Gabby & Nick

                                by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MF, Fm 13, Mf 14, Ff 14, fm 14/13, Fmf 14/13, pedo, first, con, mast, romantic.

Fifty-two-year-old Gabrielle Stone, introduces Nick, a thirteen-year-old English boy, to the delights of sex.

Word Count: 13,804

Published: September 10  2018

Chapter One

Gabrielle Stone, known to her small circle of friends as Gabby, was a petite fifty-two-year-old, never married and heir to a small fortune from her late father, a multi-millionaire real estate developer. Throughout her adult life, she had been courted by countless men, all intent on marrying into wealth. They enjoyed her bed until she tired of them and sent them packing with their proverbial tails between their legs. Even though she was no longer a spring chicken, she maintained the beauty and figure she had as a thirty-year-old; her pale-blonde hair and green eyes, always got second looks from men of all ages, even some boys too.

Her face couldn't hide her age though, but she was glad it hadn't sagged like those of some of her girlfriends. The only real indication she wasn't in her thirties was the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes and the small wrinkles at the corners of her mouth. She had no need for face-lifts or tummy tucks to maintain her youthful appearance.

Gabby looked at her naked body in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She admired her petite frame of five foot four and a hundred and ten pounds. She cupped both breasts and felt how firm they still were. Turning sideways, she saw them in profile, perfect ski slope tops and full, rounded undersides. She didn't really need a bra for support but wore simple unlined ones, size 32B, to stop her extra sensitive nipples rubbing against her clothes.

She didn't know if she was in the minority or not, but she could climax from nipple stimulation alone. It was a nice extra bonus that allowed multiple orgasms from her many lovers over the years.

Gabby always thought that her nipples were the sexiest part of her body, large for the size of her breasts, shaped like tiny cupcakes—larger around the top than where they blended into her quarter size darker pink areolas. She ran her hands across her flat stomach and down over her prominent mons, always kept hairless with regular Brazilian waxing.

Gabby rubbed the pink tissue of her inner labia that formed her clitoral sheath, admiring the way it hung a little lower than her outer, plumper labia. She loved the way men always commented on her pussy, usually as they were about to go down on her. Oral sex, given and received was one of her favorite sexual experiences, if not the best. Feeling a man spurt his seed into her mouth always brought a shudder of pleasure in her body.

After turning and looking over her shoulder at her firm butt, she put on a pale green satin bra and matching bikini-cut satin panties followed by a simple summer dress that buttoned down the front. Gabby slipped on a pair of sandals and headed downstairs where Martha, her live-in cook, had just placed a breakfast of coffee, whole wheat toast and a small plate of scrambled eggs on the large teak table on the terrace. The oversized, octagonal canvas umbrella provided shade from the early morning sun.

"Thank you, Martha," Gabby said as she sat down and placed the white cotton napkin in her lap. She loved it here—her summer home on the beach in the Hamptons. It wasn't a large house, unlike the McMansions of the uber-rich who she despised with a passion. The wives of her neighbors' on both sides had tried to be friendly with her, but as soon as they saw the look of desire in their husbands' eyes as they stared at Gabby, she was quickly dropped from their invitation list. She was happy since it meant she didn't have to form trivial relationships with people she didn't care for.

Gabby didn't know why, but she was feeling quite horny this morning. She had woken up from an intensely erotic dream, and before it faded, she grabbed a few of its tendrils. She remembered that she was going down on a guy, and the last thing she remembered was that he didn't have any pubic hair. It had left her wanting more.

At noon, she donned her large, floppy-brimmed straw hat and oversized sunglasses and descended the steps from the rear of the house onto the beach to take her usual daily stroll. Her girlfriends had told her that, except for her blonde hair, she looked just like Audrey Hepburn. Gabby wasn't, in any way shape or form, conceited, but enjoyed the comparison since the actress was one of her favorites.

As she walked on the hard sand by the water's edge, she took her sandals off and enjoyed the feel of the wet sand under her feet and the ocean lapping over her toes. Twenty yards down the beach she saw a boy, no older than thirteen or fourteen walking in the water, letting the waves crash against his legs. Gabby gasped as the boy looked up at her. He was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. He had dark curly hair and pale blue eyes, and full lips. He was wearing a loose-fitting tee-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. When he smiled at her, it literally took her breath away.

"Hi there," the boy said.

"Hello," she replied. "What's your name?"


"Just Nick?"

"Uh-huh. What's yours?"

"Gabrielle, but everyone calls me Gabby. Walk with me for a while, Nick," she said.

He walked beside her as she slowly walked back to her house.

"You live in that house with the big terrace don't you?" he said.

"How do you know that?"

"Oh, I've seen you walking up the steps, so I assumed you lived there."

"And where do you live Nick?"

"In the Lindsey's house."

"Oh, I knew the Lindsey's had a son and two daughters, but he's only ten, and I think you must be . . . what thirteen?"

"My dad's their new chauffeur."

"Oh I see, so you live on the grounds of their McMansion?"

Nick chuckled. "Yeah, it's a bit over the top, isn't it? We live in a small two bedroom flat over the garage."

She had a puzzled look on her face. "Flat? Oh, I see, you mean an apartment and judging by your accent you're English right?"

Nick smiled. "Yeah, me and Dad were backpacking across Europe when Mrs. Lindsey's hire car got a puncture. Dad changed the wheel for her, and she asked him what he did for a living. He told her that he used to be a chauffeur for Lord Dryden, but lost his job when his lordship was caught having sex with a thirteen-year-old girl and was put away for quite a few years."

"I think I remember that. Wasn't Lord Dryden a member of the cabinet?"

"Yeah, caused a big stink. Anyway, when Mrs. Lindsey heard that Dad was out of a job she offered him the job as the family chauffeur, since they had fired theirs a few weeks earlier. She didn't say why."

"Oh, I know why. He was caught trying to spy on Rachel, their eldest daughter, while she was showering in the cabana."

"Really! Well, she is a hot thing and loves to flirt."

"Stay away from her Nick, she's dangerous. Rumor has it that she was caught giving her ten-year-old brother a blowjob."

She looked across at Nick and saw he was blushing a little.

"Oh, Sorry Nick, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"Na, that's okay, it's just that I find Americans are very direct. I guess we English are a little more . . . " He was searching for the right word.

"Reserved," she said, finishing his sentence for him.

"Reserved, yeah that's it. Well here we are at your house," he said, as they stopped at the steps. "I've been admiring it, as it's more like a beach house."

"Would you like a tour?"

"Oh, I couldn't impose on you."

"Not at all Nick," she replied. She took his hand. "C'mon, I don't bite."

They walked up the steps and through the French doors into the great room. She took off her hat and sunglasses and placed them on the long table at the back of the sofa. He looked around at the high ceilings and wicker furniture.

"Very nice," he said. "You have good taste."

"Well thank you, Nick. Would you like to look around."

"Yes please." He followed her as she showed him the small swimming pool off to the side of the house.

"This is nice. We aren't allowed to use the Lindsey's pool."

"Well, you can come and use mine anytime you want."

"Oh no, I couldn't do that."

"What is it with you English? I haven't just invited you to use my pool for the sake of saying it. I meant it. Please, I would love for you to come and use it. I live here by myself, and it gets a little lonely at times, and I'd welcome your company, that is if you want the company of an older woman instead of that of a young girl."

"Oh no, Gabby. I like older women." He blushed a little. "No . . . what I meant to say was—"

She put her hand on his arm. "I know what you meant Nick, you don't have to explain."

He smiled, which made her pussy tingle with excitement. It surprised her no end since she had never been attracted to anyone under thirty before. Then she remembered her dream and wondered if Nick had any pubic hair. That last thought made the cotton gusset of her panties damp.

"I find girls of my age a bit daft. All they seem to do is giggle, and every other word out of their mouth is 'like.' "

"It's called the valley girl mentality."

"Yeah, and why they have to say O-M-G instead of oh my God, beats me."

"I know what you mean." Gabby walked upstairs and showed him the four guest rooms and the master suite.

"This is my bedroom." He looked at the large four-poster bed with a white silk canopy.

"His lordship has one just like this—well had one. I bet his prison bed isn't as nice as this," Nick said.

"Maybe because it's English, as is the rest of the furniture in this room. I took a tour of England and Scotland with my parents back in the mid-seventies and fell in love with the place."

"Can I ask you a personal question, Gabby?"

"Oh, my goodness, a reserved Englishman asking a lady a personal question, whatever is the British Empire coming to?"

"Sorry, maybe I shouldn't."

"No, Nick, don't stop now. I was just having a little fun with you. What do you want to know?"

"I was wondering how old you are. I mean you said you were in England in the seventies, that's forty years ago. You can't be that old, you certainly don't look it."

"Oh, Nick. I love you, you're so sweet. I'm fifty-two."

He gulped. "Fifty-two! Wow! If I had to guess I would have said you were about the same age as Mrs. Lindsey and I was told she's in her mid-thirties."

She held his shoulders and planted a kiss on his cheek, feeling a slight shudder in his body.

"That is very sweet of you Nick. You're now my very best friend."

She showed him the bathroom.

"You've got a bidet," he said.

"I'm surprised you knew what it is."

"When Dad and me backpacked around France, all of the hotel bathrooms had one." Nick followed her back downstairs.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"No thanks Gabby, I better be getting back as I told Dad I'd only be gone half an hour."

"Oh so soon? I was starting to enjoy your company."

He started to turn to leave. "Would it be okay if I come tomorrow to use the pool?"

"Of course it would. Come around ten and be prepared to stay for lunch."

"Thanks, Gabby, see you tomorrow." She watched as he descended the steps. As he turned to walk back up the beach, he waved.

Chapter Two

The next morning at nine o'clock, Gabby showered and put on a very sexy green two-piece bathing suit with a bikini bottom and a demi-cup bra top. After covering up with a silk kimono, she went down for breakfast on the pool terrace. She had finished breakfast and Martha had just cleared the dishes away. Gabby was sat drinking a cup of coffee when the rear doorbell rang.

"Would you get that please Martha," she shouted, "I'm expecting a young guest this morning." A few minutes later Nick walked out onto the terrace wearing a tee-shirt, cargo pants and a pair of sandals. Gabby got up, put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him on both cheeks.

"Good morning Nick."

"Hiya," he replied.

"You want coffee, orange juice?"

"I'd like an orange juice please."

"Coming right up, Mrs. Stone," Martha said. She returned a few minutes later with his drink.

"What time shall I serve lunch, Mrs. Stone?"

"Around one will be fine, thank you, Martha."

Nick sat sipping his drink. "It's nice out here, we're shielded from the sun by the house, but we get the nice sea breezes."

"Yes, we do. After I purchased the house, I had the pool put in here for that very reason. Can I ask how old you are Nick?"

"I'm thirteen, I'll be fourteen this August."

"Will the Lindseys throw a party for you?"

"I don't think so. I get the impression that they don't mix with their staff. Their cook says Mrs. Lindsey is very . . . what did she say . . . ?"

"Aloof," Gabby interjected.

"So you've met Mrs. Lindsey?"

"Oh yes. She tried to be friendly with me shortly after I moved in; she invited me over for cocktails. But when she saw her husband ogling me, I never got invited back."

Nick chuckled. "I can imagine him doing that. Dad told me Mr. Lindsey was always groping the female staff until Mrs. Lindsey fired them and hired older women."

Gabby roared with laughter. "Oh God, Nick, that is so funny."

He finished his orange juice. "I think I'll swim for a while."

She watched with anticipation as he pulled his tee-shirt over his head, revealing a slim body, completely hairless chest and two very sexy nipples. Gabby had to stifle a gasp as he pulled his cargo pants down. He was wearing a pair of Speedo swim briefs that clung to every contour of his body, including the small bulge at his crotch. Her pussy was tingling as she looked at him from behind the anonymity of her dark sunglasses.

She wanted this boy, and it was going to be her mission in life to have him. None of the many, many men she'd had relationships with came close to arousing her the way Nick did. Then the remnants of that dream came flooding back in. She had been sucking a cock with no pubic hair. She wondered again if Nick had any—she hoped not.

He ran and dove into the deep end, and as he swam lengths, she took off her kimono and walked to the side of the pool and sat on the edge with her legs dangling in the water.

Nick swam over to where she was sitting and put his arms on the coping to her side and looked up at her. He got an immediate erection since he saw her petite body in the small green swimsuit. He still couldn't believe that she was fifty-two since she had the body of a thirty-something. He always gravitated toward older women, but not fifty-year-olds, more like twenty-somethings. All the fifty-something women he knew were mostly fat and not very good looking.

"Nick, since the Lindseys will not be throwing you a birthday party then I would love to."

"Oh no, you don't have to do that."

"Nick, I don't have to DO anything. I choose to. So there will be no more discussion on the matter. Let me know what day and it's done."

"You're so kind, thank you." As he got out of the pool she saw his erection—something tough to hide in a pair of Speedos, and, to her pleasure, he didn't try to hide it; in fact, she thought he was quite proud of it. He dried himself off and sat down at the table. She got up and strolled over to where he was sitting, making sure he got a full view of the large camel toe in her bikini bottoms.

As she sat down, he looked across at her. "You told me a fib," he said. She was taken aback for a minute, wondering what he was referring to.

"There's no way you're fifty-two."

She smiled. "Nick, I work really hard to stay in shape. I have a personal trainer who comes in three times a week, and as I get older, it takes more work. So yes I am fifty-two years old. Is that a turn-off for you?"

"Normally yes, but you're not like all the other older women I've met."

"Nick, can I ask you a couple of personal questions?"


"Have older woman hit on you?"

"Hit on me? Oh you mean come on to me?"


"You mean besides Mrs. Lindsey?"

"Rachel Lindsey has hit on you!?"


"Tell me you didn't let her do anything."

"God no. What was the second question?"

"You have a girlfriend?"

"Yes . . . well not really. But there's this girl, Emily's her name, and she's the daughter of the Lindsey's cook. She's a little older than me, and we sort of . . . you know fool around. We haven't had sex or anything, but we sneak onto the beach at night and skinny dip."

"Why don't you bring her over to swim. Good chance to get to know her more, away from her mother and your father. You will find that I'm very open-minded."

"Could I do that?"

"Of course you can. Bring her tomorrow."

"Okay, I'll ask her."

"Martha will be serving lunch soon, so why don't you go and shower in the cabana."

"Okay," he said and got up and walked off. A minute later she followed. She heard the water running as she took off her swimsuit and opened the shower door. He had his back to her and didn't hear her come in. She reached over and turned the water off. As he started to turn 'round, she put her arms around him and pushed her breasts into his back.

"Gabby . . . "

"Shush Nick." She squeezed his nipples between her fingers and thumbs, feeling them harden like beads. One hand slipped down his flat stomach.

"Does he, does he?" she said to herself. As her hand touched his semi-erect cock she felt no pubic hair; his pubes were smooth and bare. Her pussy throbbed as she remembered her dream, sucking a cock with smooth hairless pubes. He gasped as she took the shaft of his small cock in her hand and started to rub it. It was about four maybe five inches long and as big around as one of the metal tubes cigars come in that her last male friend used to smoke. As she rubbed it her pussy was throbbing, then all of a sudden he came. She felt his cock swell, and hot semen spurted out onto her fist.

"S-sorry," he said, "couldn't help it."

"Shush Nick. It's okay." She brought her hand to her mouth and tasted his cum. It was too much, and she clenched her pussy as she had a small orgasm, something that had never happened before without manual stimulation. Her legs got weak, and she held onto Nick to stop her knees from buckling.

"You okay Gabby?"

"I'm fine thanks, I get a little faint sometimes when I'm hungry. Come on let's eat lunch."

She turned and got out of the shower. Nick watched as she bent down and picked up her swimsuit. He had never seen a woman's pussy before, and the sight of her vulva with its deep slit, squashed between the top of her legs and her clitoral sheath on display made his cock get hard again.

Gabby was putting on her kimono poolside as he walked over. She saw his erection inside his Speedos and was amazed that he could get hard again so soon after cumming. He had just pulled on his cargo pants and tee-shirt when Martha came out of the house and announced that lunch was served in the dining room.


Nick was tucking into his crab and lobster salad as Gabby sipped a glass of Pino Grigio.

She put her glass down. "Nick."

He looked up and swallowed. "Yes, Gabby."

"You know you can never tell anyone what I did in the shower don't you. I could get into a lot of trouble."

"Of course, I won't tell," he replied. "Sorry I came so soon."

"That's okay sweetheart." Her heart was thumping at what she was about to say next. "Next time we'll take it a bit slower."

"Okay," he replied matter-of-factly. Her pussy throbbed at his reply.


Chapter Three

"I tell you, Claudia, he's an Adonis. He's so beautiful, and his pubes are hairless."

"Good lord Gabby. I never knew you were a pedophile."

"I didn't either, never had any interest in anyone under thirty. But as soon as I saw him, I knew I had to have him."

"You need to be careful, you could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out."

"I know, I know."

"How big is his cock?"

"Not very, after all, he's only thirteen, but it's so beautiful, and it turns me on more than any of the men I've had."

"When do I get the chance to meet this Adonis?"

"Next time you're in town."

Gabby ended the call. It was almost ten, and Nick and Emily would be there soon. She laid her white one-piece swimsuit on the bed and went downstairs. As she walked across the great room, she heard the doorbell. When she opened the door, she saw Nick wearing his usual tee-shirt and cargo pants. Standing beside him was a beautiful young girl, with brown hair and gorgeous blue-gray eyes. She was about five foot three or four and had nice sized breasts for her age and was carrying a beach tote.

"Come on in," Gabby said as she stepped aside. "And you must be Emily." She proffered her hand, Emily shook it.

"I need a place to change into my swimwear," she said.

"Nick, why don't you go out to the pool while I take Emily upstairs."

Emily followed Gabby upstairs to her master suite. Gabby started to unzip her skirt.

"Shall I use the bathroom while you change?" Emily asked.

"No honey, that's not necessary. We've both got the same body parts." Gabby pulled her skirt off and laid it on the bed followed by her blouse. She saw Emily looking at her as she unfastened her bra and dropped it on the bed. With her panties sitting on top of her clothes, Emily was now naked and was not attempting to turn around and hide her nudity. Gabby looked at her slim body, a small waist that flared out to rounded hips, the start of a very small patch of pubic hair. But what amazed Gabby the most were Emily's breasts. They were small cone-shaped with faint pink areolas and small soft nipples.

"Nick told me how old you are," Emily said, "but you don't look it. I hope I have a body like yours when I'm your age."

"Well thank you, Emily. I have good genes, but I still have to work at it though, a body like this doesn't come easy at my age. You have a great looking body too. I bet the boys chase after you." Emily blushed a little.

Gabby dropped her panties and stepped out of them. She saw Emily looking at her bare mons. Gabby's pussy was tingling as Emily looked at her body.

"Do you shave . . . you know . . . down there?" she asked.

"Good lord no, that's much too much work, and the stubble when it grows back itches like crazy. I have a Brazilian wax treatment. They put hot wax on the hairs, and when it's solidified, they rip the hairs out by their roots."

Emily was pulling up her black bikini bottoms. "I bet that hurts."

"Just a little."

"I need another one next week; if you like, she can do yours for you. You know that some men like women who have bare pussies—no hair to get in the way when they perform oral sex on them. All the men I've had sex with liked that I had a bald pussy." She noticed that Emily blushed just a little.

"Okay, I'll think about it."

They finally got their swimsuits on and joined Nick on the pool terrace. He had shucked his tee-shirt and cargo pants and was swimming laps. As they sat down, he climbed out of the pool and joined them. As he was drying himself, both Emily and Gabby were both looking at the small bulge in his Speedos.

Emily looked at Gabby and smiled. Gabby wondered what she was smiling at. Then it dawned on her, Nick must have told her about the episode in the shower. She hoped Emily could keep a secret.

Martha came out to the pool terrace. "What time shall I serve lunch, Mrs. Stone?"

"What time is it now Martha?"

"It's ten forty-five."

"Let's say around noon, and we'll eat out here."

"Very well, Mrs. Stone."

Emily had her back to Gabby and was looking at Nick. He was whispering something to her, and she reached her hand over and put it over the bulge in his trunks. Gabby was getting wet watching the two of them play with each other. She couldn't see for sure but had a good idea that Nick was rubbing Emily's breasts through her bra top. Emily lay down on the chaise and turned onto her stomach; she reached behind and unhooked her bra, letting the straps fall to the side.

"Emily, you know you can go topless if you don't want tan lines. Heck, you can go naked if you want. It's private here so no one can see you."

She looked over at Gabby. "You sure it's okay? How about your cook?"

"Trust me, she's seen a lot in the years she's been with me, and nothing fazes her. Go ahead if you want to sunbathe naked, I'm sure Nick won't mind."

"Well if I'm naked then he has to be naked too," Emily said.

Nick didn't wait to be told; he pulled his Speedos off—they weren't hiding a lot anyway.

They lay there next to each other for an hour, turning every so often. Nick's initial erection had faded as he dozed. Gabby was very wet as she sat and looked at Nick's penis, and more than that, his lack of body hair. She thought it incredibly sexy. Emily's conical breasts were firm and stood out from her chest with a small soft nipple atop each one.

Martha came out of the house carrying a tray with their lunch. She took a quick look at Nick and Emily and then paid them no more heed. She set the large teak table with three place settings and put the jug of iced lemonade in the center. Moisture immediately started to form on its cold surface.

"Lunch is ready," she announced and went back inside. Nick and Emily got up and joined Gabby at the table.


After lunch, Emily and Nick lay down to sunbathe some more. Gabby disappeared into the house and a few minutes later came out with a bottle of sunscreen.

"You guys will burn if you don't put some sunscreen on."

Emily reached for the bottle. "That's okay honey, let me do it."

Gabby's pussy was throbbing at the anticipation and was relieved when Emily didn't resist. Gabby looked over at Nick and smiled as she squeezed a generous amount of lotion onto her hand. She proceeded to rub it on Emily's legs first, just to get her used to the feel of her hands. As she worked her way up, she watched Nick looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

Emily never flinched or moved as Gabby rubbed lotion onto her stomach and breasts, feeling their firmness and watching as her nipples hardened. When she was finished with her front, she got her to roll over. Gabby's hands worked her back and cheeks, admiring Emily's plump pussy between her legs, its slit closed tight.

Emily turned over again and watched as Gabby rubbed lotion onto Nick's shoulders, back, ass and legs. When he turned over, his erection lay on his stomach, and she didn't ignore it when rubbing lotion onto his body, grasping the shaft and covering it with the lotion.


At three, Emily said she had to leave soon to help her mother prep for dinner.

"Okay guys, you can use the shower in my suite, and Emily you can change back into your clothes. They followed Gabby as she went upstairs. As Emily was showering, Gabby got out of her swimsuit and picked up her panties. Nick watched her as she pulled her panties up and hooked her bra, his erection standing straight up against his stomach. Gabby looked at it.

Nick, if you want to stay behind, I'll take care of that for you." He didn't say anything, but as he was getting into the shower, he told Emily he would see her later. Gabby watched her as she dried off and got dressed.

"Thanks for letting me put lotion on you," Gabby said.

"That's okay. You have nice soft hands."

"Can I ask you a personal question, Emily?"


"Are you a virgin?"

Emily blushed a little as replied, "Yes, I am."

"You ever been with another girl?"

"I'm not sure what you mean Gabby."

"You ever had sex with another girl?"

"No, I'm not a lesbian if that's what you're asking."

"Just because you have sex with another girl doesn't make you a lesbian. And let me tell you, Emily, the sex can be incredibly good."

Emily stood there not knowing what to do or say. She was wondering what Gabby wanted. Her question was soon answered.

"You have an incredibly sexy body, and I'd love to explore it if you would let me."

Emily felt a twinge of pleasure in her pussy. "I think I'd like to try that," she said quietly.

Gabby took Emily by her shoulders and planted a kiss on her soft lips. Then she said, "Why don't you come back after dinner this evening."

"Okay. Should I tell Nick?"

"Better not to right now honey, let's just keep it a secret between us."

Gabby let Emily out of the back door and returned to her suite where Nick was drying himself. She led him to her bed and told him to lie on his back.

She heard a sharp intake of breath as she grasped the shaft of his cock and lowered her mouth over it.

"You've never had anyone give you a blowjob before?" He shook his head. "Well, Nick, you're in for a treat."

She proceeded to take his small cock into her mouth and down her throat and held it there until she needed to breathe. As she pulled off, long thick tendrils of white spittle broke away from the head of his cock and ran down her chin. She wiped them off with the palm of her hand and rubbed it on his cock, making it slick. She sucked each of his hairless testicles into her mouth and licked them.

"Bloody heck, Gabby," he said as she sucked on the end of his cock, "You're amazing."

"Years of practice, Nick, years of practice."

As she sucked his cock, swirling her tongue around the end and pushing its tip into the pee hole, she rubbed its shaft with her finger and thumb, slick with her spittle. She looked at him; he had his eyes closed and his brow furrowed as he chased his orgasm. Gabby increased the pace, feeling little jerks in his body; his hands balled up into fists. From years of experience, she knew the signs of his impending orgasm. As she felt the shaft swell, she slowed stroking it, letting him cum with minimal stimulation.

"Aggghh," he shouted, as he climaxed. She felt his hot cum hit her tongue and the back of her throat, her pussy tingled since this was her favorite part of giving a blowjob, letting the man cum in her mouth. As he spurted a second and third time, she easily kept it in her mouth and swallowed once when he was finished. It surprised her that a thirteen-year-old boy could produce that much cum. He finally relaxed; his hands opened and stroked the top of her head.

She looked up at him, licked her lips and smiled. "Good?"

"God, more than good, it was bloody incredible. You're an amazing woman, Gabby. Not only are you beautiful with a killer body, but you give an amazing blowjob."

"Well thank you, Nick. Maybe next time you can return the favor and go down on me. Have you ever performed oral sex on a woman?"

"Sorry, no I haven't."

"Okay then I shall teach you so when you go down on Emily, she will love it."

Nick got up and pulled on his now dry Speedos, cargo pants, and tee-shirt.

"Thanks, Gabby," he said as she kissed him. "Would it be okay if Dad came this Saturday as it's his day off?"

"Certainly. I look forward to meeting him. I never asked, and you never said, but where's your mother?"

"Mum and Dad got divorced when I was six. I used to see her when we lived in England but not since we moved to America. I do FaceTime with her though once or twice a month."

"Okay. It's nice you keep in touch. See you tomorrow, yes?"

"Yes, same time?" He asked.

"That would be fine."


At six-thirty, Gabby answered the doorbell and admitted Emily into the grand foyer. She kissed Emily on her lips and took her hand. Nothing was said as Gabby led Emily to the master suite. Each of them slowly got undressed. When they both were naked, Gabby took Emily's hand, and they walked to the large bed. Gabby bade Emily lie on her back.

Gabby opened Emily's legs and lay on her front with her face inches away from her pussy. The folds of her labia parted, exposing her delicate inner labia and the pink nub of her clitoris nestling in its cowl like a pearl in its shell. Emily's butt jerked as Gabby sucked her clit. Emily gasped as two of Gabby's fingers entered her now wet vagina. Gabby could sense that Emily could easily put Nick's cock inside her pussy to take her virginity.

Emily started to moan and cry out as she experienced the expert touch of Gabby's tongue and fingers. Soon she was moving her head from side to side on the pillow, and her legs twitched, and her butt jerked as her orgasm gained momentum. Finally, as Gabby kissed her whole vulva, Emily climaxed. Her legs snapped shut on Gabby's head as her body was consumed with the most incredible orgasm she had ever felt.

When Emily was done, Gabby lay beside her with her arm around her shoulder and her head on Gabby's breast. They lay there for a good hour. On occasions, Emily would turn her head and she and Gabby would French kiss for the longest time. At one point with Gabby's urging, Emily sucked Gabby's nipples and quickly brought her to a glorious climax.

At nine o'clock, Emily said she had to go. She got dressed and walked with a naked Gabby downstairs. They kissed again, and Gabby gladly agreed to Emily's request to come to her bed again. Gabby hoped the next time she had sex with Emily it would be with Nick present.


Chapter Four

Two days later, Gabby answered the door and let Nick in. He was wearing his usual outfit, teeshirt and cargo pants. He followed her out to the pool deck, admiring her cheeks as they moved seductively inside the green silk kimono. He noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, confirmed by the bumps where her nipples pushed against thin silk. He felt the stirrings of an erection. He wondered what it was going to feel like to lick a woman's pussy.

"Martha has the day off, but she's left some salads in the fridge for lunch. We have the whole house to ourselves," she said as she untied the sash and let the kimono slip off her shoulders showing him her naked body. She draped the kimono over the back of the chair, and sat on the chair opposite Nick, one leg draped over its arm, giving Nick an uninterrupted view of her plump vulva that had flared open.

"Why don't you get undressed and let me see your gorgeous naked body." She watched as he pulled his tee-shirt over his head and dropped it on the chaise, followed by his cargo pants. His erection was outlined in the thin nylon of his Speedos, she could even see the shape of its head and its ridge.

"My, my Nick. I see you came prepared," she said as he pulled his trunks off; his erection slapped back against his stomach. He sat on the chair opposite her. Gabby stretched out her free leg and rubbed his erect cock with the ball of her foot.

"You want your lesson now or after lunch?"

"Lesson? Oh that lesson, before lunch is fine."

"Okay, follow me." Her pussy tingled at the thought of having sex with Nick.

Gabby quickly threw the covers off and got onto the bed. Nick's semi-erect cock swung sensuously from side to side as he walked over to her bed. He climbed between her open legs. He couldn't take his eyes off her completely bare pussy with its prominent mons, plump labia and large clitoral hood and sheath that hung down a good half-inch from her slit.

"You ever give a girl oral sex before?"


"Okay," she said, parting her labia and rubbing her clit, "get down and started sucking and licking my clit, I'm sure you've seen it on the porn sites."

Nick took to administering to her clit and after a few minutes, and some guidance from Gabby was sucking it like an old pro. After a few minutes, she could feel her orgasm rapidly rising. She had her hands in his curly hair pushing his face into her pussy as she came.

"Aggghhh, good God, Nick," she cried as her orgasm washed over her, carrying her up in its grasp to its highest point before slowly letting her down. She released his head and felt her whole body relax after the intensity of her orgasm. Finally, after her breathing slowed, she spoke.

"My God, Nick. You were incredible. You sure you've never done that before?"

"No, never," he replied. She detected a hint of pleasure in his voice.

"Well, if you go down on Emily like that you better make sure no one can hear since she's sure to be a screamer."

He chuckled. "So I did it right?"

"You most certainly did. You're a quick study. I don't know about you, but sex makes me hungry. You ready for lunch and maybe this afternoon you can be another quick study on how to please a woman with your cock, that's if you're ready to fuck me."

He chuckled again.

"What's so funny, Nick?"

"It's just that you're normally so proper. I can tell you are a very sophisticated woman yet you use words like cock and fuck."

"You're correct. I am very sophisticated, but I leave that behind at the bedroom door. There's nothing more of a turn-on than to use language that would be considered vulgar and crude outside the bedroom. A vulva or if you will a pussy becomes a cunt, and a penis becomes a cock or a dick. I'm not familiar with the British terms."

"Well for a start, we call a pussy a fanny. Masturbating is wanking, and semen is spunk."

Gabby laughed. "So next time I'm in England and my butt is sore, I shouldn't come out with the phrase 'my fanny's sore'?"

"I think you would get some queer looks," Nick replied.

They both got dressed and went downstairs. In the kitchen, Gabby took the chicken salads out of the double-door SubZero fridge; they sat and ate at the large kitchen table.

"Have you and Emily had sex yet?"

"No, we haven't had a chance."

"Do you want to?"

"God yes, but I'm scared of getting her pregnant."

"I've got condoms you can use."

"Do I need to use one when we . . . you know . . . do it?"

"Heavens no Nick. The one thing I love about intercourse is feeling a man spurt his semen inside me. It usually puts me over the top." Gabby looked at his erection standing straight up. "And it looks like you're ready for another lesson."

Nick followed her back upstairs to her suite where she climbed onto the four-poster bed. He started to get between her legs. She stopped him and got him to lie beside her.

"Nick, the one thing a girl likes more than anything—well almost more than anything—is foreplay. You have to get the girl aroused, get her juices flowing before you fuck her."

"So what do I do?" He asked.

"Why don't you work on my breasts with your hand and your mouth. Then, when you've got me nice and aroused, slip your hand down between my legs and part my pussy lips with your middle finger."

Nick started sucking on Gabby's large rubbery nipples while squeezing her other breast.

"That's right, Nick, now pinch my nipple, I like that," she said slightly breathless as Nick started to arouse her. She felt her pussy beginning to get damp as he ramped up his attention. She gasped as he cupped her pussy and slipped a finger in between her plump labia already plump and engorged from their morning sex session.

"God that feels good, Nick, you're doing a stellar job. Can you feel how wet my cunt is?"

"Hmm," he replied, as his finger found the wet opening to her vagina.

"Get your finger wet and rub my clit. Oh yes, that's so fucking good."

Gabby's arousal was intense at the thought that a thirteen-year-old boy was about to fuck her. She couldn't wait for him to penetrate her.

"Nick honey, I need your cock inside me so bad."

Nick shuffled down the bed and got between Gabby's legs. Gabby grasped the shaft of his cock and positioned it at the opening to her vagina.

"Come on Nick, fuck me."

Nick put his hands on her hips and pushed; his cock easily slid all the way inside her. She gasped loudly. She pulled him down on top of her, his head lay next to hers, and his hands found her buttocks, marveling at how firm they were.

"That's right Nick, hold my ass while you fuck me."

Nick's senses were on overload as he started to stroke in and out of her snug pussy. He had never felt such pleasure. Masturbating wasn't even on the same continent.

"Harder Nick," Gabby urged. "You won't hurt me."

Nick started thrusting harder, his ball sack slapping against her cheeks. His hands felt her actively pushing her butt against his strokes—she was fucking him as much as he was fucking her. He had never felt this excited; he was really fucking a woman. He couldn't wait to see if Emily would let him fuck her.

Gabby put her long, slim legs over his shoulders, allowing him to penetrate deeper. Almost all the men she'd had sex with over the years, had never been able to get the full length of their cocks inside her. Nick had all of his cock inside her and was bumping her rubbery end. She could feel her orgasm nearing as he was slamming into her. Then suddenly she climaxed.

"Oh my God, Nick," she cried, as she felt her orgasm envelop her, wrap her in its warm embrace, made her body tense, every muscle taut like a violin string.

Nick held her buttocks tight in his hands as her body shook. This was a new experience for him, and at first, he was a little worried since she seemed so out of control. Then she started to calm down, and her muscles relaxed.

"You okay?" he asked.

"More than okay, Nick. That was incredible. Did you come yet?"

"No, I didn't," he replied.

"Let me get on top. You'll find girls like it on top since they can control it more—set their own pace."

Nick pulled out of her vagina and rolled to her side. Gabby straddled his hips and lifted up; with her finger and thumb, she guided the head of his cock to her vagina and lowered herself onto him, feeling his cock slip effortlessly inside her pussy.

With her hands flat on his chest, Gabby started to curl her crotch back and forth, sliding his cock in and out by just a few inches. His hands rested on her slim thighs. She watched his face as she fucked him; his eyes were shut tight. His breathing started to get faster until he was panting hard. As she increased the speed of her movement, she felt his hands tighten on her thighs, and his legs start to jerk.

"Gabby, Gabby," he cried as he orgasmed.

Gabby felt his cock swell inside her, and as the first rope of cum spurted inside her, she climaxed as well. She dropped onto his chest, feeling his cum spurt against her cervix. They held each other as their orgasms peaked and waned.

When they finally relaxed, and Gabby lifted off him and lay to his side, he leaned over and kissed her lips. It was the first time he had kissed her, and it sent shudders through her body.

"Well, what did you think of your first intercourse," Gabby asked as she stroked his face.

"It was bloody good," he replied. "I liked it when you were on top."

"So, the big question is Nick, when are you going to make love to Emily?"

"She has the day off tomorrow. Is it okay if I bring her over to swim and . . . you know?"

"Of course you can. Come around at say . . . one o'clock."

"Okay, one it is."

"I don't know about you," Gabby said, "but I need a shower."


Chapter Five

The following day at one o'clock, Nick and Emily were shown out onto the pool terrace by Martha, Gabby's live-in cook. Gabby, clad in a silk kimono, stood to greet them. She first hugged Nick, then Emily.

"Emily my dear, so nice to see you again," she said as she kissed her on both cheeks.

Emily blushed a little. "Thanks for letting me come by."

"You're very welcome my dear."

"Is it okay if we sunbathe naked again?" Nick asked.

"Of course it is," Gabby replied, shedding her kimono revealing her naked body.

Gabby could see Emily looking at her naked body as Emily got undressed. When they both were naked, Gabby handed a tube of sunscreen to Nick.

"Here you go Nick," she said, "why don't you put sunscreen on Emily, and she can return the favor."

Gabby watched excitedly as Nick applied sunscreen to Emily's shoulder, back, firm cheeks and legs. When he was done, she turned over, and he proceeded to rub in the lotion starting at Emily's feet and working his way up her body. He stayed away from her mons with its smattering of light-brown hair.

As Nick rubbed sunscreen on Emily's tummy and then her breasts, Gabby could see how firm they were as they didn't move much as he massaged the lotion into them. Emily's areolas stippled and darkened as she started to get aroused. When Nick moved to her neck and shoulders, Gabby saw that Emily's nipples were larger and stood proud of her breasts. She could also see a slight tinge of red across the top of her chest—a sure sign of her intense arousal.

Now it was Emily's turn to put lotion onto Nick's body, and Gabby couldn't wait to see what she would do with his cock that was now very erect and lying flat on his stomach. Emily too started at his feet and worked her way up his legs. Gabby was confused when Emily bypassed his cock and rubbed lotion into his chest, shoulders, and neck.

Emily was shaking a little as her hand hovered over Nick's cock. Although they had skinny dipped together, so Emily had seen his erection, but she had never touched it. She took a deep breath and lifted it off his stomach, feeling how heavy it was. She rubbed lotion down the shaft, which caused his foreskin to pull back exposing the helmet-shaped head. With his cock covered with sunscreen, she let go of it and went to lie on her chaise. She gave Gabby a shy smile as she passed her chair.

An hour later, Emily whispered something to Nick, then came over to where Gabby was sitting.

She blushed a little. "Could Nick and I use one of your guest rooms Gabby?"

"Sure you can honey, just follow me."

Gabby got up and started to walk inside the house; Emily motioned to Nick to follow. Gabby led them to one of her guest bedrooms.

"Here you go guys," Gabby said. "There are condoms and lubricating gel in the nightstand drawer. You guys have fun."

Gabby walked to the adjoining bedroom and into its closet. She had found the one-way mirror in the back of the closet by accident a year after purchasing the house. It was hidden behind a moveable panel, and it allowed an uninterrupted view of the bed.

She had asked the real estate agent the name of the person who had installed the mirror. As it turned out, it was a Hampton socialite who threw lavish parties and invited some male friends to spend the night in her bed. The agent had lowered her voice when she told Gabby that the socialite's husband was a voyeur and like to watch her and videotape her as she was fucked by as many as four guys at once. Later she and her husband would watch the videos together.

Gabby thought it so sweet as she watched Emily take Nick's hand and lead him to the bed. She lay beside him, and they started to kiss passionately. Nick had been a quick study of his and Gabby's lovemaking and was squeezing Emily's breast. Emily had her hand on the back of his neck, and she was taking the lead with their kissing, opening her mouth, sucking his lower lip.

Nick slipped his hand down across Emily's flat stomach; she parted her legs, allowing him to cup her pussy. Gabby heard Emily gasp loudly as Nick parted her labia and found her clit. Gabby could see Nick's finger curling and straighten as he worked on Emily's clit who was panting loudly as she got more and more aroused.

Gabby watched as Emily took Nick's cock in her hand and start to stroke it. The foreplay went on for five minutes, and as Nick flicked her clit with his finger, Emily climaxed.

"Way to go, Nick," Gabby said quietly.

Gabby had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit as she watched the scene in the other room. Emily whispered something in Nick's ear. He reached over and opened the drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a foil pouch. Gabby had shown Nick how to roll on a condom.

Nick ripped open the foil pack and rolled on a lubricated condom. He then got between Emily's open legs. Gabby could see her puffy and red labia, the opening to her vagina was leaking a creamy liquid. He took the shaft of his cock in his hand and proceeded to rub its head around her opening just as Gabby had taught him. Gabby heard Emily wince a little as Nick pushed into her. Then a big smile lit up her face as she realized she was no longer a virgin.

She put her long legs around Nick's waist as he stroked in and out of her. Nick was incredibly aroused, and Gabby could see that he wasn't going to last too long before he came.

"Oh gaawd Emily," he cried as he climaxed. At the same time, Gabby climaxed and had to steady herself by holding onto the storage shelving. When she had recovered from her orgasm, she took one last look through the mirror where Nick and Emily were holding each other as they lay side-by-side in their post-coital state, and went back to the pool and sat down. Half an hour later, Nick and Emily came back outside. Both blushed a little as they glanced at Gabby who thought that Emily had a glow about her. It reminded her of when she lost her virginity almost forty years ago when she was fourteen.


Chapter Six

Gabby grew up in her parents' house in Greenwich Connecticut. It was a very large house built in the early nineteen hundreds, with six bedrooms seven bathrooms and separate quarters for the large staff that it took to run the place. The grounds extended to twenty acres and had formal gardens, a small lake, and tennis courts.

Her father was a very wealthy man, who made his fortune developing office buildings, shopping malls. At fourteen years old, she attended a private academy for girls, and as such didn't have much contact with boys her age. She knew all about sex from her seventeen-year-old brother, who had taken it upon himself to make sure she got a proper sex education. It was not an altruistic effort as he received benefits in the form of hand jobs at first and blowjobs later. He also got to give his little sister orgasms with either his fingers or his tongue, but he never fucked her even though she pleaded with him to put his cock inside her pussy.

Gabby lost her virginity to, of all people, her father's gardener. His name was David Lawrence, and he was twenty-four years old and was a light-skinned negro—well that's what her father called him even though her mother tried to get him to use the term African-American. Every time she saw him, stripped to the waist toiling away in the formal garden, with sweat glistening on his muscular body, her legs got weak, and her pussy tingled like crazy. She would take a walk where he was working and asked him all sorts of questions about the flowers and what he was doing.

David didn't live in the staff quarters in the main house; he had a small cottage at the far end of the lake. Gabby happened to be walking around the lake on warm Sunday afternoon in late June when she came to his cottage. She peered in the windows but didn't see him. Then she heard a splashing sound from the lake. She walked over and was rooted to the spot as she saw him waist deep in the water; a pile of his clothes lay at her feet.

"Hello David," she called.

He turned around and was shocked to see her standing there, pushing his clothes around with the toe of her shoe.

"Miss Gabby, you shouldn't be here," he said. "I ain't got no clothes on."

"That's okay David. I've seen a man's cock before," she replied with a smile on her face.

"But it ain't right Miss. You gonna get me fired if anybody sees you."

"I won't tell if you won't," Gabby replied.

Gabby sat down with her chin resting on her bent knees showing him a good view of her sky-blue cotton panties.

"Please turn around so I can get dressed," he said. It was almost a plea.

"I'm not going anywhere, David. Supper's not till seven."

They both faced each other in an impasse for a good half hour. Gabby sitting on the grass and David standing in waist deep water. He finally relented and started to walk toward her. As the water uncovered his crotch, Gabby gasped as she saw his brown member hanging down between his legs. It was bigger than her brother's, and a ruffle of skin covered the end, unlike her brother's that was always uncovered. She later found out that her brother had been circumcised in some sort of religious ceremony; she shuddered at the thought.

David walked to where she was sat on his pile of clothes. "Can I have my clothes please, Miss Gabby."

As he stood there looking at her panty-clad pussy, his cock started to get hard.

"You've got a nice cock, David. You ever had a blowjob from a fourteen-year-old girl?"

"No Miss, I 'ain't."

"Would you like one?" Gabby could hardly believe how forward she was. Her pussy was now on high alert as it tingled; her small breasts felt fuller than they had ever done.

"Miss Gabby please."

"Oh come on David. I've seen how you look at me when you're working in the garden when I come by. You want to fuck me, don't you? That's okay, I want you to fuck me."

"I . . . I can't Miss Gabby."

Gabby hated to blackmail him, but she was desperate. "I may have to tell Daddy that I saw you naked in the lake."

His erection was now complete; his cock stood straight up against his muscular stomach.

"Please don't do that Miss Gabby; it would mean my job."

Gabby took David's hand and led him into his cottage. She quickly located his bedroom and got out of her clothes. He stood slack-jawed as he looked at her naked body. He'd seen her in her swimsuit on several occasions and had liked what he saw. Now that she was naked he saw her pert breasts with the small—almost invisible areolas and tiny pink nipples that he watched getting larger as she stared at his erection. He particularly liked her small vulva with its very plump lips and a tight slit; only her clitoral cowl showed.

"I'm nice and wet, so you want to fuck now," she said. Her pussy was tingling nicely, and she could almost feel her breasts swelling with her arousal.

She climbed onto David's bed and lay with her legs parted; it was a silent invitation.

David didn't waste any time. He climbed between her legs. Grasping the shaft of his cock, he put its head against her small hole and pushed. Feeling resistance, he stopped.

"You a virgin Miss Gabby?"

"Yes, does that matter?"

"I don't wanna hurt you."

"You won't David. I've had things in my pussy about as big as your cock."

David pushed some more, and eventually, her vagina dilated and admitted his cock. As he bumped her end, she noticed that there was still about two inches exposed, her smaller pussy lips had inverted leaving her plump labia to hug his cock.

"God, that feels soooo good," she said. " It's a much different feeling than the other things I've shoved up there. Don't cum inside me; I don't want to get pregnant."

David started to slowly fuck Gabby; ever time he bumped her cervix she emitted a little grunt. Soon the grunts got louder until he took her over the top as she orgasmed.

"Agghhh," she cried as her orgasm crashed into her.

David stopped thrusting and enjoyed the sight of this fourteen-year-old girl impaled on his brown member, squirming and shaking. She finally came down off her high and smiled at him.

"Now THAT was good," she said. "I want to watch you spurt your stuff; spurt it on my tits."

She lay there and watched as he rubbed his cock with a full fist around its brown shaft. As he pulled his foreskin back, she saw the bulbous head, smooth, shiny, pink. It didn't take long for his legs to start trembling as he approached his climax. She had seen her brother spurt many times and wondered if David would be any different.

He moaned loudly as his cock swelled and the first rope of his cum, thick, white, viscous spurted out the end and landing on her small breast. The second and third spurts covered her entire chest with his thick liquid; some ran down and puddled in her innie, some slipped off the sides, and others pooled in the depression in her neck. David sat back on his haunches, panting hard, sweat glistened on his light-brown skin.

"God, that was a lot of cum David," she said as she rubbed it into her breasts. She scooped a little on her fingers and tasted it. It was different from her brother's, sweeter, saltier.

"We better get you cleaned," he said as he got off the bed.

Gabby followed him to the bathroom where they both showered. When she was dressed, she kissed him on his cheek.

"Thanks, David," she said. "I won't bother you again, and this will be our secret, I promise."

"Thank you, Miss Gabby."


Chapter Seven

Saturday afternoon, Nick and his father Geoff, together with Emily arrived as planned for an afternoon swimming and sunbathing session. Gabby was instantly taken to Geoff, who was tall, handsome with a well-toned muscular body.

"Hello, Mrs. Stone, my son has told me much about you except that he said you were beautiful. That was an understatement—you're simply stunning." He kissed the back of her proffered hand.

"Thank you, Geoff, and please call me Gabby."

Nick took off his tee-shirt and shorts and dived in. Emily shed her top and shorts and followed him. Geoff sat next to Gabby at the large round table with its over-size, hexagonal canvas umbrella; he was sat at a slight angle so he could study the blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty next to him. He still couldn't get over the fact that his son's new friend was fifty-two years old. He looked at her through his dark Ray-Bans, admiring her slender body inside her mid-green string bikini. They struck up a comfortable conversation, and after twenty minutes it was as if they had known each other for many years.

Gabby felt Geoff's gaze, and it made her pussy tingle. She had been with many men in her lifetime. Some for just one night of passion, some for many months, enjoying each other's companionship as boyfriend-girlfriend, and only two for more serious, long-term relationships. But the handsome Englishman sat next to her was one she thought she could spend a lifetime with. There was, of course, the proverbial elephant in the room—their age difference. Nick had told Gabby that his father was thirty-eight and she was fifty-two, but there again, she was old enough to be Nick's grandmother yet that hadn't stopped her from taking him to her bed.

Geoff removed his dark glasses, and Gabby saw his pale-blue eyes for the first time, and she thought them very sexy. He held her gaze for what seemed like a long time, but it was only a few seconds when he looked at his son and Emily frolicking in the pool.

"Nick's a very good-looking young man," Gabby observed.

"Yes, he has girls chasing him all the time. I think he's quite taken with Emily and I wouldn't be surprised if the two of them are having sex."

"I would think you probably could have any girl you wanted when you were his age, Geoff."

"Oh, I don't know about that, Gabby."

"You're too modest, Geoff. You're a very handsome guy—someone I would be happy to be seen with."

"I would bet that you've had quite a few good-looking guys by your side."

"I admit, I've had my fair share over the years, but none that I've been attracted to as much as I am to you, Geoff."

Geoff blushed a little. Gabby put her hand on his arm, and apologized, "Sorry, Geoff. I didn't mean to embarrass you. But, I've found one thing in life, and that is to go after what you want."

Geoff found his composure and replied, "Does that extend to my son?"

Gabby was a little taken aback at first. She wondered if Nick had told his father. "Would you have any problem with that?"

"Not at all, Gabby. I too lost my virginity to an older woman—the wife of my employer at the time actually. I noticed a change in Nick a week back. He seems more poised, more assured of himself. So I put two and two together. I can see why he's attracted to you, Gabby. You are an incredibly beautiful and very sexy woman."

"Thank you, Geoff."

"Was he nervous the first time, as I know I was?"

"He was a little, but he's also a quick study. I'll let you in on a little secret. Nick and Emily had sex for the first time in one of my guest bedrooms. I hope you don't mind. I made sure he wore a condom."

"I don't mind. I'm glad it was in a bed rather in the back of a car."

"Emily was a virgin. A boy should always remember the time he took a girl's virginity."

"I'm going to be quite bold, and I apologize in advance if I embarrass you again, but would you like to spend the night? I think Nick wants to spend the night with Emily as well."

"I wasn't expecting that, Gabby. But I'd love to spend the night."

"Good, because I already instructed my cook to prepare dinner for four people."


Chapter Eight

After eating a meal of roast duck, fingerling potatoes and runner beans with a sauce of red wine reduction, everyone retired to the home movie theater and watched Gone Girl. Nick and Emily sat in one of the four double armchairs and Geoff and Gabby in the other. As the movie progressed, Gabby noticed that Nick's hand that had been resting on Emily's shoulder was now caressing her left breast through the thin cotton of her camisole. Gabby knew she wasn't wearing a bra since she had come with her top over her bikini—a bikini that was now in the dryer along with Nick's Speedos.

Gabby could see the outline of Nick's penis in his shorts and Emily was exploring it. Emily looked briefly at Gabby and smiled. At the same moment, Geoff was doing the exact same thing to Gabby who had her head on his should as he rubbed the tip of his forefinger in a circle around her nipple. She too was exploring Geoff's penis inside his shorts. He also had come with his swimsuit under his shorts—a swimsuit that was now tumbling gently with Emily's and Nick's. Gabby's panties were getting wetter as she gently squeezed Geoff's penis.

When the movie was over, Emily and Nick kissed Gabby goodnight and headed to one of the guest rooms. Geoff followed Gabby to her luxurious suite, where he admired the English furniture.

"Shall we bathe?" Gabby suggested.

"That would be nice," Geoff replied.

They both got undressed watching each other intently. When Gabby pulled her cotton top over her head, Geoff's sharp intake of breath told her he liked what he saw.

"Blimey, Gabby," he said, "I don't know how you do it, but you have got one of the finest bodies I've seen on any woman, and I've seen my share."

"Thanks, Geoff, as I told your son, it's a combination of genes and a strict workout regimen with my personal trainer three times a week. Gabby dropped her green silk panties to her ankles, causing another sharp intake of breath.

"I love that you are hairless down there. If there's one thing I dislike dealing with it's a big bush."

"I know. I get the wax treatment, so my mons is as smooth as a baby's bottom."

"Nick's one lucky kid to have you show him what sex with an experienced woman was like. Mine was experienced alright, but she didn't have a body like yours, and she was only in her early thirties."

"You aren't too shabby yourself, Geoff," Gabby remarked as she saw Geoff's muscular physique and his lengthening penis. "You've got the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few. I don't much care for men who have been circumcised. I find that having their cockhead exposed and constantly rubbing against clothing desensitizes it. Your son has a beautiful cock as well."

When the large over-sized clawfoot tub was full, they both stepped in. With a center faucet, there were sitting areas at both ends with padded headrests. They lay facing each other with the water level with Gabby's nipples. Gabby's legs were between Geoff's. Using her two feet, she began playing with his penis, drawing the foreskin back. Geoff rubbed each of Gabby's nipples in turn with the pad of his big toe. They carried on playing footsie for ten minutes then washed each other. After rinsing with the hand-held wand, they stepped out of the tub and dried off.

As soon as Geoff was on the large bed, Gabby immediately grasped his cock and lowered her head onto its large crown. Geoff lay there enjoying the best oral sex he had ever experienced. Gabby was expertly stroking his shaft while sucking and swirling her tongue around his cockhead. At one point she took all of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Geoff moaned as he saw the outline of his cockhead in her throat.

"My God, Gabby, that felt so fucking good," Geoff said.

Gabby lifted her head off his cock. "You ready to put your cock inside me?" she said.

Not waiting for another request, Geoff got between Gabby's open legs and swiped his cockhead up and down her wet cleft, pushing her plump outer labia aside. He looked at the head of his cock lying at the entrance to Gabby's vagina, cloaked by her thin inner labia. With his hands on Gabby's hips, he moved his hips forward. The head of his cock disappeared into her pussy, inverting her inner labia and pulling her clit down to kiss his shaft sending shards of pleasure into her body.

Geoff moved his hands from Gabby's hips and proceeded to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. Gabby was moaning loudly as Geoff fucked her.

"Harder Geoff, you won't hurt me," she said through her moans.

Geoff increased the intensity of his thrusts and soon the bedroom was filled with squelching noises as his cock rammed home and the sound of flesh on flesh as their pubes collided and his ballsack slapped her buttocks. She had her legs over his shoulders allowing him to thrust deep inside her, his cockhead bumping her soft cervix.

Then without warning, she climaxed. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," Gabby cried as her orgasm came crashing in, causing her whole body to shake. She grabbed fistfuls of bed linen as she bucked against his thrusts. Geoff stopped thrusting since he was on the cusp of his orgasm. He waited until Gabby's orgasm had peaked then continued his thrusts.

Gabby hadn't said anything about birth control so he assumed it was okay to cum inside her. He felt his orgasm rushing to meet him. Gabby had just opened her eyes as his cock swelled and the first load of cum jetted out the end of his cock and splashed against her cervix. The sensation of feeling him cumming inside her vagina, set off another, albeit a small orgasm.

Geoff, his balls drained off his teeming fluid, collapsed on top of Gabby who put her arms around his chest and peppered his neck with kisses.

"God that was good," she said at length.

Geoff lifted up. "It was, wasn't it? You didn't say anything about not ejaculating inside you."

"That's because I wanted to feel your cock swell and fill me up. You just gave me another orgasm when you spurted inside me. That's something that's never happened before."

"I did?" Geoff replied rather pleased with himself.

"You certainly did, Geoff. I think I'll keep you around."

"I wonder how Emily and my son are getting on?"

"Oh, I'm sure Emily is enjoying herself. If I do say so myself, I did teach him well."

They both broke out into a fit of laughter that caused Geoff's cock to slip out of Gabby's pussy. She cupped her crotch and headed for the bathroom where she used the bidet. A few minutes later she came back and climbed into bed, where Geoff spooned her back with a hand cupping her petite breast. They were soon asleep.


Chapter Nine

There were a few shy smiles from Emily and Nick the next morning at breakfast. Martha, Gabby's live-in cook, had laid out fresh pasties she had picked up at a local store together with a traditional English breakfast for Geoff and Nick. They were surprised—or as Nick had said 'gob-smacked'— as Martha laid a plate in front of each of them of eggs, bacon, baked beans, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms topped with a slice of fried bread. There was also a rack of diagonally-cut toast, butter pats, English marmalade and a pot of English tea.

"That was delicious," Geoff said as he put his knife and fork parallel on the center of the plate as his mother had taught him. "You've got a really good cook, Gabby. Not many can cook a proper English breakfast—particularly fried bread."

"She told me I was going to kill my guests by feeding them bread fried in bacon fat. You guys want to spend the day here?"

"I'd love to, Gabby, but Mrs. Lindsey wants me to drive her into the city for lunch with a girlfriend. I'm sure Nick and Emily would love to stay."

Nick and Emily blushed a little and nodded. Gabby knew why and she was determined to join them.


That afternoon, with Gabby, Emily, and Nick sunbathing naked, Gabby took the bottle of sunscreen and began rubbing the lotion into Emily's body. As she reached her breasts and felt her nipples firm up under her caress. She sucked each nipple in turn and whispered in her ear, "You know what a ménage à trois is, Emily?"

"A threesome," she replied.

Gabby was surprised that a fourteen-year-old girl knew what it meant, but there again today's youth were savvier than they were when Gabby was fourteen. She put it down to the Internet.

"You want to make Nick's day? You do know that it's every man's dream to have sex with two women at the same time?"

"This is really weird, Gabby."

"How so, Emily?"

"When we were lying in bed last night after making love, I asked Nick what his biggest fantasy was and guess what he said—?"

"A threesome—a ménage à trois."

"Exactly. Then he sighed and said it was never going to happen in real life; he said it only happened in porn videos on the Internet."

"So are you game, Emily?"

"Yeah, Gabby, let's do it."

"Okay, honey. Why don't you take Nick upstairs to your room, but don't tell him what we have planned? Just make sure he doesn't lock the door."

Gabby returned to her seat under the large octagonal canvas umbrella and continued to leaf through her Architectural Digest magazine. She watched as Emily whispered in Nick's ear. A smile crossed his face as he got up of the chaise and followed Emily inside. Gabby gave them ten minutes. Then she went upstairs and pushed open the guest bedroom door. Nick was on his back, and Emily had her hand around his cock and her mouth over its end. Nick had his eyes closed.

His eyes opened when he felt the bed move as Gabby climbed on. Gabby was sorry she hadn't brought her iPhone because the smile on Nick's face was, according to the well-known ad—priceless.

"It's your lucky day, Nick," Emily said.

"You two planned this?" he said.

Both Gabby and Emily smiled.

Gabby lay to the left of Nick and Emily to his right. Emily held Nick's cock between her forefinger and thumb as she stroked it. She had it inside her mouth sucking it and swirling her tongue around the end. Gabby joined in the fun by licking from its root all the way to its tip where she and Emily kissed.

Nick could hardly believe his good fortune as a gorgeous older woman, and a fourteen-year-old girl were taking it in turns to suck his cock or take his testicles into their mouths. With the two women beside him, they ran their lips up and down his shaft. When they met at the top they French kissed then repeated running their mouths up and down his stiff cock.

"Guys, I'm gonna cum soon if you keep that up," Nick said after five minutes of Gabby's and Emily's ministrations to his erection.

Emily lay on her back with her knees bent alongside her chest. Nick was between her legs. Gabby took hold of his cock and guided to the wet opening of Emily's vagina. With a single thrust, he entered her causing a loud gasp to escape her lips.

"Don't forget to pull out before you cum, Nick. We don't want to get her pregnant."

Gabby lay beside Emily, sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit as Nick stroked in and out of her pussy. It didn't take long for Emily to climax.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she cried as her orgasm took hold. Gabby could feel the tremors coursing through Emily's body.

"I'm coming," Nick cried as he pulled out of Emily's pussy.

Gabby was ready, "Let me have it, Nick," she said as she opened her mouth.

Nick obligingly pointed his cock at Gabby's open mouth. The first rope of his translucent semen hit her chin. She quickly engulfed his cock with her mouth as more of his cum spurted out. When he was done, Gabby leaned over and let Emily lick Nick's cum off her chin. Then they French kissed.

"Bloody heck girls," Nick said. "That's the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

The three of them lay there for an hour, Gabby and Emily on each side of Nick. Emily had Nick's cock in her hand, and it started to get hard again.

Gabby saw it and said, "My turn."

She straddled Nick's hips, lifted up and, taking his cock between her thumb and forefinger, guided it to her opening. She lowered, impaling herself on his now stiff rod. Gabby scrubbed back and forth on Nick's cock for five minutes. She had her eyes closed, chasing her orgasm. It arrived at the same time as Nick's. She felt him spurt his cum inside her as she climaxed. When she was done she lifted off his cock. Nick's semen ran out of her vagina and collected in his pubes. Spent, Gabby collapsed beside him.

"What's it feel like when he cums inside you, Gabby?" Emily asked.

"There's nothing better than to feel a man spurt his seed inside your pussy. You need to get your mother to take you to your doctor and get a prescription for a birth control patch so you can have unprotected sex."

"I think we all need to shower, don't you think?" Emily said after a while.

All three climbed into Gabby's large shower stall and washed each other. When they were done, they went back downstairs where Martha was getting ready to cook dinner.


Chapter Ten

In the following weeks, Geoff spent more and more of his spare time at Gabby's house where they made love with the ocean breeze wafting through the open bedroom windows. Emily convinced her mother to take her to her doctor. She too discovered the intense pleasure of having a man spurt his seed inside her, although she wasn't enamored with the resulting cleanup. 'Sex can be great, but it can also be messy,' Gabby had told her.

As summer drew to a close, Emily and Nick went back to school. With Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey on vacation in the Bahamas, Geoff spent every day and night with Gabby. On a Friday evening after dinner, they were sat on the terrace. Nick and Emily had gone into town to catch a movie. Much to Gabby's surprise and delight, Geoff, in true gentlemanly fashion, knelt beside her chair and proposed.

"You sure about this, Geoff? I mean the age difference."

"I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life, Gabby. Will you marry me?"

"Of course I will, darling. And I guess the Lindseys are going to need a new chauffeur."


With Nick as best man, Emily as the solitary bridesmaid, and Gabby's lifelong friend, Claudia as matron of honor, Gabby and Geoff were married on the beach. It was attended by a few close friends. They honeymooned in Paris and Florence.

Gabby looked on Emily as her daughter, and when she offered to pay for her college education, Emily's mother balked at first, but with much gratitude, she finally agreed. Much to Gabby and Geoff's surprise, Emily and Nick remained close even though they attended different colleges. When they both graduated—Emily first and Nick a year later—they got engaged. Three years later, Emily delivered a baby girl they named Gabrielle.

Gabby and Geoff were over the moon with delight.


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