black coffee in her hand. She bent over and gave Kent a minty kiss on his mouth and sat down next to him. In the cold light of morning, Kent was having second thoughts about what happened the night before.

"About last night, Olivia. It was—"

"Thanks for letting me see it, " Olivia said cutting him off. Changing the subject, she asked, "Is this backyard really private?"

"I think so, why?"

"Because I think I'm going skinny dipping today."

Kent groaned and went inside and started to cook breakfast.

"I'm getting a little tired of scrambled eggs," she shouted after him. She hurried in after him and showed him how to make French toast.


At ten-thirty, Kent sat at the teak table reading the local daily, Olivia stood up, pulled her teeshirt over her head and dropped it on a chair. Kent happened to look up and saw that all she had on was a pair of lemon-yellow cotton panties. The tight elastic of the leg openings digging into the sides of her vulva in the sexy gap between her slender thighs, emphasized how plump it was. He could never fathom out how a simple fold of material could excite him so much. His cock twitched as he saw a perfect cameltoe.

"Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph," Kent said as he stared at what he thought was the most gorgeous pair of breasts he had ever seen. They were perfect the size of half lemons with sexy areolas, stippled and swollen—dark-pink mounds topped by small red nipples. Her small waist emphasized her narrow hips and slender legs. She had the start of a classic hourglass figure, and in another few years, she was going to be a stunning woman.

He felt such pride that she was his daughter and excitement with the possibility that she might be his lover too. He hoped the previous night was not just a one-shot deal. He sensed that she wanted to ask him if she could touch his cock. He could see the burning desire in her eyes.

"God almighty, Olivia. You are most certainly every schoolboy's wet dream, that's for damn sure. You have one incredibly beautiful and perfect body."

She surprised him by blushing a little. "Thanks, Kent. I'm glad you like what you see."

Kent couldn't believe how sure of herself she was. For a fourteen-year-old girl to stand topless in front of him like it was a normal thing to do without any hint of modesty—except the slight blush—was incredible. As she walked to the edge of the pool, her breasts jiggled just a little, but enough to cause his now rigid cock to twitch again.

While Olivia swam effortless laps, Kent sat looking at the newspaper but not reading it. The words on the page morphed into visions of what Olivia's fully naked body would look like and, in particular, what her pussy would look like without a pair of panties in the way.

His phone did its vibrator induced dance across the teak table top, drawing his attention away from the image of his daughter's body. He picked it up.

"This is Kent," he said.

"This is Trudy," the voice on the other end of the call said. "I was calling to see if you'd decided if you wanted to go to dinner. Emily is keen to see you again as well."

"It's not really convenient right now, Trudy. I've got a lot going on."

Then Trudy said something that both shocked him and revealed her real character.

"Why? You busy fucking your young house guest? Is she even old enough to fuck?"

"Trudy, that was uncalled for. Olivia happens to be my fourteen-year-old daughter."

"You told me you weren't married and didn't have a family. Did you lie to me?"

"You know, Trudy, it's none of your goddam business, but I'll tell you anyway. Up until a few days ago, I didn't know I had a daughter," Kent said. "I got a call from the DSS in Fayetteville telling me I had a daughter. That's a lot more than you should know."

He ended the call abruptly.

"Who was that?" Olivia asked drying her hair and face.

"Trudy. She wanted to know when I was taking her out to dinner again. When I said I was too busy, she asked if I was too busy fucking my house guest."


"Yeah, houseguest—you. I told her it was none of her fucking business. I had already decided I wasn't going to see her again, and that phone call just confirmed it."

"Didn't you tell her I'm your daughter?"

"Yes, but I don't think she believed me. And you know what—I don't care."

"She's too old for you anyway, Kent. Besides, you've got me."

With that, Olivia went inside the house. Kent watched her stupendous ass with firm buttocks moved in counterpoint as she walked. The wet material of her panties was semi-semi-transparent, and he could clearly see the dark vertical shadow of her butt crack.

" 'Besides, you've got me?' I wonder what that meant?" Kent said to no one in particular.


Chapter Seventeen

At nine thirty that evening, Olivia said she was going to bed. She kissed his lips, and Kent watched as she headed to the bedroom wing of the house, but instead of turning right in the direction of her room, she turned left and entered his suite. Kent felt the warmth spreading throughout his nether regions as his fertile brain imagined her touching and holding his cock. He waited twenty minutes, then turned out the lights and headed for his bedroom.

Olivia was lying in bed facing him. She was wearing her deep-green pajamas. She watched as Kent undressed, catching her breath as she saw his cock spring out when his boxers fell to the floor. As Kent walked to the bed, Olivia threw open the sheet, and he got in beside her. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her mouth to his, and kissed her hard on her lips. Their heads tilted and mouths opened and tongues played their flirtatious dance. They French kissed, father and daughter, for five long minutes with Olivia's hand on Kent's hip and Kent's hand on Olivia's side, his thumb barely touching the side of her breast through the material of her pajama top.

Kent broke their kiss, panting. "God, Olivia, I love kissing you."

"And I love kissing you too, Kent." She was quiet for a while. Then she pulled the sheet down exposing his erection. "I think you can guess what I'm going to ask."

"Be my guest, honey," Kent said, all vestiges of morality, adult responsibility and fatherly behavior had left the building.

Olivia was tentative at first. She would just touch Kent's cock on the shaft, then the head. It seems she was working up enough courage to grasp it. At one point, Kent made it twitch which caused her to jump.

She looked at Kent and said, "You did that, didn't you?"

Kent smiled, and Olivia giggled, her breasts moving a little in unison. After a short while, she grasped it between her thumb and finger and lifted it off his stomach. She let it slip out, and it slapped back against his stomach setting her off on another fit of giggles. Then she grasped it in her fist and pulled the foreskin back and examined the smooth head with its purple rim.

"You masturbate, don't you? Olivia said.

"Of course, and I'm sure you do as well."

"I know how I do it but how does a man do it?"

Kent was surprised by the question. She was fourteen-years-old, and he was sure that most fourteen-years-olds had seen porn on the web.

"Olivia, haven't you ever watched porn on your computer?"

"No, my parents had parental controls turned on."

"No, I meant the iMac I put on your desk in your room?"

"That's for me?"

"Of course it is; why do you think I put it there? And there are no parental controls so feel free to surf to your heart's content."

"Sorry, I should have known; my bad. Thanks, Kent, that's very generous of you. I'll do it tomorrow. Can we sleep now? I'm tired."

Olivia snuggled up to Kent's back and put her hand on his shoulder. "Good night, Kent. I love you."

That was the first time she had said she loved him and it made his heart flutter. He turned his head and kissed her.

"I love you too, Olivia Patsy Allison, and thank you."

"Thank you for what?"

"For letting Margaret Evans contact me."

Chapter Eighteen

The next morning after Olivia had shown Kent how to cook waffles—thankful that Kent had invested in a waffle iron and had gotten premixed packets from the grocery store—she went back to her bedroom, fired up the computer and for the next three hours surfed the web. At noon, she walked out onto the terrace where Kent was reading a book under the large, octagonal canvas umbrella. There was an empty coffee cup on the table next to him.

"So that's how guys masturbate," she said. "How cool is that."

Kent looked up at her and smiled. "You spent the last three hours watching guys beat off?"

She blushed slightly. Kent loved the way she could blush at something as innocuous as Kent knowing she had been watching porn, yet when she held his cock or was topless in front of him, there wasn't a shred of embarrassment. He decided that his daughter was a complex individual. "There was other stuff as well," she said.

"What's for lunch?" she said, changing the subject.

"I thought I would try grilled cheese sandwiches," Kent replied. "How can I screw up a grilled cheese sandwich?"

But screw it up he did. "Kent! You do know that there is a setting on the gas range other than high?"

"I thought the hotter the grill, the quicker it cooks."

"I give up," Olivia said. "Tomorrow, you're enrolling in online cooking school one-oh-one."

Kent sheepishly retired to the terrace while Olivia cleaned up his burnt mess and cooked a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches.

"Thanks, honey," he said as he tucked into lunch. "Did I mention that I can field-strip an M-16 in thirty seconds?"

"The next time the Russian Army is at our doorstep, remind me to thank you," Olivia replied.

They sat in comfortable silence at the table, the remnants of lunch to one side, a half-empty coffee mug in front of Kent, who was reading a novel, and a recently refilled glass of soda in front of Olivia, who was looking at Kent.

"Do you spurt a lot of stuff?" she asked.

Kent looked up from his book. "What?"

"I asked if you spurted a lot of stuff . . . you know . . . when you masturbate?"

"Depends, really."

"Depends on what?"

Kent figured the subject of the day was going to be male masturbation and the little he knew about his daughter, it was going to be discussed and examined and parsed until she was satisfied that she knew everything about it.

"If I've done it recently. I mean if I haven't masturbated for a few days then I spurt a lot. But if I did, say, a few hours ago, then not as much."

"You masturbate twice in a few hours?! Isn't that a lot? I mean once I've done it, I'm done for at least a couple of days."

"With the right partner, a woman can experience multiple orgasms in the space of an hour."

"No way!"

"I can assure you it's true."

Olivia was quiet for a while, and Kent went back to reading his book. Fifteen minutes later, Olivia said, "Would you let me watch?"

Kent looked up from his book, not having heard exactly what she had said. "Sorry, Olivia, what did you say?"

"Nothing, Kent. It's okay."

"I thought you asked me a question. What was it?"

"I . . . wanted to know if I could . . . you know . . . watch you."

Kent knew what she wanted to do since the subject of male masturbation hadn't been fully explored and put to rest yet.

"Sorry, Olivia. You want to do what?"

"I wanted to know if I could watch you do it . . . you know . . . masturbate."

"On one condition, that you let me watch you do it as well."

"I'd be too embarrassed."

"Oh, so you wouldn't be too embarrassed watching me do it, but too embarrassed to let me watch you?"

Olivia thought about it for a few moments. Her curiosity got the better of her. "Okay," she said.

"Okay, go and fetch a washcloth from my bathroom."

Olivia left and a few minutes later returned and handed Kent the washcloth. He tugged his shorts and underwear down and sat back down and proceeded to stroke his already hard cock. Olivia sat as close to him as the chairs allowed and watched intently as Kent masturbated. At first, he had his full fist around the shaft and was stroking it slowly.

Then as Kent felt the wonderfully warm feeling start to spread throughout his groin, he sped up. Soon, his fist was almost a blur as he rapidly stroked his cock. Then as he felt the onset of his orgasm, he slowed and used his thumb and forefinger to stroke the shaft. Olivia put her hand over her open mouth as Kent climaxed. With a grunt, a thick, pearly-white rope of cum shot up a good foot and a half in the air and landed on the washcloth. A second rope spurted out the end of Kent's cock followed by a third and a fourth until he was done. The last weak spurts covered his fingers. Kent sat there with his eyes closed, panting.

"My God, Kent, that was incredible," Olivia said. She looked at the pool of semen in the washcloth, and added, "You spurted a lot of stuff."

Kent opened his eyes and smiled. He cleaned his hand with the washcloth dropped it on the floor and pulled his underwear and shorts back up.

"Okay, Olivia, your turn."

"I . . . I can't do it out here. Can I do it tonight in your bed?"

Kent smiled. "Okay, sweetheart. Maybe by then, I can do it again."

Chapter Nineteen

Kent was in bed at nine-thirty waiting on Olivia to make her appearance. He was excited that he was going to watch his fourteen-year-old daughter masturbate. The bedroom door opened and Olivia appeared. Olivia had on the old Minnie Mouse teeshirt, the one so thin he could clearly see the twin swells of her breasts and her nipples. She walked to the bed and hoisted the teeshirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. She was wearing a pair of plain, white, full-cut cotton panties. They were from the PINKS line of lingerie since the name was printed multiple times around the wide waistband.

"Can I get a kiss first?" Olivia said as she climbed onto the bed.

Kent put his left arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. She put her hand on the back of his neck, and his right hand found the side of her chest. Their open mouths met, and they French kissed. Kent absolutely loved kissing Olivia. He didn't know if it was because she was his daughter, or that she was only fourteen years old, but they were the most sensual and wonderful kisses he had ever experienced.

As they kissed passionately, Kent gently rubbed the side of her left breast with the side of his thumb. As he did so, he felt a shudder run through her body. Then Olivia did something that surprised and excited him; she moved his right hand and placed it over her breast. Now it was Kent's turn to shudder as he felt his fourteen-year-old daughter's petite breast for the first time. As he moved his hand to gently massage and squeeze Olivia's breast, he felt how firm yet how soft it was. Her areola puffed up and her nipple got hard as a pea as he rubbed them with the pad of his thumb.

"Mmmm," Olivia murmured in his mouth. The passion of their kiss and the sensation of Kent's hand massaging and squeezing her breast caused her pussy to moisten making the cotton gusset of her panties dampen. She had worn panties because she wasn't ready to let her father see her pussy—not yet. She didn't know if it was shyness or the need to take things slow.

Olivia took her hand off Kent's neck and broke their kiss. Kent watched as Olivia slipped her right hand inside the waistband of her panties. She pushed her fleshy labia aside with her middle finger, and its tip found her very hot and wet vagina. She gathered up some of her creamy secretions and moved to stimulate her love button.

Kent watched Olivia masturbate with her hand inside her panties. He could see the outline of her knuckle through the cotton as her finger moved in and out as its pad pressed and rubbed her clitoris. There was a faint red tinge to her upper chest and neck as she became aroused. Her eyes were closed tight and small furrows formed between her eyes as she chased her sweet relief.

As Kent slowly stroked his cock, he watched his daughter strum her clit. She had her head on his shoulder, and he could feel the hot puffs of her breath on his neck. They became faster, and her nostrils flared as she breathed in through her mouth and out through her nose. She licked moisture back into her lips. Olivia was purring as she chased her orgasm. Then, as her finger rapidly rubbed her clitoris, she climaxed.

"Oh God, Daddy!" she cried as Olivia's orgasm came rushing in.

Kent could feel her whole body tremble as she attained sweet relief. She stopped moving her hand inside her panties as she rode her orgasm. The fact that her father was watching and listening to her as she brought herself to orgasm made it all the more intense.

Olivia opened her eyes and said, "Gawd, that was intense."

She looked down at Kent's fist wrapped around his erect cock.

"You're hard," she said.

"It was so hot watching you bring yourself off," he replied.

"Can I?" she said.

Kent released his grip on his shaft and let it slap back down on his stomach. Olivia put her hand around the shaft and lifted it back up and proceeded to stroke it.

"Jesus, Olivia, that feels so darn good."

"Am I doing it right, Kent?"

"You're doing it perfectly, Oliv—"

Her name caught in his throat as his leg jerked. Olivia started to stroke his cock faster. She held its shaft between her thumb and forefinger. Kent saw the twin swells of her breasts moving seductively. He adored his daughter's breasts. They were the epitome of perkiness and stood straight out from her chest, their slight cone shape was emphasized by her slightly domed areolas that puffed up when he had rubbed them.

Kent was on the cusp of his own orgasm. Just the idea of a fourteen-year-old girl giving him a hand job would be enough to cause an unstimulated climax. But with a fourteen-year-old girl's fingers around his cock stroking him was more than enough. He felt his ball sack tighten and the nice warm feeling spreading throughout his groin. Then he felt it.

"Cumming, Olivia," he said as his cock swelled and the first large rope of cum spurted out of the end and up into the air. Olivia let go of his cock and pulled her hand away as if she had just let go of a piece of wood with a black widow spider on it. It slapped back against his stomach, and she watched with large eyes and an open mouth as it twitched with every spurt. Cum spewed out the end of his cock in a straight line up his stomach, pooling in his navel.

Kent was panting hard as he ejaculated. Finally, he was done, and his cock stopped pulsing and twitching. His whole body relaxed, and he lay in his post-coital state. Olivia stared at the thick, straight line of semen—his cockhead at the beginning—his navel at its end.

"Olivia, honey, you do know that what you just did would land me in jail for a very long time if anyone ever found out?"

"Yes, Kent, I know that. You don't have to worry. It's just that I had to see what it felt like. Sorry, I let go of it."

"You don't have to be sorry. Most men have to keep stroking as they cum, but I don't. I love you so much, Olivia and I don't tell you enough."

"I know you do, Kent, and I love you too. I've never been happier in my entire life."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course you can."

"You're just fourteen, and you're my daughter, yet what we've done is something the vast majority of fathers and daughters don't do. I mean are you doing this because you want to make me happy and you think this what I want?"

"No, Kent, I'm doing it because I want you. If you were not my father and we'd met under different circumstances, I would have wanted to do it with you. I know there's a twenty-something gap between our ages, but I've always been drawn to older men. Don't know why, and I still don't know why I let my boyfriend be my first."

After Kent cleaned up, he got back into bed and hugged Olivia's back. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. He held her tight as they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Twenty

The next day, at ten o'clock, Kent's doorbell rang. When he opened the door, Margaret Evans stood there, and the expression on her face was not friendly.

"Mrs. Evans, I'm surprised to see you so far from your office. How can I help you?"

"May I speak with Olivia please?" She said curtly.

"Of course, please come in." Kent stepped to one side, and Margaret entered the foyer. At that moment Olivia came in from the terrace. Kent was glad to see that she had put her bikini top back on since she had been swimming topless ten minutes ago.

"Aunt Margaret," Olivia said happily. "What a surprise."

"I need to speak with you, Olivia," Margaret said. "In private if we may," she added.

Olivia looked at Kent with a puzzled expression on her face.

Kent shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Why don't you take Mrs. Evans to your bedroom, Olivia."

Olivia led the way, Margaret followed.

Margaret closed Olivia's bedroom door, then said, "I've heard some disturbing news about you and your father."

Olivia knew no one had any idea what she and Kent had been doing so was confident it was not about that.

"Sorry, Aunt Margaret, but I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Someone called my office and asked for whoever had been working on the Miss Allison case. The caller said that your father had been taking advantage of you, that he was molesting you."

"That's ridiculous. He's my father and no father would molest his own daughter."

"You sure about this? Has he threatened to let you go into foster care if you told on him?"

"No, Kent and I have a very loving relationship. And he's never touched me or threatened me."

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Kent stepped into the bedroom.

"Just what is going on here? I'm Olivia's father, and I have a right to know."

"Someone called Aunt Margaret and told her you were molesting me," Olivia said.

"That's ridiculous, Mrs. Evans—. Just a minute, did the caller give you a name?"

"No, they didn't. It was anonymous."

"Was the caller a female?"

"Yes, it was as a matter of fact. How did you know?"

"I'm sure you've heard the expression, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,' Mrs. Evans."

"Of course I have."

"Did you bother to call the number back to verify a very serious accusation? Wasn't it incumbent upon you to do that before coming here?"

Margaret knew she should have. She had let her relationship with Olivia cloud her judgement. She tried to remain professional. She said, "No, I didn't. I figured they wished to remain anonymous."

"I can guarantee that if you call that number right now, a woman by the name of Trudy will answer."

Margaret, sensing that things were going to be okay, pulled out her cell phone and called the number. When the other party answered, Margaret, said, "Is this Trudy?"

After the other party replied, Margaret ended the call. She asked Kent who Trudy was and he filled her in on the relevant details. Margaret apologized profusely and left. Kent watched her get in her car then closed the front door. Olivia and Kent looked at each other then burst out laughing. Olivia was laughing so much her breasts were moving inside her bikini bra top like dishes of firm Jello.

"You gonna molest me tonight, Kent?" Olivia said after regaining her composure.

"Every inch of your gorgeous body," Kent replied.

"Good!" she said with a shy smile.

Chapter Twenty-One

That afternoon out by the pool, Olivia was topless as usual and was lying on the chaise lounge on her back. She had just put sunscreen on. She had dark sunglasses on, and Kent couldn't tell if she had her eyes open or closed. He admired her firm breasts that stood up from her chest topped with darker pink, domed areolas and red nipples.

Kent was puzzled by her reluctance to let him see her pussy. He admired her mons that swelled up from her stomach between bony hips. The bikini bottoms were scant and barely covered her vulva, they were tied at her slim hips. The taut waistband stretched across from hip to hip leaving a tantalizing gap in the middle. There was a distinct cameltoe formed by bulging labia. Kent's cock was rock hard inside his Speedo swimming trunks.

Olivia saw the large bulge, and it made her pussy tingle that she could turn her father on by seeing her naked boobs and plump pussy inside the bikini bottoms.

"You looking at my tits and pussy, Kent?"

"Your tits are just perfect, Olivia. I like how firm they are. I'd like to play with them tonight."

At that, Olivia giggled causing her breasts to jiggle like molded Jello.

"But I can't see your pussy so I can't comment on it," Kent said.

"You wanna see my pussy?"

"Well, you've already seen my cock and made me cum, so it seems only fair that I get to see yours."

"Sorry, Kent, but you're going to have to wait 'til tonight."

With that, Olivia turned onto her front. "Sunscreen please," she said as she held the bottle in her outstretched hand.

Kent took the bottle and squeezed a dollop into the palm of his hand and proceeded to apply lotion to the backs of her legs, back, and shoulders. He smacked her butt when he was done. Olivia squealed with delight.


Olivia came into Kent's bedroom twenty minutes after he had gone to bed. She had on just a pair of royal-blue boy-short style panties. She climbed onto the bed and lay facing him.

"You wanna play with my tits, Kent?" she asked.

"You betcha."

Kent leaned in and kissed each nipple in turn that caused a small moan to escape Olivia's lips. Then he sucked and swirled his tongue around her dome-shaped areolas causing them to puff up. Olivia had her hand on Kent's erection as he sucked and licked and squeezed her gorgeous breasts.

After ten minutes, Olivia said, "You wanna see my pussy now?"

"You betcha."

Olivia started to put her thumbs inside the waistband and lift her butt, but Kent stopped her.

"No, let me," he said.

Kent put his fingers inside the waist of Olivia's panties and pulled them. She lifted her butt off the bed and he ever so slowly tugged them over her hips and drew them down. As her pussy came into view, Kent's cock twitched at the sight of her prominent fleshy mons that looked bare. He gasped as he saw the two-finger gap between her slender thighs filled with her plump labia. Her clitoral cowl was poking out at the top like a small ruffle of darker pink skin.

"Good God, Olivia, you've got a gorgeous, gorgeous pussy," Kent exclaimed.

"Thank you," Olivia said quietly. "You're the first man ever to see it. Not even my boyfriend saw it when we had sex."

"Then I'm honored," Kent said. "So I'm going to be the first to kiss it as well," he added, causing the look on Olivia's face to turn serious. Kent felt a tremor run through her body.

Olivia had seen videos of men performing oral sex on girls, and as she watched them, she wondered what it would feel like to have her clit sucked. She had not even had oral sex with her girlfriends back in Fayetteville. All they had done was masturbate together.

She didn't have to wait long as Kent shuffled down the bed and lay between Olivia's open legs with his face inches away from her pussy. Her plump labia were flared open, and Kent could see her thin inner labia, with her small beaded clitoris at the top and the dark shadow of her vagina at the bottom. He inhaled, and the aroma of his daughter's sex made him a little light-headed.

Kent looked at her mons, a raised delta-shaped pad between bony thighs, and saw that it wasn't bald at all since there was a smattering of pale, fuzz-like hairs in the form of a small triangle with its apex pointing at the top of her cleft. As Kent began licking Olivia's clit, she ran her fingers through his hair, all the while moaning. He could feel small jerks of her ass and legs as her body reacted to his ministrations to her sensitive clit. Olivia was breathing heavily as she closed in on her orgasm.

Then she inhaled sharply, and her whole body became taut. She held fistfuls of Kent's hair as she climaxed. Her body began to tremble and jerk, and high-pitched moans escaped her parted lips. Kent looked up, and the whole of her upper chest and neck were tinged with red. Olivia trembled, and shook, and jerked for almost a minute until she started to calm.

"Gawd, that was amazing, Kent," she said at last when she could catch her breath. "Much better than when I do it."

Kent worked on her clit some more. Then he parted her outer labia, exposing the red opening to her vagina. As she pushed his tongue inside, she gasped loudly.

"Jeez, that feels good," she murmured.

Kent's two fingers replaced his tongue which went back to work on Olivia's clit that was now well out of its protective hood. He kept up the assault on her clit as he finger fucked his daughter. After a few more minutes, Olivia, much to her surprise had her second orgasm. It was at least as intense as the first. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her pussy, grinding her clit against his chin.

"Oh gaaawd, Kent!" she cried as she orgasmed.

Her body shook and jerked as she rode her orgasm. When she finally calmed she said, "I've never had back-to-back orgasms before."

"Well, you didn't believe me when I told you a woman could have multiple orgasms. You want to go for a third?"

"I don't think I could stand it, that last one was almost too much. Save the next one for later."


Chapter Twenty-Two

"I want to do something different tonight, Kent," Olivia said a few days later as she lay in bed next to him. He had just given Olivia an orgasm using his tongue. Kent had a pretty good idea what she was going to do, and it excited him beyond words.

"I've never done it before, and I don't know if I would be doing it right. Will you tell me if I'm doing it wrong?"

"Of course, Olivia."

Olivia lowered her mouth over the end of his cock and started to suck. She moved her head up and down as she'd seen women doing it on the Internet. Then her teeth raked his sensitive frenulum.

"Ouch," Kent cried.

"Oh sorry, sorry, sorry. What did I do wrong?"

Kent pointed to the underside of his cockhead and said, "This is the most sensitive part, so you need to keep your tongue over your teeth when you move your head up and down. Also if you lick it when I cum, it makes my orgasm more intense."

"Okay, thanks, I'll be more careful."

Olivia went back to sucking his cock, but this time as her tongue slid along the underside of its head he got a nice jolt of pleasure. Her hand held the root of his shaft as she moved her head up and down. She took about a third of his cock into her mouth before pulling back off until she had just the head inside her mouth.

She lifted her head and took his cock out of her mouth and said, "Am I doing it right?"

"You're doing great for your first time, and I'm honored to be your first."

Olivia smiled, then a frown found her face. "I don't know if I want you to cum in my mouth. Sorry."

"Olivia, you don't have to apologize. Just doing what we're doing is more than I could ask for. I'll give you a good warning, but if you change your mind, make sure you breathe through your nose. And don't stop stroking my cock while I cum."

Olivia went back to fellating Kent. After five minutes, his butt jerked, and his legs started to tremble as he felt the warmth spread throughout his groin area. His ball sack tightened, drawing his testicles tight against his body.

"Gonna cum, Olivia," he said.

She lifted her head off his cock and kept stroking its shaft as the first rope of hid partly-translucent while semen spurted out the end and up into the air a good twelve inches, before falling back onto Olivia's wrist. She watched in amazement as four more ropes spurted out, each successive one got weaker until the last amount of semen oozed out of the end. Olivia's hand and wrist were covered in Kent's semen.

He watched her through narrowed eyes and with ragged breath as she brought the back of her hand to her nose and sniffed.

"Smells sorta metallic," she said.

Kent was excited. Was Olivia going to taste it? He hoped she wasn't turned off by the taste since that might be the first hurdle to letting him ejaculate in her mouth. He saw a tentative tongue slide out between her kissable lips and the tip touch the glistening liquid, then dart back in. He watched her expression. There was no wrinkled brow or downturn of the corners of her mouth—a sure sign of distaste. Then she licked a fair amount off her fingers and swallowed. Kent waited with bated breath for the result, like he was waiting for a judge to read the verdict on a charge of sex with an underage child.

"It's not too bad," she said. "It's a little salty but nowhere near as bad as that piece of anchovy that I found in a Caesar salad one time."

She got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. When she came back, she snuggled her back to Kent's front, drew his arm over and place his hand on her left breast.

"I think next time, you can cum in my mouth," she said.

Chapter Twenty-Three

The appearance of a few spots of blood while they showered together—the onset of Olivia's period—put the kibosh on Kent's plan to finally have intercourse with her. For the past month, they had been having sex on a regular basis. Olivia had taken to sleeping in her room some nights since Kent told her that once school started, she would have to sleep in her room on school nights and in his bed Friday and Saturday nights. He had enrolled her in the local private academy for the upcoming semester due to start in September—just ten days away.

Olivia kept dropping hints that she wanted to do more, to go all the way. Kent didn't want to rush things with her, but she was persistent. He finally acquiesced, tonight was going to be the night when they were finally going to have intercourse. Then her period made its presence known.

After drying off, Olivia went back to her bathroom, inserted a tampon and slipped on a clean pair of underpants, a thick cotton pair, unlike the sexy satin ones she liked to wear. These were the ones she wore when she was on her period. Kent was in bed when she returned with a disappointed look on his face.

Olivia got onto the bed and said, "Look on the bright side, Kent. I'm going to let you cum in my mouth tonight."

Those few words brightened Kent's demeanor no end. "You sure about this, Olivia?"

"Uh-huh. Even though it doesn't taste like a milkshake, it's okay, and I want to make you feel good."

"You do know I love you very, very much?"

"Yes, I do, Kent, and you know that I love you, too," Olivia replied.

She lay with her head on his stomach and took the head of his cock inside her mouth. Kent could never get tired of feeling Olivia's sweet lips around the underside of his cockhead, as she stroked his shaft. Olivia was now giving him the ultimate blowjob where he was going to spurt his cum into her mouth. She had gotten a washcloth from the bathroom in case she decided to spit his semen out instead of swallowing it. Kent didn't mind one way or another. Once he had cum, his pleasure was done.

"I'm almost there, Olivia," Kent warned.

Olivia kept up the pace of stroking Kent's cock, but she took most of it out of her mouth, leaving just the head inside. He felt her tongue rubbing his frenulum. That took him over the top. His cock swelled and spasmed as the first load of his teeming fluid spurted into her mouth. Even though Kent had forewarned her and she felt his cock swell in her hand, she jerked a little as the rope of semen hit the back of her mouth. Kent spurted more loads into her waiting mouth until he was done.

Olivia sat up and looked at Kent. Her cheeks were bulging from the mouthful of his cum. There was a slight narrowing of her eyes and a small frown on his face as he watched her trying to decide if she was going to swallow or spit it out. Then she swallowed twice. She smiled.

"I did it, Kent. I swallowed all of it," she said with pride in her voice. "Sorry, we couldn't have you know . . . real sex—intercourse."

Kent leaned in and kissed her. "That's okay, honey, we have plenty of time."

Chapter Twenty-Four

Olivia started her new school on a warm, early September Monday morning. The school required its pupils to wear uniforms and Olivia had laughed when she tried it on at the store.

"I look like one of those schoolgirls in the porn videos," she whispered in Kent's ear.

"Maybe we can have sex while you're wearing it," he whispered back.

Kent had promised Olivia that they would finally have intercourse on the upcoming Friday evening.

"I've bought something special to wear," she said.

"Olivia, my love, I can't wait."

Both Kent and Olivia got more excited as the week wore on. They abstained from sex so that their eventual consummation would be more exciting. Friday evening finally arrived, and Kent took Olivia out for dinner. On their return, Olivia went to her room where she showered and put on her special underwear. It was a matching bra and a thong in white satin. The bra had solid satin and lace cups and the thong a satin triangle that just barely covered her mons and the cotton gusset coddled her vulva. As she looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her breasts inside the cups, she could clearly see her darkened areolas through the lace. There was a cameltoe in the material of the thong. She ran her fingers through her light-brown locks, swallowed twice and went downstairs.

Kent was sitting on the edge of his bed when Olivia pushed open the bedroom door. He caught his breath as he saw his fourteen-year-old daughter enter the bedroom dressed in the sexiest underwear he had ever seen. He didn't know if it was because they were made of white satin and lace, or because it was his daughter that was wearing them, but they were incredibly sexy nonetheless.

"My God, Olivia, you look absolutely gorgeous. You said you had gotten something special to wear, but that underwear is so incredibly sexy."

"I'm glad you like them, Daddy."

Kent's cock twitched at her addressing him as 'Daddy.'

"That's right, Kent, you're Daddy for tonight," Olivia said.

"Come here, my darling daughter," he said.

As she walked toward him, she pirouetted showing him the thin strap of her thong running into her butt crack, splitting her firm buttocks.

"Good God, that has to be the most erotic sight. I love your ass, Olivia. I thought it was stupendous from the first time that I saw it but with that thong—my God . . . " Olivia's rear was a wonder to behold, the seductive gap at the juncture of her thighs was alluring indeed and Kent's cock twitched in anticipation of holding it.

Olivia stood between Kent's knees. He put his hands on her smooth, bare buttocks and pulled her close. She took his cheeks in her hands and kissed his lips. Their heads tilted and their mouths opened, and they French kissed. Kent was gently squeezing her buttocks as they kissed. Olivia's arms were around his neck. They stayed like that for a good five minutes French kissing until Olivia broke their kiss, panting hard.

"I think it's time for your gorgeous underwear to come off, don't you think?" Kent said.

"You want me to do it, Daddy?"

"Yes, baby."

Kent was excited as he'd ever been around his daughter as he watched her reach behind her back and unfasten the bra. Olivia brought her hands back around and held the cups in place with a devilish smile on her face; her deep green eyes sparkled. He was never ceased to be amazed at how alluring and sexy his fourteen-year-old daughter could be. She was teasing him as no fourteen-year-old girl could do; she bit her bottom lip and smiled as she slowly removed the cups, exposing her exquisite breasts. Olivia let the bra slip off her arms. Kent caught it and smelled it.

"Mmmm, nice," he murmured.

Olivia wiggled her butt as she pulled the elastic side straps of the thong over her hips and let it drop to the floor. Kent picked it up, brought the crotch to his nose and inhaled.

"God, your pussy smells good," he said. He stood up and got onto the bed on his back. "You want to go on top, honey? That way you control how quickly I penetrate you. If I was on top, I don't think I could control myself, and I don't want to hurt you."

"Okay, Daddy," Olivia replied.

She got on the bed and straddled Kent's hips, sitting down on his erection. Kent watched as her plump outer labia oozed to the sides of his cock. The action caused her clit to come out of its cowl. Olivia looked down and started to scrub along the shaft of his cock. Soon his shaft was covered with her glistening secretions making it slick. As she moved back, her clit dipped and kissed the shaft sending bolts of pleasure into her pussy.

"Gawd, this feels good, Daddy," Olivia said as she scrubbed back and forth using his cock to masturbate with. She had the palms of her hands flat on his chest, steadying herself as she brought herself to her first orgasm of the evening.

"Oh God, Daddy!" she cried as she dropped to his chest. Kent could feel her heart thumping in her chest.

After a few minutes, she pushed herself back up. Her whole upper chest and neck were tinged with red of her intense arousal. She lifted up and, holding Kent's cock between her thumb and forefinger, guided its head to the opening to her vagina. She let go, but it slapped back down on his stomach. She repeated this two more times and on the fourth attempt, satisfied that it was secure at the entrance to her vagina, she let go of it and slowly lowered herself.

Inch by inch, Olivia slowly impaled herself on Kent's cock by lowering an inch then raising back up half an inch. After three or four minutes she had taken all of his cock inside her. Kent looked at the incredibly erotic sight of his daughter's plump labia hugging the root of his cock. She looked at Kent and smiled.

"I did it," she said proudly.

"How do you feel, Olivia?" Kent asked.

"Stuffed," Olivia replied, "really stuffed, but it feels really, really good."

Olivia sat there with her father's cock buried inside her, slowly adjusting to having something so big inside her pussy. After five minutes, she raised up a little and then settled back down. She repeated this a few more times until she was used to having Kent's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Then she raised up some more until just the head was inside her and sank back down. As she did so, her inner labia inverted and pulled her clit into contact with his shaft sending electrical sparks of pleasure throughout her body.

On one occasion, she raised up too much, and Kent's cock slipped out. She quickly put it back in and began to raise and lower herself again. Soon, she had a steady rhythm going. Her palms were flat on Kent's chest, and her eyes were closed as she chased her second orgasm. Kent reached up and tweaked her nipples and gently squeezed her breasts. After a few more minutes, Olivia stopped, fell to Kent's chest and started to tremble and shake as her orgasm grabbed her.

"Oh gawd, Daddy," she moaned as she jerked and shook.

Kent had his hands on her firm buttocks feeling them jerk. He held his daughter as her orgasm coursed through her body. After a few minutes, she stopped moving and lifted up. Her whole body felt like it was made of Jello. She climbed off of him and lay beside him.

"Take over, Daddy," she said, "I'm beat."

Kent climbed over Olivia's leg and settled between them. He lifted her legs over his thighs and guided the head of his cock to her very red and very wet pussy. Even though she was tight, he easily slipped inside her. He knew he wouldn't last long since he had been on the cusp of his orgasm for the last ten minutes and it had taken all his willpower to damp down his ardor as he watched his daughter make love to him.

"Oh jeez, Olivia," he cried as he felt his cock spasm and swell as semen burned up its shaft to flood her young womb. Spurt after spurt of his teeming fluid filled her up. Then as soon as it started, his orgasm was over. He was done, sated, empty, eminently satisfied. His cock stayed semi-hard ensconced in his fourteen-year-old daughter's tight pussy.

After five minutes, he felt his cock start to soften. "Olivia, honey, if we don't want to sleep in a messy bed, cup your pussy when I pull out and go to the bathroom. When you're done, put that pair of panties on that I've left there for you."

"Okay, Daddy," she replied. Kent pulled out of her and rolled to her side. She got out of bed with her hand cupping her pussy and went to the bathroom. She came back five minutes later wearing a pair of white cotton panties and got back into bed. She snuggled up to his side.

"Thanks, Daddy, that was incredible. We have to do it again, but not now because I'm sore."

"I'm glad we can't, honey, because I don't think I could manage to get hard again so soon."

"I love you very, very much, Daddy."

"I love you too, Olivia."


Kent's phone trilled. He hit the answer icon. "This is Kent," he said. He could hear sobbing on the other end of the call. "Olivia, what's the matter, honey?"

"Can we come home, Kent?"

"Of course you can, honey. Text me your flight information, and I'll pick you up from the airport."

Kent had a bad feeling that Olivia's husband may have found out that Olivia's daughter Molly wasn't his. It was Kent and Olivia's not so little secret. It was five years ago, and Olivia and her husband Tom were going through a bad patch in their marriage. Olivia had flown back from the West Coast to stay with Kent for a few weeks. Olivia, an English teacher at a middle school, was on summer break at the time. That night, Olivia had come to Kent's bedroom and asked him just to hold her. One thing led to another, and they made love. Over the next week, they made love every night.

A month later, Olivia had called Kent and told him she was pregnant. Kent had asked how that was possible since she wore the birth control patch. She said her OB-GYN told her it was only ninety-nine percent effective. Olivia told Kent the baby was most definitely his and to avoid Tom getting suspicious she had delayed telling him. When she gave birth almost eight months later, she told him the baby, who they named Molly, was a month premature. Fortunately, Molly was a small baby, just over six pounds.


Kent saw Olivia and Molly coming up the ramp from the gates at two o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon. When Molly saw Kent, she took off running and leaped into his arms, putting her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He held her pantied bottom in both hands as he kissed her lips.

"Molly, so good to see you, sweetheart," Kent said.

"I love you, Grandpa," Molly replied.

"I love you too, honey," Kent replied.

As they drove back to Kent's house, Olivia was quiet, which was more than could be said for Molly. She was full of questions for Kent including several about his cat. Whenever Olivia FaceTimed him on the weekends, Molly always asked to see his cat, Elliot. That evening when they had tucked Molly into bed, Kent and Olivia sat on the couch.

"Okay, Molly, what happened? How did Tom find out Molly wasn't his?"

"He was looking for some papers and saw the result of my ultrasound. It listed the fetus as six weeks old which meant the baby couldn't be his since I was at your house when I conceived. He was mad as hell and asked me who I had been screwing. I told him that while we were estranged, I had met a guy and things just happened. He's going to file for divorce. Can Molly and I come and live with you for a while until I figure out what we're going to do?"

"Of course you can, honey. And you can stay permanently, if you want to."

Later that night, Olivia came to Kent's bedroom and snuggled up to him. She said, "Make love to me."

Kent put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his. Heads tilted and mouths opened, and they French kissed. Olivia's hand grasped his cock and squeezed it. Kent broke their kiss and got between his daughter's legs. His cock easily slipped into her snug, wet pussy.

"God, I miss having you inside me, Kent. Fuck me, fuck me hard."

Soon Kent was pounding into Olivia's pussy as hard as he could. She had her legs over his shoulder with her ankles locked behind his head as he plunged deep into her, bumping her rubbery end. Olivia came, and she came hard.

"Oh gawd," she cried. "I love you Kent."

As Kent felt his daughter climax and her body started to shake and her vagina spasm on his cock, he too climaxed. His cock swelled, and cum jetted out the end and flooded Olivia's pussy. Soon he was done, and his cock started to soften. Olivia's orgasm went on for another minute. Then she too was done. She cupped her pussy as she expelled Kent's flaccid cock and went to the bathroom. She came back a few minutes later, snuggled her back against Kent's front, pulled his arm around her and rested his hand on her breast. They both drifted off to a deep, satisfying sleep.


Kent awoke the next morning to find his granddaughter Molly holding his partially erect cock in her small hand.

"What's this, Grandpa?" she said.

Olivia opened her eyes and saw her daughter with Kent's cock in her hand and smiled. "Like mother, like daughter," she said.


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