Mackenzie Brown

                from Tempest's fertile imagination
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MF, Mg 12, MFg 12, oral, anal, con, romance.

Appearances can sometimes be deceptive as Steve found out.

Word Count: 14,461

Published June 09 2019

Chapter One

"Steve." The girl at the order pickup station, said over the PA system.

Steve picked up the brown plastic tray with the breakfast ham and egg biscuit wrapped in paper with the restaurant's name printed multiple times, a cardboard container of hash browns emblazoned with the company logo and a cup of hot black coffee thankfully plain with a plastic lid. He carried it to a table by the window at the rear of the dining room where he could keep an eye on his sixty-nine Chevy Camaro SS—the pride of his collection.

He took the package of mayonnaise and, after unwrapping the biscuit and removing the top half, tore open the small sachet squeezed a generous amount of the creamy liquid over the slice of ham then replaced the biscuit top.

It was his morning breakfast ritual. He didn't know it, but this morning was going to change his life. As he took the first bite of the biscuit, he looked over at the girl sitting at the next table to his. She was facing him, and her unwavering stare unnerved him a little, but then a soft smile played on her sensual lips. He paused with his biscuit halfway from tray to mouth and looked at her.

She was a strange individual—almost punk-like with her dusky-blonde hair cut medium length on top and the sides shorn. There was a long, thin ponytail of red hair draped across her left shoulder. She had a small gold hoop through the septum of her nose, three small gold studs in each earlobe, and another gold hoop through the skin at the side of her right eye.

The clothes she was wearing looked like they wouldn't be out of place on a guy. She had on a red plaid shirt over a white tee-shirt. The plaid shirt was unbuttoned and tied at her waist. It looked like the pockets of the khaki cargo pants she wore seemed to be filled with stuff. Steve could see the outline of a smartphone in the one pocket at her left hip. Lime-green leggings inside calf-high black leather boots finished her ensemble.

Steve smiled and carried on eating, but would glance at her occasionally. He figured she was in her late teens—maybe early twenties and the clothes she wore gave no hint as to how slim or fat she was. Like him, she sat at one of those high tables for two, and, judging by how her feet almost reached the floor, he figured she was nearly as tall as he was at five eight. All-in-all for some reason that Steve couldn't figure out, the girl intrigued him.

A couple of older ladies who were about to sit at an adjoining table both gave the girl disdainful looks. The icy stare she gave back caused them to pick up their trays and move away. The girl looked back at Steve, and the softness in her eyes surprised him after the look she had just given the two ladies. She picked up her tray, got down off her stool and approached him.

"You mind if I join you?" the girl asked with another one of her soft smiles.

"Please do," Steve replied.

She put out her hand and said, "Most people call me Mack, although my Dad calls me by my full name when he wants to drive home a point."

Steve took her hand; it was surprisingly delicate with long slim fingers that Steve's mother would call piano fingers. Steve would come to find out that there were many more surprising things about Mackenzie.

"I'm Steve," he replied. "Nice to meet you, Mack."

"Sorry if I was staring at you a while back," Mackenzie said.

"That's okay," Steve replied. "I was probably doing the same," he added. He looked at her; she was quite beautiful he thought with alabaster skin, oval face with a full red bottom lip, and the most gorgeous green eyes he had ever seen. They reminded him of tourmaline stones from Afghanistan. As a boy he collected unusual and rare stones.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," she said.

"How come that doesn't surprise me?"

"I know my clothes and hair aren't what you expect a girl to wear, but like my fashions, I like to push the design envelope a little; I wear them for another reason as well."

Steve didn't pursue that second reason.

"I would never have guessed," Steve replied.

"I've seen you in here before haven't I?"

"Uh-huh, I come in a few times a week. I own this restaurant and six others in the area, I like to check up on the food and service. None of the managers know that I own the restaurants though."

"That's a good way of keeping them on their toes."

"You say you like fashion?"

"I'm sure you haven't heard of the label, but it's Mackenzie Brown."

"As a matter of fact, I have. My ex-wife had quite a few of their clothes." The fact that her name Mack was short for Mackenzie and that she was head of a fashion house called Mackenzie Brown that designed expensive clothes, somehow didn't register with him.

"Not married then?" Mackenzie asked.

"No, once was enough. You?"

"No, once was enough."

They both laughed.

"You're an interesting woman, Mack. I'd like to get to know you better. Would you like to have dinner one evening?"

Mackenzie hesitated for a brief moment, then a voice she didn't recognize said, "Yes, I'd love to."

"How about this Friday?"

"This Friday would be great."

"Okay, here's my phone number," he said. "Text me your address, and I'll pick you up."

Steve gave Mackenzie his phone number.

"Seven-thirty be okay?" he asked.

"Seven-thirty's fine," she replied.

She finished her biscuit, downed the last of her coffee, and got off her chair. She picked up her tray.

"Looking forward to Friday," she said and started to walk off. She stopped, turned and said, "Great biscuit by the way." Then she was gone. Steve sat there wondering what the heck had just happened. Mackenzie was a most unusual young woman he thought, that was for damn sure.

"Friday should be interesting," he said under his breath. "Maybe I'll get to see what's underneath those clothes."

Chapter Two

Friday came, and at seven-twenty, Steve pulled into the driveway of Mackenzie's house having entered the code into the keypad of the gated community entrance that Mackenzie had texted him five minutes before. "Surely this isn't the right place," he said to himself. The house at the end of the long concrete driveway was a large two-story brick and siding structure on a three-acre lot in an upscale gated community on the edge of town.

He looked at the address on his iPhone and confirmed it was the correct house. Then he remembered that Mackenzie had mentioned the fashion business and he knew how much his ex-wife had spent on their clothes. Mackenzie's folks must be rich to own a house like this in a private gated community, he thought.

He got out of his car and approached the front door. But before he could ring the doorbell, the door opened, and a young girl stood there. She said, "You must be Steve."

Steve looked at the girl. He figured she was eleven or twelve years old and was drop-dead gorgeous with blonde hair pulled back tight against her head and fixed in a high ponytail. She had an oval face with green eyes and full red lips. She was tall; the top of her head was about level with Steve's nose, so he guessed she was around five foot five.

The girl stuck her hand out and introduced herself, "I'm Phoebe. Come on in, Mack won't be long."

Steve stepped inside the sizable two-story foyer. A curved staircase on the right connected to the second-floor balcony that stretched the full width of the foyer. To the left was a study and straight ahead was a large living room. Phoebe closed the front door, and he followed her down two steps into the living room. Steve could see a stone terrace and a swimming pool through the bank of French doors at the rear of the house.

"You're just like Mack described you," Phoebe said. "Can I get you anything, Steve?" she added.

"I'm fine, Phoebe, but thank you for asking."

Phoebe plopped down on the large sofa and picked up a magazine off the long coffee table, and began to leaf through it. Steve figured the girl was Mackenzie's younger sister. He wondered where their parents were. A few minutes later he heard a door to his left open. His jaw dropped as Mackenzie entered the living room. Gone was the ring in her nose and the ring near her left eye, but the studs in her earlobes remained.

But that wasn't what shocked him, it was her figure. She had a classic hourglass figure that was accentuated by the black sleeveless cocktail dress she was wearing; it hugged every curve of her body and came to the top of her knees, leaving her long slender legs exposed. The black high-heel shoes made her even taller than him. Her breasts were cradled by the bodice of the dress held up with thin spaghetti straps. She wore no bra that he could detect.

She walked over to where he was standing and kissed his cheek. Steve caught a whiff of her perfume. He recognized it as Caron Poivre because his ex-wife used to wear it and he knew how very expensive it was.

"I see you've met my daughter, Phoebe," she said.

Steve was speechless for a few moments. "Phoebe's your daughter!?" he said incredulously.

"Yeah, a lot of people have that same reaction," she said. "I guess you thought she was my kid sister."

"That's exactly what I was thinking. I still can't believe you're the same person I met at my restaurant. I mean look at you—you're absolutely stunning."

"Well thank you, Steve. I get hit on by so many guys, I dress down on purpose when I'm not working."

"That doesn't surprise me in the least. You ready to go?"

"Yes, I'm ready. Phoebe, bed by nine okay, honey?"

"Okay, Mack, have a good time."

Mackenzie set the security system alarm and exited the house closing the door behind her.

Steve opened the passenger door of his Bentley Continental GT, and Mackenzie got in.

"Beautiful Bentley," she said after he had slid into the driver's seat. "Continental GT right?" she added.

"Yes, that's right. You into cars?" he asked as he pressed the large start button on the center console; the large vee-eight roared into life.

"Not especially, but I love fine designs, and this car has beautiful lines."

"Sort of like you, if I may say so."

She laughed. "Thank you."

It now dawned on him that the fashion business that bore her name was in fact hers. "So, you own the fashion business?" he asked, for confirmation.

"I thought I told you that when we met."

"I guess I was confused, because you look so young, and the way you were dressed . . . I assumed it was your parents' business. My ex-wife used to buy your clothes, and I know how expensive they are."

She put her hand on his arm as she said, "That's okay, Steve. I get that a lot. If you want to know, I'm thirty-three. How old are you?"

"I'm thirty-four."

"Any children?"

"No children of my own, but I do have two darling nieces—one's ten and the other is thirteen."

"So, you don't mind dating women with children?"

"Heavens no! I love little girls—little boys not so much though." Shit! That didn't come out right, he thought. Now she'll think I'm some kind of pervert.

Mackenzie wondered what he meant when he said he loved little girls. "You're going to get along just fine with Phoebe, but I must warn you, she loves to flirt."

The maître d' of Bernardin's, a fine French restaurant, seated them at a table for two in a far corner of the exquisite dining room.

"Good choice of restaurant," Mackenzie said. I've eaten here before, and the food's always good."

The waiter came and took their order for cocktails—a Martin Millers gin and tonic for her and a Stoli martini, straight up with a twist for him. After the waiter had left, Steve didn't say anything for several moments. Mackenzie was looking at him with a slightly quizzical expression. Steve picked up on it.

"I'm sorry, Mack but I'm still in shock that you're Phoebe's mother. When I met you, I figured you were maybe in your late teens or very early twenties—twenty-three at the most. How old is she?"

"Phoebe's a very mature twelve-year-old."

"I must say, she's as stunningly beautiful as you. If you don't mind me asking, where's her father?"

"To be honest, Steve, I've no earthly idea. When I told him I was pregnant, he took off."

"So you divorced him?"

"Well, to be honest, we were never married. When I said once was enough, I meant men."

"So, you've not dated since Phoebe was born?"

"No, I haven't. I was too busy raising Phoebe and getting my fashion business off the ground. Then when it was successful, I never met anyone who I wanted to date."

"I'm not doubting what you're telling me, but I find it hard to believe that such a stunningly beautiful woman as you has not had a relationship with a man in what . . . twelve years?"

"Closer to thirteen. And I know it's difficult to take in, but I've been incredibly lucky to have a beautiful daughter and a wonderfully successful business. I've been so happy watching her growing up."

"Then I'm incredibly flattered, Mack. If I may ask, why did you say yes when I asked you out for dinner?"

"I've been asking myself that very same question ever since I said yes. When I told my assistant that I was going on a date, he couldn't say anything—he was speechless. And if you knew Robert, he's usually anything but speechless."

"What did Phoebe say when you told her I was taking you out to dinner?"

"She said 'it's about time, Mack.'"

Steve chuckled. "I like her, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Has she always called you Mack?"

"She called me Mommy when she was younger. Then, for some reason, when she turned eight, she started calling me Mack and has ever since. I think it made her feel more grown up."

As they ate dinner, Mackenzie was warming to Steve, and she was so happy that the other side of her had said yes. Phoebe was right—it was about time. She liked Steve's sense of humor, his unpretentious, easy-going manner. She loved his dazzling smile, and my God—those smoky-gray eyes. She found him extremely attractive and very sexy. But the one thing that she absolutely adored about him, was that when she talked to him, it was if she was the only person in the room. She had his undivided attention and, in the fashion business with so many prima-donnas, that was a rare trait.

For the first time in almost thirteen years, she was seriously thinking of asking a man to spend the night in her bed. She wondered if Phoebe would say 'it's about time Mack' if she saw that he was still in the house tomorrow morning. Knowing her daughter as she did, she was sure those would be her very words.

Chapter Three

Steve killed the engine, turned to Mackenzie and said, "This was one of the best evenings I've spent in a long, long time, Mack."

"I was about to say the same thing, Steve." Mackenzie swallowed hard and hoped her voice didn't betray her nervousness as she added, "Would you like come inside?"

Without hesitation, he said, "I'd love to."

Steve opened the passenger door of the sleek coupe, and held her hand as Mackenzie stepped out. He followed her up the path to her front door, admiring how her cheeks moved in counterpoint inside the cocktail dress. He was usually a breast man, but Mackenzie's ass was spectacular. Once inside, Mackenzie turned off the alarm system and kicked off her shoes. She enjoyed how the Carrara marble felt cool to her feet.

"Drink?" she said.

"Please," Steve replied as he followed her down the steps into the living room and to the wet bar under the staircase.

"You have a beautiful home, Mack."

"Thanks, Steve. I helped design it. What can I get you?"

"I'd like a Manhattan please, straight up with a dash of bitters."

"I.W.HARPER bourbon okay?"

"Heavens no! That's much too nice a bourbon for a cocktail. I like to nurse mine neat."

"Jim Beam Black?"


After mixing herself a gin and tonic, they sat on the sofa. Mackenzie moved closer and rested her head on Steve's shoulder.

"This has been a very nice evening, Steve," Mackenzie said. "Thanks for asking me."

"Thanks for saying yes."

"Hmm, I wonder what a shrink would say to that. No man in my life, except my father, for almost thirteen years. And you know, Steve, I've not really missed a relationship. Oh, there's been a lot who've tried over the years. Unfortunately, in the fashion business, a great majority of the men I come into contact with are shallow, and the ones who aren't gay—which is a lot—just wanted to jump my bones."

"I miss having a woman in my life, Mack. I don't feel fulfilled unless I'm in a relationship."

"How long since the last one?"

"Nine months, and for me that's a long time."

"Care to share with me why it ended?"

"Sure. She wanted to change me into someone I wasn't."

"In the short time I've known you, I think that would be an impossible task."

Mackenzie turned to him and stared into his very sexy smoky-grey eyes. She put her hand on his neck and brought him close to her and kissed him full on his lips. Steve turned and put his hand on her waist, tilted his head and pressed his tongue against her lips. Her mouth opened and they French kissed, tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths in a flirty dance. After a good three minutes of passionate kissing, Mackenzie broke their kiss. She was breathing heavily.

"Steve, I don't know that woman who said yes the other day. And I don't know who's inside my skin right now, but I want you to spend the night with me. Will you, Steve?"

"Show me the way to your bedroom, before the real Mackenzie Brown decides to re-inhabit your body."

"I have a feeling this is the real Mackenzie," she said as she took his hand and walked into her master suite with Steve trailing behind.

Inside the large bedroom, Mackenzie hit a switch that turned on both bedside lamps, headed for the en-suite bathroom and closed the door. Steve quickly got undressed and lay on the king-size bed, propped up against a couple of pillows. He heard the toilet flush and a few minutes later the bathroom door opened, and a goddess appeared.

Steve gasped and muttered, "Good God almighty, Mack!"

As she walked toward the bed, he looked at her from head to toe. Her perfect B-cup size breasts moved seductively as her body swayed. Steve admired her slim waist, narrow hips, and her long slender legs and calves. Her mons was smooth and bare, and he caught his breath as he saw her plump vulva in the two-finger gap at the top of her thighs. Her slit was tight—just the small ridge of her clitoral sheath showing a little way down from its top.

Steve's erection stood straight up like a flagpole. Mackenzie looked at it and smiled as she said, "I think you like what you see."

"God, Mack, you've got an incredible body."

She sat on the bed. "I've got good genes to thank for that, and the three times a week I work out with my personal trainer. When you get to meet my mother, you will see where I got them from. She's fifty-six but has the body and looks of a woman fifteen years younger."

Mackenzie got onto the bed and grasped the shaft of his cock. She lowered her mouth over its bulbous crown. Steve gasped as he first felt her hot breath and then her soft lips on his cock.

"I'd forgotten the joy of taking a man's cock in my mouth."

She sucked and stroked his hard rod while smiling at him with her gorgeous green eyes. Steve had had many women go down on him, and Mackenzie was up there with the best of them.

"You certainly haven't lost your touch," Steve said.

She took her mouth off his cock. "Thanks, you've got a beautiful cock, and I like that you have had your pubic hair removed. You wax it?"

"I haven't had it removed, I never grew any. It's called Alopecia Areata."

"That's interesting. I like how smooth your body is down here," she said and went back to fellating him.

After a few minutes he stopped her, saying to her, "If you keep that up, I'm gonna cum."

She lifted her head and lay beside him with her hand holding his erection. "Let's save that for another time, shall we?" she said.

That comment pleased Steve no end. This was not going to be a one-night stand—not that he was averse to one-night stands, but he was looking for a long-term relationship with Mackenzie Brown. He was certain of that. He climbed over her legs, and she obligingly opened them for him. His face was inches away from her gorgeous pussy. He got slightly light-headed as he inhaled the aroma of her sex. As he parted her plump, smooth labia, the pink folds of her clitoral sheath and inner labia were exposed, and at the bottom of her wet furrow, was the dark entrance to her vagina.

Mackenzie gasped as Steve kissed her plump vulva. He pushed his tongue into her vagina, eliciting more gasps.

"Gawd Steve, you don't know how good that feels."

Steve was too mesmerized by the taste of her creamy excretion to pay much attention to what she was saying. He lapped at it and then turned his attention north where he teased her clitoris out of its cowl. He thought it quite large and took great delight in taking it between his lips and gently nipping it. That was all it took to take Mackenzie, who had been teetering on the edge of her orgasm for the past five minutes, over the top.

"Jesus, Steve!" she cried as her thighs closed around his head and she dropped into her orgasm. Steve had her firm buttocks in his hands as she shuddered and jerked. After a minute she started to calm. Her breathing, that a few minutes ago was ragged, was now almost back to normal. She pulled Steve up to lie beside her.

Mackenzie decided to try and find out what Steve meant when he told her he loved little girls. "I have to tell you something that may surprise you—shock you even."

Steve was intrigued. "Go on, but I'll tell you that I'm not easily shocked."

"Can I ask you if you're open-minded when it comes to sex?"

"I like to think I am. Why?"

"You know when I told you that Phoebe is a very mature twelve-year-old?"


"Well, Phoebe and I have what you might call an unusual relationship."

Steve was intrigued. He said, "What kind of relationship?"

Mackenzie hesitated for a moment, concerned that what she was about to say might ruin a budding relationship. She swallowed and said, "We've been having sex ever since she was nine years old."

Steve didn't say anything for a few moments.

Mackenzie, now concerned at his silence, said, "Does that shock you?"

"No, it doesn't, Mack," Steve replied.

Mackenzie breathed a sigh of relief. "It doesn't?" she said.

"No. At one time I dated a woman for about three months. I thought that she and her fourteen-year-old daughter seemed closer than usual. I mean, my sister told me there comes a time in a teenager's life, where hanging out with their mother is not cool anymore. Chris, the woman I was dating, told me that she and her daughter had sex on a regular basis. So, it may not be as unusual as you think."

"I'm glad you understand, Steve. But I need you to know that it was not the reason I didn't date all those years. The kind of relationship I have with Phoebe is very special. I wanted to let you know, to see if you would be understanding. I didn't want you to feel that Phoebe was in any sort of competition for my affection. I guess you know by now, that I think you're a very special man, and if it's what you want as well, I want you in my and Phoebe's lives."

"Thanks for telling me, and yes, I want to be in your and Phoebe's lives. I've dated enough women to know when one is special, and I've only ever found two special women in my life, and you're the second."

Mackenzie knew not to ask since she was confident the first was his ex-wife, but it thrilled her to know that he thought her special too.

"Thanks, Steve. Now let's make love."

Steve climbed over her leg and lifted her legs, so her knees rested on his thighs. Her vulva had flared open, and the head of his cock rested on top of her bare, prominent mons.

"Let me," Mackenzie said.

She took his shaft between her thumb and forefinger and guided it to the wet opening of her vagina. She grasped the shaft in her fist and pushed the head inside her. Steve caught his breath as he felt the head of his cock get enveloped her wet, snug, silken sleeve. For a woman who'd given birth to a baby, she was deliciously tight. Some women he had dated who had given birth were less so, and it detracted somewhat from the physical pleasure. Steve pushed and, in one continuous motion, she took his modest six and a half inches into her. He felt his cockhead bump her end.

"Gawd, Steve. I'd forgotten what it felt like to have a man's cock buried inside me and bump my end. I'm not on any kind of birth control, and I never liked condoms, so you need to pull out before you cum."

"I was going to ask if you were on anything," he replied.

Mackenzie put her long, slender legs around his waist and locked her ankles at the small of his back, pulling him deeper. Steve started making love to her with long slow outward strokes and quicker inward strokes, bumping her cervix every time. That elicited guttural "uhs!" on every stroke.

Mackenzie was very vocal in their lovemaking which he loved. Some women he had dated just lay there and let him fuck them. Mackenzie, on the other hand, told him what she liked and participated actively.

"Yes, Steve, I love it when you do that," she said as he laid his palm on her mons and rubbed her clit with the pad of his thumb.

Smiling she said, "You can fuck me a little harder if you want."

Soon Steve was thrusting into her, his balls slapping her perfect cheeks pressed together by the bed. The room was filled with squishing noise, and skin on skin sounds as their groins met. Steve wasn't far away from his climax but wanted Mackenzie to cum again first. He didn't have to wait long.

"Oh, good God almighty!" Mackenzie cried as she climaxed for the second time—something she had not done for many years. Steve continued thrusting in and out of her, but she stopped him.

"Too much, Steve," she said. "Slow down, you're driving me crazy."

"Sorry Mackenzie," he replied.

"Let me finish you," she said.

Steve got up from between her legs and lay beside her. Mackenzie took his cock covered with her creamy juice and lowered her mouth over it. It had been quite a few years since she had tasted her own juices. She had tasted her daughter's many times, but hers were different—more mature—more pungent.

Mackenzie began sucking and stroking his cock. She could feel his butt start to jerk. She knew how close he was to cumming and the thought that she would soon feel Steve's semen spurting into her mouth drove her to another orgasm—albeit it a smaller one. Steve was too far gone to notice. He felt the stirrings of his orgasm rising fast, and before he could cry out, he felt his cock swell as a thick rope of his pearly-white cum spurted into Mackenzie's waiting mouth.

Mackenzie almost orgasmed again as Steve spurted his cum into her mouth. She quickly swallowed as a second then a third and a fourth load filled her mouth. She had almost forgotten how wonderful it felt like to bring a man to orgasm and taste his cum. Steve's cum tasted great, and she wondered if her daughter Phoebe would like the taste as well.

Chapter Four

Mackenzie looked across at the alarm clock; the LED display read 2:32. She moved her hand down across Steve's stomach and touched the tip of his erection.

"You awake?" she asked.

"Yes," Steve replied.

"You wanna do it again?" Mackenzie asked.

"You making up for lost time?"

Mackenzie chuckled and kissed him. "I guess maybe I am, but the sex last night was incredible. You're a very gentle and caring lover, Steve."

With that, she pushed down the covers and straddled Steve's hips, lowering her vulva onto his erection lying flat on his stomach. He looked down and saw her plump labia oozing aside the shaft of his cock as she pressed down.

"Gawd this feels so fucking good," she said.

After a few minutes of sliding back and forth on his erection, Mackenzie lifted, grasped the shaft of his cock, and guided it to her vagina. She lowered herself, impaling herself on his stiff rod. She lay on his chest as Steve thrust in and out of her tight wet pussy. After five minutes she climaxed.

"Jeez Steve, I'm cumming again!"

He felt her vagina spasm as it clenched and unclenched his cock. His hands on her buttocks felt them jerk uncontrollably. After a few minutes, she calmed and got off him.

"You wanna take me from behind?" she asked.

Needing no encouragement, he knelt behind her and guided his cockhead to her waiting pussy. She backed into him, burying his cock deep inside her. Steve started to fuck her—slow at first then faster as he felt his orgasm rising. Mackenzie was fucking him as much as he was fucking her, pushing back to meet his inward thrusts. Before Steve had to pull out to climax, Mackenzie orgasmed. She dropped flat on her front with her legs straight and open. He stopped thrusting and enjoyed the sensation of her orgasming on his cock.

When she was done, he started thrusting again, and after a few moments Steve pulled out of her vagina and ejaculated all over her back and buttocks. He slid to her side and lay there catching his breath. A few minutes later he went to the bathroom, picked up a washcloth and wet it. Back in the bedroom, he cleaned his semen off Mackenzie's back and butt. Dropping the cloth onto the floor, he got back into bed, and Mackenzie snuggled up to his back. Sleep soon found two very tired bodies.

Chapter Five

Steve opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was a pair of tourmaline-green eyes staring back at him. They belonged to Phoebe.

"Morning, Steve," Phoebe said. She was dressed in a pair of short sleeve, light-blue silk pajamas. The top was trimmed with dark-blue piping and buttoned down the front. The bottoms were a pair of shorts.

"Well good morning, Phoebe," Steve replied.

Mackenzie, who had her head on Steve's shoulder and her hand on his morning erection under the covers, stirred. "Morning guys," she said.

"Morning, Mack," Phoebe said.

Mackenzie smiled and said, "Okay sweetheart, I know what you're going to say."

Phoebe smiled, and replied, "It was about time, Mack."

Both Steve and Mackenzie chuckled.

"Seriously, I'm happy for you, Mack. I love you." Phoebe said.

"Thanks, honey, I love you too."

"Does he have a morning woody under the covers because I can see a large bulge?"

Mackenzie smiled. "You wanna see . . . ?"

"Mack!" Steve said, cutting her off.

"It's okay, Steve. I told you about mine and Phoebe's relationship."

"But . . . but she's just twelve years old," Steve protested, but not quite forcibly enough to dissuade Mackenzie.

"As I said, she's a very mature twelve years old."

Without further ado, Mackenzie pulled the covers back exposing Steve's erect cock in her hand. Steve blushed a little as Phoebe examined it with her eyes.

"It's nothing like I saw on the Internet, and he doesn't have any hair," Phoebe proclaimed.

"It's a condition called Alopecia Areata," Steve said.

"How cool is that," Phoebe said. "Can I touch it?" she added.

Steve looked at Mackenzie. She smiled and nodded.

"Okay," Steve replied.

Mackenzie let go of Steve's cock, and Phoebe took it in her hand, wrapping her fingers around its shaft. Her forefinger just barely touched her thumb. Steve was trembling with delight as an underage girl had his cock in her small hand. The illegality of such a simple act excited him.

"Wow, it's big and hard. I can't believe you put it inside Mack's pussy."

Steve lay there listening to Mackenzie's twelve-year-old daughter talk so matter-of-factly about his penis and sex. He knew her mother had told him she was a very mature twelve-year-old, but it still shocked, and in a perverse way, thrilled him. He did, after all, love little girls, and even though they were his nieces he had felt tempted on more than one occasion to fondle them when he saw the older one in her skimpy bikini. And both girls had made regular appearances in his masturbation fantasies.

"Twice," Mackenzie said.

"You had intercourse twice last night!" Phoebe said incredulously.

As Phoebe held Steve's cock in her small hand, a bead of precum oozed out of the end. She rubbed the pad of her thumb over the end, spreading the precum.

"That's precum," Phoebe said. "We learned about that in Sex-Ed classes. She started to stroke Steve's cock.

"Oh, you shouldn't do that, Phoebe," Steve said.

"Why not?" Phoebe replied.

"Because you'll make me cum."

"Go ahead and let her do it, Steve," Mackenzie whispered in his ear.

"Yes, I remember seeing it on the Internet," Phoebe said. "Let me do it, please."

"You sure about this Mackenzie? I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out."

"I know how to keep a secret, Steve," Phoebe said indignantly. "Mack and I have been having sex for a long time, and I know that's illegal too. It's called incest."

This wasn't quite what Steve expected from his new relationship with Mackenzie, but it excited him nonetheless. I mean how many guys get to have sex with a mother and daughter, he said to himself.

Steve lay back and watched his date's twelve-year-old daughter stroke his cock. How about that? Phoebe used her right hand and, when that tired, she switched to her left. Mackenzie gave her some tips, and soon she was giving Steve a hand-job like a pro.

"I'm gonna cum, Phoebe," Steve said as he felt his scrotum tighten. A few moments later he felt his cock swell.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh!" he cried. His legs jerked as the first rope of cum spurted out the end and landed on his chest. Subsequent ropes landed on his stomach, and the last few oozed out of the end and coated Phoebe's fist. She let go of his cock; it slapped against his stomach.

"Wow! How cool was that," she said. Steve watched in amazement as she brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed. Mackenzie smiled as her daughter licked a little of Steve's semen off her fingers and swallowed it.

"Tastes okay Mack," she said. "It's not what I expected— but a milk shake it ain't. It's a little salty but it's okay." Phoebe offered her hand to her mother, and said, "Want to taste it, Mack?"

Steve looked on in absolute astonishment as Mackenzie licked her daughter's fingers clean.

"I can hardly believe what just happened," Steve said.

"I guess it's not every day a guy gets to watch a twelve-year-old girl bring him off with her hand, and then see her and her mother swallow his cum," Mackenzie said grinning. She hadn't thought it would turn out this way when she said yes to a dinner date with the handsome and sexy man lying next to her, but was ecstatic that it had.

"I'm one very fortunate guy."

"Yes, you are, Steve, and Phoebe and I want to keep you around."

"Just try and get rid of me." He smiled happily.

Chapter Six

After showering and getting dressed, Steve joined Mackenzie in her large chef's kitchen where she was cooking eggs in a large cast-iron skillet. Crisp bacon strips lay on a piece of paper towel on a plate under an infrared lamp on the shelf above the Wolf six-burner gas cooktop. He walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck, put his hands around her and caressed her full breasts through her cotton top.

"Mmm, smells good, Mack. This is a great chef's kitchen; you like to cook?"

"Uh-huh, I guess it's my creative side. I love to make new dishes. If you can spend the day with us, I can cook dinner."

"I have to run a few errands first. I'll grab my swimsuit back at my house so I can swim this afternoon if that's okay?"

"We skinny-dip so your swimsuit is an option, and I'm sure you will want to see Phoebe naked."

"You know Mackenzie, this last twelve hours have been the most interesting and wonderful period in my life."

Mackenzie slid the fried eggs onto a plate, added bacon and put them on the island. She pulled her apron off and put her arms around Steve's neck. She kissed his lips and said, "I'm sure it's going to get even more interesting, handsome."

Steve didn't ask what she meant since Phoebe came downstairs.

"I'm hungry," she said. "I smelled the bacon."

She plopped herself down on one of the high stools at the kitchen island. Steve sat next to her as Mackenzie served them breakfast. When they were finished, Steve gave Mackenzie a kiss turned and started to leave, when Phoebe called after him, "Hey buster, don't I get a kiss?"

Steve returned and put his fingers under Phoebe's chin, turned her face up to his and kissed her soft, full lips.

"Mmm, you taste like grapefruit juice," he said.

"You can kiss me any time you want, Steve," Phoebe said with a big smile.

Mackenzie rolled her eyes at him.

"I think he really, really likes you," Phoebe said after Steve had left.

"And I think I really, really like him as well, honey."

"I think I'm going to like having him for a Dad."

"Come on now, Phoebe, let's not be getting ahead of ourselves."

"Is he good in bed?"

"From what I remember, he's best I've ever had."

"I'm so, so happy for you, Mack."

"Thanks, honey."


Chapter Seven

Steve returned at one-thirty. Mackenzie answered the door. She wore a long tee-shirt and nothing else. He could see her nipples poking at the thin material. When he was inside, she put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. Her breasts pushed into his chest as she hugged him.

"I could get used to kissing you, Steve."

"Me too, Mack," Steve replied.

"Phoebe's waiting for you by the pool, but you may want to get undressed first," Mackenzie said with a twinkle in her beautiful green eyes and a smile on her lips.

Steve went into the master suite and got out of his clothes. As he walked out the French doors onto the terrace, that also served as the pool deck, he stopped dead in his tracks. Phoebe was standing by the round teak table naked. Steve admired her body with her small waist that flared out to still-developing, but nicely rounded hips and long slender legs.

Her half-lemon sized breasts sat high on her chest, with areolas the size of dimes that had darkened. There was a flush of excitement on her neck and the top of her chest. But what really got Steve's attention was her pudendum. The prominent delta-shaped pad that had a small thin patch of blonde hairs merged into her very plump vulva with its tight slit. He could see a small indention at the top of her slit where her clitoris was located.

Phoebe looked down at Steve's rapidly growing erection; it swung from side to side as he walked toward her.

"I can see you're glad to see me," she giggled as she looked at his growing erection.

"My God, Phoebe, you've got an incredibly beautiful and very sexy body." Steve couldn't believe he'd just said those words to the twelve-year-old girl standing naked in front of him.

"Thanks, Steve, glad you like what you see. You wanna put sunscreen on me?"

Did he ever. "Sure, go and lie on your front on the chaise."

Steve's erection was now rock hard as he picked up a beach towel off the other chaise and dropped it on the stone terrace. He picked up the bottle of lotion of the table and knelt beside Phoebe. As he applied lotion to her shoulders and back, he admired her stupendous ass—two globular buttocks that swelled up from the small of her back separated by a very sexy cleft. He felt how firm and toned they were as he applied the sunscreen.

He could tell she sunbathed in the nude a lot since she had a nice all-over even tan. Steve felt a little funny with the white areas where his shorts and sneakers had been. They stood out in stark contrast to the rest of his tanned body.

When he had applied lotion to her legs, he smacked her butt for her to turn over. He was busy rubbing lotion into Phoebe's firm breasts, feeling her small nipples in his palm like hard beads, when Mackenzie came out of the house.

"I see you're busy molesting my daughter," she said, then burst out laughing.

Steve turned to look at her naked body with its all-over even tan and said, "What's so funny?"

"I just noticed your white butt."

"Very funny," Steve replied with slight, mock indignation in his voice.

He turned back to Phoebe who had turned her head to see her mother and came within six inches of Steve's erection sticking straight out. She giggled furiously. Steve got up, ran and dove into the deep end of the pool. He stayed there with his forearms resting on the coping letting the cool water diminish his erection. Mackenzie jumped in and came up beside him.

"Sorry, Steve, but your white butt looks so funny."

"That's okay, maybe by the end of summer I'll look as good as you two. You're quite an amazing woman, Mackenzie, and Phoebe is an amazing girl."

"Thanks. This must feel very strange, being around two naked females."

"That's an understatement. But I'm loving it."

"Steve, I want you to be honest with me if you think I'm pushing you down a path you don't feel comfortable taking."

"Of course I'll be honest. And no, you're not pushing me; I'm following happily and grateful that you and Phoebe are sharing yourselves with me."

"Next Saturday is the one day each month when Phoebe and I visit my parents. Would you possibly be interested in coming with us?"

"Of course! I'd love to come. I can't wait to meet your mother."

"Yeah, you and she are going to get along just fine. I'll have to keep my eye on her to make sure she doesn't try to steal you away from me."

"No chance, Mack, I'm quite smitten with you."

That last comment thrilled Mackenzie.

"One thing though, Steve. My parents don't know about my special relationship with Phoebe."

"Not to worry. I assumed that they didn't."

Mackenzie was quiet for a while. Then she said, "Ever since Phoebe and I have been having sex, she's been asking me what it's like to have intercourse—you know, have a man's cock inside me . . ."

Steve saw immediately where this conversation was headed, and it both excited and scared him. "Are you headed where I think you're headed with this?"

"Yes, I am. Phoebe asked me this morning if I thought you would want to have intercourse with her."

"But she's only twelve years old, Mack. You think I could even penetrate her without hurting her?" Steve couldn't believe he was having this conversation.

"I think so, Steve. Over the last year, we've been using vibrators and dildos on each other, and she can take a largish one quite easily. While it's not as big as your cock, I think she can stretch enough, and we've got some K-Y gel."

"If you think she's ready, then it would be a privilege to take her virginity."

"Good, then we'll try tonight. I know she's going to be over the moon. She really likes you a lot, Steve."

"I honestly didn't know how I would react when you told me what Phoebe wanted. But the more I think about it, the more it excites me. I mean there aren't many men who've had intercourse with a twelve-year-old girl where both the girl and her mother were so willing."

"Don't forget to pull out since she's not on birth control yet. That's something I'm going to fix come Monday. I'm taking her to my OB-GYN and get both of us prescriptions for birth control patches."

Chapter Eight

"Did he say yes, Mack?" Phoebe asked excitedly.

"Yes honey, so tonight you're going to lose your virginity. You sure you're okay with that because there's no going back; once you've lost it, it's gone?"

"Yes, Mack, I'm sure. I like Steve a lot, and I know he'll be gentle. Will you be there too?"

"I think that this should be a special moment for you, that the two of you should be alone."



When Steve and Phoebe entered the master suite that evening, they were surprised to see the dozen lit candles around the room. Their flames cast a soft glow on the walls and ceiling.

"I thought it would be romantic for the two of you," Mackenzie said from behind them.

Steve turned and kissed her soft lips and said, "Thanks, Mack, that was so nice of you."

"You're welcome, now go and make my daughter a woman."

With that, Mackenzie closed the door. Steve took Phoebe's hand and led her to the bed. He grasped the hem of her pale-blue camisole. As she lifted her arms, he pulled it over her head. He undid the snap at the top of her cotton shorts, drew the zipper down and let them fall to the floor. Phoebe stepped out of them, and Steve put them on a chair with her camisole.

Phoebe undid Steve's belt buckle and unzipped his chinos. He stepped out of them, and she put them over the back of the chair. Next, she undid the buttons of his button-down oxford, removed it; it joined the rest of their clothes.

Phoebe looked at the tent in the front of Steve's boxers and smiled. She tugged them down and let them fall to the floor. Steve watched as she unfastened her bra; it too joined the rest of their clothes. Steve admired Phoebe's exquisite breasts. All afternoon, he could hardly tear his eyes away from them. To him, they were the epitome of perkiness, the epitome of youth and the epitome of firmness.

"Let me take your panties off, Phoebe," Steve said.

"Kay," Phoebe replied and got onto the bed on her back. Steve joined her and lay on his side. He put his fingers inside the waistband of her panties and, as Phoebe lifted her butt, drew them down and off. He began sucking the nipple on her left breast while gently squeezing her right one, feeling how firm it was; her nipple beaded and pressed into his palm.

"I absolutely love your titties, Phoebe. They're a perfect size, and I love how firm they are."

Phoebe began to moan softly as Steve sucked on her nipples and rubbed her breasts. His left hand left her breast and slipped over her flat—almost concave tummy to cup her pussy. Her prominent mons almost filled his palm with its soft pad; he could feel her hard pubic bone underneath.

Steve pressed his middle finger into her tight slit, feeling her plump labia ooze to each side. When the tip of his finger found her small opening, she gasped, and he felt her body shudder.

More soft moans escaped her lips as he curled his finger and easily penetrated her vagina. She was already wet with her creamy secretions. Steve drew her moisture up and coaxed her small clit out of its protective hood. Phoebe was mewling like a kitten as Steve rubbed and pressed her nubbin that was now entirely out of its hood. It had almost doubled in size, and even though he had never felt a twelve-year-old's pussy before, he thought it quite large. As he continued his ministrations to her nipple and clitoris, her legs and butt started to jerk.

Then, all of a sudden, she climaxed. She let out little grunts and squeaks of pleasure as her orgasm took hold of her young body. Her legs snapped shut, trapping his hand on her pussy; he felt more wetness in the palm of his hand as Phoebe squirted a little. He could feel her heart beating in her chest as he held her breast. Steve was kissing all around her darker pink areola, and tugging her nipple with his lips.

"Stop it, that tickles," Phoebe said. Her orgasm now waned, she opened her legs, and Steve withdrew his hand. He brought his finger to his nose and inhaled the smell of her sex. Then he sucked his finger, tasting her nectar.

"You like my pussy juice?" she asked.

"It's divine," Steve replied. "I felt you squirt a little. Do you do that every time you cum?"

"No, not every time. But my orgasm was stronger than normal, and when I cum that hard, I squirt."

"Let's see if I can give you another good orgasm."

Steve got between Phoebe's wide open legs. His face was mere inches away from her gorgeous vulva. He could see her clit, and his estimation of its size was confirmed. It, together with its cowl, filled the top of her trench. Her thin inner labia stopped short of the dark entrance to her vagina.

He began to lick and suck her clitoris. As he repeatedly lapped from the entrance to her vagina to her clit, Phoebe began to mewl and purr again. As she became even more aroused she began to moan and call out his name and tell him what she liked—just like her mother.

"Gawd, Steve! Yes, right there, that's the spot!"

And when he pushed his middle finger into her, and curled it, stroking the front of her vagina, finding her G-spot, she jerked. Her whole body trembled as she orgasmed for the second time. As she did so, Steve felt a spurt of clear liquid in his palm once again. He had never before fucked a woman who spurted. When he'd seen it on the Internet, he always thought they had just lost control of their bladder when the climaxed. But Phoebe's was a clear liquid, and when he brought his palm to his face and sniffed and tasted it, he knew it wasn't urine, and it wasn't her secretions because they were a creamy white.

Phoebe spoke after she calmed, "Did I squirt again, 'cause that was another intense cum?"

"Yes you did, baby, and I loved it. I've never made love to a woman who spurts before."

"You think I'm ready?" she asked, nervously biting her bottom lip.

"Let's try."

Steve sat up and draped Phoebe's legs over his thighs and grasped the shaft of his cock. He swiped it up and down her wet trench half a dozen times, and around her vagina in small circles. He stopped and pushed. The tight band of skin dilated a little. Steve wondered if he needed the K-Y gel. But she was as slippery as could be since her creamy juices were doing an excellent job of lubricating her.

He pushed a little firmer while looking at her face. Her eyes were shut tight, and her brow was knitted. She had a knuckle in her mouth; she was biting it.

"Am I hurting you, Phoebe?"

She just shook her head. Steve pushed slowly, and he felt her vagina start to dilate. Millimeter by millimeter, he made headway. Then without warning and as a slight whimper slipped from Phoebe's lips, his cockhead eased inside. A smile spread across her face, and those green eyes twinkled.

"It only hurt a little, and now it's gone. I feel really stuffed though. Are you all the way inside me?"

"No, honey, just the head."

"But does that mean I'm not a virgin anymore?"

"Yes, honey, you're now a woman."

Phoebe got up on her elbows and strained her neck to see. She smiled when she saw where they were joined. Steve's shaft filled the entire width of her vulva. Her inner labia had inverted, and her clitoris had been pulled down and was kissing his shaft. After a minute, when he had given her body time to acclimate to having something so large inside her, he slowly he began to push. It was slow going at first, but as her vagina grew accustomed to having his cock inside it, he found it more comfortable. After a minute or two, he hit the end—her cervix.

"I felt you bump me. Are you all the way in now?"

"Yes, you've taken all of me inside you."

Phoebe put her long slender legs around Steve's waist and locked her ankles together as he began to slowly fuck her. His withdrawal strokes were quick, but his inward strokes were quicker. Every time he bumped her cervix, sounds escaped her lips.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh."

At one point in their lovemaking, Phoebe snorted as she quickly inhaled. She was actively fucking Steve by curling her pussy up to him as he thrust into her. On the second long withdrawal stroke, he looked at the shaft of his cock to see if she had bled as he tore through her hymen. All he saw was just a couple of small clots the size of pencil-top erasers under his crown.

Steve could tell that Phoebe was getting close to her third orgasm and he wondered if it would be more intense than her other two. He didn't have to wait long.

"Oh gaaawd, Steve! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" she moaned as she climaxed.

Steve felt her increased wetness when she squirted. She pulled him down on top of her and put her arms around his neck. He could feel her pussy pulsating as her orgasm took over. She pressed her breasts against his chest and curled her pussy up against his crotch, feeling her clit get squashed against his groin, causing spasms of pleasure in her pussy.

He was close to his climax, so he pushed himself back up and started stroking in and out of her now very wet pussy. Phoebe, easing down from her orgasmic plateau, opened her eyes and looked at Steve straining, chasing his orgasm.

"Cum for me Steve," she said.

That did it. Steve felt his cock start to swell. He quickly pulled out of her just in time for the first rope of his viscous, pearly while semen jet out of the end and splash on Phoebe's breasts. She watched in amazement as more ropes of cum spurted out. When he was done, her whole chest and tummy were covered in cum, it pooled in her navel and ran down between her legs and soaked into the cotton hand towel he had put there for that very purpose and in case she bled any as he first entered her.

"Gawd, Steve, you covered me in your cum." She smiled happily.

Even Steve had to admit, he'd never spurted that much cum before. Phoebe rubbed it all over her body all the while giggling like crazy. Before long her face, neck, tits, stomach, and thighs glistened with his semen.

"I think you've made a big mess, Steve," Phoebe said cutely. "Is what my girlfriends at school say true? That a man's cum makes their tits grow bigger?"

"Well, you only have yourself to blame for that. If you weren't so damn sexy, I wouldn't spurt as much. And, I suspect that guys made that story up to try to convince girls to let them cum on them."

"Hmmmmm, that's what I thought. Let's go shower now so that you can wash me," Phoebe said as she wadded the hand towel between her legs and went to the bathroom. Steve followed. As soon as they were in the shower, Steve proceeded to wash Phoebe's body. As his fingers slipped along her cleft, pushing aside her now very plump and red labia, she shuddered as the tip raked across her clit. She put her arms around his neck and held herself up as Steve quickly brought her to her fourth orgasm of the evening. Phoebe couldn't wait to tell her mother.

Phoebe washed Steve and was amazed to see his cock get hard again. She said, "Can you cum again, Steve?"

"I don't know. Probably, but I don't think I'll spurt very much."

Phoebe stood behind him and proceeded to stroke his now almost fully hard cock. In less than a minute Steve had to brace himself against the walls of the large shower stall as he felt his legs get weak. His cock swelled as he orgasmed, and only a small amount of semen spurted out weakly.

They dried each other, and after Steve had extinguished all the candles, they got back into bed. He spooned Phoebe's back. She pressed his hand onto her breast as, extremely tired, they both quickly dropped into a deep sleep.

Chapter Nine

As Steve opened his eyes, two pairs of tourmaline-green eyes stared back at him. Mackenzie, who was lying on her side next to him, had on a pair of dark-blue, silk, two-piece pajamas trimmed with white piping. Phoebe was naked and was lying on her tummy with her chin resting in the palms of her hands, knees bent and feet scissoring slowly back and forth.

"Good morning, lover-boy," they both chorused.

"Good morning, beautiful ladies," Steve replied. He yawned and stretched and rubbed his stubbly chin.

"My daughter tells me, that you gave her four orgasms last night. I want you to know, I'm jealous."

Steve chuckled and said, "I guess I have my marching orders then."

"You most certainly do."

"Gotta pee," Phoebe said. She got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Steve watched as her gorgeous ass undulated sensually as she ran.

Mackenzie moved close to Steve and kissed him. "Thanks for being so gentle with Phoebe," she said. "She told me all about last night. She said she'll never forget it."

"She okay this morning?"

"A little sore—which was to be expected. She said all she felt was a little twinge."

"Do you know she squirts when she climaxes?"

"Yes, she's done it a few times when I've brought her to a climax. I think it's kinda cute don't you?"

"Yes, I was surprised the first time though."

"Why don't you take a shower and get dressed while I cook breakfast."


Steve spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool, working on getting his white ass tanned. Phoebe and Mackenzie were of course naked. He was starting to get used to being around them naked since he wasn't hard all the time—just in that stage between a full erection and flaccid. It didn't take much to bring him back to full erection though. A view of Phoebe's or Mackenzie's plump pussy between their thighs as they bent over to pick something up quickly brought him back to full erection. After a while, he figured out that they were tag-teaming him since he saw them smiling at each other.

Mackenzie cooked another delicious dinner, and at nine o'clock, Steve said he had to head home. Both Mackenzie and Phoebe weren't happy to see him leave but understood his need to be up early the next day to check on his restaurants.

"See you guys Friday evening," Steve said, "and I'm taking you both out for dinner. I'll make reservations for seven. You girls get dolled-up because I'm looking forward to showing you off."


Chapter Ten

Friday evening, after a wonderful dinner at a chic Italian bistro, Steve drove back to Mackenzie's house. She sat beside him in the passenger seat and Phoebe behind her in back. When they arrived at Mackenzie's house, Steve was the first to ask as they got out of the car.

"You want me to spend the night, Mack?"

"No, Steve, I want you to spend the weekend. Phoebe and I have something special planned."

"Knowing the two of you, I can't wait to find out what it is."

Mackenzie told Steve to go and get into bed, and she and Phoebe would join him. Steve was trembling with excitement at what Mackenzie had in store for him. He wasn't disappointed. Both Mackenzie and Phoebe walked into the master suite wearing identical underwear.

They both had on red, satin underwear trimmed in white lace. The bras had a little padding to give some lift to their perfect breasts. The demi-cup bras and the swell of their breasts above the cups were sexy as hell. What was equally as sexy were their matching panties in the hipster style with satin front and back panels and cotton gussets.

Both girls pirouetted, and both said, "Tad-da."

"Good lord, girls. If that isn't a sight to give any schoolboy a wet dream, then I don't know what is."

Mackenzie and Phoebe both giggled like schoolgirls. Steve watched with the stiffest cock he had ever had as Mackenzie stood behind her daughter and slowly unfastened her bra. Phoebe kept her hands over the cups as Mackenzie slipped the bra straps off her shoulders. Phoebe, while keeping the cups in place with one hand, removed her other hand off a cup and pulled it through the strap. Then she did the same with her other hand while keeping the cups in place.

With a wicked smile Phoebe let go of her bra, and it fell to the floor. Steve groaned. Mackenzie put her hands around her daughter, cupped her small breasts and gently squeezed them as she teased her nipples. Steve sat on the edge of the bed slowly stroking his cock as he watched the show that the girls were putting on for his benefit.

Now it was Phoebe's turn to stand behind her mother and do the same with her bra. The sight of Phoebe squeezing her mother's breasts caused Steve's cock to leak an unusually large amount of precum. When both girls were braless, Mackenzie stood behind her daughter again and slowly, tantalizingly slowly, hooked her thumbs inside Phoebe's panties and drew them down. Phoebe gave a sexy wiggle of her hips as her mother tugged them down then let them fall to the floor.

When both girls had their panties removed, they picked them up and brought them over to where Steve was sitting on the edge of the bed. Then lightly rubbed the crotches in his face all the while giggling happily. He was pushed back onto the bed, and while Mackenzie straddled his head and pushed her pussy into his face, Phoebe knelt in front of him, lifted his cock off his stomach and lowered her mouth over its head.

Mackenzie had her hands on the mattress as Steve sucked her clit and kissed her pussy. She was moaning loudly as he held her exquisite buttocks in his hands and ministered to her clit. It didn't take long for her to climax.

"Oh gawd, Steve!" she cried as her orgasm took hold.

Phoebe got off her knees and straddled Steve's hips, pressing her pussy onto the shaft of his cock. She put her arms around her mother and squeezed her breasts as her mother's orgasm raged. After a good minute, Mackenzie started to calm and got off Steve's face. Phoebe also got off Steve and lay on the bed on her back. Steve watched in amazement as Mackenzie got between her daughter's spread legs and began to perform oral sex on her. He lay beside Phoebe and took each of her breasts into his mouth in turn and swirled his tongue around her pronounced areolas and hard nipples.

It didn't take long for Mackenzie to bring her daughter to orgasm with her tongue. Phoebe's whole body shook as her orgasm took hold of her. Her head was flopping from side to side as her orgasm raged. Mackenzie looked up at Steve over her daughter's prominent mons and smiled all the while teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue.

Finally, Phoebe calmed and opened her eyes and said, "I think that was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. It was insane."

"C'mon, Steve," Mackenzie said, "make love to my daughter first."

Steve had to pinch himself to remind him that this was real. He was going to make love to a mother and her twelve-year-old daughter at the same time—every mans' dream. He exchanged places with Mackenzie and lifted Phoebe's slender legs over his thighs. The bulbous head of his cock lay on Phoebe's mons. He grasped the shaft and swiped its head up and down her wet slit, oozing aside her plump reddened labia. He stopped with the head at her red opening and pushed a little, feeling the tight ring of skin at her entrance. Even though she was no longer a virgin, she was still very tight since she had only been penetrated the one time when Steve took her virginity.

Phoebe could sense Steve's concern about hurting her. She said, "It's okay, Steve, you can push harder, you won't hurt me."

Taking her offer, Steve pushed a little harder and all of a sudden, her vagina dilated, and his cockhead slipped inside.

"See, I told you so," Phoebe said.

He slowly pushed into her and soon bumped her end. As Steve slowly made love to Phoebe, her mother lay with her head resting on her daughter's tummy and worked on her clit. She could feel Steve's cock sliding in and out of her daughter's pussy. The sensation of feeling Mackenzie's fingers on his shaft as he made love to her daughter was incredibly erotic. With Mackenzie working on her clit and Steve sliding his cock in and out of her slick, but tight pussy, it didn't take long for Phoebe to climax.

Mackenzie held her daughter while her orgasm coursed through her young body. Phoebe had clamped her hand over her mother's hand to stop her from overstimulating her clit. She was so aroused from having her mother bring her to orgasm, not ten minutes before and with Steve's cock stretching her pussy and making love to her, she was in sensory overload.

"Stop, stop, Steve! Too much, too much!" Phoebe cried.

Steve stopped thrusting and left his cock buried deep inside her. He waited while Phoebe regained her composure.

"Sorry, guys, but that was too much," Phoebe said. "It felt like I was going to pass out. Steve, why don't you finish inside Mom."

Steve withdrew, and Mackenzie traded places with her daughter. Mackenzie looked at Steve and smiled. This was going to be the first time he spurted inside of her, as she was now on the birth control patch and she couldn't wait. He positioned his cockhead at the entranced to Mackenzie's vagina and pushed. Even though she was tight, his cock easily entered her.

"God, I love it when you penetrate me," Mackenzie murmured.

"I know what you mean, Mom," Phoebe said.

Phoebe lay beside her mother with her soft lips around her mother's rubbery nipple, as she watched Steve's hard rod sliding in and out of her pussy. Steve was in a heightened state of arousal since he was going to ejaculate inside Mackenzie's hot, tight wet pussy for the first time. Then a thought came crashing into his mind; would Mackenzie agree to have his baby? Then a more intense thought crossed his mind—would Phoebe? The idea of impregnating both women intensified his arousal to the point where he felt the onset of his orgasm. He slowed his thrusts to calm his ardor.

Mackenzie was looking at him with her green eyes with such love and desire. Steve began rubbing her clit with the pad of his thumb. That, together with her daughter's ministrations to her nipples took her over the top.

"Jeez, Steve," she cried. She grabbed him around his waist and pulled him down on top of her as her orgasm grabbed and shook her whole body. Steve was buried deep inside as his orgasm came crashing in. The feeling of Steve's hot semen flooding Mackenzie's womb intensified her orgasm. Her legs lying to Steve's side began to jerk, and he could feel her heart pounding in her chest. This went on for several minutes. Phoebe looked at Steve and gave him a soft smile.

"God, that was amazing," Mackenzie said as she released her grip on Steve and he pushed himself back up. His cock was rapidly deflating, and as Mackenzie squeezed her pussy, it expelled him followed by a stream of his white semen that ran down between her cheeks pressed together and onto the towel that she had placed there earlier. Steve lay beside Phoebe while her mother gathered the towel and headed for the bathroom.

Steve was spooning Phoebe with his now flaccid cock nestled between her firm buttocks and his hand cupping her petite breast when Mackenzie came out of the bathroom and turned off the light. She got into bed and snuggled up to Steve's back. Soon all three were being carried away into the arms of Morpheus.

Chapter Eleven

At one o'clock the next day, with Steve in the passenger seat, and Phoebe in the rear seat of Mackenzie's Range Rover Epoch, they headed west to a small town on the shores of Lake Norman where Mackenzie's parents lived. Two hours and ten minutes later, Mackenzie pulled into the circular driveway of Mr. and Mrs. Roland's house. It was a large two-story stucco and stone structure sitting on an acre of land that sloped down to the lake. There was a boat dock with an enclosed boathouse that contained a couple of jet skis and a Ski Nautique boat.

As the three of them exited the vehicle, the front door opened and a beautiful woman appeared. She was just an older version of Mackenzie, and Mackenzie was right—she didn't look a day older than forty. She first greeted her daughter then her granddaughter then put her arms around Steve's neck and kissed his cheek.

"My, aren't you the handsome one," Mary Roland said as she tucked her arm under his and walked him to the front door.

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Brown, Mack's told me all about you."

She stopped, cocked her head and looked at him. "My name's Mary Roland," she said. Then she understood his confusion. "Oh, I see why you would think my name's Brown. My daughter chose a name for her fashion house that she thought rolled off the tongue better than Mackenzie Roland."

She walked him into the house where James Roland was already hugging his granddaughter. Phoebe had her arms around his neck and was kissing his cheek. Phoebe let go of her grandfather as Mary and Steve appeared. James thrust his hand out. Steve shook it.

"So you're the one who's convinced my daughter to start dating again," James said. "I'm impressed. Welcome to our home. Can I get you a drink since it's almost five o'clock somewhere in the world?"

"I'd love one, Mr. Roland."

"Please, it's James. What's your poison?"

"A vodka martini up with a twist please."

"I have a new vodka. It's made here in North Carolina—in Kinston in fact. It's called Social House. I think you'll like it."

While James took Steve to the wet bar to one side of the living room, Mary took Mackenzie outside onto the terrace.

"Wow, Mack, I can see why you agreed to have dinner with him. He's gorgeous. You'd better be careful, I might decide to steal him away."

Mackenzie laughed. "There's no way you're getting your hands on him, Mother, he's all mine, and in any case—I've christened him."

Mary looked at her daughter with disbelief and said, "My goodness, Mack, you don't waste much time, do you?"

"I surprised the heck out of myself, Mom. I mean, it's been almost thirteen years. But in a way, I'm sorta glad I waited 'cause I think he's the one. Phoebe absolutely adores him, and he adores her. He doesn't have children, but he took to her right away."

"You never cease to amaze me, Mack. I'm so very happy for you. C'mon, let's go get a couple of gee and tees."

As they entered the house, James was regaling Steve with stories of his time in the Air Force, while Phoebe played with the Roland's cat Toffee—a Devon Rex.

"We ladies would like you to fix us a couple of gin and tonics, James, if you wouldn't mind."

They sat in the spacious living room, Mackenzie was talking quietly to her father on one sofa, and Mary was talking to Steve sitting in another across the large round coffee table.

"You do know that my daughter's crazy in love with you, Steve."

"I know she likes me a lot, but I didn't know it was love."

"A mother's instinct is rarely wrong, and I can see it in the way she acts and how she looks at you. It's the same look my husband had a week after I met him. How do you feel about Mack?"

"I'll be honest, Mary, I've dated at least twenty-five women, and I've only felt the way I did after just meeting two of them. One was my wife, and unfortunately, that didn't work out. I think she thought she could change me into someone I wasn't. The other is Mack. Did she tell you about the evening of the dinner date? When I got to her house, and Phoebe let me in, I thought it was your house and Phoebe was her kid sister? I was really surprised when Mack told me she was thirty-three. I can see looking at you where she gets those great genes from."

"Flattery will get you everywhere, Steve. I'm glad you feel for her the way you do. She's a very successful fashion designer, but a woman needs a man in her life to ground her, and to be a balance."

From time to time, Mackenzie would glance over at Steve and her mother talking and wondered what they were talking about. She was reasonably sure it was about her and Steve.

An hour later, Rolands' chef for the evening came out of the kitchen and told them dinner was served.


In the privacy of one of the guest rooms, Steve put his arms around Mackenzie's waist and pulled her tight to him. He kissed her soft lips.

"I think your parents like me."

"Mother's in love with you already. I'm going to have to keep our bedroom door locked tonight."

"Your mother is quite a woman. I can see what you meant by good genes."

Mackenzie was sitting in the sizeable claw-foot tub facing Steve. She could see the tip of his cock just breaking the bubbly surface of the water. Steve was admiring the swells of Mackenzie's firm breasts as she washed them.

"Don't forget what you have to do tonight, lover."

"And what's that?"

Mackenzie splashed water at him. "You have to bring me to four orgasms."


Mackenzie was panting hard, as she chased her fourth orgasm of the night. She was on top of Steve with his cock buried deep inside her pussy, scrubbing back and forth, her hands flat on his muscular chest. Steve had both of her breasts in his hands, squeezing and massaging them, teasing her nipples.

"Almost there," Mackenzie said through ragged breaths. She licked moisture back into parched lips.

Steve removed one hand from her breast and started rubbing her clit with his forefinger. Thirty seconds later Mackenzie started shaking and jerking.

"Good God!" she cried as her fourth orgasm slammed into her. She stopped moving her crotch and dropped to Steve's chest. He held her firm buttocks as she rode her orgasm for all its worth. Her butt and legs occasionally jerked as her orgasm slowly waned. He felt her heartbeat slow and her breathing return to normal.

She lifted back up; his hard cock was still buried deep inside her pussy. She spoke after a while.

"I think I'm going to keep you around if you give me orgasms like that last one. Jeez! Four in one evening!"

"I want to stay around. I think I've met the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Tears began to run down Mackenzie's cheeks. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"This has been a crazy weekend hasn't it?"

"It sure has."

"And you haven't cum yet have you?"

"No. You going to take care of that?"

"You ever had anal sex, Steve?"

"Just the once."

"Did you like it?"

"Loved it. Is that what you're suggesting?"

"Well, if you want you can cum in my ass."

"God, yes. I'd love that."

"Okay, let me go use the bidet, and I'll be right back," Mackenzie said and got off the bed. "Keep that cock hard," she added as she went into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, she came back and lay on her back on the bed. With her legs bent, and her knees alongside her chest, Steve knelt and put his cock back inside Mackenzie's pussy to gather as much lubrication as he could. He pulled out of her pussy and placed his cockhead against her pink puckered rosette.

"Ready?" he said.

Mackenzie nodded with a smile. Steve pushed a little. Her anus started to dilate. He pushed a little more and his cockhead popped inside.

"Gawd, that feels good. I'd forgotten what it's like to have a cock in my ass."

Steve pushed some more, and he was soon deep inside her ass, his scrotum hit against her buttocks. He started stroking in and out of Mackenzie's ass while she diddled her clit with one hand and put three fingers of her other hand inside her vagina.

'Wow, this feels weird," Steve said. "I can feel your finger against my cock."

"Yeah, I know what you mean; I can feel your cock."

Steve continued fucking Mackenzie in her ass while she masturbated. He hadn't been far from his climax when she was riding him a while ago. He could feel that incredible sensation rising up in his groin spreading throughout his nether regions. Then he felt his cock start to swell.

"Oh gawd Mack!" he cried as the first load of cum spurted out into her bowels. As soon as she felt him cum inside her ass, she climaxed. The two of them orgasmed together. Steve was pounding Mackenzie's ass, spurting hard as she finger fucked herself and furiously rubbed her engorged clitoris.

Finally, they were both done. Steve's cock softened, and as Mackenzie clenched her ass, she expelled him. He rolled to her side and kissed her.

"Gawd, that was insane," he said. "We have to do that again."

Mackenzie couldn't speak. She was still panting from her fifth orgasm of the evening. Finally, she calmed enough to speak.

"You've worn me out, Steve. Five orgasms. FIVE orgasms! Jeez!"

She got off the bed and staggered to the bathroom where she used the bidet to clean up. When she returned, Steve was snoring lightly. She pushed her butt up against his front, took his hand and put it over her breast, and promptly fell asleep.



A month later, Steve moved in with Mackenzie and Phoebe. On a Saturday night after a session of lovemaking where Mackenzie experienced three orgasms, they were lying in each other's arms.


"Yes, Steve?"

"You know when you asked me if I was married?"


"You remember what I told you?"

She paused for a few moments, then replied, "You said 'No, once was enough.' "

"Well, I lied. Once isn't enough."

"Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?"

"Yes, I am. Mackenzie Roland, will you marry me?"

"Of course I'll marry you, Steve."

They hugged and kissed. "I can't wait to tell Phoebe," Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie looked at the alarm clock. Its red digital numerals said 5:37. She looked at Steve lying beside her. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of finally being married and to her wonderful lover no less. She leaned over and kissed him.

"Mornin', beautiful girl," Steve murmured.

"Morning my incredible lover," Mackenzie replied. She grasped his erection under the sheets. "Hmm, a morning woody. Well, we can't let that go to waste, now can we?"

She knelt beside him and grasped his cock in her fist and began to stroke him. Steve groaned as Mackenzie lowered her mouth over its bulbous head and began to suck it and swirl her tongue around the end. Five minutes later, she remembered what he had said when she had licked his frenulum. She took her mouth off his cock and, with the tip of her tongue, she began stimulating him by licking under the crown.

"God, Mack, that feels incredible," Steve murmured.

Mackenzie kept on licking his cock. Then, she felt its shaft swell as the first rope of his pearly-white cum shot out of the end and six inches into the air before landing back on her fist. Three more weak spurts ended his orgasm. He lay there panting as he watched Mackenzie lick all of his semen off her hand and swallow it.

"Mmm, I love the taste of your cum," she said.

They lay there for the longest time, enjoying the wonderful afterglow of sex. There was a knock on the door and a few moments later it opened and Phoebe walked in to the bedroom. She wore a pair of dark-blue satin pajamas.

"Morning, guys," she said as she came over and climbed into bed with them.

"Mornin' honey," Mackenzie said. "Steve and I have some news for you."

"You're getting married!?" Phoebe said a few moments later after learning Steve and her mother were engaged. It was said with mock indignation. "But Mack, I wanted to marry him."

"I think your grandmother does too," Mackenzie said with a smile.

Phoebe hugged her mother and said, "I'm so happy for you, Mom, I really am."


A week later, as Mackenzie was sitting on the terrace outside by the pool naked, she was watching Phoebe, also naked, swim laps. After six laps, Phoebe got out and dried her face on a beach towel.

Phoebe leaned in and kissed her mother on her lips. She said, "This is nice, Mack, we're like one big happy family and I'm going to love being your bridesmaid in a month."

"Will you be happy bathing a little sister or brother?"

Phoebe's eyes got large and a huge smile spread across her face. "You're pregnant?"

"The test kit said so, but I have to make an appointment with my OB-GYN to get a blood test to confirm it."

"Does Steve know?"

"No, I just did the test a few minutes ago."

At that moment, Steve walked out onto the terrace and saw Mackenzie and Phoebe talking and smiling. He knew they were up to something.

"What are you two cooking up now?" Steve said.

"We were just trying to decide what names we liked."

"Names?" Steve asked. "Are we getting a puppy?"

Both women chuckled. "No, Steve," Mackenzie replied. "We were trying to decide what boys' and girls' names we liked the best."

Steve stood there with a puzzled expression on his face. Then a lightbulb went off inside his head and a broad smile crossed his face.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Drug store test came up positive, but I still need a blood test to confirm it. You're going to be a father, Steve."


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