Kate ~ A Girl For Rent

                                by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mg 11, Mgg 11/5, gg 11/5, ped, 1st, con, oral, anal, prost.

In a world where sex with children is no longer illegal, Kevin rents eleven year old Kate from her mother for the weekend, not realizing his world was about to change.

Word Count: 13,741

Published: September 02 2018

Chapter One

I was sitting at my usual table near the entrance to Maxine's Bar & Grille on a Friday night. I liked to watch the comings and goings, paying particular attention to mothers or fathers with young girls. Maxine's was one of those places where mothers—and sometimes fathers would bring their children and hope to make a few extra dollars renting them out for the night or hopefully for the weekend since that brought a lot more money. Not many men could afford a weekend; they settled for either an evening or if they couldn't afford that, then an hour on the back seat of their car.

It wasn't as if the little girls were being forced into having sex with strangers. For the most part, they began having sex at a very early age. The children of this generation—they were called GenSexers—enjoyed sex since they had been brought up in a different period and environment than that of their parents.

Over the last ten years, society's attitude toward men and women having sex with children had undergone an enormous change—particularly between parents and their own children. It was felt that children learning all about sex in a practical way and in a nurturing environment was a healthy thing.

The movement to allow sex with children had started in the Scandinavian countries where sex was not the taboo subject it was in the United States. The governments of Norway and Sweden had rescinded laws banning sex with children under the age of sixteen.

Their governments, being the nanny states they were, providing for all of the people's needs from birth to death, set up programs where parents were counseled on how to introduce their children to the joys of sex. There were even public service programs on television in which parents discussed how they were progressing with introducing their children to having sex with them.

One father told the viewers how he talked to his five-year-old daughter about how good it would feel when she had her first orgasm. One mother explained how, over a period of eighteen months, she had let her daughter use larger and larger dildos until she could dilate enough to allow her father to penetrate her vagina.

Some parents even brought their children with them. One seven-year-old, blonde Norwegian girl told how she loved giving her father blowjobs and how she liked the taste of his semen. A ten-year-old boy explained how he lost his virginity to his sixteen-year-old sister while his parents watched.

Of course, when it was first suggested that the laws in the United States concerning the age of consent to have sex should be reduced from sixteen to twelve, there was an outcry—mainly from the Baptists and Catholics. But slowly, the general public warmed to the idea. Child psychologists from Norway and Sweden explained how they had tracked a group of some five thousand girls and boys from age five to twenty-one; they had found that they were more adjusted to society and had become model citizens. Whereas the control group that was raised by their parents in an old-fashioned way had many instances of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Slowly but surely, the tide turned. There was the Million Dads' March for Sexual Freedom and the Women for Sex with Sons campaign. After five years the age of consent was amended so that children over the age of five could have sex. The laws concerning pedophiles were changed such that sex with anyone under the age of sixteen was only punishable if the children's parents didn't give their consent.

Basically, because men and women could now have sex with children, there were very few cases of pedophilia that were prosecuted—and those were the more egregious ones. It was still illegal to penetrate a child under the age of ten, both anally and vaginally with a penis but there were never any prosecutions because it was difficult, if not impossible, to prove. Children under the age of ten could be penetrated with a dildo of the appropriate size since they were used in the child's sexual development.

Chapter Two

My eyes feasted on a little old blonde girl, who had just walked in holding presumably her mother's hand. They both looked at me as they passed my table. I watched as they sat in a booth by the window. The mother kept looking at me and smiling. I could see her talking to her daughter, who would also look at me and smile. I got up, and carrying my cocktail, walked to where they were sat.

"My name's, Kevin. You mind if I join you?" I asked.

"Please sit with us," the mother replied.

"Is this your daughter?" I asked, looking at the beautiful little girl sat next to her mother.

"Yes, her name's, Kate," the mother replied.

I turned to Kate and said, "You're very beautiful, Kate, how old are you?"

"I'm eleven," she replied shyly.

I took to her right away. She was going to be my weekend treat.

Kate and I talked for a good ten minutes since I didn't just go on youth or looks alone. I wanted someone with whom I could conduct an intelligent conversation; I was not like my friend, Charlie, who only wanted to fuck the girl he rented or receive blowjobs from them. There was never any foreplay, and I asked him why and he told me he just wanted a little girl for the night to be his sex toy.

I felt sorry for him since I loved talking to the girls, finding out what they liked, how many men they'd had sex with, what part of sex was their favorite. One girl told me she loved anal sex more than vaginal sex—that weekend was exciting. I was thankful for my bidet.

"How would you like to spend the weekend with me?" I asked Kate.

"That would be nice," she replied. She looked at her mother.

"For the weekend it's twelve hundred." The mother said.

Now although prostitution was now legal, it was still illegal for children under the age of twelve. The police tended to turn a blind eye since they had their hands full with more serious crimes. The authorities didn't push for prosecutions since most of the judges and district attorneys partook of the pleasures of prepubescent girls and boys.

"I think that's fair," I replied. I guess you need my ID and my health card."

When the government changed the law on sex with underage persons, they also made prostitution legal. But anyone who pays for sex must carry a health card indicating they are free of sexually transmitted diseases and they have to be tested every month to renew their card.

Although what I was doing was illegal, the mother wanted to make sure I was clean—which I liked. I'd had some mothers who didn't even want to see my drivers license, let alone my health card. In those situations, I quickly declined their offer and left.

I slipped my driver's license and health card under the table. The mother looked at them and made a note of my address. I showed her the number on my iPhone—which she noted and handed me back my drivers license and health card.

I went to the men's room and pulled twelve crisp hundred dollar bills out of a wad from my inside jacket pocket and put them in an envelope. On my return, I slipped the envelope under the table where the mother discreetly peered inside and verified the money was correct, she nodded to Kate. "You be a good girl now, Kate," she said then kissed her daughter. "Bring her back here on Sunday evening at six o'clock."

Kate slid out of the booth and took my hand; as we exited the bar, I got jealous looks from a few guys since I was carrying her overnight case; they knew I was in for a weekend of sex. We walked to my Mercedes and, after making sure Kate had her seatbelt on, we drove off. She chatted on the way back to my house in Tega Cay on Lake Wylie, south of Charlotte.

"I like Froot Loops for breakfast," she said.

"I have every kind of cereal there is," I replied.

I was warming to Kate; she acted and used words like a girl a lot older.

"You do this a lot?" she asked.

"About four or five times a year."

"Am I the youngest one you've taken home?"

"No, you aren't. But it isn't your age that attracted me to you. You're very beautiful, but you're also very intelligent. I like talking to you."

"I'm glad that you're attracted to me. Some men don't care about what I say—all they want to do is fondle me or get a blowjob."

"Let's get one thing straight Kate, we aren't going to fuck this weekend, we're going to make love."

"That's nice Kevin. I like sex, but I don't think I've ever been made love to before."

"Well, you're in for a special weekend. You like to swim?"

"Uh-huh. I'm on my school swim team."

"I have a pool at my house."

"But I didn't bring a swimsuit."

"That's okay. My pool is very secluded so we can skinny dip. You ever did that before?"

"No, but it sounds like fun."

Chapter Three

Twenty minutes later, I pressed the button on the vehicle's visor to open the gates to Tega Cay. Ten minutes after that we were at my house. After closing the overhead door, I took Kate's overnight case, and she followed me inside.

She looked around the large kitchen and great room beyond. "Wow, you have a big house, Kevin. You rich?"

"I guess you could say that," I replied.

"You don't look very old to be rich."

"I guess I don't; I'm twenty-three and I made a lot of money after graduating from college."

As she walked around the ground floor, I put her case in my master suite.

"You hungry, Kate?"

"Uh-huh," she replied.

"How about a pizza and a movie?"

"Ooo that sounds good. I like lots of cheese, pepperoni, and ham on mine."

After calling an order into Paulo's Pizzeria, I went to my bedroom and changed into a pair of cargo shorts and a Carolina Panthers tee-shirt. Twenty minutes later, with our pizza on a coffee table in my home theater, I gave Kate the remote and told her to pick a movie she wanted to watch. I figured she would choose something like Frozen, but she surprised me by choosing Pretty Woman.

We ate pizza, I drank a beer and Kate a Sprite as we watched the movie.

"Why do people watch opera when they can't understand Italian," she said. That statement told me a lot about her. This was one very extraordinary girl.

"You know, Kate, I have no idea. Do you know what an elitist is?"

"Yes, Barack Obama's one because my Mommy said he didn't understand everyday people like her."

"Well, I have no idea if Obama liked opera, but some people really do love it, and others say they love it because it makes them seem like they're sophisticated. You do know what that means don't you?"

She cocked her head to one side and gave me one of those 'are you kidding me' looks. "I'm not stupid, Kevin," she replied, "I know what sophisticated means."

"Sorry, Kate."

"There's something I have to tell you," she said at last. "I'm a virgin."

"But . . . but how can that be? Your mother would have asked twice the amount of money."

"She doesn't know. You see, up until a week ago, I've only spent an hour with men in the back seat of their cars. They only paid enough to fondle me . . . you know—touch my pussy and stuff. Some paid for blowjobs. I love sucking cocks and swallowing cum but a few of the men weren't too clean, and I didn't like doing it then.

"Then a week ago, this man paid Mommy a lot of money for me to spend the night with him. He was a nice man, and I liked him. We talked a lot, and he cooked a delicious dinner for us. But when it came time for sex, he couldn't get it up so we just cuddled and he made me cum with his finger."

"Why didn't you tell your mother?"

"I don't know, but I'm glad I didn't as I like you a lot and I was hoping for a nice man to be my first."

"That makes me very happy, Kate. And I can assure you, I'll be clean as we're going to take a shower right now."

Kate followed me to my master suite where we got undressed. I was surprised to see that she had breasts. They were larger than breast buds but not really breasts yet—they were at that exciting phase of a young girl's development. The combination of her breasts, her puffy areolas, and her nipples gave a nice relief from her flat chest. I was extremely aroused, and my cock started to fatten and grow. She looked at my growing erection.

"Wow, I like it that I can make you hard," she said.

"I'm surprised that you've started to grow breasts," I told her.

"Yeah, Mommy was too. She said she didn't start getting boobs until she was almost twelve. They get a little sore at times so be gentle with me."

I knelt down on the bathroom floor and put my hands on her slim hips. She looked so delicate. I kissed her on her soft lips.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll treat you like a little kitten and make you purr."

"You're funny," she said. Then she surprised me; she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. It was the most beautiful kiss I had ever received—so delicate and so full of passion, and it lasted a full ten seconds.

"My, my, Kate, you certainly know how to kiss. I think I'm going to enjoy this weekend."

As we showered. I washed every inch of her body, and I thought her ass was gorgeous. Apart from her breasts, she was pretty much straight up and down; but from the side, her gorgeous ass rose up from the small of her back; two petite buttocks with a sexy cleft between. She took great delight in washing my cock, pulling the foreskin back and soaping my ball sack. She even slipped a soapy finger into my ass a few times. We dried off and got into my king-sized bed.

"I've never slept in a bed this big," she said. I could get lost."

I chuckled and hugged her. "I won't lose you, Kate."

"We going to fuck . . . sorry, make love tonight?"

"Only if you're ready."

"I may be a virgin, and I've seen the size of your cock, but in my introduction to sex when I turned five, Mommy started using rubber cocks to stretch my pussy."

I'd heard of the dildos; they were sold in a pack of six starting with the smallest and ending up with one the same size as an average adult's cock. They were called A Girls First Cock and were labeled as suitable for an average five-year-old and up. I wondered if they made ones for little boys as well.

"She started out with the smallest, and when I was almost ten years old, I can almost get the largest inside me. Do you have K-Y gel, Kevin?"

Even though all the girls I'd had sex with were as familiar as Kate with the language and detailed knowledge of sex with all its subtleties, it still amazed me since was I raised in an entirely different environment and time.

"Yes I do, Kate, and if you need it, I can use it."

In the last three years, I'd had sex with around fifteen girls aged nine to fifteen—but no penetration of the younger ones, but the sheer pleasure of having a naked child in my bed had never lost its excitement. I did rent a ten-year-old-boy one time for the night just to see if that was something I wanted to get into. I did enjoy sucking his small boner to his climax, and he gave pretty good head, but there is something about a young girl's body that is so appealing. They are soft and feminine, and their smell is something entirely different to that of a woman.

"You want me to suck your cock Kevin?" she asked. It was spoken in the same cadence as if she was asking if I wanted a soda. She had done this a few times. I wondered if she had a father, but parked that thought in the back of my mind for later.

"I would love for you to suck my cock sweetie," I replied.

She sat cross-legged beside me and lifted my member off my stomach and lowered her mouth over its head. My cockhead filled her small mouth as her lips closed on the shaft just under the head; her cheeks indented as she began to suck. At the same time, she started to stroke my shaft with a slight twisting motion.

I'd had dozens of blowjobs from girls as old as fifteen who'd probably given dozens, but there was something about the way Kate was doing it that was more sensual. It was as the French so aptly put it—it was a certain je ne sais quoi; something that cannot be described—an intangible feeling. Kate was beginning to excite me at what the future may hold for us.

I tried to decide if I wanted intercourse tonight or not. The sensation I was getting as Kate fellated me said I should let her finish. There was plenty of time for intercourse later. All the time she had my cock in her mouth, she never took her beautiful green eyes off me, and she would utter "Mmmm" every so often—she was enjoying it that much. Every so often, she took my cock out of her mouth and licked it from the root to its tip. On one occasion, she took each of my testicles in her mouth and sucked.

"Am I doing it right, Kevin?" she asked on one occasion.

"You're giving me the very best blowjob I've ever had sweetheart."

"I am?" she exclaimed with a big smile on her face, then went back to sucking me.

I could feel the warm, pleasant feeling start to spread from my bowels and permeate throughout my groin area. My scrotum drew my balls into a tight sack. I put my hand on her shoulder. "Wait a sec, Kate. Can I shoot into your mouth?"

"Oooo, yes. I like it when men do that; I like to see their cum spurt, but not all of them taste nice."

I got to my knees, and Kate sat in front of me with her hands on her thighs and her mouth open. It was the first time that I noticed she was missing a tooth in the middle of the top row. I grasped my shaft and started to masturbate. The sight of this little eleven-year-old sitting there with her small breasts sticking out from her chest and her mouth wide open waiting for my cum was one of the most erotic sights I'd ever seen.

I'd done this a few times before, and although it didn't give me as much physical pleasure as cumming in a girl's mouth with her lips clamped on my shaft, I got more visual stimulation.

"Almost there, Kate," I alerted.

I moved a little closer, so the tip of my cock was only a few inches away from her waiting mouth, her tongue out. My cock swelled, and I grunted as the first load of cum jetted out and hit the back of her throat. She never once flinched. By the time I was done, her mouth was full of my white fluid. She closed her mouth and swallowed. It took a couple of swallows to get it all down. Then she squeezed my shaft and licked the last of my cum off the end.

"I like the taste of your cum Kevin. It's not like the other men's cum I've had to swallow. Would you like to cum on my boobs next time?"

"I'd love to do that honey. Now let's go brush our teeth and get ready for bed." Kate was brushing her teeth as she watched me empty my bladder—she never took her eyes off my cock. I wondered if she had ever seen a man pee before; the question about her father surfaced again; I pushed it back down.

I got into bed, and Kate snuggled up to me with her back to me. She took my hand, brought it around her waist, opened her legs and let me cup her pussy.

"Make me cum," she said.

I slipped my middle finger into her tight slit and found the opening to her vagina. It was wet with a creamy liquid that I brought to my nose and sniffed. I loved the smell of little girls juices, and Kate was no exception; it was sweet yet earthy, and she tasted divine. I returned for more and used its lubrication to tease her tiny clit out of its cowl.

She was purring and cooing as I rubbed her tiny clit; my cock was hard again and pressing into the cleft of her firm ass. The more I rubbed and pushed her little love button the harder she purred until she climaxed. She closed her legs against my finger, trapping it in her tight slit as her small body shuddered. My other hand was around her chest, my finger rubbing circles around her small breasts and puffed areolas.

"Thank you, Kevin," she purred after she had calmed, "that was a nice cum."

I held her, with my finger buried in her slit as we both fell into our dreams.

Chapter Four

I awoke the next morning to the sight of Kate's lips on my shaft moving up and down, then swirling her tongue around the head. She looked over at me.

"Morning Kevin."

"Well, good morning, sweetheart. That's a nice sight to wake up to."

"You wanna cum in my mouth today?"

"You betcha."

I lay back with my arms behind my head watching this eleven-year-old angel fellate me. She was very good, and the thing I loved the most was that she would say "Mmm" every so often. It was apparent she was enjoying herself, and it started a train of thought that I thought I would never have—what would it be like to have her live with me full time. I knew that I wanted her next weekend and probably the weekend after that.

Kate was sucking me faster now; her head was bobbing up and down on my cockhead, and her hand was stroking me more quickly. I was close to shooting my load into her mouth—something I always enjoyed with the girls I rented.

"Oh baby, daddy's cumming," I cried as my cock swelled in her small hand and the first rope of thick creamy cum blasted into her mouth. It was such as strong spurt that she reacted a little but kept on sucking just the top part of my cockhead, leaving room in her mouth for my cum—the sign of an experienced cocksucker.

Subsequent spurts were less forceful, and she retained them in her mouth until I was done. Some of the other men she gave blowjobs to must have told her to show them their cum in her mouth because she opened her mouth and showed me her cum-covered tongue before swallowing. It really didn't do anything for me, so I told her she didn't have to. I think it was an ego thing with the guys to see how much they spurted.

"God, you're good, Kate. You've given me two of the best blowjobs I've ever had."

"I'm glad I can please you. You spurted really hard this time."

"I know, honey; it's because you're such a beautiful girl and I'm so lucky to have you in my bed."

She lay beside me and snuggled up to my side with her leg over mine pressing her very wet pussy into my thigh; she played with the sparse hair around my nipples. If the men who tried to stop the law about sex with underage children could experience having a young naked girl cuddling them and enjoying sex with them, I was sure they would change their minds since it was the most pleasurable thing one could ever do.

I turned to my side and began rubbing around her small breasts and puffy areolas with the pad of my finger. Her breasts started to get larger and her areolas puffed up and darkened.

"Are they sore today, Kate?" I asked.

"No, not today, Kevin," she replied.

"Good, cuz I'm gonna play with them."

To my mind, a girl in the first throes of puberty, when they began developing breasts was the sexiest thing alive. I leaned in and took each of her breasts into my mouth in turn and sucked on them, feeling her nipples harden into small beads.

She was cooing and purring as I worked on her breasts. There was a red tinge across the top of her chest and neck as she became aroused. I slipped my hand down, and as it touched her fleshy mons, she opened her legs for me. Cupping her vulva, I slipped a finger inside her slit, pushing her plump labia aside and as I touched the wet opening to her vagina she gasped.

"I love your touch Kevin," she murmured. "You're so gentle. Some of the men who paid to fondle me were rough; they didn't make me wet before pushing their finger into my pussy. I had to tell them to wet their fingers. Don't get me wrong, I loved having a finger inside me, but only if they were gentle."

We lay there while I sucked her breasts and gently finger fucked her. Then I shuffled down the bed and got between her open legs. She had her knees bent with her feet flat on the mattress, exposing the pink inside of her pussy with her tiny clit nestled in it cowl and the dark opening to her vagina. My face was inches from her pussy.

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"You've never had an orgasm from a man's tongue?"

Of course, I was not really surprised. The type of men that purchased an hour of her time weren't interested in foreplay—they just wanted a feel of a young pussy or a quick blowjob.

"Trust me, Kate, you are going to enjoy this."

The first time I touched the opening of her vagina with my tongue, she jumped.

"Gawd, that feels good," she said.

I lapped up her moisture and headed north where I coaxed the little pearl of her clit out of its shell. Kate was moaning as I worked her clit, licking around it, flicking it with my tongue. Her slim legs began to tremble, and she closed her thighs on my head as she climaxed.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh," she cried, as her orgasm came crashing in. She gripped fistfuls of my hair as she was swept up into her pleasure garden. Her petite eleven-year-old body shook and her bottom jerked. She slowly came down off her orgasmic high; her panting slowed, and she stopped shaking; there were only small jerks, like aftershocks, and they, too, finally stopped. She released my head and let go of my hair.

"That was the best cum I've ever had," she said, her voice a little shaky from the raw emotion of her orgasm.

"What would you like to do today, Kate?" I said after a while. She was lying in my embrace.

"I'd like to stay in bed and fu . . . make love all day," she replied with a giggle.

"That would be nice for you, but after a couple of sessions, I'd be about as useful as a wet rag," she giggled again.

"Can we go to the zoo and maybe catch a movie at the Multiplex?"

"That sounds like a plan. C'mon, let's shower and get dressed.

Chapter Five

After spending four hours at the zoo, we ate an early dinner at a charming Italian bistro I visited a lot. The main movie theater was packed for a new release, but we got tickets for one that had been out for a while which neither Kate nor I had seen. We took seats in the very back row. The seats were doubles, so we snuggled up to each other as soon as the lights went out.

It was one of the Lolita series of movies. Because the lowest age where children could engage in sex was five years old, Loliwood Studios had been putting out movies of children having sex with adults on a regular basis. This one titled 'Little Debbie Does Daddy' was the fourth in the series; it was as successful as the first three that broke box office records.

Soon after these types of movies were released for the first time, the adult movie business all but dried up. Of course, there were still homemade movies on the dark web of men fucking little girls or boys. This highly illegal child pornography showed full vaginal and anal penetrations of girls and boys under the age of ten. Some even showed men fucking little girls in their asses as young as three years old. Something at which I drew the line.

As the opening credits rolled, eight-year-old Debbie was seen getting undressed; her daddy was sat on the bed, naked—sporting a huge erection.

"Is she going to get his cock in her mouth because he looks so big?" Kate whispered.

"I don't know honey, let's wait and see," I replied.

Debbie finished getting undressed. She was a typical eight-year-old and didn't have any breast buds—just tiny red nipples on a flat chest. Her hips had started to develop, so she wasn't straight up and down. She walked over to where her daddy was sat on the bed.

"Oooh, you have a big penis, Daddy," she said. "You think I can get it in my mouth?"

"You can try, baby, since I want you to make Daddy happy," the man replied.

Debbie grasped her father's cock in her small hands, opened her mouth, and took the head inside. There were a few gasps from the smattering of people—mainly men, watching the movie. I did see one woman with what appeared to be her ten-year-old-son sitting two rows down from us. It seemed as if she was rubbing the boy's cock judging by her arm movements.

By now Debbie was sucking her father's cock like a little trooper while stroking its shaft.

"Yes baby, that's right, make your daddy happy," the man said as his legs started to shake.

Kate had her hand inside the fly of my shorts and was gently squeezing my cock. The man on the screen lifted Debbie up and laid her on the bed; he got between her legs as if he was going to penetrate her.

"He can't put it inside her, can he?" Kate asked.

"No, honey, he can't."

Debbie's father was masturbating, he had the end of his cock sitting right at the entrance to Debbie's vagina—another half inch and he would penetrate her. Debbie was massaging her tiny clit as her daddy's cock filled her entire vulva. He had not penetrated her, but his cockhead had pushed her plump labia aside and its tip was right at the opening to her vagina.

As soon as Debbie climaxed, her father threw back his head and ejaculated into his eight-year-old daughter's tiny opening. He pulled back, and the camera zoomed in for a closeup of his white semen running out of her red, inflamed vagina. The filmmaker had gone right to the edge of what was allowed by law.

I heard the boy two rows in front of us moan, since he undoubtedly ejaculated probably into his mother's mouth because her head had disappeared from view. I had to put my hand over Kate's to stop her from making me cum.

"Later baby," I told her.

We watched the rest of the half hour movie. Debbie was brought to more orgasms by her father in different locations—in a parked car, in a cab. Debbie made her daddy cum several more times, once when he came in her mouth and swallowed his cum and a couple when he ejaculated onto her face and her little red nipples.

When the lights came up, we left our seats and walked down the steps. As we passed the row with the woman and her son, I saw her cleaning her lips with a handkerchief. She looked at me and blushed, I just smiled. That was one very lucky boy to have his mother suck him off and have him cum in her mouth.

Chapter Six

It was almost eight o'clock when we got home. We got undressed and into the shower. I was glad for an instantaneous water heater as I brought Kate to two orgasms—one with my finger and the second with my cockhead rubbing up and down her tight slit. As I dried her off, I noticed how red and puffed her labia were.

"We gonna make love tonight, Kevin? she asked. I thought I noticed a little hesitation in her voice.

"If that's what you want, honey, then yes."

"Yes, I do want you to put your cock inside me, but I'm worried it might hurt too much."

"How large was the largest dildo your mommy could get inside you?" I asked. I had not seen the dildo kits they sold so wasn't sure how big it was.

She held her fingers about six inches apart.

"No, not the length sweetie, how wide was it?"

She touched my cock. "Almost as big as your cock."

"Then it shouldn't hurt, and I'll use lots of K-Y gel."

She ran and jumped on my bed, and opened her legs; her knees were bent, and her feet were flat on the mattress. I could see a little of her creamy secretion seeping out of the red opening of her vagina. I got the tube of K-Y out of the nightstand drawer and squeezed a generous dollop into the palm of my left hand.

Sitting between her open legs, I smeared the gel all over the head of my cock and wiped my hands with a towel I had brought to put under Kate's bottom to catch my cum. I grasped my shaft, and swiped it up and down her cleft between her plump labia. I also moved the head in circles at her opening, and then started to push.

She was tight indeed, and if it hadn't been for her mother prepping her for this moment, I was sure I would not have been able to penetrate her. Or if I did manage to do so, it would have hurt her really badly. She was biting her bottom lip as I began to push into her. I told her to relax and started to push again. I didn't seem to be making any headway until suddenly, with a small whimper, the head popped inside.

"It hardly hurt," Kate said. "It feels so much different to have you inside me. I can feel how much you've stretched me."

"So you like it with my cock inside you?"

"Oh yes, I love how much I feel stuffed. This means I'm not a virgin anymore doesn't it?"

"Yes, baby, technically you're now a woman."

That last statement brought a huge smile to her face. It took me a good three minutes to bury my cock in her very tight, very wet pussy, but she managed to take all of my six inches which surprised me. But there again, she was tall for her age, so maybe that had something to do with it. I began stroking in and out of her vagina, inverting her labia as I pushed in.

She was mewling and purring as I slowly and carefully pushed into her, hitting her rubbery cervix on every stroke, eliciting little "uhs" each time I did so. I was close to cumming, but with a bit of effort I damped down my ardor since I wanted her to climax first. Her breathing started to increase, and, after a while, she was panting as I stroked in and out of her tight, wet pussy while rubbing her clit with the pad of my thumb.

"Oh gaaawwd, Kevin," she cried as she climaxed. She grabbed me around my neck and pulled me on top of her. I felt hot puffs of breath on my shoulder as she panted hard through her orgasm. Her petite frame shuddered and shook as she orgasmed. She held me tight around my neck as if she didn't ever want to let me go, and I was beginning to feel the same way about this very special young girl.

She finally released her hold on my neck, and I sat up. She looked at me with such love, I felt a tight knot in my chest.

"Wow!" was all she said.

I smiled. "Glad you liked your first orgasm with my cock inside you," I said.

"I love how you fill me up. If I had my way, I'd stay like this all night."

"Sorry baby, daddy's gotta cum."

I took the towel, and she lifted up so I could put it under her.

"What's the towel for?" she asked.

"Well, it can be a little messy after I cum inside you."

She blushed a tad. "Oh, I see."

I put my cock back inside her, and she put her long legs around my thighs; I started to gently thrust in and out of her tight pussy. She began curling her pussy up against my thrusts. I had been close to cumming the whole time she climaxed, and I was very close now.

"Gonna cum, baby, Daddy's gonna spurt inside you," I said through shaky breath, as I realized I was about to cum inside the youngest girl I had ever penetrated.

The look on her face as she felt my cock swell and spurted cum inside her for the first time was priceless. As my cum splashed against her cervix, her eyes got wide, and her mouth opened. I grunted wildly as I orgasmed and filled her immature womb with my teeming fluid. At that very instant, the thought crossed my mind that I wanted Kate to have my babies one day.

I was soon done, and my cock started to soften. As it slipped out of her vagina, a stream of my pearly-white semen ran out and down between her cheeks pressed tightly together. It formed a pool on the cotton towel.

"That was incredible," she said. "I felt your cock swell and every spurt of cum." She felt between her legs. "Wow, that's a lot of cum."

"Now you know why I put the towel there. Why don't you hold the towel to your pussy and go use the bidet."

She gathered the towel to her crotch and got out of bed. I followed and turned on the bidet. As she sat down, the warm water flushed my cum out of her vagina. She got off and dried herself, and we both got back into bed. I spooned her back, with my hand over her tiny breasts; I kissed her shoulder and neck.

"Goodnight sweetie," I murmured.

She turned her head and kissed me. "Night-night, Kevin," she said.

Chapter Seven

I woke up again to the sight and sensation of Kate's lips around the head of my cock.

"I could get used to this, Kate."

"I've always loved sucking men's cocks, but yours is special. I feel different when I suck yours. I don't know why, I just do."

"Kate, I want you to spend next weekend with me if that's what you want."

"Really?" she replied.

"Yes, honey, really."

"I'd love to come and stay with you. I wish I could stay with you forever. You're the nicest most caring man I've ever met."

That last comment thrilled me. "How about we go out for breakfast this morning?" I suggested.

"Please," she replied. "Can we go to Burger Queen, since I love their hash browns?"

"Sure we can. Anything for my princess."

We showered and got dressed. After eating breakfast at Burger Queen, we came home, and I read the local newspaper while Kate sat at the dining table doing a jigsaw puzzle.

At one o'clock I asked Kate if she wanted to swim.

"That would be nice," she replied.

We both got undressed and went out to the pool deck where I put a liberal amount of sunscreen on her body. She shuddered as I rubbed the cream on her tiny breasts. Her nipples hardened as I rubbed them. As she ran and jumped into the pool, her cute ass jiggled a little as her petite buttocks moved sensually.


Later that evening as we lay in bed, Kate said, "I'd love for you to put your cock in my pussy again, but I'm still sore down there. Will you settle for a blowjob instead?"

"I love your blowjobs, baby, I can't seem to get enough of them," I replied. "Why don't we do a sixty-nine," I suggested.

"What's a sixty-nine?"

"You lie on my chest, and I'll suck your clit while you suck my cock."

"Oooh, that sounds like fun," Kate said.

She lay on my chest, and I parted her cheeks. Her pink anus winked at me. I couldn't resist pushing my tongue against her little sphincter.

"Wow! That feels good," she said.

I pushed a little more and was rewarded when her anus dilated and admitted about an inch of my tongue. I tasted the sweetness of her ass.

"Now that feels even better," she said. I wondered if she would like anal sex. I made a mental note to ask her.

She went back to sucking my cock as I teased her little pearl of a clit out of hiding. The sensation of a young girl lying on my chest with her lips around the head of my cock sucking was nothing short of incredible. My ministrations to her young pussy were soon paying dividends as I felt her butt jerk a few times and a couple of spasms in her legs.

Kate stopped sucking my cock as she climaxed. Her whole body started to shake and jerk with her orgasm. I waited her out as her orgasm finally waned. When she was calm, she continued sucking my hard rod, and within a few minutes, I too climaxed. I pumped an inordinately large amount of semen into her small mouth, but being the trooper that she was, she never spilled a drop. When I was finally done, she came and lay beside me.

"That was a lot of cum, Kevin," she said. "It was all I could do to keep it in my mouth."

"I think it's because I have a very sexy little girl in bed with me," I replied.

We lay there, she had her leg over mine, and I had my arm around her shoulders with her head in the crook of my arm. Tired, we soon dropped off to sleep.

Chapter Eight

Kate was still asleep as I got out of bed. I peed, brushed my teeth and got back in beside her. She had pushed the covers down in the night, and they lay across her thighs. He small breasts and puffy areolas rose and fell as she breathed. With her eyes closed, it accentuated the length of her lashes; they lay on her cheeks.

I looked at her pubescent vulva; her mons was fleshy and prominent, rising up between her bony hips. The creases down the sides where her vulva joined her thighs accentuated its vee-shape. Her slit was closed tight, only her small clitoral hood was visible, and it was just a short ridge. I loved Kate's pussy. I loved how tight it was as my cock explored its depths. I loved how it hugged my cock like a wet, hot, silken sleeve. Kate was my eleven-year-old lover, and I intended to make her my permanent rental if her mother would agree. I didn't know if Kate had a father, she hadn't mentioned him. Maybe he died; perhaps he left them; maybe her mother had a one-night stand and Kate never knew him.

Kate stirred and opened her eyes; she saw me looking at her.

"What?" she said.

"Nothing in particular," I replied. "I was just admiring your new breasts and your gorgeous pussy that I intended to ravish in a few minutes."

She giggled furiously. "I need to pee and brush my teeth first," she said. "How about you?"

"Done that already," I replied.

I heard the tinkle of her pee hitting the water in the bowl, followed by a flush. A few minutes later, Kate came out and jumped on the bed. She flung her arms around my neck and kissed me; she tasted of peppermint. I loved Kate's kisses. Her lips were so soft yet full, and her kisses were so full of promise.

"You want to put it in me now?" she asked. "I'm wet; I was having a really nice dream just before I woke up."

"Was I in it?" I asked.

"Of course, silly. I dream of no one else. Friday night I dreamed of having your baby."

I didn't say anything.

"You want to go on top?"

"You mean like we did last night?"

"No, honey. Straddle my hips and guide my cock to your pussy and lower yourself onto it."

"Oh, okay. That sounds like fun."

She straddled me and took my erection between her thumb and finger and moved its head between her legs and after a little back and forth along her wet slit she found the opening to her vagina. She lowered herself a little so that the head of my cock was pushing against her hole and let go of the shaft. She looked at me as she ever so slowly lowered herself inch by inch until she was fully impaled on my shaft.

"This feels different," she said. "I like being on top."

She began moving her hips hips back and forth. As she did so, her clit dipped and touched my shaft, sending shards of pleasure into her pussy. She had her eyes closed and her hands palms down on my chest. As she made love to me, I rubbed her tiny breasts, causing her breasts to grow and her areolas to puff up.

Kate was breathing faster now; she licked moisture back into her dry lips. Her eyes were shut tight as she chased her first orgasm of the day. She increased the pace of her movements; I could feel her legs jerk and her body shudder as her orgasm rapidly approached. Suddenly she stopped moving and snorted as she inhaled. She held her breath as he body shuddered and her legs jerked. After a few moments, she exhaled with a loud swoosh.

"Oh, gawd," she cried; she dropped to my chest, and I put my arms around her and held two firm buttocks, each a nice handful. She jerked and shook as her orgasm consumed her for a good half-minute. She finally calmed and pushed back up; she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Very good," she said.

She climbed off me and lay beside me with one leg over mine. We lay there for a few minutes; she held my hard cock in her hand, rubbing it slowly.

"What would you like to do?" she asked after a few minutes. "Some men liked to cum on my face, although I didn't like it when their cum got in my eyes as it stings but they seem to like it."

I thought about it; coming on a girl's face is a denigrating act and I didn't care for it, but the image of my semi-translucent semen coating her small breasts came to mind. My cock twitched at the thought.

"I felt that," she said.

"I'd love to cum on your small breasts," I said.

"Will you let me do it?" she asked.

"That would be nice," I replied.

I straddled her waist, and she grasped my cock from the side with her thumb and forefinger. She started to masturbate me. The sight of her small breasts starting to get larger and her areolas puffed with her arousal was so erotic. Precum leaked out the end of my cock; she rubbed her palm over the end, gathering the precum, smearing it over the shaft making it slicker and more sensitive.

She was jacking me quicker now; her hand was almost a blur. Tiring, she quickly changed hands and continued to stroke my cock. I felt the familiar feeling of my impending orgasm spreading throughout my groin.

"Jeez, cumming," I cried, as the first thick rope of cum spurted.

Kate tried to aim, but she didn't push my cock lower enough. The rope of cum hit her square on her jaw and some covered her mouth. To Kate's credit, she never flinched. The second equally large rope of cum splashed on her left breast and the next on her right breast completely covering them both. My last spurts covered her flat—almost concave tummy and mons.

I was done. Kate licked my cum off her lips and scooped it off her chin and nose and consumed it as if she was hungry. When she had cleaned her face, she proceeded to rub my semen all over her chest and neck. She opened her legs and rubbed cum into her pussy. Soon her vulva was glistening with my pearly white semen.

"Sorry, Kevin, my aim wasn't too good," she said.

"Sorry, Kate, didn't mean to cum on your face, that's something I don't like to do."

"S'okay, at least I didn't get any in my eyes."

We lay there side by side, Kate was rubbing my cum all over herself.

"I'm hungry," she proclaimed and got out of bed. I lay there listening to the shower. When she came back out of the bathroom, she was dressed and came and jumped on the bed.

"What's for breakfast, Kevin?"

"How about waffles?" I replied.

"Waffles sounds good. Come on, get up as I'm REALLY hungry."


We lazed by the pool most of the day until four o'clock.

"Time to take you home Kate," I said.

"Do I have to?" she replied.

"Yes, honey as I promised your mother I'd have you back by six."

Sure enough, Mrs. Stowe was waiting as we walked into the restaurant. She smiled as she saw her daughter. We both slipped into the booth beside her. The waitress came over and took my order for a vodka martini.

"So how was the weekend, Kate?" Kate's mother asked.

"It was a lot of fun Mommy," Kate replied. We went to a nice restaurant and the zoo, and we went to the movies."

"Sounds like you've had a good time."

My martini came, and after taking a sip, I pulled an envelope out of my inside jacket pocket and slipped it under the table to Mrs. Stowe.

"There's a thousand dollars in there Mrs. Stowe," I said as she took it.

"But what's that for?" she asked.

I lowered my voice and said, "Kate was a virgin. I'll let her explain when you get home.

"Thank you very much," she said. "Most men wouldn't have said anything."

"I'd like Kate to come and stay with me next weekend if that's okay."

"Yes, that will be fine. Same rate as before?"

"Yes, that'll be fine," I replied.

I finished my martini and put a twenty dollar bill on the table.

"So shall I pick Kate up from your house?"

"That would be more private," she replied. "I'll text you the address."

I kissed Kate on her lips. "See you, Friday Kate."

Chapter Nine

It was just Monday morning and I was missing Kate already. I decided that I wanted Kate to live with me full time, so I called Mrs. Stowe, Kate's mother and asked to meet with her. She said she could meet me on her lunch hour at Maxine's

I saw Mrs. Stowe sitting at a booth when I walked into the restaurant right at twelve fifteen. I made my way over to her booth. I'd only found out from Kate late Sunday that her father had died when she was quite young. It made sense that Mrs. Stowe needed to rent out Kate since she only had one income. I guessed I should have known since Kate never wore new clothes, and the ones she did wear seemed to be hand-me-downs or purchased at the thrift store.

"Thanks for meeting me, Mrs. Stowe," I said, as I slid into the booth opposite to her. "I have a proposition to make. How would you feel if Kate came to live with me permanently." She went to say something, but I put my hand up. "Hear me out please," I said.

"I am willing to pay you two-thousand dollars a month in cash if you agree with what I'm proposing. I'll make sure Kate gets the best education money can buy, she'll want for nothing. She'll get medical and dental treatment. I'll clothe her, provide her with a phone and computer. She can come and spend one weekend a month with you; more, if necessary."

She sat there for a few minutes, taking in what I had just proposed. Then she spoke.

"Does Kate know about this?"

"No, I haven't discussed it with her, but I know she loves me, and she told me she wished she could stay with me forever."

"That's a very generous offer, Mr. Bush. To be honest, I've been counting on the money that she brings in, and until you came along, it wasn't a lot. I think I can agree to that so long as Kate is okay with it. Thank you, you've just made my life a lot easier."

"Okay, when I pick Kate up this coming Friday, let me have your bank account number, and I'll draft the money into it the first of each month."

"You'll take good care of my baby."

"I love Kate as if she was my own daughter, so you don't have to worry about that."

The next Friday, I picked Kate up at her house, and Mrs. Stowe gave me a piece of paper with her account number written on it. Kate was her bubbly self like she was every Friday but I waited until we got to my house before telling her. I sat her down on the sofa.

"I've got some good news, Kate. I've spoken with your mother, and she's agreed to let you come and live with me if that's something you want."

Kate's green eyes lit up, and she beamed. "Really?" she said. "I can stay with you all the time? But what about Mommy?"

"Really. One weekend a month you will spend with your mother—more, if you want."

"Thanks, Kevin, I love you."

"I love you too, Kate. You'll be switching schools. I'm going to enroll you in a private school where you'll get a good education that someone as smart as you really need. And one more thing, tomorrow we're going shopping for a whole new wardrobe of clothes for you."

"Yay," she shouted, then hugged me.

Shopping with Kate was a blast. I don't think she'd ever shopped for new clothes before since she was over the moon at all the choices she had. I think she, and I if I was honest, got the most kicks out of shopping for underwear. We shopped at PINKS of course and came away with dozens of pairs of panties in all sorts of colors and styles. Kate also got a large selection of tops and shorts.

"Can I get some bras as well please, Kevin? Some of my friends who don't even have tits yet, wear them."

Sure you can honey." The sales assistant gave me a funny look when I came into the changing room with her and Kate. I watched as she measured Kate.

"She needs a 30AA," the sales associate said. "It's basically a training bra."

Kate picked out half a dozen, some to match the panties she'd picked out earlier. I loaded the last of twelve shopping bags into the trunk of my Mercedes, and we headed for home. It took two hours to remove all her new clothes and shoes, cut the tags off, and either hung them on rails or put them in the many drawers and shoe racks of the large, unused hers master closet.

"Thanks," she said as she closed the closet door.

"You're welcome, princess," I replied.

Chapter Ten

Six weeks had gone by since Kate came to live with me and I loved every minute of it. I enrolled her in a private academy for girls. She took some tests to determine in which class to place her. The principal was surprised when the results came back. Kate's IQ was 125 and the other tests showed that she was very smart. It didn't surprise me since we had been having some conversations about subjects that usually girls of her age had no interest or knowledge of.

For her twelfth birthday, I arranged for a caterer to come in and set up outside by the pool. Four of Kate's friends from her old school and three from her new school came, as well as her mother who was amazed at the house and clothes that Kate had in her closet. The pool party was crazy with girls shedding their bikini tops and splashing around in the water. This last month, Kate had really put on a growth spurt. She was a few inches taller and her hips had started to flesh out; she now had an hourglass figure albeit a slim one. Her breasts had grown and of course that meant more clothes shopping. Kate was proud that she now needed a 30A bra so a trip to PINKS it was.

Two weeks after her twelfth birthday, we were lying in bed having just had a two hour session of lovemaking; I was beat as I had cum three times. Kate was a sexual dynamo. She was snuggled up to my side with her leg over mine when she said something that surprised me.

"Daddy," she said. That really surprised me and thrilled me. It was the first time she had called me that, and I guessed she looked on me as the father she never knew. How sweet.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"You know I'm okay if you want to bring another girl home."

I hadn't thought of it, and the idea of making love to two girls intrigued me.

"You wouldn't mind? You do know you're the only girl I'll ever love."

"Yes Daddy, but it might be nice to rent say a young girl—you know, around five or six years old. We could teach her all about lovemaking."

"Hmm, that sounds good. You ever been with a girl before?"

"No, and I think I'd like to try; it might be fun."

"Okay. Tomorrow's Friday. Let's go to Maxine's and see what's available."


Friday at six, Kate and I walked into Maxine's and took a table near the entrance and waited. A waitress took our order—a beer for me and soda for Kate. Fifteen minutes later a man walked in holding a little girl's hand. She couldn't have been more than six years old. He looked at me as he passed our table and gave a small nod. It was the universal language that said my daughter or son's available.

"She's cute, Daddy," Kate said.

She was definitely cute, with light brown hair tied in a ponytail, gray eyes, a button of a nose and dimples either side of her full lips. She was small—no taller than four feet and was pretty much straight up and down but she did have a cute small bubble butt inside her tight jeans.

"C'mon, honey, let's go and see what's what."

As we approached the booth where the man and his daughter sat, a waitress had just taken their drink order.

"May we join you?" I asked.

"Please, have a seat," he replied. I sat next to him, and Kate sat next to the little girl. They immediately started chatting.

"Kevin," I said as I offered the man my hand. He shook it.

"Morgan," he replied. "Nice to meet you. Is she your daughter?" He asked nodding at Kate.

"Not really. She's a full-time rental. She's been with me going on six weeks now."

"Wow! that must be expensive," he said.

"I can afford it," I replied. "What's your daughter's name and how old is she?"

"Her name's Sasha, and she's six and a half."

That surprised me. She was small for her age.

"That's rather young for a rental," I said. "Most parents only start introducing their kids to sex at that age."

"Not really. My wife and I started with Sasha when she was three. Now she's obviously too young for vaginal penetration, and she's small for her age, but she can take my cock in her ass. Let me tell you, she has the sweetest little honey hole you'll ever taste. Your daughter will love her; Sasha goes down on my wife and she always gives her amazing orgasms."

He really got my attention. I'd never had sex with a girl so young before, and the thought of watching Sasha go down on Kate got blood flowing south. Morgan said something that both surprised me and please me.

"We don't really need the money," he said. "We look on this as part of her sexual development, and she actually raised the subject—she really wants to do this. I've had six other men who wanted to rent her and I turned them all down. My wife and I didn't want Sasha to go with anyone and you seem like a very decent guy and your little girl looks to be very happy."

"I'm flattered," I replied. "And yes, Kate is extremely happy with me. She stays with her mother one weekend a month."

I lowered my voice as I asked for her price. "If I have her back here by five o"clock tomorrow evening, how much will it be?"

"Does seven hundred sound reasonable since she can't take a cock inside her pussy yet?" he replied.

"Seven hundred is very fair. Let me go to the men's room and put the cash in an envelope. You can't be too careful. I heard a guy got busted here last week for prostituting his eight-year-old. But there again he wasn't subtle about it, he was offering her to guys left and right. Maxine got pissed and called the cops."

"Yeah, I heard about that," Morgan said. "I'll need to see your drivers license and health card."

"No problem," I said as I got up. "Wait here, Kate."

I came back and slipped Morgan the envelope under the table together with my driver's license and health card. He opened the envelope under the table and counted the seven crisp hundred dollar bills.

"Can you have her back here by, say, five Saturday evening?" he said as he handed me back my drivers license and health card.

"No problem," I replied.

"Sasha honey. You want to go with this nice man and his daughter?"

She smiled and said, "Yes Daddy, I'd love to."

"Okay honey, be a good girl now."

"Okay, Daddy," Sasha said. Kate slid out of the booth; Sasha followed.

Kate took Sasha's hand, and the three of us left the bar and got into my car. Kate and Sasha talked up a storm all the way home. We ate pizza and watched a movie. Sasha was taken by the size of the house and the movie theater and all the clothes in Kate's closet.

"Is your daddy rich?" she asked Kate.

"Uh-huh," Kate replied.

"He seems like a very nice man. My Daddy turned down a lot of men before tonight. I really wanted to have sex with a man other than Daddy, but Daddy said to wait for the right man to come along. Has your Daddy fucked you in your bum yet?"

Kate looked at Sasha with a quizzical expression as she said, "What's a bum?"

"It's where you poop from," Sasha replied.

"Oh, you mean my ass. No, he hasn't but were are going to try it soon. We have a bidet in our bathroom."

Now it was Sasha's turn to be confused. "What's a bidet?"

"It's for washing inside your pussy or your ass. Makes you nice and clean."

"I can't wait to use it," Sasha said.


It was eight o'clock when the movie ended.

"Okay guys, time for a bath," I said.

We all headed for Kate's and my suite where we got undressed. Of course, Kate was naked first, and watched as Sasha slowly undressed; she seemed a little shy as she had only taken her shoes and socks off whereas Kate was naked, and I was in my boxers.

"Is this your first time, Sasha?" I asked.

She nodded and said, "With a man other than Daddy."

I knelt in front of her. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about honey. Here, let me undress you."

I unbuttoned her sky-blue, short-sleeved blouse and took it off. She wore a simple undershirt, there were bumps in the thin cotton where her little nipples were. I undid the snap on her jeans and drew the zipper down. She put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as she stepped out of them. The leg openings of her, white, full-cut cotton panties with tiny red hearts all over, were loose and I caught sight of her plump pussy lips.

Next came her undershirt; I grasped the hem and lifted it over her head as she held her arms up. Her tiny nipples looked hard like beads. I drew her panties down, and she stepped out of them. I looked at her. Her pussy was the plumpest one I'd ever seen. Her plump labia with its tight slit and indentation at the top filled the space between her slender legs.

"You have a very beautiful body, Sasha, doesn't she, Kate?"

"Yes, she does Daddy. I love her plump pussy."

"I like these," I said as I rubbed her nipples causing a little gasp to escape her lips and a small shudder in her body.

"You say this is your first time with someone other than your daddy, but have you done anything else?" I asked.

"I did it with a lady three times. She paid Daddy a thousand dollars for weekend rentals. She was rich with a big house and a man—I think it was her husband—who watched the whole time I went down on her. He was old and didn't do anything but watch and stroked his penis. He didn't even spurt. Most of the time he was soft."

"Well, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. We're not going to force you to do anything. Okay?"

She nodded then got close to my ear. "I like to get fucked in my bum," she whispered. "Daddy puts his penis in my bum. If you want to, you can, too."

"I'd like that very much, Sasha," I told her.

I ran a bath for us and took Kate aside. "I know you want to try anal sex, Kate, but Sasha wants to do it tonight. If you don't want me to then, I won't."

"No it's okay, Daddy, I don't mind really," she replied. God, I love this girl.

We all got in the oversized bath. Kate washed me, and I washed Sasha. I put a soapy finger in her ass and rotated it. She purred like a kitten as I did so. Sasha took great delight playing with my cock, pulling it down and letting it spring back against my stomach with a loud 'splat.' That brought on a fit of giggles from Sasha and Kate. I watched as Sasha washed Kate, rubbing a soapy finger along Kate's slit. Kate shuddered as Sasha found her vagina.

"You want me to kiss your pussy later?" Sasha asked.

"I've never been with a girl before," Kate replied.

"You'll like it cuz my Mommy does when I do it to her. The nice lady did too."

My cock got as hard as a rod as I visualized Sasha between Kate's legs eating out her pussy. We finished washing and got out of the tub. I showed Sasha how to use the bidet to clean her ass; I left her there for a minute while Kate and I dried off.

After Sasha was dry, we all piled onto the king-sized bed. Kate immediately opened her legs, and Sasha got between them; she began kissing Kate's mons and sucking her clit—teasing it out of its hood.

I sat beside Sasha and rubbed my finger up and down her slit; her plump labia oozed aside as I pushed into her. Finding her wet vagina, I pushed a finger inside, feeling how tight she was. It was apparent that her parents hadn't started with dildos yet. With my finger wet with her juices, I started rubbing her gorgeous pink anus. She pushed back at me, encouraging me to push it inside her which I did gladly.

"Ah, that feels good Kevin," she said as she wiggled her little bubble butt at me; she went back to sucking and licking Kate's pussy.

I had my finger all the way inside her ass and started to finger fuck her. When she was well and truly wet and opened up, I squeezed a dollop of K-Y gel on the end of my cock and spread it around. With its shaft in my fist, I rubbed my cockhead around her anus, dilating it further. I pushed in as she backed into me and my cock slipped inside her ass.

"That feels soooo good," Sasha said.

"Is his cock in your ass?" Kate asked.

"Oh yes, Kate. You said he hasn't fucked you in your bum yet"

"No, but he's going to soon. I want to see what it feels like."

"You'll love it, I promise."

The room was filled with slurping noises as Sasha went to town on Kate's pussy. Kate's "Oos" and Ahs, as well as my groans as I fucked six-year-old Sasha in her ass also filled the room. I could only get half of my cock inside her since I didn't want to hurt her.

Kate was the first to cum on Sasha's experienced tongue. She clamped Sasha's head between her slim thighs as she climaxed. Sasha was holding Kate's hips as Kate shuddered and jerked. This went on for a good half minute then she started to calm down. Finally, after a minute had gone by, she was able to speak coherently.

"Gawd, Sasha, that was amazing. You sure know how to please a girl," Kate said.

I had my hands on Sasha's hips, still stroking in and out of her tight ass, and I was close to cumming.

"You want to cum in my bum or my mouth Kevin?" Sasha asked.

I thought it cute that she referred to her ass as her bum.

"In your bum, Sasha," I replied. Kate giggled at my use of the word.

I continued fucking Sasha's ass as gently as I could. After all, she was only six years old, and a small six-year-old at that and I didn't want to hurt her.

It only took a few minutes until I felt my cock swell, and the first load of my cum spurted into Sasha's bowels. I thrust hard as I spurted into her; spurt after spurt after spurt until I was done. My cock deflated quicker than a Patriot's game ball and slipped out. Sasha quickly clenched her ass, keeping my cum inside her. It was obvious she had done this many times.

I flopped down between the two girls. Kate immediately went about cleaning my cock with her mouth and tongue while Sasha went to use the bidet. Sasha's parents had taught her well. She would be in big demand as she got older and was able to be penetrated vaginally.

"You were amazing, Sasha," I said when she returned.

"She sure was," Kate echoed.

"You're the nicest people I've met," she said. "Would you like to do it again?"

I knew that her parents didn't need the money so they hadn't told her to say that. I think she genuinely wanted to come back.

"We'll see, Sasha," I replied, "we'll see."


Chapter Eleven

It seems as if my morning waking ritual was to have a pair of child's lips around the head of my cock and this morning was no exception. As I roused from my slumber, I heard whispering. Kate was licking my cockhead and telling Sasha how to suck it. I watched through half open eyes as Sasha first licked the head then took half of it into her mouth, which was about all she could get in since her mouth was small.

Her father hadn't said anything about Sasha giving head, so I assumed she hadn't done this before. Both girls were now fellating me with Kate taking the lead with my cock in her mouth and Sasha running her plump lips up and down its shaft. She was fondling my ball sack with one hand while holding the base of my cock with the other, squeezing it occasionally. I was getting close; Kate saw me watching them and smiled.

"I'm close, girls," I said.

Kate started stroking my shaft. "Open your mouth, Sasha," Kate said. Sasha sat there with her mouth wide open while Kate brought me to a climax.

"Good God," I cried as I orgasmed.

Sasha jerked as the first rope of my cum hit the back of her throat she coughed as the second rope hit her neck. Kate quickly put my cock back in her mouth and took the rest of my cum and swallowed.

I lay there recovering from an amazing blowjob, panting hard.

"Sorry," Sasha said. "I didn't know what to expect."

"That's okay, sweetie," I replied. "Was that your first time?"

"Uh-huh," she said. She swallowed the cum that was in her mouth. "Mmm, I like the taste," she said. "Daddy's going to be surprised when I suck his penis and make him cum."

I watched as Kate licked my cum off Sasha's neck like a mother cat cleaning her kitten; she kissed her. "You did well for your first time," Kate told her.

"I guess it's your turn now, Sasha," I said, as I started to get between her legs.

"Let me do it, Daddy," Kate said.

"Okay baby, this will be something new for you."

"I know, and I'm excited," Kate replied.

I sat and watched as Kate got between Sasha's wide open legs and started to lick her pussy. Kate put a finger inside Sasha's small hole and began to finger fuck her. She slowly pushed her finger in and out of Sasha's pussy while sucking and licking her tiny clit that she had coaxed out of its cowl.

Sasha's vulva was so small, even Kate's small mouth covered all of it as she kissed it. I sat cross-legged watching Kate eat out Sasha's small pussy while stroking my cock that was now hard again. It's amazing what watching two naked little girls have sex with each other can do for one's libido. I shuffled a little closer to Sasha until I was right by her face. She turned as I offered my cock to her, and she took it into her mouth.

Sasha began the short journey to her orgasm; her legs started to jerk as did her little ass. Kate was really working on her, finger fucking her pussy while sucking her clit. Sasha pulled back, taking her mouth off my cock as she climaxed.

"Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh," she cried as Kate gave her a sweet cum. Her legs closed over Kate's head, and her small body shook and jerked as her orgasm took over. I love to watch little girls have orgasms; it's one of the most sensual things to witness as the incredible sensation of pleasure courses through their small bodies.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, Sasha's breathing and demeanor were back to normal. She smiled.

"That was a very good cum," she said.

I kissed her soft lips.


After breakfast, the three of us lay on chaise lounges by the pool. We were all naked, and after I applied sunscreen to Sasha's and Kate's bodies, both of them insisted they put some on me. Sasha took the lotion and poured some on my back and proceeded to rub the backs of my legs and my ass while Kate did the same to my back and shoulders. I jumped a little as I felt a little slick finger push into my butt followed by two giggling girls. Sasha smacked my butt and told me to turn over.

After applying lotion to my legs, chest, and stomach, they both attached my cock and ball sack with gusto. Soon my rock hard shaft was slick with lotion as both girls proceeded to stroke it. Sasha had one hand near the base and Kate near the head as they moved in unison, giggling as they jacked me.

I slipped the middle finger of my right hand along Sasha's slit and did the same to Kate with my left hand. I found both Sasha's and Kate's vagina at the same time and slipped my fingers inside them. It didn't take long for me to cum; as soon as the first rope of cum spurted out of the end and a foot high in the air, both girls giggled furiously. After the last of my cum spurted out they let go of my cock; it slapped back down on my stomach and stayed semi-hard as I worked on both girls pussies.

Sasha and Kate were moaning as I worked my fingers in and out of their pussies while rubbing their clits with the pad of my thumbs. I could feel their butts jerking as they bucked my hands, which were cupping their pussies. To my complete surprise, both girls climaxed at the same time. They were shaking and jerking as the orgasmed together. Maybe they should add this to the Sex Olympics: synchronized finger fucking. Sasha was the first one to calm and return her breathing to normal, followed a minute later by Kate.

I got up and jumped in the pool to clean myself, followed a few moments later by first Kate then Sasha. They ganged up on me and tried to push my head under the water, all to no avail as I would put my hand between their legs and hoist them up and flip them backward. We splashed around some more and the lay on the chaises until four o'clock.

"Okay girls, time to get dressed as I have to have Sasha back with her father at five."

"Oh, do we have to?" Sasha said, a little disappointed.

"Yes, honey, I promised your daddy," I replied.

We walked into Maxine's at five minutes to five. Morgan, Sasha's father, was waiting in a booth sipping a cold beer. We walked over and slid into the booth. Sasha hugged and kissed her father.

"How was she?" Morgan asked.

"She was great," I replied. "And you're right, she loved getting fucked in her ass."

"Yeah, after the first time I put my cock in her ass she wanted nothing else."

"By the way, she gives great head. Kate taught her. I think you'll like it when she goes down on you."

"Thanks for letting Kate teach her how to do that. You want to see her again sometime?"

"Yeah, that would be great. Can I ask a favor of you?"

"I guess," Morgan replied.

"I'd like to be the first to penetrate her pussy—take her virginity."

Morgan thought for a moment. "I don't think I can let you do that. She wants me to do it, but it's gonna be a while though."

"No problem, I can understand. Most girls want their father's to be their first, but I thought I would ask."

With that Kate and I left and headed home.


Sasha joined us on a fairly regular basis—usually once a month for the next four years, and of course, she wanted my cock in her ass as soon as we got through the door. I had never met a girl who loved anal sex so much. She got better at giving me blowjobs, and of course, Kate enjoyed it when Sasha ate her pussy.

Her father took her virginity when she was a month shy of her ninth birthday. Her parents had done an excellent job of preparing her since she told me it hardly hurt when her daddy penetrated her. After that, I was free to have intercourse with her which was altogether different than with Kate.

I asked Kate if she wanted me to rent a boy for her, but she flatly refused, telling me that I was the only one she wanted. When she turned fourteen, the legal age to get married, we exchanged vows before a justice of the peace with her mother in attendance and Sasha acting as her bridesmaid.

Although she insisted that she wanted to have my baby, I convinced her that she was much too small. We waited until she turned eighteen to have her IUD removed. Nine months later Kate gave birth to a healthy baby girl who we named Claire Katherine.


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