Craig's List Sex

                          by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MF, MMF, MFF, MFg 12, ped, incest, anal, oral, dp, con.

A young couple advertise on Craig's List for a man to join them in their bed to satisfy the wife's sexual needs. It leads them down a path that they would never have taken or even thought about taking.

Word Count: 12,319

Published: August 5 2018

Chapter One

"Oh God Steve, that feels so fucking good," Marsha said. Her husband Steve had his cock buried deep in her ass. The end of the rubber cock-shaped dildo was sitting in the palm of his hand between her legs as his middle finger pressed her clitoris. Marsha absolutely loved anal sex, but her unspoken desire was to have a man's cock in her pussy while Steve fucked her in the ass. They had been using the dildo a lot lately; sometimes in her ass, as he stroked in and out of her pussy and sometimes the reverse. On several occasions, she had it in his ass while she brought him to his climax with her hand or her mouth. Where sex was concerned, they were very adventurous and lately she had been fantasizing about having a man join them in their bed.

"Cumming baby," he cried as he felt his cock swell and spurted his cum deep into her bowels.

"Right behind you babe," she cried as her orgasm consumed her. The double sensation of her husband cumming in her ass as he rubbed her clit overwhelmed her senses. She collapsed onto the pillow under her hips, trapping his hand between her legs.

Steve was long done, his semen drained as his wife bucked his hand, causing him to press her clit harder. Her orgasm lasted another half minute until she too was done, sated, unfulfilled. The tight sphincter of her anus expelled his now flaccid cock, and he rolled to her side. She turned and hugged his side. She was quiet for a long time, something Steve thought unusual since his wife liked post-sex talk, telling him what she loved and what she could do to give him more pleasure or telling him what she wanted him to do.

"What is it honey?" he finally asked.

"I'm not sure you want to know," she replied.

"C'mon Marsha, there's nothing we can't talk about, you know that."

"You promise not to get angry?"

"Of course honey," he replied.

She was quiet for a few moments. "The dildo, although a nice addition, doesn't cut it anymore. It's no substitution for a real cock."

The response caught him by surprise, but he loved his wife and wanted her to be happy.

"You want to do a threesome?" he asked.

"Would you mind?" she asked.

"Not if it swings both ways," he said. A threesome with another woman had always been one of his fantasies, but he never thought his wife would go for it.

"You mean you and me and another woman?" she asked.


"God I'd love that," she said. "Has that been a fantasy of yours?"

"Yeah, but I'd never thought you'd go for it."

"Honey, I'll do anything to make you happy."

"So how do you think we should go about finding a suitable guy?" he asked.

"We could post on Craig's List."

"We would have to meet them first to see if we clicked."

"Agreed," she replied. I think it's best if I post it since men are more likely to respond to a woman."

Chapter Two

A week later Marsha posted on Craig's list. It was a simple post with a naked selfie of her from the neck down and a short dialog.

An outgoing couple, she 28, blue-eyed blond, him 30, trim fit, seek a like-minded man to join them in their bed, Non-smoker, disease free, drug-free. Full body photo needed preferable naked. No photo - no reply.

It didn't take but a day when they received twenty replies. They discarded the one with no photo, weeded out the ones with pot bellies and hairy chest since Marsha hated body hair which is why she and Steve had regular Brazilian wax treatments to remove the sparse hair from his chest and all of their pubic areas. They narrowed it down to three men. One was in his late forties and the other two in their early twenties. They decided to meet Jerry, the older man first. Although he was handsome and looked fit, they thought he would be too old but decided to meet him anyway.


Steve and Marsha met Jerry at a local Starbucks one Saturday morning a few days later. He was six foot three, slim, with brown hair with a few gray streaks, and brown eyes. He told them that he was forty-nine, divorced with a twenty-eight-year-old daughter and a twelve-year-old granddaughter. He was an attorney and lived alone in a large house three miles from Steve and Marsha's house. They talked for over an hour, and it was obvious to Steve that Jerry and Marsha had hit it off from the start. She was touching his hand and arm as she spoke and Steve could tell that she liked him a lot. After saying their goodbyes, Marsha was the first to speak.

"I don't know about you honey, but I don't think we need to meet the other two."

"I agree, I liked Jerry from the moment we met him. He's very laid back, and when you told him that we were interested in both anal and vaginal sex, it didn't seem to faze him one bit."

"I'm still nervous as heck though," Marsha said. "I mean we've never had a threesome before. I don't know how you feel about being naked in front of him or watching him penetrate me, but it's something that's both exciting as well as a little scary."

"I'm nervous also," he replied. "I know our love is strong, and that bringing a man into our bed isn't going to change how we feel about each other. I love you enough to help you get satisfaction."

"Awww, thanks, honey. That means so much to me. And don't forget that we need to start looking for a girl to join us. I know you've always said it was a fantasy of yours to have sex with two women at the same time."

When they got home, Marsha called Jerry and arranged for him to meet up with them for dinner the following Friday evening.


Chapter Three

Friday evening Steve and Marsha sat at in a booth of their favorite restaurant looking at the entrance, waiting for Jerry to arrive. They were both nervous at setting out on this new path in their lives. Five minutes later they saw Jerry enter the restaurant and speak to the maître d' who pointed him in their direction.

Steve got up and extend his hand. "Hi Jerry," he said.

"Nice to meet the two of you again," Jerry said as he shook Steve's hand. He bent over and kissed Marsha on her mouth. "You look beautiful this evening Marsha."

"Thanks, Jerry," she replied.

The waiter came over and took Jerry's drink order. "I'll have a Manhattan straight up please; Jim Beam Black and a dash of bitters."

"We don't know about you, but we're nervous since we've never done this before," Marsha said after the waiter had left.

"Even though I've done this a few times, I'm nervous too since I've never been with such a young couple before."


They ate dinner and at eight thirty left the restaurant. Jerry followed them home and parked behind their car in the driveway. Inside the house, Jerry could tell that Marsha was the more nervous one of the two. He took her hand.

"Why don't you show me where your bedroom is and I'll go into the bathroom and get undressed while you do the same in the bedroom," Jerry suggested.

"Sounds good to us," Steve said. "It's this way."

Jerry followed Steve to their master suite and showed him the door to the bathroom. Marsha followed, and she and Steve got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed holding hands. Five minutes later Jerry came out of the bathroom. Marsha stifled a small gasp as she saw his tall, muscular body. Although he had said he was almost fifty years old, he didn't look it. There was no sign of a middle-aged paunch, and she couldn't help but notice his long, semi-erect cock hanging down between his legs. It swung from side to side as he walked to the bed. But what surprised her the most was that he, like her husband, was completely hairless.

"You've got a gorgeous body Marsha," Jerry said as he approached the bed and saw her sitting there. She had very perky breasts he thought, cone-like, standing straight out from her chest with darker pink areolas and red nipples. He was glad to see that she was devoid of any pubic hair as was Steve since he eschewed pubic hair on a woman since he felt it got in the way of giving her oral sex. Same when they gave him oral sex.

"The women that I've had sex with were quite a bit older, and if I may say so, gravity hadn't been kind to some of them."

"I'm glad you don't have any pubic hair, Jerry," Marsha said. "Steve and I keep our pubes nice and smooth."

"I think we both must use the same cosmetologist," he noted, causing chuckles all 'round; it served to break the ice a little.

Jerry stood in front of them. "You want me to go with your wife first?" he asked, trying to get things going and to assuage the young couples nervousness.

"Why don't you let me get her warmed up," Steve said, "since she loves foreplay."

"But of course, intercourse without foreplay is like strawberries without cream." That analogy caused another round of chuckles.

Steve got between his wife's open legs and started to suck her clitoris as Jerry knelt beside Marsha's face and touched the head of his cock against her cheek. She took the hint and, turning her head slightly, grasped the shaft of his now fully erect cock and put her lips around its bulbous head. She almost climaxed as she tasted him and felt him push it into her mouth. Steve had been her first and only lover, so the sensation of having another man's cock in her mouth was incredibly arousing.

She could easily take all of Steve's cock in her mouth and down her throat, but Jerry's was a good inch or more longer, and as hard as she tried she couldn't get it all inside her. Steve's ministrations to her pussy had the desired effect, and she quickly climaxed. With Jerry's cock in her hand against her face, she started to shake and jerk. She thought that it was probably one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had, given that there were two men there to pleasure her.

She finally calmed. "Wow guys!" she said, "that was amazing."

"Your wife certainly knows how to administer oral sex," Jerry said as Marsha sucked the end of his cock as her husband looked on. "You're a fortunate man indeed."

"Why don't you lie on your back Jerry," Marsha said, "and I'll lie on top of you. As I told you at our meeting, Steve and I love anal sex."

Jerry swapped places with Marsha, and she straddled him. Reaching behind, she grasped the shaft of his cock and found the entrance to her vagina and lowered herself on it. As its end bumped her cervix, she exhaled loudly.

"Gawd that feels good," she said. She couldn't take any more of him inside of her since he was too long. She lowered herself onto his chest, her breasts squashing out each side. Her face was right next to his, and it seemed the natural thing to do to kiss him. She put her hands on his face and inhaled his aroma; it was very masculine with a trace of soap from his earlier shower and his aftershave that smelled very expensive.

Steve got on his knees behind his wife and between Jerry's legs. Grasping the shaft of his cock, he rubbed its head around Marsha's tight, pink rosebud. He needed lubrication, so he rubbed the head against Jerry's shaft wet with his wife's moisture. The feeling of his cock against another man's cock buried deep inside his wife's pussy was an extraordinary experience yet a very exciting one.

Returning to Marsha's anus, he spread the moisture around her anus and pushed. She was very tight tonight, he thought. As he pushed a little harder, he heard a loud gasp escape his wife's mouth as the head slipped inside her ass.

"Oh my God," she said. "I've dreamed about this and nothing comes close to how it feels to have a man's cock in my ass and another in my pussy all at the same time."

Steve pushed some more, and he felt the strangest sensation. He could feel Jerry's cock through the thin membranes that separated Marsha's bowels from her vagina. She could feel it too as she clenched her vaginal muscles. Both men now started to fuck her. At first, it was uncoordinated, but soon Steve matched Jerry's strokes. After no more than half a minute, Marsha had her second orgasm.

"Jeez guys, cumming again, "she cried.

Both men kept thrusting in and out of her as she shook and jerked with her orgasm. The sound that filled the room was moans from all three plus the slurping of very wet penises inside Marsha's ass and pussy as well as the sound of Steve's ball sack hitting Jerry's.

Steve was the first to cum.

"Cumming baby," he cried as he felt his cock swell; he pumped his semen deep inside his wife's bowels. When he was done, he lay on his wife's back panting. Jerry was still pumping Marsha's pussy as he neared his climax.

"Okay to cum inside you?" he asked.

"God yes!" she replied. "I want to feel your cock swell and pulse as you pump me full of your cum."

Steve was holding his wife's hips, keeping his semi-erect cock inside as Jerry, lying underneath, slammed into her.

"Oh God," Jerry cried as he too felt his cock swell; he kept thrusting into Marsha as he spurted his cum inside her. She convulsed with her third orgasm of the night.

All three lay there panting, their bodies covered in sweat, basking in their post-coital euphoria. Steve was the first to pull out, and Martha immediately clenched her anus to keep his cum inside her. She raised up and lifted herself off Jerry's cock, feeling his cum start to leak out.

"Leaking guys," she proclaimed as she cupped her pussy and headed to the bathroom.

Five minutes later she came back out and picked her panties off the chair and pulled them back on.

"You want to spend the night Jerry?" Steve asked.

"I'd love to if it's okay," he replied.

With Marsha in the middle of her two lovers, she was the first to fall into slumber.

Chapter Four

Marsha was the first to awake the next morning. She looked first at her husband Steve who had his usual morning woody, then at Jerry who also had an erection. She recounted the sex from the previous night, and it made her pussy tingle. It had been the best sex ever she thought and had fulfilled her fantasy of having a man's cock inside her ass and pussy at the same time—a double penetration that she had seen on the porn sites which led to her getting a dildo. She thought that the dildo wasn't going to cut it any longer.

She loved her husband dearly, and she had feelings for this new man in her life. She wondered if a polyamorous relationship was possible and would Steve or Jerry even agree to it. She put her hand on both men's penises and squeezed gently. Her pussy was tingling, and she could feel her breasts get heavy with desire.

Steve was the first to wake. He leaned over and kissed her. "Morning babe," he said. "You have a nice glow to you this morning," he added.

She kissed him back. "Thank you so much for agreeing to do this Steve. It meant so much to me. Did you enjoy it too?"

"I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. But watching you get penetrated by another man and seeing his cock slide in and out of your pussy was a big turn-on for me."

"I'm glad honey."

Jerry opened his eyes. "Well good morning to the two of you," he said.

"You up for some more fun?" Marsha asked.

"Of course I am," Jerry replied. "What do you have in mind?"

Marsha had a devilish grin on her face. Hers and Steve's sex life had always been an adventure, trying out different positions, different scenarios and role-playing. She had found out quite by accident that she got a good kick out of Steve cumming on her body, particularly on her breasts. One evening as Steve was fucking her and just before he came, he pulled back too much, and as he thrust forward his cock came out of her vagina and slid along her cleft; he ended up spurting his cum all over her stomach.

She had read somewhere that rubbing semen into your breasts would make them grow. Probably an old wive's tale she told herself, and since she was a 34B she really didn't want them to get any bigger because gravity might take over, and Steve loved their cone shape and the way they stood out from her chest. She was extremely proud of her body; she still had a small waist, and her hips flared nicely giving her a classic, yet slimmer hourglass figure. She never walked the mall without getting at least three men do a double take.

"Well, my favorite thing for Steve to do while I'm on my period—apart from anal sex that is, is to cum on me. Now I have two men in bed with me I'd like you both to cum on me, but not on my face though."

"That sounds like fun," Jerry said.

Both men knelt on the bed, one on each side of Marsha as she propped herself up on a couple of pillows so she could watch the action. She had her hand down the front of her panties, cupping her pussy with her middle finger rubbing her still swollen clit while Steve and Jerry each had their penises in their hand stroking their shafts. She pulled her panties down to her knees and opened her legs, giving them a good look at her pussy; she had two fingers of one hand curled inside her vagina and the pad of the finger of her other hand pressing her clit.

Jerry looked across at Steve and saw that he was chasing his orgasm while his own was on its cusp; he stopped stroking to keep himself on the very edge since he wanted to cum at the same time as Steve. Marsha watched amazed at how in control Jerry was.

Steve gasped as he spurted his cum onto his wife's breasts and arms as she furiously diddled her clit. Jerry was close behind, and he aimed his cock at her neck and Marsha watched as a long thick rope of white translucent cum came at her. At first, she thought it was going to hit her face, but it splashed against her neck. He aimed the next two or three at her hand finger fucking her pussy. She scooped up a large globe with her two fingers and pushed it inside her. It was enough to put her over the top. She clamped her hand between her legs as she climaxed.

Both men were done, spent; they knelt there with their semi-erect penises in their hands watching as Marsha had her orgasm. Her whole body shook, and her butt and legs jerked uncontrollably. After a minute she started to calm and finally opened her eyes. She looked at the large amount of her lovers' cum on her neck, breasts, and stomach. She scooped some up with three fingers and sucked it off, not knowing whose it was.

"That was intense," she said. I think we all need to get in the shower," she added.

Chapter Five

As they sat eating breakfast, Jerry asked about children.

"You don't have any children I guess," he said.

"No, not yet, but we intend to in the not too distant future," Marsha replied. "You have a daughter and a granddaughter right?"

"That's right and let me tell you, there is nothing in the world like feeling the love of a child. My daughter Millie got pregnant when she was sixteen, and I helped raise Natasha—we call her Tasha. She is the sweetest young girl you could imagine, and she loves for me to kiss her."

Jerry was quiet for a while. "I know we have just met, but I believe I can trust the two of you with my little secret," he said finally.

"Oh, what's that?" Steve asked. The word secret piqued his interest.

"Steve, let me ask you a very personal question, and if you don't want to answer, you don't have to."

"Okay," he replied tentatively.

"Do you have any interactivity with young girls—nieces, friend's daughters perhaps?"

"Yeah, I have Kimberly, my eleven-year-old niece. Why?"

"Have you ever had any feelings for her?"

"Of course, she's my niece. I love her dearly."

"I'm sorry, I guess I should have been more specific. What I meant to ask, was if you have any sexual feelings toward her?"

Steve looked at his wife; she nodded and he said, "Well, Marsha and I don't have any secrets from each other, and when Kimberly was nine, she stayed with us for a few days while her parents flew out to the West coast to attend a funeral. I admitted to Marsha that I started to get erections when I was around Kimberly. She had started puberty six months prior, and she was developing small breasts that I could see through her thin tops."

"Let me ask you if you ever acted on any of your feelings toward your niece?"

"Good God no. I didn't want to end up in jail or face the wrath of my brother-in-law."

"I understand as it takes a few years to get a young girl to want to have sex with you,"

"What exactly are you telling us, Jerry?" Marsha said, joining a conversation that she was finding more and more intriguing and stimulating. She felt herself leaking into her clean panties. She hadn't told Steve at the time he told her about his feelings toward Kimberly, that the image of him having sex with his niece was a big turn-on for her.

"When my daughter was twelve," Jerry said, "my wife ran off with some guy she had met online, so I was left to raise her by myself. Marsha, you probably know the feeling at that age when for the first time you realize the effect your developing body can have on some men."

She nodded.

"Makes you feel all grown up doesn't it?"

"Uh-huh. I would get nice feelings in my pussy when I saw the bulge in my uncle's pants as he looked at me in my bikini."

"My daughter Millie was no different, and she kept up a relentless flirtation with me as her target. At first, I resisted the sexual advances—some blatant at times. I think in her mind she was trying to replace my wife in my life and it really touched my heart. She finally wore down my parental resolve not to have an incestuous relationship with a daughter, with all the possible negative aspects—least of which was going to prison if anyone found out.

"But more important was the fear that if we did have sex, it would change our father-daughter relationship and I was worried it might damage it. When I finally told her, that if anyone found out we had an incestuous relationship and I was put in prison, she would have to go and live with her mother. She promised that whatever we did would remain a secret, since the last thing she wanted was to have to live with my ex-wife who she never got along with.

"It started off with her watching me masturbate; then we'd masturbate together, and it rapidly advanced to pleasuring each other. I took her virginity the day she turned thirteen."

"You still have sex with her?" Steve asked, fascinated and titillated with what Jerry was telling them.

"Yes, the last time was a week ago. But it's infrequent now that she's dating again. My attention has now focused on my granddaughter which is why I'm telling you all this."

Marsha picked up on it right away. "So you're now having sex with your granddaughter," she offered.

"Yes and that's the reason for this conversation. My daughter and I have been having sex with Tasha ever since she was a baby. As we were raising her, we would start to give her orgasms as young as six months."

"Six months!?" Marsha said, incredible that a baby could have an orgasm.

"Yes, that's right. Girls can have orgasms at a very young age." Millie and I would usually give her an orgasm using either our tongues or fingers after her nightly bath. When she got older, she would come and ask us to do it. As she got older she would come up to me and say "Make me cum Grandpa."

Marsha's pussy was tingling at the thought of giving a young girl an orgasm with her tongue. She and Steve had talked about bringing a woman into their bed since she had always thought she was bi-sexual since beautiful, sexy woman turned her on. Now the idea of her and Steve having sex with a twelve-year-old excited her no end.

"Is she still a virgin?" Steve asked.

"No, I took her virginity when she was ten. I should add that it was after she pestered Millie and me for six months."

"I find it hard to believe that a ten-year-old's vagina can stretch enough to accommodate an adult's cock," Marsha said.

"You'd be surprised at how much she could stretch at that age."

"I have to ask," Steve said, "why are you telling us all this?"

"Well Steve, I wanted to find out if you had any sexual feelings toward young girls and you've told me that you do. How about you Marsha? Does the thought of you and Steve having sex with a twelve-year-old excite you too?"

"To be honest, I surprised myself. While listening to you talk about sex with your granddaughter, I got really turned on. But will she be willing?"

"She's been after me for months to see what it would be like to have sex with someone other than me. She really is quite precocious. I don't want to insult you in any way Steve, but I noticed you have an average length cock and mine is quite long. Tasha always had a problem with the fact that she couldn't take all of me inside her. She was always concerned that she didn't satisfy me, which of course couldn't have been further from the truth."

"You didn't insult me, Jerry." Steve looked at his wife; she nodded. "If you can guarantee that this will never get out then yes we'd love to. When do we get to meet Tasha?"

"How about we all go out to lunch one day so she can get to know you in a normal environment."

"That sounds good," Steve replied.

"Okay, I'll set it up for a Saturday,"

After Jerry had left, Marsha sat down next to Steve. "Well that was an unexpected development," he said. "What do you think?"

"I didn't tell you at the time you told me about getting an erection when you were around Kimberly, but the vision of you having sex with her while I watched really turned me on."

"It did?"

"Yeah, big time. It sort of shocked me at first that I would get turned on by such an illegal, incestuous act but the more I imagined it, the more I got excited. I can't wait to have Tasha in our bed."

"Me neither."


Chapter Six

Friday afternoon Marsha's iPhone buzzed. She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Jerry.

"Hi there Jerry, you calling to let us know when we get to have lunch with you and Tasha?"

"Actually no I'm not. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, fire away," she replied.

"Have you and Steve talked about having a woman joint the two of you in bed?"

"As a matter of fact we have, and I'm just going to post in Craig's List, why?"

"How would you feel if my daughter Millie joined you. I told her all about the night I spent with you and Steve, and I think it piqued her interest."

"But I thought she was dating someone."

"She was but dumped him when she found out he was married."

"I'd need to talk to Steve, but I'm sure he'd agree since he has been talking about it ever since we contacted you."

"You two free this coming Saturday evening for dinner with Millie and me?"

"Yes, we are. Will you be coming home with us?"

"Oh no. I have to look after Tasha."

"Okay, you want to meet at the same restaurant at say seven?"

"Seven sounds fine. See you then."

Marsha immediately called Steve and gave him the news.


Chapter Seven

Saturday evening, Steve and Marsha were sat in the same booth where they first met Jerry several weeks before. Marsha was the first to see Jerry stride in with his daughter Millie on his arm. Marsha almost gasped when she saw Millie. She was a very attractive woman, around five foot four, petite frame, with ash-blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had delicate facial features with a full lower lip. Marsha's pussy tingled at the thought of having sex with this woman, and Steve was having the very same thoughts.

"She's gorgeous," Steve whispered to his wife as he squeezed her hand.

Steve got up and shook Jerry's outstretched hand. "Good to see you again Jerry," he said.

"Same her Steve," Jerry replied. "I'd like you to meet my daughter Millie. Millie, this is Steve, and that's his wife, Marsha."

Millie put her hands in Steve's forearms and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. Steve inhaled her perfume which made him a tad light-headed. Marsha got up and hugged Jerry and then Millie.

"You're very beautiful Millie," Marsha said.

"Thanks, Marsha," Millie replied. "I think we're going to get along fine."

Everyone sat down and ordered cocktails. In conversation, Marsha discovered that she and Millie went to the same high school where Millie was a year below.

"I think I remember you now I've met you," Millie said. "You were a cheerleader weren't you?"

"Uh-huh, in my junior and senior years."

"Didn't you date Chip Thomas?"

"Yeah, he was on the cheerleading squad."

"I always had the hots for him."

Marsha leaned over and whispered in Millie's ear. "He has the smallest cock."

Millie chuckled. "I wish you hadn't told me that," she whispered back.

"But he shot the biggest load of any guy I dated," she whispered.

"What's with all this whispering?" Steve asked.

"We were just reminiscing on our high school days," Millie replied.


After dinner, Jerry whispered to his daughter, "You okay with going home with them honey?"

"Yes, Dad. I like them a lot. It was a good suggestion of yours. I can have some fun and check them out for when they meet with Tasha."

Jerry said his goodbyes and drove home. Millie got in the back seat of Steve's car with Marsha, and they talked the whole way back to Steve and Marsha's house. Steve looked in the rear view mirror, Marsha and Millie were locked in a sensuous kiss and Millie hand her hand up Marsha's skirt. With the car in the driveway, he opened the rear door.

"I guess you two couldn't wait huh," he said. The two women just smiled.

Millie followed Marsha and Steve into the master suite. Steve sat on the edge of the bed slowly unbuttoning his shirt watching Millie undress his wife. She pulled Marsha's silk blouse out of the waist of her skirt and took it off. Marsha was wearing a white demi-cup lace bra that was almost transparent. He could see her darkened areolas and red nipples through the thin material. Millie stood behind Marsha and unhooked her bra; as it fell off Marsha's hands, Millie cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples while nuzzling her neck.

Steve was already undressed by the time Millie was pulling Marsha's panties down, stroking his cock and enjoying the show the two women were putting on. He watched as his wife slowly undressed Millie, taking as much time as she liked; stopping to squeeze Millie's very perky breasts. Because she had given birth, her areolas were quite dark in stark contrast to her red nipples. As Millie's panties came off, he was glad to see that, like her father, she had had a Brazilian wax treatment since her rather prominent mons was smooth and bare. He noted her quite large inner labia that pushed out of her cleft.

With their attention now on Steve, they motioned him to lie on the bed. With Millie on his right and his wife on his left, they started rubbing and licking his cock.

"Your husbands got a gorgeous cock," Millie said. "Dad told me that he also didn't have any hair and I like that a lot."

Both women licked up and down each side of his shaft, meeting at the tip and stopping to French kiss each other. Steve thought it the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. First Millie would take all of his cock into her mouth, then it was Marsha's turn. After five minutes, Steve had to call a halt since he was getting near to cumming.

"Who wants to be first?" he asked.

"Me–me–me," they both chorused like school kids clamoring to answer a teacher's question.

"You go ahead Millie," Marsha said, "I know what it's like to have his cock in my pussy."

Millie lay on her back, and Steve got between her legs and parted her plump labia with his thumb and finger. The insides of her vulva were filled with folds of bright pink skin with the dark entrance to her vagina at the bottom of her slit. She gasped as he easily pushed two fingers into her wet vagina, curling them up against the inside of her pussy, searching for her G-spot.

"Yes–yes, right there," she said; she jerked as he massaged her sensitive spot. He sucked her rather large clitoris poking out of its protective hood causing moans of pleasure. He looked up and saw his wife was sucking on Millie's left breast while squeezing and rubbing the nipple of the other. Millie's hand was between Marsha's legs, her middle finger inside her pussy.

"God Steve," Millie said a few minutes later. "I want that beautiful cock of yours inside my pussy really bad. I find that Dad's is too long for me, but yours looks the perfect size."

"Do I need to wear a condom?" he asked.

"No need since I'm on the pill and I want to feel you spurt inside me. For me, that's so much of a turn-on."

Steve, needing no more incentive, got onto his haunches and lifted Millie's legs over his hips. After a few swipes of the head of his cock up and down Millie's wet cleft he positioned its head against the opening to her vagina and pushed. Her pussy immediate dilated and he easily penetrated her.

"Gawd that feels good," she said, as he pushed further inside of her until he bumped her end; their pubes were fused together as his cock was buried deep inside her, his pubes pressing against her clit.

"That's something Dad couldn't do—push against my clit since his cock was so long."

Steve and Marsha still hadn't adjusted to the natural way Millie described her sexual relationship with her father; it wasn't something you encountered every day. He started fucking Millie with long slow strokes; she had her legs wrapped around his neck, ankles locked behind his head, allowing him to thrust deeper. Marsha was sucking on Millie's nipples as her husband fucked her.

With Steve fucking her and Marsha kissing her and sucking her nipples, Millie came to a quick climax.

"Oh–my–God," she cried as she orgasmed. She pulled Marsha's face tight against her breast as her body shook, racked with intense pleasure. Steve kept fucking her hard as she rode her intense orgasm. Finally, she calmed and released her grip on Marsha.

"That was a nice one," Millie said. I've never had sex with two people before, and I like the double attention I get."

"You had sex with a woman before?" Marsha asked.

"Not since my college days. I prefer men but I'm not averse to sex with a woman which is why I went along with Dad's suggestion of meeting you two. You want to go down on me, that way Steve can fuck you doggy-style?"

Marsha had never had sex with a woman before, and she usually would be shy, but after sex with Jerry and being naked in front of Millie, any vestiges of shyness had vanished. She got between Millie's open legs and parted her plump labia with her fingers. As she licked the length of her cleft, she noted how much different Millie's juices tasted to her own. Millie started to moan as Marsha attended to her pussy. She felt Steve's cock being swiped up and down her own cleft as he prepared to penetrate her.

"Oh gawd yes," Marsha said as Steve thrust into her very wet vagina. The fact that he had Millie's juices on his cock that were now mixing with her own, only served to heighten her excitement. As Steve thrust into her, it pushed her face into Millie's wet pussy, causing her to moan louder.

"You sure you've never gone down on a woman before?" Millie asked, "because you sure know how to please me."

The room was filled with the sound of Marsha kissing Millies very wet pussy and Steve's ball sack hitting his wife's pussy as he thrust into her.

"Gawd I'm loving this," Marsha said.

"You want me to cum inside you or Millie?" Steve asked as he felt himself getting close to his climax.

"Yes honey, go ahead and cum in Millie's pussy," his wife replied, "'cause I have a very sexy idea."

Steve pulled out of his wife's vagina and switched places with her. She lay beside Millie and watched as he penetrated her. She rubbed Millie's clit as her husband fucked her.

"Gawd I'm cumming again," Millie cried as another orgasm slammed into her. Millie's vagina clenched down on Steve's cock bringing him to his orgasm. He felt his cock swell as the first spurt of his cum flooded her pussy followed by four more large spurts until he was done. He collapsed on top of Millie's trembling body, panting, breathless from his intense orgasm, made all the more intense because his wife had just watched him fucking another woman. It was something he never thought would happen and in a week, he was going to do something else he never would have thought he'd ever do—have sex with a twelve-year-old girl, penetrate her.

As Steve's cock softened and slipped out of Millie's pussy, he rolled to her side. He watched in amazement, as his wife got between Millie's legs and proceeded to lick his semen as it oozed out of her pussy.

"Good God almighty," he said. "I would never have thought I'd ever see my wife doing that. I know she loves to swallow my cum, but to lick it out of another woman's pussy, that's something else entirely."

"I even surprised myself," Marsha replied before going back between Millie's legs for more.

"There's something extremely erotic about licking a man's cum out of a woman's pussy," Millie said. "I love it when I lick it out of my daughter's pussy after Dad cums inside her."

After Marsha had finished licking the last of her husband's cum out of Millie's pussy, they all lay there in their post-orgasmic stupor; the air was full of the smell of sex.

"Are you looking forward to when Tasha is in your bed?" Millie asked after a while.

"God yes," Steve replied. "We can't wait."

"Well I have a confession to make," Millie offered. "Part of meeting you guys was for the thrill of having sex with the two of you—which has been great by the way—but also to see what you're like. I know you're going to be gentle with my daughter. I think you'll find that Tasha is unlike any other twelve year old you'll ever meet. You'll see a twelve-year-old girl—a child basically—but her emotional and sexual levels are more like that of an eighteen-year-old teenager. This has been due in large part due to mine and Dad's training if you will. But Tasha has been a sexual being since a very early age."

"Your dad said you used to give her orgasms when she was very young," Steve said.

"Yeah, she loved it when we licked her tiny clit. By the time she was five, she would sleep with us on the weekends. She loved to watch Dad and me have sex; she'd sit there and masturbate. She surprised the both of us one Saturday evening when I was giving Dad a blow job; she asked if she could try it. I'll be honest, I was so turned on watching my daughter with her mouth over the head of Dad's cock. Her mouth was too small to get all of it inside so she'd just suck the tip or lick all the way up his shaft as she'd seen me do."

"Gawd I'm getting wet again just thinking about it," Marsha said. She looked over at Steve and noticed that he had an erection.

"Marsha you're gonna love it when she goes down on you. She's been doing that to me ever since she was three years old and let me tell you, she's that good. I'll be surprised if you last two minutes before you cum."

The conversation was making Steve and Marsha horny again. She grasped her husband's cock and proceeded to suck it and deep-throat him.

"Can I do that?" Millie asked. "Dad's cock is so long I can't get all of it inside my mouth, and I love to deep-throat a guy."

Marsha offered her husband's cock to her. Millie immediately took it in her mouth and slowly lowered her head until her nose touched his hairless groin. She held it there for ten seconds and then pulled off; long thick and thin white tendrils of spittle stretched from the tip to her lips. As they broke, she wiped them off her mouth and chin with the back of her hand. Millie continued to suck on Steve's cock while stroking its shaft with a twisting motion.

"Can you cum again?" Millie asked.

"We're about to find out," he replied.

She felt his cock swell as semen rushed through the shaft and spurted into her mouth. When he was through, she opened her mouth and showed Steve and Marsha her tongue—how much he'd spurted. Then she swallowed it.

"That's pretty good Steve," Millie said. "Dad can't do it twice in a night, but there again he's a lot older than you."

The two women cuddled up either side of Steve, and they all fell into a deep and satisfying slumber.

Chapter Eight

Millie was woken the next morning by movement of the bed. She looked over at Marsha who was lying on her back with Steve's cock buried deep in her ass. Marsha had the finger of one hand on her clit, rubbing it furiously and two fingers of her other hand inside her vagina, finger fucking herself.

"Yes baby, that's it I'm almost there," Marsha whispered.

Millie leaned over. "You don't need to whisper," she said. She took Marsha's nipple into her mouth and started to suck. The triple stimulation of her husband's cock in her ass, her finger on her clit, two fingers in her pussy and Millie sucking her nipple was too much. She moaned loudly as she climaxed. Steve wasn't far behind as he quickly came in his wife ass.

"God I love to get fucked in the ass," Marsha said after she had calmed down.

Steve pulled out of her and went to the bathroom where they heard him peeing.

Millie looked at the alarm clock. It's LED display read 8:45. "Gotta go," she said. "I need to pick Tasha up as Dad has a ten o'clock tee time." She got up and started to get dressed as Steve came out of the bathroom.

"Leaving?" he said.

"Yeah, gotta go pick up Tasha," she replied. She kissed Steve and then Marsha. "Guys, it's been great. We have to do this again. Maybe I can get my friend's niece to sit Tasha and Dad can join us."

"We'd love to do that," Marsha said.

"I'll get dressed right quick and take you home," Steve offered.

Steve and Millie left, and Marsha ran a bath to soak for an hour before getting dressed as she was a little sore.


Chapter Nine

Steve and Marsha were a little concerned that they hadn't heard from either Jerry or Millie about their meeting with Natasha for over a week.

"You think they've changed their minds?" Steve asked as they sat and ate dinner one Saturday evening.

"Or maybe Tasha got cold feet. That's a big step for a twelve-year-old."

Ten minutes later their questions were answered as Millie called Marsha.

"Sorry for not calling you sooner Marsha," Millie said on the speaker.

"Is Tasha getting cold feet?" Steve asked.

"Oh no, she's excited to meet you guys after what I told her you were like. It's just that she's been on her period for the last week. Oh, and she's on the pill, so you don't have to worry about getting her pregnant Steve."

Steve and Marsha breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good to know Millie," Steve said. "It was in the back of my mind."

"I'm sure it was. Tasha loves to feel her Grandfather cumming inside her."

"So when can we meet her?" Marsha asked.

"How does next Saturday sound? I could drop her off at your place around two. I know you have a pool and Tasha loves to swim."

"That's great," Steve said. "I'll do a cookout for the three of us."

"Great. I'll see you at two then," Millie said and ended the call.

Steve looked at his wife. "I don't know about you honey, but I can't wait."

"Me neither honey," she replied. "Me neither."


Chapter Ten

At precisely two o'clock the following Saturday afternoon, Millie's blue Lexus pulled up in Steve's and Marsha's driveway. Marsha and Steve had been standing at the window for a full fifteen minutes. They both gasped as Natasha got out of the passenger seat. She was a beautiful girl with dusky-blonde hair that was tied loosely at the back of her neck with a black Scrunchie. She had the same green eyes as her mother; they sparkled like emeralds in the mid-afternoon sun.

She was tall for her age, around five foot five, slim but with nicely developing hips that flared out from her small waist, long tapered legs inside her tight designer jeans that stopped at her calves; she wore deep-blue Keds, no socks and was carrying a small overnight case.

"God Steve, she's gorgeous," Marsha said.

"I was about to say the same thing honey," Steve said. "Her grandfather's a fortunate man."

"And you're going to be a fortunate man too," Marsha reminded her husband.

Marsha opened the door. "You must be Tasha," she said as she offered the girl her hand.

Natasha ignored her hand, put her overnight case down and hugged Marsha. Marsha was taken aback at first, at the girl's show of affection but quickly hugged her back.

"This is my husband Steve," Marsha said.

Natasha hugged him. "I'm happy to meet both of you," she said. "Gramps and Mom have told me so much about you; it's as if I already know you."

That last comment caused both Steve and Marsha to blush ever so slightly.

"Where can I get changed?" Natasha asked.

"Follow me," Marsha replied, "you can use our master suite."

Five minutes later, Natasha came out of the house and onto the pool deck. Steve admired her slim body through the anonymity of his dark Ray-Bans. She was wearing a light-blue, one-piece swimsuit. The material appeared to be quite thin since Steve could see her small half-lemon size breasts with nice sized areolas and tiny hard nipples. As he moved his gaze down, he noticed not just a nice camel toe but also the ridge of her clitoral cowl poking out of her plump labia. All in all, she had a very sexy body.

"This is nice," she said as she walked toward where Steve was sitting sipping a cold beer inside a foam sleeve. "I wish we had a pool because I love to swim."

"If your mom or grandfather would drop you off, you can come and use it anytime you like. I work from home, so, for the most part, I'm always here."

She sat beside him at the round teak table with its beige, canvas octagonal umbrella.

"What do you do?" she asked.

"I'm a technical illustrator," Steve replied.

"What's that?"

"Well have you ever looked at the instruction information that came with something you or your Mom bought?"

"Yeah, Mom got one of those small bookcases from IKEA."

"I assume it came with assembly instructions."

Yeah, Mom and I spent the good part of the morning putting it together."

"Well the person that made all those drawings showing you step-by-step how to assemble it, is called a technical illustrator."

"You've met grandpa haven't you?"

"Yes, he's a very nice man. My wife Marsha liked him a lot."

"Did he have sex with Marsha?"

"Yes, he was in our bed all night long."

"He's got a long cock, and he can't get all of it inside me. Mom said yours is shorter and she said you should be able to get all of it inside me."

Steve still couldn't get over how casually and so matter-of-factly she talked about sex.

"You're a very remarkable young woman, Tasha, if I may say so."

"How come?" she asked.

"Well, I've never met a twelve-year-old who talks about sex so casually."

"Mom said that sex is normal and healthy."

"Yes, but not many twelve-year-olds have had as much sex as you have."

"Then they don't know what they're missing."

Marsha came out of the house. "Am I missing something?" she asked.

"Nothing honey, Tasha and I were just talking."

At that, Natasha got up and ran and dove into the deep end of the pool and swam a few laps. Steve noticed how effortless she swam, arcing her hands high then plunging into the water with hardly any splashing, legs scissoring. When she walked up the steps, she shook her head, sending sparkling droplets of water back into the pool. The water had caused her light-blue swimsuit to be semi-transparent and cling to every part of her body—none more so that her plump vulva. The ridge of her clitoral sheath was even more pronounces, and the thin material had been sucked in between her plump labia forming a very pronounced camel toe. The cool water had also caused her nipples to harden; they poked urgently at the material like small beads.

She lay on her back on the chaise next to Marsha. Steve had a hard erection inside his shorts, and he made no effort to conceal it. He saw that Tasha glanced at it from time to time and smiled.

"You have a gorgeous body Tasha, and it's pretty obvious the effect you have on me," Steve said.

She smiled. "I did notice," she replied.

"Does it make you feel good that you have that effect on some men?"

"Uh-huh, makes me feel grown up. Makes my pussy tingle as well but only the nice ones. The old fat ones look—well it's more like a leer really, but they don't do a thing for me. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure honey."

"How was sex with Mom?"

"Amazing. She's a beautiful woman and very sexy just like you."

She blushed a little. "Thanks. She said that sex with you and Marsha was the best she'd ever had. I can't wait till tonight."

"We can't either."


Steve cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, and when it got dark, they all went inside. Natasha said she was going to take a shower.

"Why don't you join her," Marsha said to Steve.

Steve needed no more encouragement. He followed Natasha into the master bathroom where she had just pulled the upper part of her swimsuit down. Steve stopped dead as he saw her breasts; his jaw dropped. They were perfect half globes the size of small, half-lemons with slightly puffed areolas like small bumps except they were a much darker pink. Atop each was a small red nipple.

She smiled. "You like what you see?" she asked.

"My God Tasha, you have the most perfect breasts I think I've ever seen. Can I shower with you and wash them for you? He replied.

She giggled. "Okay as long as I get to wash your cock."

"Deal," he said.

He pulled his tee-shirt over his head and started to unzip his shorts when she pulled her swimsuit down her long slim legs and off. He looked at her pudendum; her mons was a prominent, smooth, bald, vee-shaped pad with the start of her slit at its apex. Her clitoral hood peeked out between plump labia with its small pink pearl and at the base of her slit was a small indent indicating the entrance to her vagina that later that night he would be penetrating.

She looked at his erection sticking straight up, lying against his stomach. "Mom said you had a beautiful cock and I can see why," she said.

Steve turned the shower on, and a few minutes later they both stepped inside. While Natasha shampooed her hair, Steve lathered up his hands, and, standing behind her with his erection sitting in the cleft between her exquisite buttocks, he reached around and started washing her breasts. They were soft yet firm and her hard nipples pressed into his palms. His cock had never been as hard as it was now—it was almost painful, and the fact that Natasha kept pushing back against it didn't help either.

He cupped her pussy with a soapy hand and ran his middle finger between her plump labia. He felt her jerk as he rubbed her firm clit. As he finished washing her back, she rinsed the shampoo from her hair and turned around. She washed his back first and then had him turn 'round so she could wash his front. After soaping her hands she washed his pecs and abs, feeling how hard they were.

His cock was still hard as a rock, standing straight up against his stomach, as she put her soapy hands around it and proceeded to rub it up and down. When she put one hand under his scrotum while the other slid up and down his shaft, it was too much, and he climaxed. She kept rubbing it as he spurted cum all over her hands and arms and breasts. He had to brace himself against the shower stall walls as his orgasm slammed into him. When he opened his eyes, he saw Natasha licking his cum off her hand.

"You taste good too," she remarked. "I was a little concerned about letting you cum in my mouth, but Mom said I'd like the taste and she was right."

All Steve could do was groan.

After they both rinsed off, they got out of the shower and toweled themselves dry. Steve watched as Natasha put on her panties; they were a white, lacy bikini style that hugged her plump pussy, followed by a matching bra; it was tiny, it barely covered her nipples. She pulled on a pair of sky-blue cotton shorts and a matching camisole. She said she promised to call her mother, so she remained in the bedroom while Steve, with a big smile on his face, walked into the living room where Marsha was watching television.

"Wow, you look like the cat that just drank the cream," she said.

"Tasha has the most perfect breasts, you're gonna love sucking on them," he said. "She was washing my cock, and I couldn't help it, I just unloaded on her. I never thought a twelve-year-old girl could be so sexy—she really turned me on."

"Can I tell you a secret?"

"Sure you can honey,"

"I never thought that a man in his late forties could be so sexy too."

"He really turned you on didn't he?"

"Yes, he did. Have you heard the phrase polyamorous relationship?"

"Isn't that where three people are in a loving relationship?"

"Yes, that's right. What would you think of Jerry and us?"

"I've been thinking of this, and I've got a better idea. You remember hearing about the hippie combines where a group of people would live together and share beds?"

"Yeah," she replied hesitatingly, unsure of where this conversation was headed.

"Do you think we could do that with Jerry, Millie, and Tasha?"

"That's an interesting concept. I always thought you were born a couple of generations too late. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we still have a night of fun with Tasha, and I hope you saved some for that."

"Don't you worry about that," he replied.


At eight o'clock, Marsha suggested that she and Natasha go to be first so the two of them could get acquainted. Steve was to follow after a little while. Marsha was watching Natasha get undressed while she was doing the same. When Natasha was finally naked. Marsha's pussy throbbed at the sight of her nubile body.

"You've got a beautiful body Tasha," Marsha said.

"Thanks, Marsha, you do too. You want to go down on me first?"

Marsha hadn't yet got used to a twelve-year-old girl being so habituated with sex and being naked around others, but she was undoubtedly going to enjoy sex with her.

"I'll go down on your first if that's okay."

"Sure," Natasha replied.

Natasha got onto the bed and lay on her back with her legs open. Marsha got between her legs and parted her plump pussy with her thumb and forefinger. She inhaled the smell of Natasha's sex; it made her a little light-headed. Marsha plunged in, putting her whole mouth over Natasha's pussy, kissing it. Natasha was moaning as Marsha sucked and licked her clitoral cowl, teasing her nubbin out. She bit it gently with her lips, sending shards of pleasure through the young girl's body.

Steve heard the moans and squishing sounds as he entered the bedroom. The sight of his wife eating out a twelve-year-old girls pussy was such an erotic sight, it caused his cock to twitch. Natasha was trembling with passion causing her small breasts to jiggle a little.

Wasting no time, Steve knelt behind his wife and rubbed his cockhead up and down her very wet furrow. With a single stroke, he entered her vagina, causing her to gasp into Natasha's pussy. Natasha looked up at Steve and smiled as she watched him thrusting in and out of his wife's vagina. Natasha's breasts were heavy, and her nipples tingled at the thought that very soon she was going to have another man's cock inside her.

Marsha had two fingers inside her young lover's vagina, finger fucking her while sucking and flicking her now quite large clitoris. Her ministrations to Natasha's pussy brought the young girl to her climax—the first of many that night. She had Marsha's head in her hands as she orgasmed. Small sexy squeaks escaped her lips as her head moved from side to side on the pillow.

When Natasha calmed, she opened her eyes and watched as Steve pulled his cock out of his wife's vagina. It glistened with her juices. Steve changed places with Marsha and proceeded to carry on where she had left off. He was in heaven since she tasted the pussy of a twelve-year-old girl for the first time. The aroma and taste of her pussy put his senses into overdrive. Steve could hardly believe he was going to have sex with a pubescent girl.

Steve worked on Natasha's sweet pussy, and Marsha sucked on Natasha's breasts and nipples for three more minutes, as they brought her to her second orgasm. She jerked and trembled, and those sexy little squeaks escaped her lips as her orgasm took over her young body. He had her exquisite, firm buttocks in the palms of his hand, and held her as she enjoyed the wonderful sensations coursing through her body.

"You ready for me?" Steve said to Natasha.

"Yes please," she replied.

Steve sat up on his haunches and pulled Natasha's long slender legs over his thighs. He looked down at the sight of his adult cock nestled on the hairless mons. It looked so huge, and Steve could hardly believe her grandfather's cock had been inside her small vagina and that he was about to penetrate her. He felt her pussy with his fingers; she was very wet with her creamy secretions.

Grasping the shaft of his cock, Steve put its head at the small entrance of her vagina, and moved it around in a small circle, feeling her plump labia ooze aside. The entrance to her tunnel dilated a little as he pushed against it. She was very tight, and even though he knew her grandfather had already taken her virginity and had sex with her many times before, he was afraid that he was going to tear her.

"It's okay Steve," Natasha said, "you can put it inside me, you won't hurt me."

Steve started putting pressure on her tight opening, and all of a sudden the tight ring of skin dilated, and the head of his cock entered her. He could hardly believe he had his adult cock inside a twelve-year-old girl's pussy. But he was. He looked up at Natasha; she was smiling.

"See, told you," she said.

"Incredible," Steve said.

He pushed some more and all of a sudden Natasha had taken all of his cock inside her pussy. She got up on her elbows and looked at where their pubes were joined.

She smiled and said, "I knew you were all the way inside me because I felt you bump my end and press my clit. I think I'm going to enjoy being fucked by you."

Steve started fucking her tight hole. Her cream made it slick, so he slid in and out relatively easily. He put his hands on Natasha's shoulders and pulled her up. She put her hands around his neck and pulled herself tight against him, pressing her firm breasts into his chest. Natasha was now sitting on his lap. Steve had his hands on her hips and started to rotate at the same time pulling her crotch into his.

Natasha smiled as she realized what he was doing and she did the same thing. Their rocking motion caused his cock to pull out of her vagina about an inch, then thrust back in, squashing her clit against his pubic bone. Soon she picked up the pace as she felt the shards of pleasure enter her pussy every time he pushed against her clit. Her nipples were sizzling as they made love to each other.

She was panting hard now, and every time her clit got pressed and his cock bottomed out inside her pussy, small guttural "uhs" escaped her lips. A minute later she fell into her third orgasm of the night. Marsha could do nothing but watch her husband, and a gorgeous twelve-year-old goddess make love. Her finger found her own clit, and she started to masturbate.

Marsha was moaning loudly as she masturbated. Steve was on the cusp of his orgasm, his cock was being squeezed then released by Natasha's vaginal muscles. Natasha was moving faster now, urgently chasing her fourth orgasm. Then she stopped moving as she felt Steve's cock swell and spurt his cum into her vagina. The feeling of having her pussy swamped with so much cum pushed her over the top into her orgasm.

Steve and Natasha held each other in a tight embrace as their bodies jerked and shook with mutual pleasure. Marsha climaxed a few moments after Steve and Natasha. Her legs snapped shut, trapping her hand between her legs. Her body trembled as she orgasmed.


"Thanks for meeting with me," Marsha said as she sat down with Millie and Jerry at a neighborhood Starbucks. "I'm sorry Steve couldn't be here; he is trying to land a very important new client and had to fly out to meet with him at the last minute."

"We both were intrigued with your very cryptic text," Millie said.

"I think we all can agree that the five of us get along really well, both in and out of bed. I mean we've been having sex with each other for almost a year now," Marsha said. "Steve and I are very fond of the three of you."

"It's been beyond my wildest expectations," Millie responded. "Tasha absolutely adores the both of you. I think I can speak for Dad, we both love the two of you."

"So what are your thoughts?" Jerry asked.

"Would you be open for the five of us to live together under one roof in a sort of hybrid polyamorous relationship?"

"Wow Marsha," Millie said, "that's a lot to take in. To be honest, since meeting you and Steve, I've pretty much given up on dating since there are a bunch of assholes out there. Tasha seems very happy having sex with the four of us exclusively." She turned to her father. "What do you think Dad?"

"It's an intriguing idea. I have a suggestion. My house as you know is huge— mean who needs six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and ten thousand square feet. But it was a steal since the owner who built it went into bankruptcy when the housing boom went bust and had to unload it quick. Lately, with the market now picking back up, I've been thinking of selling it and making a tidy profit. Marsha why don't you and Steve move in for say six months. You and Tasha as well Millie. Keep your own places in case it doesn't work out and if it does, rent them out."

"That's a great idea Dad," Millie said. "I need to see what Tasha says, but I'm sure she'll be thrilled—she spends every other weekend with you anyway."

"Jerry," Marsha said. "I know it's probably none of my business and you don't have to answer if you don't want to. As we'll be moving in with you, I don't want any secrets between us."

"Of course not Marsha," he replied. "What is it?"

"Tasha's not your granddaughter, is she? She's your daughter."

Jerry looked at Millie then back at Marsha. "You're a very astute woman, Marsha. Yes, Tasha's my daughter. We didn't plan it that way, but when Millie got pregnant at sixteen, we decided to take the risk and let her have the baby. We were so relieved when she was born healthy."

"Does she know?"

"No, and she will always know me as her Grandpa. I trust I can rely on your discretion."

"Absolutely," Marsha replied.


A week later, Steve and Marsha moved into Jerry's large house which Jerry called a mansion. They occupied one of the five guest rooms. Each was large, at twelve feet by fifteen with an equally large bathroom and his and hers closets. Two days after that Millie and Natasha joined them. Natasha was thrilled beyond words at the living arrangements. The following Saturday evening, Jerry invited Marsha and Natasha to sleep in his master suite. Steve was away for a few days meeting with his new client.

"This is going to be fun," Natasha, now thirteen, said as she jumped on the large California king-size bed.

Jerry watched as Marsha got undressed. He still couldn't believe his good fortune at answering the ad that Marsha had put on Craig's List and meeting the young couple. Up till that time, he had been having threesomes with women and men his age or no younger than forty. He only had sex with women who were not overweight since most of them who answered his ads tended to be. However, age and childbirth had taken its toll on the ones he did have sex with, with sagging or partially empty breasts and loose vaginas.

He had never been aroused as much for a long time at the sight of Marsha's naked body. Even though he had penetrated his thirteen-year-old granddaughter, penetrating the tight pussy of an adult woman had been so satisfying. As Jerry finished undressing, Natasha was already naked and was lying on her back with her legs opened wide, soles of her feet touching her finger rubbing her clitoral hood warming herself up.

He watched as Marsha lay down between Natasha's legs and proceeded to suck her clitoris while pushing two fingers in and out of her vagina. He knelt behind Marsha and put his fingers inside her pussy making sure she was wet enough to penetrate. Jerry guided the head of his cock to the entrance to Marsha's vagina and pushed. She gasped as he penetrated her all the way to her end.

"Jeez, you don't waste much time do you," Marsha said.

"I don't know what it is, but I'm as horny as can be tonight. Probably because I'm going to have sex with two gorgeous women."

As Marsha ate out Natasha's pussy, Jerry plunged in and out of Martha's pussy. It was most definitely a pussy-fest. Natasha was the first to climax. It seemed as if Natasha was always two minutes away from an orgasm. Her body jerked as the intense pleasure of her orgasm coursed through her young body. Marsha was half a minute behind Natasha. She stopped sucking on Natasha's wet pussy as her orgasm charged in. Jerry felt her vagina clench tight on his cock. He was almost ready to cum but wanted to cum inside Natasha since she always climaxed when she felt his semen hit her cervix.

Both Marsha and Natasha were now recovered from their intense orgasm. Jerry pulled out of Marsha's pussy and changed places with her. Natasha gasped as Jerry penetrated her. Marsha had her head on Natasha's tummy, licking her clit as Jerry's cock slid in and out of her vagina. She felt Jerry stop thrusting; his cock was buried inside his thirteen-year-old granddaughter with its head pushing against her cervix and over an inch still outside her vagina.

Marsha felt his cock swell, and Natasha climax as Jerry's semen gushed into her pussy. Her small frame shook and jerked with her intense orgasm as she felt her pussy being flooded with her grandfather's teeming fluid. When Jerry was done. He pulled out of Natasha's vagina and lay next to her. Marsha immediately took his place and licked his cum as it dribbled out of Natasha's pussy.

"God almighty Marsha. If that's not the most incredibly erotic sight I've ever seen, then I don't know what is."

Marsha just smiled.


A few months later, Steve and Marsha decided it was time for her to have a baby. They talked long into the night, and finally made the decision that they didn't want to know if Steve or Jerry was the father. They told Jerry and Millie of their decision, who were stunned by the news but were ecstatic nonetheless. Natasha couldn't wait to have a little baby to cuddle. Every time Marsha had sex, she made sure both Jerry and Steve ejaculated inside her. A month later, a visit to her OB-GYN confirmed that she was pregnant. At the first ultrasound scan, they found out she was carrying twins—a boy and a girl.

When they were born, they were not too sure whether they should be called Steve's son and daughter or Jerry's son and daughter. They finally agreed that they would be Steve's son and daughter. They settled on names—Amanda for the girl and Stewart for the boy.



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