Penny's Panties

                      by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mf 14, incest, oral, masturbation, 1st, father/daughter, con.

Adam catches sight of his nine-year-old daughter's breast buds. As she develops, it causes a tectonic shift in their relationship that is triggered by a pair of Penny's panties.

Word Count: 5,851

Published: January  27 2019

Chapter One

If Adam Weaver were brutally honest with himself, he would say he was the worst father in the whole wide universe. As his daughter Penny traversed those first few years of puberty, changing from a child to a young woman, he started to take more notice of her from a physical point of view, and it wasn't from a father's interest in a daughter's development. Adam was beginning to desire her, and the more she developed, the more he wanted her.

Adam knew it was wrong, terribly wrong but he couldn't help it. It wasn't as if he was a pedophile since he never took any interest in other young girls—it was just his daughter. At first, he struggled with his feelings. He went from downright hating, and loathing himself, to a sense of inevitability. It was a sort of analogy to the Dr. Strangelove movie, 'How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Incest.'

It all started at the age of nine and a half; Adam began to notice that his daughter was developing breast buds. Penny was wont to walk around the house wearing just a pair of cotton panties without a hint of shyness or embarrassment. They were usually printed with characters from the latest movie fad, but he had noticed recently that when they went shopping for clothes, she picked out panties that were plain cotton, and they weren't her usual full-cut but bikini style or ones I'd never heard of—boyshorts.

Adam couldn't see her breast buds from the front, but in profile, they were definitely visible as small lumps under her tiny nipples. What made them more pronounced was her cone-shaped areolas. Every time she would come and sit on the sofa next to him to watch television, Adam would glance over, and as soon as he saw those breast buds, he would start to get an erection.

Adam asked Penny a few times to go and put on a top. She'd ask why and he told her that she was growing up and that she couldn't just walk around the house half naked anymore. Penny finally relented and would wear a simple tee-shirt, or simple cotton tops or an undershirt with cotton shorts. It didn't matter which ones, the small bumps in the front still gave him a hard on. He took to wearing baggy cargo pants or cargo shorts to conceal the tell-tale bulges of his erections.

Chapter Two

When Penny was almost eleven, Adam noticed that her small breast buds had grown into real breasts, albeit small ones about the size of walnuts. She came downstairs one day and announced that he was to take her shopping for her first bra. Unfortunately, Adam had no female relatives, Penny's mother June, died when Penny was six, and June was an only child

So it was left to Adam to take her shopping. Adam thought that Penny sensed his trepidation since she held his hand as they walked into the store, and probably felt the dampness in his palm.

"What's the matter Daddy?" she asked. "You embarrassed taking me shopping for a bra?"

Penny was a very astute girl—always had been ever since she was very young. She was also beautiful, with copper-colored hair and emerald-green eyes. She got those traits from her mother, and Adam knew she was going to grow up to be a stunning good looker.

"Well, undies are very personal things, Penny," he said.

"You're funny sometimes," she replied. "Don't worry Daddy, I won't embarrass you."

Adam headed for the first sales associate he could find; her name was Trudy, and he whispered that his daughter needed her first bra. Trudy looked at him, noticing his discomfort and smiled.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'll take care of her."

Trudy, with a tape measure in hand, took Penny to the changing room. She came back a few minutes later.

"Your daughter needs a 28AA–essentially a training bra," she said quietly.

Adam thanked her and walked with Penny while she picked out half a dozen bras and matching panties from the store's PINKS line. He guessed the time for wearing underpants with Disney characters printed on them was finally over. His little girl was growing up fast.

When they got home, Penny put her arms around Adam's neck and kissed him on his cheek. She could just about reach when stood on tiptoe since she was quite tall for her age at five foot four, and he was only five-seven.

"Thanks for taking me shopping Daddy," she said and ran upstairs with her shopping bag in hand.

Five minutes later, she came back down wearing nothing but her new bra in pink and matching boyshort style panties. She twirled.

"Ta-da," she said. "Whatcha think?"

Adam almost gasped; she looked very sexy, the bra had no real cups, but Adam could see the outline of her small breasts underneath. But what really got his blood flowing south was the sight of her plump pussy coddled in her panties as evidenced by a pronounced cameltoe. This time he didn't have the privacy of baggy clothes, and he squirmed a little as the bulge of his erection made its grand entrance. If Penny saw the bulge, which he thought she couldn't help but notice it, she didn't say anything and was mature enough not to stare at it.

"Very sexy Penny," Adam said. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he wanted to drag them back in. He had no idea where that word came from, but hell, she did look sexy, so it was no lie but not an appropriate adjective to describe his daughter.

Penny gave him a questioning look with her head cocked a little to one side, as though she was surprised at his choice of adjective. Then it registered—she did feel sexy in her new underwear, and her Daddy said she was; how cool was that. She smiled at him.

"Thanks, Daddy," she said. She was thrilled beyond measure that her Daddy thought she was sexy. She desperately wanted his approval since he was the only man in her young life who mattered.

Chapter Three

At fourteen, Penny was developing into a gorgeous young woman. There had been more trips to the lingerie store as she grew and filled out. She now wore a 34B bra, and she was happy that she now had hips. She turned around and looked at her behind in her full-length mirror; she liked her ass and wore the tightest jeans and shorts to emphasize it.

As she admired her hourglass figure in the mirror, she remembered the first time she had shown her new bra and panties to her father. She vividly remembered the bulge in his pants and the dampness in her panties as she realized she was turning him on. That feeling was cemented when he said she was sexy.

Over these last few years, Penny had come to look upon Adam not just as her father but as a handsome and sexy man. He was appearing more and more in her imagination as she masturbated in bed at night. She would imagine it was his finger inside her pussy or his tongue on her clit as she was rubbing it and pressing it. She didn't know if her image was in his mind as he stroked his cock to sweet relief—but hoped it was.

Chapter Four

Then things came to a head one late June morning, and what transpired that day would change both of their lives forever. It was a Saturday, and Adam had collected the dirty laundry from the hamper in Penny's bathroom since Saturday was laundry day. Well, it wasn't Penny's bathroom, it was the main bathroom upstairs that served Penny's room and the two guest bedrooms. But since the guest bedrooms were hardly ever used, the bathroom became Penny's domain. Adam had his own bathroom in the master suite downstairs.

Adam dropped Penny's dirty clothes on the floor of the laundry room so he could sort coloreds from whites. He bent down and sorted through the pile of clothes—mainly her underwear, and picked up three pairs of her panties. They were all plain white ones; one was cotton; another lacy, and the third was made from a satiny material.

The one made from a satiny material somehow caught his eye. He turned them inside out and noticed some liquid in the cotton gusset that hadn't been fully absorbed. He touched it with his forefinger; it was viscous and had a slight yellowish tinge to it. Adam raised the panties to his nose and sniffed. He was heady with his daughter's aroma—a little sweet yet musky, with a hint of urine and sweat. His cock immediately got as hard as a baseball bat as he realized it was fresh.

He took the panties and headed for his bathroom where he dropped his shorts and boxers and sat on the toilet with the lid down. He wrapped Penny's panties around the shaft of his cock and began to masturbate. The satiny material wasn't giving him enough traction, so he put the cotton gusset next to his cock and started to stroke. The creamy liquid made his cock slick and more sensitive. Since he knew it was his daughter's pussy juice, it made him more excited.

Penny came downstairs with some more dirty clothes that had been on the floor of her closet. She entered the laundry room, expecting to see her father putting clothes into the front loader. When she didn't see him, she dropped her dirty laundry on the floor and went looking for him. Not finding him in the kitchen or the study, she headed for his bedroom. She could see some movement in his bathroom, so she walked in.

As she saw her father, with what she recognized as a pair of her panties wrapped around his cock masturbating, her jaw dropped, and her hand covered her open mouth. She had never seen a man's penis other than on her computer monitor, and the helmet-shaped head with its purple rim looked smooth and shiny. He had the cotton gusset clamped between his large fist and the shaft of his cock.

Then she remembered that those were the panties she had slept in and was wearing as she masturbated that very morning. She could see her creamy cum coating his cockhead. Then he grunted and ejaculated into the gusset. She looked on as ropes of thick, pearly-white cum mixed with her own cum in the cotton gusset. She gasped.

Adam, who had been in a world of his own imaging his daughter naked, heard the sharp intake of breath and looked up. He was mortified to see his daughter staring at him—staring at her panties wrapped around his cock—staring at his cum spurting into her panties.

"Oh God, I'm sorry Daddy," she said as she quickly turned and left.

Chapter Five

Adam sat there with the reddest face he had ever had in his life—even redder than when, at the age of fourteen, his mother had walked in on him masturbating in his bedroom. He quickly cleaned up, got dressed and went to the laundry room. The doubly soiled panties joined the other whites, and he started the washing machine. Penny was nowhere to be seen. He thought of going to her bedroom and trying to explain—although he had no idea how he was going to explain away why he had a pair of her panties wrapped around his cock while he masturbated.

Instead, Adam grabbed his car keys and headed out, trying to get as far away from his daughter as possible. He returned at four-thirty and started to prepare dinner. It took his mind off what had happened that morning, but it was never very far away. At five-thirty he finished plating the spaghetti Bolognese and went upstairs. He knocked gently on Penny's bedroom door.

"Dinner's ready," he said, and went back downstairs to the dining room where two plates of food sat steaming; slices of garlic bread were to one side, and glasses of Chianti on the other side. He sat down, picked up his napkin, and shook it open. He had just spread it on his lap as Penny walked in and sat down opposite; she did the same thing.

Adam and Penny ate in silence—neither wanted to be the first to speak. Finally, with dinner consumed and the dishes in the dishwasher, they sat on the sofa next to each other. A glass of red wine in Penny's stomach gave her alcohol-courage, she swallowed twice and spoke.

"I'm so sorry Daddy," she said with a strained voice, "I shouldn't have barged in like that without knocking."

Adam sat there saying nothing—embarrassment had got a hold of his tongue and was strangling it. Penny looked at her father with such love. She realized how embarrassed he must be. She put herself in his situation. She moved closer to him and put her hand on his arm.

"You know it's okay Daddy," she said, at last, trying to make it easier for him. "I do it as well . . . you know . . . masturbate."

Adam didn't say anything for a few moments. He looked at his daughter for the first time since he had seen her face looking at him cumming into her panties. She radiated love for him with an intensity that he had not seen before.

"But I was using your panties," he said. "What must you think of me?"

"I know what I think of you Daddy," she replied, "I love you very, very much."

What she said next, excited him beyond words.

She took a deep breath and said, "Gawd I don't know why I'm going to tell you this, it's so embarrassing. But those panties you were using, I wore them this morning when I masturbated in bed," her face was bright red. "That's my cum in them."

"You mean your juices?" he asked, relieved at last that she had broken the awful silence.

Now she was really embarrassed as she said, "No Daddy, I mean I cum . . . I squirt a little—God this is so embarrassing."

"Sorry honey, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"How often do you do it?" Penny asked.

"About three or four times a week—but this was the first time I used . . . you know . . . your underpants."

There was a silence between them for a few moments. Then Penny said, "I don't mind you know . . . if you want to use my panties. I'll let you have some that I've used to . . . you know cum in."

Now it was Adam's turn to blush. Not wanting his daughter to see his embarrassment, he stood, picked up his now empty wineglass, and walked to the kitchen where he placed it in the dishwasher. Penny followed suit. She closed the dishwasher door and turned to face him; Adam took her in his arms and kissed her soft lips. It was something he hadn't done since she was very little. It caught her a little by surprise, but she loved it; she pressed her lips to his. The sensation of kissing her father in such an intimate manner caused her nipples to tingle, and she could feel the dampness in her panties.

"I love you more than life itself Penny, I hope you know that."

"Yes, Daddy, I do."

With that, Adam released his daughter from his hug; she left and went upstairs. He didn't see her again until later that evening.

Chapter Six

Penny closed her bedroom door and lay on her bed. She couldn't believe the conversation she'd just had with her father and how it felt to kiss him on his lips. Her face was still red with embarrassment. Then it dawned on her.

"Why was Daddy using my panties to masturbate with?" she asked herself. "God, was he thinking about me while he did it." She put her hand to her open mouth. "Does Daddy think about having sex with me while he spurts his cum?"

She kicked her shoes off, and quickly unzipped her jeans and pulled them off. Her hand slipped inside the waist of her panties, feeling the dampness in the gusset. Her finger found the wet entrance to her vagina, scooped up the creamy liquid and moved up her slit. Her clitoris was well out of its cowl ready for another session. Her finger went to work right away, rubbing it, and pressing it.

Penny's pussy throbbed and ached with desire. She remembered her father's large cock and tried to imagine what it would feel like when he entered her, stretching her more than she had ever stretched before; filling her up; pumping his seed deep inside her.

"Oh gaawd Daddy," she cried as she climaxed.

Her legs snapped shut on her hand as her body jerked and trembled with her orgasm. For a full minute she shook with the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Finally, she started to calm, small tics and jerks like aftershocks came and went. She lay there panting, covered in sweat. Five minutes later she got up, got undressed and took a shower. She put on a simple, powder-blue cotton nightie that came to mid-thigh and climbed into bed.

Penny tried to drop off to sleep, but the image of her father with her panties wrapped around his cock, stroking himself wouldn't leave her mind. Her pussy ached, and her nipples tingled. Finally, at ten-thirty she got out of bed and crept downstairs to her father's bedroom.

She went to push open the door, then backed off, and went to climb back upstairs. Penny got to the third step, stopped, turned around and went back downstairs to his bedroom door. She did this three times. On the fourth attempt, she bit her bottom lip and pushed open the door. He was in bed facing her. She lifted the covers and slipped in beside him with her back to him.

Adam was almost asleep when he felt the bed move, and Penny got in beside him.

"What are you doing Penny?" he asked.

"I just need a cuddle Daddy," she replied.

She snuggled her back into him, took his hand, and moved it around her and placed it on her right breast. He felt her tremble as she pressed his hand onto her breast.

"Mmm, this is nice," she said.

"We shouldn't be doing this," he said.

"Shush, Daddy," she replied, "just hold me please."

A few minutes later she was snoring lightly. Adam could hardly sleep. He would doze off then wake up feeling his daughter move in her sleep. His erection was pushing into the crack of her butt, and the back of her nightdress was wet with his precum. He was enjoying squeezing her firm breast through the thin cotton of her nightshirt. He thought about lifting it up to feel her breast unfettered by cotton but thought better of it. Finally, at four in the morning, sleep found him.

Chapter Seven

Penny awoke at first light. She felt her father's semi-erect cock pressing into her butt and his hand on her breast. She still couldn't believe that she had found enough courage to come to his room last night. She hoisted the hem of her nightdress up to her waist and put her hand between her legs. Grasping the shaft of his cock, she pulled it between her thighs.

The head of his cock was resting against her clit. She couldn't believe how big his cock was. The bulbous head filled the gap between her slender thighs. She squeezed her slim legs together; shards of pleasure stabbed her pussy as the head pressed against her now engorged clitoris.

Keeping the pressure of her thighs against her father's cockhead, she began to move back and forth. Not by much—just an inch, but it was enough to cause friction between the head of Adam's cock and her sensitive clit that was now coated with her creamy juices. She kept up the slight movement, and soon she was breathing heavily.

She put her fingers on the head of his cock, feeling the sticky precum that was oozing out of his pee hole. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked his precum. The taste made her a little light-headed.

Penny increased the pace of her movement; she felt the pleasant ache in her pussy—the onset of her orgasm. She was moving faster now as sparks of pleasure stabbed at her pussy. Penny pressed her father's hand against her bare breasts. Then without warning, she climaxed.

"Oh gaawd, Daddy," she cried as her orgasm crashed into her. At the same time, Penny felt her father's cock swell and pulse as he spurted his cum into the palm of her hand. His cum mixed with hers covering her hand and running down, forming a puddle in the depression in the mattress.

Behind her, Adam was panting hard as he kept on spurting. It felt like he was actually fucking his daughter; the feeling of her plump pussy gripping his cock, together with her creamy cum felt like a tight vagina. Then he came out of his post-orgasmic stupor and realized what had just happened.

"My God, Penny!! What have I done?" he asked in a panic. "Oh my God, I'm so, so sorry, Penny."

Penny turned to face her father and said, "It's okay, Daddy, I wanted to see what it felt like to have your cock between my legs. It was me who put it there and used it to masturbate. I didn't know it would make you cum as well."

"But, Penny, we shouldn't be doing this; it's not what a father and daughter should do—apart from the fact that it's illegal and I could get into a hell of a lot of trouble."

Penny bit her lower lip and summoned up more courage. She sat up, crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her nightdress and hoisted it over her head. Adam gasped as he saw his daughter's naked body with her perfectly formed breasts; her cone-shaped areolas were dark-pink with what looked like tiny goosebumps, and her largish turgid nipples.

"You like what you see, Daddy?" Penny said. She was trembling, and her face has a reddish tinge to it as her father looked at her naked breasts.

"My God, Penny, you've got an incredible body. But you know we shouldn't be doing this."

"I want to, Daddy. Do you want to . . . you know . . . do stuff together? I've wanted to ever since I was eleven years old. I saw the bulges in your pants when I modeled my new bra and panties for you. I've been hoping that you would make the first move, but when you didn't, I knew I had to."

Penny was now past the point of nervousness, that had happened the moment her rising tee-shirt exposed her breasts to her father's gaze. She was embarrassed as heck, but her embarrassment was short-lived.

"I don't know what to say, Penny," Adam said. "This is uncharted waters for me. I didn't know you felt like this. I must admit honey, that I have desired you since you entered puberty. I desired you the first time I saw your breast buds, and I've desired you ever since. But fathers aren't supposed to desire their daughters are they?"

"I don't know, Daddy," Penny replied. "But I'm pretty sure that you aren't the only father who desires his daughter."

Adam sighed. He knew he desired his daughter, and now that he was reasonably sure that they were going to have intercourse he was thrilled beyond comprehension.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Penny?"

"Yes, it is. When you masturbated with a pair of my panties, were you thinking of me?"

"Yes," Adam replied sheepishly.

"What were you thinking?"

"I was trying to imagine you naked. What your breasts looked like if you had grown any pubic hair yet. What it would feel like to make love to you."

Penny pulled the sheet down exposing her pussy and said, "Why don't you take a look, Daddy."

Adam gasped as he saw his daughter's pussy for the first time with its plump lips and her small clit poking out of its sheath. He saw the smattering of fiery red hairs on her large vee-shaped mons. They stopped short of her cleft leaving her labia smooth and bare.

"Good lord Penny, I've tried to imagine what your pussy would look like, and it's even more beautiful than I thought it would be."

"Thanks, Daddy," Penny said. "I think I need a shower and we need to change sheets."

Father and daughter stepped into the shower together. Adam washed his daughter, feeling how firm yet soft her breasts and buttocks were. Her nipples felt like small beads in the palm of his hand. Her pussy was full as he slipped his finger inside her slit, feeling her body shudder as he did so. She shuddered again as his soapy fingertip rubbed her anus.

Now it was Penny's turn to wash her father. She felt his muscular upper body as she ran her soapy hands all over him. Penny turned her attention to her father's now semi-erect cock, drawing the foreskin back, exposing the bulbous glans with its purplish rim. As she washed his ball sack, she felt how heavy his testicles were.

"Gaawd, Daddy, you're hard again," Penny said as she started to stroke his cock. She reached up and turned the water off. Sinking to her knees, she took the head of his cock inside her mouth and sucked.

"God, Penny," Adam said as he felt his daughter's hot mouth on his erection.

"Can you cum again so soon?" she asked.

"Don't know, honey, but you can try."

Penny continued sucking on his cockhead while stroking the shaft. Adam had to brace himself against the shower stall walls as he felt his legs start to shake. He felt another orgasm rising up in his groin.

"I'm gonna cum, Penny," he said as he felt his cock swell.

Penny took her mouth off his cock, not because she didn't want him to cum in her mouth—that could wait for another day, but because she wanted to see him spurt. She kept stroking his cock as ropes of pearly-white semen shot out and hit her in her chest, some even found her neck and chin. She felt her father shaking and his heavy breathing as he ejaculated more ropes of cum. Then he was done, and his cock started to soften in her hand.

Penny stood up and said, "Wow, that was a lot."

Adam looked at his daughter with his cum on her chin and sliding down her breasts across her tummy and into the small patch of fiery red hairs. He thought it the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. Then he watched in amazement as she scooped the blob of semen off her chin and put her fingers into her mouth.

"Mmm, tastes good," she said. "You can cum in my mouth next time if you want.

Adam groaned and turned the shower back on.

Chapter Eight

That evening, Penny wondered if Adam would let her sleep with him again—maybe even make love to her. She had gauged the size of his cock, and she knew how much she could stretch since she'd been using her sizable hairbrush handle for a year now. The first time she put it inside her she felt a twinge of pain, and when she pulled it back out, she saw traces of blood on it. At first, she panicked thinking she had hurt herself, then she relaxed as she remembered her Sex-Ed classes where she was told that her hymen tearing was normal.

"Daddy," Penny said.

"Yes, honey?"

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"

Adam paused for a short while. The realization that having sex with his daughter was now possible excited him. The last twelve hours had seen a tectonic shift in his relationship with Penny. From being a daughter to now being his lover had caught him by surprise. The thought of having intercourse with his fourteen-year-old daughter was now irresistible.

"Yes, honey, I'd like that a lot," he replied.


Penny undressed and got into bed. Her father had just showered and came out of his bathroom naked. His semi-erect cock sway from side to side as he walked to the bed where his fourteen-year-old daughter lay on her back with her legs open. In the short time, they had begun being intimate, Adam was surprised at how open and unashamed at being naked in front of him she was. It was if a switch had been turned on inside her psyche.

"I can't get over how beautiful your body is, Penny," Adam said.

As she looked at his cock start to grow, she said, "I'm glad I turn you on, Daddy."

There was no denying that the sight of his daughter's naked body had an immediate effect on him. His cock was now as hard as it had ever been. He moved his head between his daughter's open legs, his face mere inches away from her gorgeous pussy. Her plump labia were parted exposing the bright-pink inside of her cleft with her small clitoris lying in its hood at the top and the small red opening to her vagina at the bottom.

"You've got a gorgeous pussy, Penny," Adam said as he inched closer and inhaled the aroma of his daughter's sex. As soon as the tip of his tongue found Penny's clit she climaxed. She held her father's head in her hands and pulled his face into her pussy as she orgasmed.

"Oh gaawd, Daddy," she cried.

Adam held Penny's firm buttocks in his hands as she shook and jerked. After a few minutes, she started to calm. She released his head, and he sat up. Penny's cum was running off his chin. He scooped it up and tasted it. It was like nectar from the gods.

"God, you taste so good," he said.

She smiled and grasped his cock and guided it toward her waiting pussy. "Make me a woman, Daddy," she said. She couldn't believe how forward and unembarrassed she had become in such a short period of time.

Adam swiped the head of his cock up and down his fourteen-year-old daughter's cleft and positioned it at her wet opening.

"Yes, Daddy, go ahead and put it inside me."

Adam pushed. He stopped when he felt the resistance of her tight vagina. He said, "I'm not sure, Penny. I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't. Go ahead and push it inside me. I'll stretch enough."

Adam pushed some more. She was really tight, but he could feel the tight ring of skin slowly dilating. Then, all of a sudden with a slight whimper from Penny, the head of his cock slipping inside her.

"Gaaawd, that feels really strange," Penny said. "It feels nothing like my hairbrush handle."

Adam smiled at her use of the ubiquitous hairbrush with which to masturbate. Almost glacially slowly, he pushed his cock into his daughter's very tight and very wet vagina. As the last of his shaft disappeared inside Penny, he hit her rubbery end. Penny got up and her elbows and strained her neck to see her father's pubes pressed against hers.

"Gawd that feels so good, Daddy. I felt you bump into my cervix."

Penny laid back down, and Adam started to fuck his daughter—his little girl. He was careful not to stroke into her too hard; he wanted her to get used to having his cock inside her for the first time. The more they made love, the more enjoyment Penny got out of it. Once she was over the initial adjustment to having her father's penis inside her, she started to actively participate.

"Faster, Daddy," she said.

The sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy was incredible. It was nothing like her inert hairbrush handle. Adam's cock seemed to have a life of its own. She could feel it pulsing and twitching as he stopped thrusting, so he didn't ejaculate.

"Baby, I'm getting real close, and I don't want to risk an accident and get you pregnant. I'll make an appointment with your doctor next week and get you a prescription for the birth control patch, but until then I need to pull out."

Penny looked at her father with a little disappointment on her face. Then she smiled and said, "Okay, then do you want to cum in my mouth?"

"God, yes," Adam replied.

He pulled out of her and lay on his back. Penny lay with her head on his stomach. She slipped her mouth over the head of his cock and started to suck it while stroking its shaft. Adam put his hand between Penny's legs from the rear and found her wet vagina. He inserted three fingers and started to finger fuck her as her mouth enveloped his rigid member.

"Mmmm, this is nice," Penny murmured as she fellated him. She could taste her own juices mixed with his precum. Her right hand stroked his cock while her left cradled his scrotum. She could tell he was close to cumming because she could feel his legs jerk and his scrotum scrunch up. Then she felt his cock swell as the first load of his semen spurted into her mouth. Penny swallowed hard as the next load hit the back of her mouth. There was not as much as the first, so she easily swallowed his third, fourth and fifth spurts. When he was done, his legs were still trembling, and his cock was still twitching.

Penny turned to Adam and swallowed twice more then opened her mouth and said, "I didn't spill a drop of your cum, Daddy." She snuggled up to his side with her leg over his, pressing her wet pussy into his hip.

"Thanks, Penny, that was incredible oral sex. I don't think I'm going to get enough of you."

"I hope not," Penny replied. I can't wait to feel you spurt your stuff inside my pussy."

And so started Adam's and Penny's incestuous relationship. Up until she went away to college, she slept in his bed every night. When she was in college, every Friday without fail, Adam would receive a package courtesy of the United States Postal Service. Inside were seven pairs of Penny's soiled panties. On Monday morning, Adam would return six of Penny's freshly laundered panties together with one pair with his cum inside the crotch.



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