Extra Income

                             by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MF, anal, oral, con, nudity, romantic.

Sean, a cash-strapped senior at Northwestern, attends an event his friend told him about to earn extra income.

Word Count: 12,464

Published: March 24 2019

Chapter One

"You still waiting tables at Chili's?" My friend Greg asked.

"Yeah," I replied, "Gotta pay for college some way."

Fact of the matter is, I was behind on my tuition and had barely enough left over to live on each week. My car was on its last legs, and it badly needed new tires, or it was not going to pass its next state inspection in two months.

"Listen," Greg said moving in close and looking around to see if anyone was within earshot. "I was contacted by this guy who puts on events for rich women."

My ears pricked up at the words 'rich women'. "Tell me more, Greg," I said enthusiastically.

"I've only been to one, and it pays two hundred for about an hours' work."

"Damn, Greg! What do you have to do for two hundred bucks?"

"Here's the good thing, Sean. Not a damn thing."

"But . . . that doesn't seem kosher. I mean is it legal?"

"I guess. I don't know. I think it is."

"Tell me more," I said with an almost begging tone to my voice.

"Well, as I said it's an event for rich women and all you have to do is stand there for an hour naked and let them touch you."

"What do you mean, touch you?"

"They touch you . . . you know, grope you."

"Get outta here, Greg. You're yanking my chain."

"Honest truth, Sean."

"So . . . you're telling me, you get two hundred bucks to stand there for an hour and let some old biddy run her hands all over your bod . . . wait a minute? Do they jack you off?"

Greg smiled and said, "No, they're allowed to fondle your cock and balls but are not allowed to suck it or jerk you off."

"That doesn't sound legal to me," I said.

"Well . . . maybe not strictly legal but who's to know?"

"So you don't fuck them?"

"Here's the good part, Sean. If they like what they see, and if you have agreed with the guy who runs the thing beforehand, they take you to a bedroom and either masturbate you or give you a blowjob."

"For two hundred bucks, and I don't have to fuck them?"

"No, you get an additional five hundred if you let them suck your dick."

"Jesus, Greg. Now I know that can't be legal."

"Yeah, but who's going to tell. And, these aren't ugly women either. They're rich enough for personal trainers and Botox and facelifts. You interested?"

"I need the money, Greg, so count me in. How does this work?"

Greg gave me a slip of paper with a scribbled telephone number.

"Will you be there, Greg?" I asked.

"Nah, my wife wants me to go with her to pick out drapes of all things."


Chapter Two

I stopped at the gates of a large country estate at fifteen minutes to seven o'clock. The gatekeeper asked for my name; I told him and, after checking his clipboard, he pressed a button and the gates opened. The long gravel driveway led to a large mansion with a circular driveway around a stone fountain. As instructed, I drove to the rear, parked and went inside the house through the staff entrance. I was met by an older woman who showed me to a room with lockers.

"Have you agreed to perform the additional service?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Okay, here is your green wrist band with a unique number on it. Memorize the number and give it to the lady who chooses you after she has finished. You got that?"

"Got it," I said.

"Okay, now get undressed and put your clothes in the locker that has your number. When you're undressed, this young lady will show you where to go."

"I looked to my right and saw an attractive girl wearing a black and white maids' uniform. She smiled at me. I took the wrist band and put it on my right wrist. The woman left, but the girl watched as I got undressed. Her eyes got large as she saw my cock. After I had put my clothes in the locker, I followed her upstairs, but not before stopping at a half bath where she told me to make sure my cock was clean.

She showed me where to stand in a long, wide paneled hallway and left. Nine other guys were standing on either side of the hallway, five to each side spaced about a couple of feet apart from each another. They were all naked and had similar muscular bodies to my own. I noticed that seven of us had green wrist bands and the other three had red wrist bands. I figured the three just wanted to stand there, let the women feel them up, collect their two hundred bucks and go home.

It appeared that I was the last one to arrive, and as the grandfather clock struck seven, the double doors at the far end of the long hallway opened, and the first of six women came slowly walking through. I didn't know what to expect, but as the women entered the hallway, I saw that they all wore similar silk kimonos and elaborate, bejeweled masks that covered their faces from their brows to their noses leaving their lips and chins uncovered.

They split into two groups and went down each side of the hallway, stopping at each guy, running their hands over taut, toned bodies and handling the guy's goods. The first woman to stop in front of me looked to be in her sixties judging by the slightly sagging jawline and the crows feet at the corner of her mouth. But her pale-blue eyes were bright and sharp. She took my cock in her hand and squeezed it and smiled at how hard it was.

As she moved on, the next woman just looked at my cock and moved on. I was getting to like all the attention I was getting albeit from older women. Then I reminded myself that I was being paid two hundred bucks to stand here and let a bunch of rich women cop a feel of my body and my cock.

After all the women had sampled the goods, they gathered around the guy who ran the event. It appeared as if there was some sort of drawing to determine who got the first choice of us guys. They dipped their hands into a bag and drew out a token with a number on. After they had all drawn a token, the woman who had drawn number one headed to the guy next to me and led him off. I was number three's choice, and it was the older woman who had checked me out earlier. She led me to a bedroom down a side hallway.

Inside, she removed her dark-blue kimono revealing a surprisingly decent-looking body with rather large breasts that sagged a little. She had quite a large bush of pubic hair that didn't hide her large inner labia.

"What shall I call you?" I asked.

"Naomi," she replied. "You've got a beautiful cock," she added.

"Thanks," I replied. Not knowing what to do, I said, "What do you want to do, Naomi?"

"Do you spurt a lot?" she asked.

"I guess," I replied.

"I want you to cum on my breasts," she said. She got on the bed on her back with her head propped up on a couple of pillows.

I got on, straddled her waist and proceeded to masturbate.

"Don't cum before I tell you to," she said.

I nodded and kept on stroking my cock while Naomi put her hands between her legs and parted her plump outer pussy lips with her left hand and began to diddle her quite large clit with the forefinger of her right. All the time she was masturbating her gaze was fixed on my cock. As she neared her climax, her eyes narrowed, and her finger sped up. Her hand was almost a blur, as she orgasmed. She stopped rubbing her clit and jammed three fingers inside her pussy and began to finger fuck herself. Her butt came off the bed, bucking her hand.

Naomi was moaning loudly as she rode her orgasm. She kept fucking herself, jamming her fingers hard into her pussy. After a couple of minutes, she began to come down off her orgasmic high and opened her eyes. She looked at me with my hard erection inside my fist and said, "Cum for me. Let me see you shoot your load all over my tits."

I sped up stroking my cock and shuffled a little closer until my cock was pointed at her ample breasts. I felt my scrotum tighten as my orgasm rapidly approached. With a grunt, the first large rope of semen burned up my shaft and spurted out onto Naomi's left breast. I guided the next one onto her right breast. I kept spurting cum, and when I was finally through, her breasts were covered in my pearly-white liquid. As I backed up, Naomi smeared my semen all over her torso and into her pussy then sucked her hand clean.

"Thank you, that was a lot of cum," Naomi said.

I got off the bed followed by Naomi who knelt down in front of me, squeezed the last of my cum out and took my cock into her mouth and sucked it. When she was done, she stood up, put her kimono on and took a plain, white envelope out of its pocket.

"Here's a little extra for cumming so much," she said as she handed the envelope to me.

"Thank you very much, Naomi."

"You're welcome, and I hope to see you here again."

When she was gone, I looked inside the envelope and was happy to see five hundred-dollar bills. After picking up my seven hundred dollars, I headed back to my apartment.


First order of business the next day after classes were out, was to get four new tires for my car and a state inspection which it failed with a blown muffler. "Damn," I said to myself as I drove back to my apartment off campus. I had spent four hundred dollars on new tires, and the garage had charged me three hundred for the new muffler. That, with the inspection fee, left me with five hundred bucks from the previous night's work. That extra money from the woman who picked me let me catch up with my tuition.


Chapter Three

A week later, I called the organizer of the event and told him I'd like to come again. He said he was glad to have me work again since he had gotten a few requests for my services after my first visit. I guess word had gotten around about how much I spurted. The routine was the same as before except this time there were only eight of us guys—all with green wrist bands—some I recognized, and six women. They moved slowly from guy to guy, pausing to run their hands over their bodies. In just a few minutes we all had hard erections. A couple of women took my cock in their hands, measuring its girth.

One smiled and said, "Nice looking cock but too big for me."

A woman wearing a green silk kimono stopped in front of me and ran both hands over my pecs and abs. She was petite at five foot two with small swells inside her gown. Her hair was dark brown with streaks of blonde, and I could see her pale-blue eyes through the openings in her mask. She smiled as she looked down at my cock standing straight up against my flat stomach. She grasped it and ran the pad of her thumb over the end. After the drawing of the tokens, one by one, the guys were led off to side corridors leading to guest bedrooms. The woman in the green kimono came up to me, took my hand and led me down a side hallway and through an open door into a large bedroom.

"My name's Victoria," she said after closing and locking the door. "It's not my real name of course. What shall I call you?"

"Sean," I replied.

She was running her hands over my torso as she spoke. "You've got a very nice body, Sean. You work out?"

"Three times a week at the school gym," I replied. "I attend Northwestern," I added.

She smiled as she grasped my cock, revealing two rows of perfect white teeth between lush, full lips. "You've got a beautiful cock and I love that you've waxed."

I liked to keep my pubes waxed. I don't know of any other guy that does it. A girl I dated for a few months had the Brazilian wax treatment to keep her pussy smooth and hairless, and she talked me into it. I didn't have any chest hair and not much on my arms and legs either.

"Can I take it in my mouth?" Victoria asked.

"Of course you can," I replied. I'd never turned down oral sex in my life.

Victoria knelt on the carpeted floor and lowered her mouth over the end of my cock and closed her lips under its corona. I could feel her tongue swirling around my cockhead as she expertly stroked its shaft. This wasn't her first rodeo, that was for sure.

"I'll let you know when I'm about to cum," I told her.

She took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me and smiled. "Thank you, Sean," she said softly, "but feeling a guy spurt his semen inside my mouth is one of the great pleasures of oral sex for me."

The way she spoke and the words she used, told me she was most definitely a classy woman. She went back to giving me the best blowjob I had ever received. I could feel my legs begin to shake.

"I need to sit or lie down, Victoria," I said.

She let go of my cock and stood up. I sat on the edge of the large bed, and Victoria knelt back down between my open thighs. She lowered her head back down onto my cock and took all of it into her mouth and partway down her throat. None of my many girlfriends had ever deep-throated me before, and it felt incredible.

She kept if there for a few moments breathing through her nose. Then she lifted her head and continued to suck me. At one point she licked from my cock's root to the very tip with her expert tongue all the while looking at me with her gorgeous pale-blue eyes behind the anonymity of the mask. She had one hand inside her green silk kimono as she sucked and stroked my cock. I assumed she was pleasuring herself while she pleasured me. I wondered what her body looked like, and I was intrigued and surprisingly excited at the thought of maybe getting to see it.

Victoria felt my cock twitch and smiled as if she knew what I was thinking. After five minutes of being on the receiving end of great oral sex, I could feel my scrotum tightening and that wonderful feeling spreading through my nether regions.

"Oh, God, Victoria!" I cried as my cock swelled and I spurted hard into her mouth. I spurted and spurted loads of my teeming fluid into Victoria's waiting mouth. I could feel her swallowing hard and heard a stifled murmur as she presumably brought herself to orgasm with her finger. When I stopped spurting, Victoria lifted her head off my still quite hard cock.

She looked at me and smiled. She said, "That was a lot, Sean, and I liked the taste." She stood up and sat next to me on the bed. "What I am about to say is frowned upon by the organizer of these events since it's lost revenue for him, but I think a lot of it goes on—at least as far as I'm concerned it does. I trust that you can keep it in confidence."

"Of course," I replied intrigued at what she was about to tell me.

"Would you consider meeting with me? I would, of course, make it worth your while."

"I'd love to, Victoria. You really turn me on. How will this work?"

"It can't, of course, be in my home since I don't think my husband would approve even though he doesn't make love to me any longer. We could meet at a hotel. Would you be okay with giving me your phone number so we can text each other?"

"Absolutely," I replied. I gave her my number that she memorized as well as my green wrist band. We both stood up, and she kissed me on my lips. I could smell her perfume, and it smelled wonderful and also very expensive.

"Thank you very much, Sean," she said. "It was most pleasurable, and I look forward to seeing you again."

With those words, she turned and left the room. I waited for five minutes then went back downstairs and got dressed. As I approached the gatekeeper, he asked for my wristband number which I told him. He opened a drawer and took out an envelope with my number written on it and handed it to me. I took it, thanked him and left.

Chapter Four

Two days later, I got a text from Victoria asking if I could meet her the upcoming Friday evening around five o'clock for cocktails at the bar in the downtown Omni hotel. I agreed and was starting to get excited at the prospect of seeing her naked and having sex with her. If someone had told me a few days ago that I was looking forward to having sex with an older woman, I would have said they were crazy.


I was sitting at the bar at four fifty sipping a Manhattan trying not to tremble with my excitement. I had chosen a seat facing the entrance off the lobby of the Omni hotel. On the dot of five o'clock, I saw a woman enter the bar and look around. I knew it was Victoria as soon as she spotted me and walked in my direction. She was classily dressed in dark gray slacks, and a dark-blue, silk long-sleeved blouse under a dark grey waistcoat. Her hair was done up in a swirl on top of her head.

As she neared, I stood and was immediately taken aback by her beauty. Her skin was like a piece of flawless porcelain, and her pale-blue eyes flashed me a smile as she put her arms on my biceps, got on tiptoe and kissed my lips. I could smell the same perfume as before.

"Sean," she said, "so nice to see you again."

"Same here, Victoria," I replied. "You are one gorgeous woman!"

"Well thank you, Sean." She smiled obviously pleased by my compliment.

The bartender took Victoria's drink order for a Bombay gin and tonic.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet me," Victoria said.

"The pleasure's all mine," I replied truthfully.

"But you're a very handsome man, Sean and I'm sure you could have your pick of beautiful young women your own age. Why me?"

"Victoria, I've been asking myself the same question since the evening at the country mansion." I lowered my voice and said, "I think one reason was your experience. To say that was incredible oral sex would be an understatement of epic proportions. Girls my age don't have much experience and the ones that do are not the kind you'd take home to meet your mother if you know what I mean."

"Yes I do, Sean. I guess you want to know why I attended those events."

I lowered my voice again and said, "I would. I mean you're a beautiful and exciting woman, and I'm sure you wouldn't have to pay for sex."

"I'm forty-four, and I'm married to a very prominent businessman who is sixty-seven. I need sex, Sean. It's not that I'm some sex-crazed nymphomaniac, but I have my needs, and my husband has lost interest in me. I think because he is embarrassed that he can't perform any longer. Because of our social stature, I have to be very discreet which is why I attend those events. The young men I've met have been very nice and are very accommodating."

"So I'm not the first you've had sex with?"

"Heavens no, Sean. I've been attending those events for going on eighteen months now."

"Do you . . . you know ask them to meet you later?"

"Not every time. It depends on whether I like them or not. It's not just about a penis, Sean, I have to like them as well to take the next step. Speaking of which, I have room number four-one-seven. Join me in fifteen minutes."

Chapter Five

I knocked twice on the hotel room door. I heard the safety chain rattle, and the door opened. I slipped inside where Victoria was standing with a bath towel around her torso. She had let her hair down, and it cascaded down just below her shoulders.

"Why don't you use the bathroom to get undressed," Victoria said.

I took her advice and went into the bathroom and got undressed. Even though I had showered not an hour ago, I rewashed my cock. When I exited the bathroom, Victoria was lying on the bed wearing just a pair of white, lacy bikini-cut panties. To my amazement, Victoria's small, round breasts barely sagged. I didn't really know what to expect a forty-four-year-old woman's body would look like. I guess I expected saggy tits and a large belly, but Victoria had a gorgeous body.

The perfect twin orbs of her tits had a classic shape with slightly sloped uppers and rounded lowers. Her areolas were dark and stippled, and her nipples were the size of small peas. She did have a tiny tummy, but her mons inside the panties rose up like a large delta-shaped pad. There was an inviting cameltoe in the white gusset.

"God, Victoria, you've got a wonderful body."

Victoria smiled and replied, "You mean for a forty-four-year-old woman?"

"No, that's not it. I've dated some twenty-year-olds who couldn't hold a candle to you . . . you know, soft tits and large bellies?"

As I walked to the king-sized bed, my semi-erect cock swayed from side to side. Once on the bed, Victoria went to work on my cock, quickly bringing it to full hardness. As she put her lush lips around its head, she stroked its shaft with her right hand. I gasped as she inserted a finger into my ass and massaged my prostate. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced.

"I've given oral sex to a lot of young men, but your penis is the most beautiful I've ever had in my mouth," she said and went back to fellating me.

Victoria went back to giving me the most incredible oral sex I'd ever experienced. After a few minutes, she removed my cock from her mouth and lay beside me.

"Your turn," she said as she removed her panties and opened her legs.

I took the hint and got between her legs. I was shocked, to say the least as I saw something that I never expected to see on a forty-four-year-old woman—a gold ring through the top of her labia just above her clit and a tattoo of a butterfly on her mons.

I heard Victoria, chuckle. She said, "I bet you didn't expect to see that, did you?"

"Not in a million years," I replied.

Her outer labia, plump and reddened were closed, trapping a long ruffle of her inner labia; a darker pink with brown crinkled edges. I parted her outer labia and her inner labia flowered open revealing bright pink, moist folds of skin with her large clitoris and the top and the dark entrance at the bottom.

Victoria moaned loudly as I pushed my tongue into her wet, red opening my nose nuzzling her clit. Gathering moisture on my tongue, I moved up and began to work on her generous clitoris. It had to be the size of a pencil-top eraser and was pink and firm. Victoria had her hands on the sides of my head, pulling my face hard into her pussy. I was sucking hard on her clit as she moaned and pushed her crotch into my face. With my lips clamped around her clit and the tip of my tongue licking it, Victoria came, and she came hard.

"Oh fuck!" she cried as her orgasm slammed into her. The use of a coarse word surprised me since she had spoken and acted like a perfect lady. Her thighs clamped the sides of my head, as her whole body shook and jerked. Her orgasm went on for a good two minutes before it began to wane. As her breathing returned to normal, she released her grip on my head, and I moved up the bed and put my arm around her.

She put her hand on my chest and kissed me on my lips. "I haven't had an orgasm as intense as that for a long time. Thank you, Sean."

"I'm glad I could help," I replied. "Do I need to use a condom?" I asked.

"Heavens no, unless you want to," Victoria replied. "I love to feel a man spurt his semen inside me."

I was as horny as heck, and my cock was as hard as it had ever been. I climbed over Victoria's leg and sat between her wide open legs. Her long, thin inner labia had flared open like butterfly wings. Grasping my cock, I laid its large bulbous head at her opening and pushed, and in one continuous thrust buried it inside her silky smooth vagina. I was surprised at how snug she was, but looking at her small waist and narrow hips and the lack of a C-section scar, I figured she had never borne children.

"God, you feel so nice and tight," I said as I bottomed out, bumping her cervix.

"No children and daily Kegels," she replied.

Since I wanted to go to medical school after graduation, I knew what the Kegel exercise was. As I lowered myself down on top of her, pressing her small frame into the firm mattress, she put her hands on my buttocks and squeezed them.

"Fuck me, Sean, and fuck me hard," she said.

And fuck her hard I did. I withdrew almost all the way out of her; her inner labia held the head of my cock. Then they inverted as I slammed into to her. She had her heels on the back of my thighs as I fucked her with long hard strokes.

"That's it Sean, fuck me with your beautiful cock," she murmured.

I couldn't hardly believe how hard I fucked her petite frame. I was afraid I was hurting her, but she kept on telling me to keep it up.

"That's right, Sean, give it to me. Come on fuck me. Harder, harder," she urged.

I was fucking her for all I was worth when she climaxed.

"Stop-stop-stop," she cried as her orgasm slammed into her, taking her over the top.

I plunged deep inside of her; my cockhead was pressing hard against her rubbery cervix as she shook and shuddered. She held me tight with her legs wrapped around my waist, her heels locked at the small of my back and her arms around my neck. Victoria's orgasm raged for several minutes with sudden jerks of her legs and butt. I could feel her pussy spasming on my cock, clenching and releasing in a rhythmic pattern. Finally, her orgasm began to wane; I felt small jerks like mini aftershocks, but they soon faded.

She opened her pale-blue eyes and smiled softly and said, "My, my, Sean, you sure know how to please a girl."

"I can't believe how hard I fucked you; I was afraid I'd hurt you," I replied.

Victoria smiled. "You didn't have to worry. I like hard sex. In the last few years, when he made love to me, my husband was too weak to make my orgasms anywhere near as intense as that one was." She clenched her vaginal muscles around my hard member. "Come on, Sean," she said, "spurt your stuff inside me."

I began thrusting into her again but at a more leisurely pace as my orgasm was close, and I wanted to savor it. Victoria held me with her arms around my chest and her heels on the backs of my thighs. I was using short strokes, taking myself to the cusp of my orgasm then pausing to dampen my ardor some. Then I would start up again.

As I repeated this cycle, Victoria was kissing my neck and shoulder and massaging the back of my head. She whispered, "I love feeling your beautiful penis thrusting into me. Cum for me, Sean. Spurt your seed inside me."

That did it. I made one long thrust and buried my cock deep inside Victoria's snug vagina and began spurting load after load of my teeming, pearly-white semen. I was panting hard as more of my cum jetted inside Victoria's womb. My orgasm went on for the longest time but finally waned. As soon as it had started it was over, and I felt done: empty: weak, but fully sated. I lay there for a while feeling my cock slowly soften; the last clench of Victoria's vagina expelled it followed by a stream of my semen.

A few minutes later, I rolled to Victoria's side, and she got off the bed and went to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, pulled her panties back on and got onto a clean side of the bed and snuggled up to me.

We lay side by side for half an hour. Victoria leaned over, kissed me on my lips and got out of bed. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Thirty minutes later, now showered and dressed, she came back out.

"I'll text you later," she said, kissed me again and left.

Five minutes later, I got off the bed and went to the bathroom and showered. As I took my pants off the chair, underneath was an envelope with Thanks Sean written on the front. Inside were ten crisp hundred dollar bills.

"That's gonna come in handy," I said. I got dressed and left.

Chapter Six

Two days later I got a text from Victoria. It read:

Last Friday was a lot of fun, Sean. I have a dear friend whose name is Stella. She is a very attractive and athletic thirty-six-year-old widow of five years. She's quite wealthy and has dated quite a few men, but it seems all they want is to marry her for her money. I told her about the event and that I had met you there. She has no intention of attending those events but is sexually frustrated. Would you be interested in meeting her for a few cocktails at the Omni and then go to her hotel room if you two hit it off? She will make it worth your while.

"I guess I'm quite the gigolo," I said to myself. I texted back.

I'm flattered that you thought of me, Victoria. Yes, I'd love to meet Stella, and the money will certainly help with my tuition expenses and a down payment on a more reliable car.

Victoria texted back.

Great, thanks, Sean, I'll give her your phone number.

A day later, I got a text from Stella; it said.

Sean, this is Stella, Victoria's friend. Would you like to meet at the Omni bar at six this coming Friday?

I texted back, Love to, Stella. I really look forward to meeting you.


Chapter Seven

I was sitting at the far end of the bar at six o'clock Friday evening, sipping a Stoli martini straight up with a twist, when a tall, beautiful, classy woman came in from the reception area and looked around the busy bar. She smiled as she spied me and walked over to where I was sitting with an empty seat next to me.

Stella had long, dusky-blonde hair tied in a loose ponytail with a green scrunchie and gorgeous deep-green eyes. She was dressed in a pair of designer jeans that hugged her classic perfect figure, and a pale-green, long-sleeved silk blouse with the top three buttons undone. Her breasts looked like they were pushing their way out of a demi-cup bra since I could see the shape of their slight bulges through the thin silk of her top. Every guy in the room looked at her as she made her way to where I was sitting.

I got off my stool as she approached me. She held my forearms and kissed me lightly on my lips. My hands were at the side of her chest, and my thumbs brushed the sides of her warm breasts through the silk and thin cotton.

"Thanks for agreeing to meet me, Sean," Stella said.

"The pleasure's all mine, Stella," I replied as I sat back down. Stella placed her clutch purse on the bar and sat next to me. The bartender came and took her drink order—a Manhattan.

"Victoria has told me all about you, but you're more handsome than she described."

I think I may have blushed a little when I replied, "Thank you, Stella, and Victoria said you were beautiful and she was right, but stunning would be my adjective. Stella's an unusual name," I said.

Now it was Stella's turn to blush. "Thank you very much," she said. "My mother was a big fan of the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

"I have to ask. Have you done this kind of thing before?"

"God no, and to be quite honest it's a little embarrassing." Stella lowered her voice to a whisper as she said, "I mean I've never ever paid for sex before, but Victoria convinced me that I could trust you."

"You're a very beautiful woman, Stella and I'm sure you could have any man in this room judging by the looks you got when you walked in. There wasn't a man who didn't look at you, and I think there were a few wives and girlfriends whose claws came out."

"Thanks, Sean, but I'm sure Victoria told you my predicament. I've tried dating services, and a few of the guys I've met have been very nice. And things have gone well until they found out how wealthy I am."

"But what about a prenup to make sure you weren't marrying a gold digger?"

"I got to the point with two very eligible guys who I thought might make good husbands, but as soon as the subject of a prenuptial agreement was broached, things went south."

"That's too bad, Stella. Their loss."

We chatted and called for another round of drinks. I found Stella to be great company. She was obviously intelligent and well read with a wonderful sense of humor. As the evening wore on, I found myself more and more attracted to her. We finished our drinks and headed up to her room. Inside she suggested we shower together. We quickly undressed and got into the shower.

As we washed each other, I took time to admire her body. Stella had a more shapely figure than Victoria, with breasts easily a good handful and more. As I washed them, they felt heavy and full although they didn't sag much and I thought the creases where they joined her chest quite sexy. He areolas were dark-pink and puffed with arousal as were her nipples. She had a smallish waist and nicely rounded hips. I was glad to see that, like Victoria, her mons was smooth and bare. Her inner labia didn't hang down at all as Victoria's did but just filled her cleft.

"My God, Stella, you've got an incredibly gorgeous body," I said.

"Thanks, Sean. I put it down to good genes since my mother, who is in her late fifties is in excellent shape. Of course, a personal fitness trainer who is ruthless helps. I swear he's a follower of the Marquis de Sade; he drives me so hard. And you aren't too shabby either, but there again, you have youth on your side. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty," I replied.

"Ah, to be twenty again."

"I'm betting that you are even more beautiful now than you were at twenty," I said honestly.

Stella took her time washing my cock, drawing the foreskin back, washing the head and shaft. She washed my scrotum and ass. We rinsed off and got out of the shower. After drying off, we pushed the covers down and got onto the bed. Instead of going right to it as Victoria and I had, I lay down with my arm around Stella, and we began to kiss. Stella had a wide lush mouth with full lips and as her head tilted our mouths opened, and our tongues did their flirtatious dance.

"God, you're a great kisser," Stella said breathlessly after breaking off after a minute of passionate kissing.

"You've got the sexiest mouth I think I've ever seen," I said. "And while I'm pointing out the obvious, you have gorgeous eyes."

"Thanks, Sean," Stella replied modestly.

As we continued to kiss, I caressed Stella's left breast, gently squeezing it, feeling how firm yet how soft it was. In a word—perfect. Her nipple was now hard as I felt it pressing against my palm. Stella was moaning into my mouth. We kissed for a long while, passion building, excitement climbing, anticipation intensifying.

I moved my right hand from Stella's breast down across her small tummy. As I cupped her full, fleshy mons, she opened her legs to me. I could feel the heat emanating from her vulva. I pressed my middle finger into her cleft moving her plump labia aside. As I slipped my finger, now hugged by her labia, lower I found her very wet and very hot opening. She moaned into my mouth as I slid my finger inside her vagina, curling it against her g-spot and causing her to climax immediately.

"Oh my God, Sean!" she cried as her body shook and her legs jerked as her orgasm took hold. She had her hand at the back of my neck pulling my lips tight against hers. She sucked my bottom lip as her orgasm peaked and then started to wane.

When she started to calm, she said, "I can't wait any longer, Sean. I need you inside of me now."

"Would you like to be on top?" I asked.

"God yes," she replied.

Stella straddled my pelvis; she lifted up, took the shaft of my cock between her thumb and forefinger and guided it to the hot, wet opening of her vagina. She let go and quickly lowered herself, impaling herself on my rock-hard erection. Stella began to scrub back and forth, causing her clit to dip and kiss my shaft sending incredibly intense shards of pleasure stabbing into her pussy. Her breasts felt heavy as they moved back and forth, and her hard nipples tingled.

I reached up and teased Stella's nipples as she chased her second orgasm. It didn't take long. I felt her pussy spasm, and her legs started to jerk. She dropped down onto my chest squashing her full breasts against me. Her forehead was against mine, and she had her hands on my cheeks. I could feel the hot puffs of her breath on my face. Finally, after a few minutes, Stella began to come down from her orgasmic high. She pushed back up with her hands flat on my tight pecs and smiled softly.

"That was incredible," she said, "now I'm going to return the favor."

She moved her pelvis up and down, sliding her snug pussy on my shaft all the while clenching and releasing her vaginal muscles. I wondered if Stella had any children and discounted the thought since she had a tighter vagina than some nineteen-year-olds I had dated. It didn't take her long to make me climax. She was looking at me with a devilish twinkle in those gorgeous deep-green eyes as she took me over the top.

As she felt the first spurt of my cum, her eyes closed and it seemed as if she was concentrating her mind on the feelings of my cock swelling and my semen hitting her cervix. I spurted six or seven times, and then I was done. Stella opened her eyes and smiled softly.

"Mmm, that felt good," she said. She lifted off me immediately cupping her pussy and heading for the bathroom. I heard the bathtub water running for a few minutes, then stop. Stella came back out and pulled her panties back on and got back into bed. She pulled the sheets up over us and snuggled to my side.

"We spending the night?" I asked.

"You have to be anywhere tonight?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied causing Stella to have a sad face.

But she melted when I said, "I have to be here with a very beautiful woman who has just come into my life."

We both dropped into a very deep sleep entwined in each other's arms.

Chapter Eight

I was awake first the next morning. We both still had our arms around each other. My left hand held a full firm breast. I gently disentangled myself from Stella's embrace and headed to the bathroom to empty my bladder and rinse my mouth with a small bottle of Listerine. I got back into bed and spooned Stella's back with a nice handful of her tit. Did I mention that I am a boob man? I don't know what it was, but lying there next to Stella was the most serene and happy experience that I could remember ever having. I had slept overnight with six girls, but Stella was different. She had an effect on me that no other female had so far in my life.

"A penny," Stella said.

"Excuse me," I replied.

"A penny for your thoughts? You seem deep in thought, Sean. I was wondering what it was."

"I was just thinking how nice it is to wake up with you."

"I was thinking the same thing. Can I see you again?"

"I'd love that. Can I buy you dinner?" I offered.

"No, but I'd like it if you came by the house. I have a personal chef who cooks dinners. You can stay the night if you like."

"That sounds great. I don't think I've ever had a meal cooked by a personal chef before. And I can't think of anyone with whom I would rather spend the night."

Stella kissed me then got out of bed and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I lay there, and the strangest thought crossed my mind. I wondered if there was a future for Stella and me. My thoughts were interrupted by the bathroom door opening, and Stella came out fully dressed. She came over to the bed, leaned down and kissed my lips again.

"I'll text you a date and time as well as my address," she said.

"I look forward to it, Stella," I said.

"Me too," Stella replied with a soft smile and left.

I lay there for a while collecting my thoughts, totally unaware that Stella was texting Victoria telling her that I could finally be the one. I got out of bed and into the bathroom where I showered and got dressed. 'Loved every minute' was written on an envelope that contained ten crisp hundred dollar bills—my tuition for the next three months. I actually felt somewhat guilty taking Stella's money after our incredible sex.

Chapter Nine

I got a text from Stella a few days later with an invitation to dinner for the following Saturday evening at six o'clock, and an address that I knew was in a very exclusive gated community on the edge of town. I was dressed in tan chinos with a blue button-down, open-necked oxford shirt as I picked up a bouquet of a dozen red roses on the way over.

The security guard at the gate asked for my name. He checked his guest list and opened the gates to admit me. I drove for another five minutes and found Stella's house—well it was more of a mansion. It was a two-story structure with floodlights illuminating the impressive stucco facade. I parked the car, got out and walked up three stone steps to the front door. As I rang the bell, I heard someone inside shout, "I'll get it," A few moments later a beautiful young girl opened the impressive wood paneled door.

"Hello, you must be Sean," she said, "I'm Sally, Stella's daughter." She looked at the bouquet and smiled impishly, "Ooo, those for me?"

"Well, hello to you too, Sally," I said a little surprised. I pulled a single rose and handed it to her. "This one is for you, the rest are for your mother."

Sally took the rose and said, "Thanks, come on in."

I stepped into the large foyer with its Carrara marble floor and followed Sally down two steps into a two-story great room. Stella, dressed in a black, strapless cocktail dress that hugged her figure, came out of her master suite to greet me. I offered her the roses.

"That was very thoughtful of you, Sean," Stella said as she took the bouquet from me and kissed me on my lips with just a touch of tongue. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sally watching us. I followed Stella into the kitchen where her chef was preparing dinner. She got a large, heavy cut-crystal vase out of a cupboard, filled it with water and put the roses in.

"Would you like a cocktail before dinner?" Stella asked after putting the vase on the stone mantel of the large fireplace.

"Yes, please. A vodka martini up."

"You didn't tell me you had a daughter," I said as Stella fixed us drinks at the wet bar.

"You never asked," Stella replied. "Sally's fifteen going on twenty-one."

"I heard that, Mom," Sally shouted.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready to go to Chrissie's house for your sleepover?" Stella shouted back. "Sally decided she wanted us to be alone tonight. I sometimes think she is twenty-one, she's very mature for her age."

"I must say, she's as beautiful as her mother."

"Thanks, Sean," Stella said.

"Thanks, Sean," Sally shouted from the top of the stairs.

Stella handed me my cocktail, and I followed her, and we sat down on a large leather sofa. "You have a very nice home, Stella," I said after taking a sip of my martini and setting it down on a glass-topped coffee table.

"Thanks," Stella replied. "I sometimes think it's too large for the two of us, but it's filled with so many good memories. What are you going to do when you graduate?"

"I want to go to med school, but unless I get a scholarship, I'm not sure I can afford it."

"So you want to be a doctor?"

"Dentist actually," I replied.

We sat and talked as we sipped our drinks. The doorbell rang; it was Sally's friend and her mother come to collect her for the sleepover. Sally came downstairs and kissed her mother.

"Bye, Mom, hope you and Sean have a good time," she said. She put the rose between her teeth and did a mock flamenco dance to the front door.

Ten minutes after Sally had left, Stella's chef announced that dinner was ready. I followed her into the large formal dining room with a long table with seating for ten—four either side and one at each end. Large floor to ceiling windows looked out upon a terrace, and a swimming pool that was illuminated with color changing LED underwater lighting fixtures.

"Nice pool," I said as we sat down on opposite sides of the table where two cut crystal glasses of red wine sat next to each place setting. A few minutes later the chef served dinner—an arugula salad followed by coq au vin, a hearty dish braised with a red Burgundy wine, lardons, mushrooms, and garlic served with a pile of blanched green beans tossed in a Dijon vinaigrette.

"We can swim tomorrow if you like," Stella replied.

"I didn't bring my swim suit," I replied.

"It's quite private," she said, "we can skinny-dip. Sally and I do it all the time."

Dinner was excellent, and at eight o'clock Stella's chef said he was leaving and that dessert was in the fridge. Later we ate orange sorbets sitting on the terrace enjoying the cool night air.

"This is very nice, Stella," I said.

"Yes, we love to sit out here in the evening. I'm glad I agreed with Victoria to meet you and that you accepted my invitation to dinner tonight."

"I'm glad that you did too, Stella."

Stella looked at me and gave me a soft smile, her parted lips showing her white teeth. "Can we go to bed now?" she asked.

"I thought you'd never ask," I replied with a chuckle.

I followed Stella into her large master suite. The bedroom had a king-sized four-poster with no canopy, twin bedside tables each with a small lamp, a tallboy, a full-length tilting mirror, and a dresser. I went to the bathroom to pee and rinsed my mouth with Listerine I found in the medicine cabinet. On my return, Stella was on the bed naked with one knee bent and her hands cupping her gorgeous breasts squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

"I smiled and said, "I see you've started without me."

"Sean, I've spent many a night alone in this bed bringing myself to orgasm. Now I get to share it with a very handsome, virile, and nice young man. What else does a girl need?"

I lay beside her, and she immediately put her hand on the back of my head and kissed me. Our mouths opened, and we were soon French kissing. I was holding Stella's breast in my hand as she slowly stroked my cock. We kissed for a good five minutes, changing our head positions and playing our sexy dance with our tongues. I loved necking with her.

I broke our kiss, panting hard. "You want to do soixante neuf?" I asked.

There was a wicked twinkle in Stella's deep-green eyes. "I'd love to do that," she replied.

She straddled my face with her hips and lifted my hard erection off of my stomach; I felt her hot breath as she lowered her mouth over its head. As she began to suck and stroke my cock, I raised my head a little and pushed my tongue into the cleft formed by plump labia. Her pussy tasted divine as the tip of my tongue found her hot opening. As I pushed the tip inside her, a loud gasp escaped her luscious lips.

"God, that feels so good, Sean," she murmured.

Stella went back to fellating me while I worked my magic on her prominent clit nestling in the vee of her inner labia. As soon as I touched her clit, she climaxed. My hands were on her thighs, and I felt her body jerk as she had a mini orgasm. I sucked her clit, and a few moments later she had another orgasm. There was only one other girl that I had sex with who had multiple orgasms.

Over the space of the next five minutes, Stella had four orgasms. She had stopped sucking my cock as she climaxed multiple times. She just lay with her head on my thigh panting and moaning. I finally stopped sucking her clit. I pushed the tip of my tongue against her darker pink rosebud that elicited another gasp.

Stella got off me and lay to my side with her leg over mine pressing her wet pussy into my thigh. When she finally regained her composure, she said, "Jeez, Sean. That was incredible. I've never had so many orgasms before. I think the most I ever had before was three. I think I'll keep you around if you can make me have multiple orgasms."

"You surprised me, but I loved it. Glad I could do it for you."

"Make love to me, Sean," she said tugging at my arm.

I climbed over her and sat between her open legs. Her vulva was puffed and reddened; the pink folds of her inner labia were open, and the dark opening of her vagina was leaking creamy secretions. Grasping the shaft of my cock, I positioned its head at her opening and pushed. In a single thrust, I was buried deep inside her causing a loud gasp to escape her open lips.

Over the next hour, we made love; Stella had three more orgasms but more intense than the ones she had at the end of my tongue. When I felt myself getting near to my orgasm, I backed off. Stella had her legs around my waist with her ankles locked at the small of my back.

"Sean, you're going to get blue balls if you don't cum soon."

"I was just waiting for you to have more orgasms," I replied.

"I think I might die if I have any more," she said with a chuckle.

Stella pulled me down on top of her; her breasts pressed into my chest. She kissed me passionately. "Sean, you're the most wonderful and considerate lover I've ever had. Come on, fill me up with your seed."

I began to stroke in and out of Stella's deliciously snug pussy. I let myself go, and after six strokes I felt my cock swell, and semen burned up its shaft and flooded Stella's womb. I don't think I've ever spurted that much. Amazingly, Stella climaxed again as she felt my first ejaculation.

Breathing hard, I pulled out of her and lay by her side. It took me a few minutes to regain my composure and my breathing to return to normal. Meanwhile Stella slipped out of bed and into her bathroom. I heard water running for a few minutes then shut off. When she came back, she was wearing a pair of cotton panties. She got into bed and snuggled up close and kissed me.

"Thanks, Sean," she whispered. "You're an incredible lover for one so young."

I lay there for the longest time with my arm around Stella's shoulders and her head nestled on my chest. I couldn't help myself, but I was falling for this amazing woman. I knew there was something there when we first made love in the hotel room, but I never thought it would be love.

"You're very quiet, Sean," Stella said, breaking the silence.

"I have to tell you something, Stella. After the incredible sex at the Omni, I felt guilty taking your money. I'm not going to take any more. This may come as a bit of a shock, seeing as we have only just met, but I like you; I like you a lot. Is it possible for us to have an ongoing relationship?"

"Wow!" Stella replied. "I must say that was unexpected. Don't you think the age difference is too much? I mean you're closer in age to my daughter."

"Not at all. I've always appreciated older women. You may find this a little unusual, but when I was thirteen years old, I lost my virginity to a friend of my aunt's. She was much like you, beautiful, tall, long blonde hair that was in a permanent ponytail. But whereas you have gorgeous, deep-green eyes, hers were blue. She was thirty-nine years old, divorced and she taught me all about how to please a woman. We had a relationship until I went away to college."

"Wow! Now that explains why you're such a good lover. I would like to meet this woman and thank her."

I thought that Stella was trying to change the subject and avoid answering my question. I said, "So, do you think our age difference is too much of a barrier?"

"I'm flattered that you want to, Sean. I must admit, having a young lover is very enticing to a woman my age."

"So, is that a yes?" I asked.

"Can we just see how this goes?" Stella replied.

I was a little disappointed, but I couldn't say no. "Of course we can."

She kissed me. "Thanks," she said and kissed me again.

Chapter Ten

I was awake at dawn as usual. Stella was lying on her back fast asleep, one arm over her head and the other across her tummy. Her gorgeous firm breasts with their soft nipples rose and fell with her steady breathing. I lay there with my head propped up on my hand looking at her body. For a thirty-six-year-old woman who had given birth, she was in fantastic shape. Hell, for any woman of any age, she was in fantastic shape!

She had a little tummy, but it wasn't really noticeable now that she lay on her back. Even lying down, she had a two finger gap at the top of her slender thighs. Her hips framed a gorgeous delta-shaped mons that swelled up from her tummy, smooth and bare. Her tight cleft with the ruffle of her inner labia disappeared between her buttocks pressed together by the bed. I was so busy admiring her body that I didn't notice that she was awake and watching me.

"Good morning," she said catching me by surprise.

I leaned in and kissed her. "Good morning, gorgeous," I said.

"You were studying me."

"I was marveling at what an incredible body you have and how lucky I am to be able to explore it," I replied.

Stella giggled, causing her breasts to jiggle a little. "I'm flattered that you think so," she said smiling.

"I don't think so, Stella, I know so. I wonder what your daughter will say when she finds out her mother has a twenty-year-old lover?"

"Oh, I'm sure Sally will take it in her stride. She knew you would be spending the night since I told her as much. I'm pretty sure she's put two and two together. It was her idea to go and have a sleepover at her friend's house. I have to make sure she doesn't try to steal you away. That goes for my mother as well," Stella said with a chuckle. "She's a sixty-one-year-old widow, and I think she's having sex with the guy who lives next door who's fifty-three."

We got up and showered. I noted the bidet which I assumed she had used the night before to clean up. She saw me looking at it.

"That comes in handy," she said, "every woman should own one. I felt you put your tongue on my anus last night; you like anal sex?"

"Uh-huh," I replied. "And you?"

"Oh yes. I think you and I are going to be great lovers."


After breakfast of French toast and coffee, we sat outside enjoying the mid-morning air. The day was heating up and by mid-afternoon would be a scorcher.

"You ready to get in the pool, Sean?" Stella asked.

"That sounds like fun," I said. I stood and removed my boxers that I had put on after showering. Stella was wearing just a pale-blue silk kimono that she quickly shed and, holding hands, we jumped into the pool. Stella turned to me and put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her breasts pressed against my chest and my stiffening member bumped her pussy.

"Mmm," she murmured, "we could have sex right here, but I would hate to have my daughter come home and find her mother having sex in the swimming pool."

"You're right about that, Stella. The kitchen's okay. But not in the pool." I kidded.

"You're weird, but I like you anyway," she said as she pushed her crotch against mine.

We swam some more and got out and lay down on adjacent chaise lounges covered in large beach towels. I was half asleep and didn't hear Sally, Stella's daughter, come out onto the terrace. I don't know how long she had been standing there, but something caused me to open my eyes. As soon as I saw Sally looking at my semi-erect cock lying on my leg, I quickly pulled the beach towel around me.

"That's okay, Sean," Sally said, "I've seen a penis before."

Stella opened her eyes and said casually, "Sally, honey, how was the sleepover at Sara's?"

Sally bent over and kissed her mother on her cheek. "We had a good time, Mom. Can I skinny dip as well?"

"That's up to Sean, honey. I don't want him to be embarrassed."

Sally looked at me. I just shrugged.

"I can't believe you're letting your daughter be naked in front of me," I said after Sally had gone inside the house.

"I'm sorry, Sean, I should have forewarned you that Sally would not be bothered by you being naked; I should have given you the opportunity to put at least your underwear on before she came home."

"That's okay," I said. "It probably didn't occur to you to do so."

"My late husband and I raised Sally to consider the naked body nothing to be ashamed about. We would all sunbathe and swim naked. She saw her father's erection the first time when she was seven years old. We explained what it was and she accepted it. She's not a virgin either. She's been having sex with her steady boyfriend for a year, so please, if you can, don't make it a big deal.

"I'll try, Stella," I promised.

Sally came out five minutes later naked. I couldn't help but stare at her incredible body. She had the perkiest breasts I had ever seen, fresh, young, budding with small areolas and tiny nipples. She had a small waist that flared out to narrow hips and, like her mother, her mons was smooth and bare. The tight slit of her plump vulva hid her inner labia. She looked at me and smiled at the bulge in the towel. She lay on the chaise next to her mother, and they talked about her sleepover. I could see Sally glancing past her mother at me with a smile on her face.

While mother and daughter were engrossed in conversation, I took the opportunity to dive into the water hoping that the cool water would cause my erection to wane. A few minutes later, Stella dove in and swam to where I had my forearms on the concrete coping.

"Sorry if we embarrassed you, Sean," Stella said. I guess we are just used to being naked around each other, and when my husband was alive, it was no big deal. I know you got an erection looking at Sally's naked body, and I don't mind; it's a normal physical reaction. It's not that you want to have sex with her, although I wouldn't blame you if you did. She is, after all, a very beautiful and desirable young woman."

"God, I hope you don't think I would do that, Stella. I care about you too much to ever do that to you."

"No, I'm sure you wouldn't. But if you feel uncomfortable, I'll tell her to go and put some clothes on."

"That's okay, Stella. I just wanted you to know my erection was just a physical reaction."

"I understand, just don't let it bother you. Trust me, it doesn't bother Sally although I'm sure she'll look at it. By the way, I told her about us, and she's over the moon. She's been after me to settle down for the last two years."

"I hope you didn't tell her how we met and the . . . you know . . ."

"Of course not. I told her that a good friend introduced us—which is true."

I got more comfortable being around two naked women the rest of the morning, and eventually, my erections became less frequent. Sally would occasionally look at me and smile as she saw my cock stiffen up as I admired her naked body. At noon, we all put some clothes on—boxers for me, a silk kimono for Stella and a simple long cotton top for Sally—and ate lunch.

"So, you and Mom are an item now," Sally said as she sat next to me at the kitchen island eating a grilled tuna salad sandwich.

"I think your mother was a little reticent given our age difference, but I convinced her. She's a beautiful and very intelligent woman."

"Yeah, when she told me how old you are I accused her of cradle robbing."

"SALLY!" Stella said.

"Sorry, Mom," Sally said giggling. "I'm happy for the both of you, I really am, Sean."

"Thanks, Sally. Your mother said you have a steady boyfriend. I must say, he's one fortunate guy."

"I keep telling him that," Sally said, "but I'm not sure he's convinced. He's starting to take me for granted and expects us to have sex whenever he wants to. I'm not too sure how much longer he's going to be my boyfriend. Now if you were available, well . . ."

"Sean?" Stella said ignoring her daughter's last remark.

"Yes, Stella," I replied.

"Can you spend the night, or do you have early classes in the morning?"

"I can stay so long as you don't keep me in your bed after seven."

Sally snorted soft drink down her nose. "Sorry," she said after wiping the soft drink off her face and the countertop.

Chapter Eleven

Stella cooked a simple dinner that evening since Sunday was her personal chef's night off. Afterward we sat in the home theater and watched some chick-flick that seemed to make Sally cry a little. I sat in one of the double theater seats with my arm around Stella and her head on my shoulder. Sally sat next to me in another double seat with her legs folded underneath her munching on a bucket of popcorn. When the guy in the movie dumped the girl, she threw popcorn at the screen.

"I hope you know you'll have to clean that up, Sally," Stella said.

"Well the guy's a prick, and it's worth it," Sally replied.

Halfway through the movie, Stella slipped her hand off my chest and held my semi-erect cock through my pants. She squeezed it gently.

Sally looked over at what her mother was doing and said, "I can see you've started early, Mom. Would you mind waiting until I've gone to bed before you rape him or I might get jealous and steal him away."

Stella chuckled and said, "In your dreams, honey."

"I don't think I've seen you like this around your dates before," Sally said.

"That's because Sean's special," Stella replied.

"You mean he's your young stud?"

"Sally, that's enough," Stella admonished.

"Sorry, Mom," Sally said giving me a sly smile.


The movie was over at nine, and since Sally had school the next day, she kissed her mother on her lips, did the same to me and headed upstairs to bed. Stella and I sat on the sofa in the great room watching television until nine-thirty when we went to bed. After showering together and drying off, we climbed into bed.

"I'm going to reward you for all those wonderful orgasms you gave me last night," Stella said as she lifted my erection off of my stomach. I felt her hot breath on its head followed by her full lips around the glans as she lowered her mouth onto it. As Stella took all of my cock into her mouth and partway down her throat, I moaned loudly.

"God, Stella," I said as she pulled her mouth off my cock. Long tendrils of spittle stretched from my cock to her lips; as she straightened up, they broke, and she wiped them away with the palm of her hand.

"It's been a while since I've done that," Stella said.

Stella went back to fellating me but not deep-throating me. I groaned again as she took each of my testicles into her mouth and sucked them. I was enjoying the wonderful feeling of a woman's tongue licking all the way from the root of my cock to the underside of its head. She dallied there, licking my frenulum with the tip of her tongue. I could feel my orgasm rising, spreading from my bowels throughout my groin.

"Gawd, Stella, I'm coming!" I cried. As soon as she felt my cock swell, she closed her lush lips around its crown.

"Mmmm," she murmured as the first load of semen entered her mouth. I was in seventh heaven as I spurted and spurted and spurted into her mouth till I was done. She squeezed the last of my cum out and licked it off with a big grin on her face like she was the cat that just ate the cream.

"Damn you're good," I said after calming.

"I love to feel you spurt into my mouth, and you taste divine."

"You want me to make you cum as well?" I asked.

"No, Sean," Stella replied. "Bringing you off was enough for me. Let's cuddle, and maybe in the morning you can put your woody to good use."


Chapter Twelve

The next morning, I awoke to find Stella's mouth around the head of my woody. She lifted her mouth off it and said, "Morning, Sean. You ready for a little action this morning?"

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's six-forty-five," Stella replied. "Enough for a quickie?"

"I can handle that," I replied.

"Can you handle an anal quickie? I've already used the bidet."

"I can handle that too," I said.

Stella got on her knees with her butt in the air and her forearms on the bed. As I knelt behind her, I was greeted with the wonderful sight of her plump, peach of a pussy with its tight slit and the ruffle of her inner labia showing. Her dark-pink rosette was slightly open where she'd used the bidet.

Grasping the shaft of my cock in my right hand, I placed its bulbous, purple-rimmed head at her entrance and pushed. The tight sphincter dilated, and the head slipped inside her causing a loud gasp to escape her lips.

"Gawd, that feels so good," she murmured.

I began stroking in and out of her anus with my hands on her hips, pulling her back to me as I thrust into her. I was wholly absorbed by the moment that, at first, I didn't notice Sally peering around the slightly open bedroom door until I happened to glance into the dresser's mirror. Sally didn't see my reflection since she was engrossed in watching my cock slide in and out of her mother's ass.

I could feel the stirrings of my orgasm but wanted Stella to climax first, so I reached under to stimulate her clit, but she was already doing it. Then all of a sudden Stella climaxed and dropped to the mattress trapping her hand between her legs. I made three final thrusts, and I came hard, spurting strongly, flooding her bowels with my teeming fluid. As I regained some composure, I looked into the mirror, but Sally was gone.

Stella and I lay enjoying our post-coital euphorias. I kissed her. "Good?" I asked.

"More than good," Stella replied.

"I have to apologize," I said sheepishly.

"Apologize for what?" she asked.

"I got up in the night to get a drink of water, and I didn't close the bedroom door. While we were having anal sex, I saw Sally in the dresser mirror watching us."

"Well, I guess she'll be asking me all about anal sex now."


"That's okay, Sean. Sally and I have a very open relationship."

I got off the bed. "Sorry, but I have to shower and get dressed; I have class in an hour."

"Okay, I'll cook a quick breakfast," Stella said as she got out of bed and into the bathroom where she used the bidet while I showered.



Over the next three months, I spent more and more time at Stella's home. On a Saturday evening, Stella and I had a more adventurous lovemaking session where we role-played that I was a burglar who broke into her house. Stella held me at gunpoint, tied me up and sucked me to a very pleasurable orgasm. Afterward, we were lying in bed with Stella snuggling up to me.

"I love you, Stella," I said after I kissed her on her lips. "I think that I started falling in love with you after I had dinner here for the first time."

"I've been in love with you for the past two months, Sean."

"Why didn't you say something before now?"

"Because I didn't want to pressure you," Stella replied.

"I'm glad you finally told me because I wasn't sure how you felt about me."

"Could I persuade you to move in with Sally and me?"

"Are you sure about this, Stella?" I asked. "It's a big step."

"Very sure. I've spoken to Sally, and she's all for it."

"Then I'd love to."

"There's one condition though," Stella said.

"Oh, what's that?" I replied wondering what she had in mind.

"That you allow me to put you through dental school."

"I don't know. I don't think I could do that," I replied honestly.

"I insist on it," she said firmly.

"I couldn't let you do that. I wasn't raised that way," I said, "But I have another suggestion."

"And what would that be?" she said with a slight edge in her voice.

"How about an interest-free loan that I would start to repay after my practice is established and profitable?"

Stella seemed a little assuaged, but I knew that everything would work out when she wrapped her soft hand around my semi-rigid cock.

"We can negotiate it," she replied with a smile. "That reminds me, Sally dumped her boyfriend. Would you mind if she joined us in bed tonight?"


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