The Seduction of Brian

                              by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mf 14, MF, oral, incest, uncle/niece, con, romantic.

Brian receives a phone call from his sister informing him of her husband's untimely death. At the funeral he meets his niece, Hayley, which evokes ten-year-old memories.

Word Count: 4,584

Published: December 15 2018

The phone call was unexpected and sorrowful. My older sister, Kate, had called. She was apparently upset by the tone of her voice, and told me that her husband had died. It was a massive heart attack that caught everyone by surprise, my sister included. Pete was a long-distance runner as well as a stockbroker, a loving husband and father. He had run the Boston and New York marathons several times as well as the London marathon, so his death was all the more unexpected. Pete was the last guy on earth I would have thought would die from a heart attack.

I wasn't particularly close to my sister—in fact, I hadn't seen her in ten years since she lived on the East Coast and I lived on the West Coast. The funeral was in three days, so I called my travel agent and had her book me first class on Delta from LA to Atlanta. I wasn't looking forward to the trip—funerals are never a happy occasion, but I was looking forward to seeing Pete and Kate's daughter, my niece. The last time I had seen Hayley was almost the end of my relationship with Kate and Pete.

Kate was too busy to pick me up at the airport, so that task fell to Hayley. As soon as I came up the ramp from the gates and into the cavernous arrivals hall, I saw her standing there. Now twenty-four, she had matured into a beautiful woman. The last time I had seen her, I thought she was quite tall for a fourteen-year-old at five foot six. Now almost six foot, she was spectacular, slim—but not skinny with curves in all the right places. She had a small waist that flared out to sexy hips and long legs. Her hair was ash-blonde, and was fixed with a scrunchie in a simple ponytail. Her breasts were petite; she was never going have big boobs, and she had her mother to thank for those genes. Her hair was quite long, it came to the small of her back. She smiled and waved when she saw me. I waved back.

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on my lips, and said, "Brian, it's great to see you again."

I held her at arm's length and looked at her. "My you've grown, Hayley. You're almost as tall as me."

As she was but an inch or so shorter than me, we walked with our arms around each other's waists to baggage claim. While we waited at the carousel, we talked.

"How's life in LA?" Hayley asked.

I told her, "Crazy as usual. Busy as heck."

"And how have you been? Dating anyone?"

"Not at the moment. Will you be staying long?" she said with a smile.

"Maybe a day or two," I said. "I thought we could catch up on old times since we have unfinished business," Hayley looked at me with a quizzical expression on her face. Then she realized what I meant.

"You know I've never stopped loving you, Brian. I have loved you since I was ten years old, and not just as an uncle."

"I know, and I've always loved you, Hayley. You were my favorite niece."

Hayley punched me on my arm. "I'm your only niece, Brian."

I smiled. I always told her that, and I always got the same answer. My suitcase arrived. I grabbed it, and we walked to the short-term lot. Hayley popped the trunk of her dark metallic-blue Honda Accord, and I dropped my bag in. I climbed in the passenger seat, and we took off.

"It's terrific to see you again, Hayley. It really is," I told her with all seriousness.

She took her hand off the steering wheel and squeezed my thigh. The side of her hand pressed against my cock. It was semi-erect—had been ever since I saw her in the arrivals hall. Seeing her standing there brought back memories of that summer ten years ago. Hayley was fourteen, and I was twenty-six. Her parents, Pete and Kate, had invited me to spend a few weeks at a villa they stayed at in the Bahamas. It was the same villa they stayed at for a month ever since Pete went to work for the financial firm. The villa belonged to the firm's owner, and he and his wife went touring in Europe every year at the same time, so he told Pete he could use it.

My sister and her husband had invited me to come and stay on numerous occasions, but for some reasons, I could never make it work. That year, for reasons I've long forgotten, I managed to make it down there. The last time I'd seen Hayley, she was seven, and she was a gangly kid with her two front teeth missing, but I knew she would grow up to be a beauty and I wasn't disappointed.

That summer at the villa, Hayley was five foot six tall, with perfect white teeth set in a wide mouth with full lips—it was a very kissable mouth I thought, and I found out later that my assessment wasn't wrong. Her ash-blonde hair that fell to her shoulders had been bleached by the sun, and she had a nice tan. The first time I saw her was the morning after I arrived. I had taken a late flight, and when Pete and I arrived at the villa, Kate and Hayley had already gone to bed. I was sat on the terrace next to the pool sipping a cup of coffee—black, no sugar, just the way I liked it when Hayley came through the French doors wearing a white string bikini that left little to my imagination. It was just four triangles of cloth—two tied with bows below her bony hips trying hard to hide her modesty and failing miserably—two molded to the shapes of her breasts tied with a bow in the middle and one behind her neck.

She smiled and said, "Morning Brian." Ever since she was young, she never called me Uncle Brian, it was always just Brian. She bent and kissed me on my lips. I could smell shampoo in her hair and floral soap on her skin. The two triangles covering her breasts gaped a little giving me a tantalizing view of the soft swells inside.

"Morning Hayley," I said. "My, you've grown into a beautiful young woman."

She smiled and said, "Thanks, Brian." She sat next to me and put her glass of orange juice on the round table under a large canvas umbrella. The cold orange juice was already causing the glass to drip with condensation from the humid Bahamian air.

"You're just as I remembered," she said at length. "I think the last time I saw you I was eight years old."

"Seven," I corrected. "You were a couple of months away from your eighth birthday. I remember because I asked Kate what I could get for a birthday present. I wanted to buy you a gift for that birthday since I had sent Kate money all the other times so she could buy you something. She would wrap it and add a gift tag."

"I remember them. You always got Mom to write 'to my favorite niece, love from Brian."

Hayley reached behind and pulled the small, gold heart-shaped pendant around her neck. I hadn't noticed the gold chain before.

"I wear it all the time," she told me. "I think that was the first time I realized I was in love with you. Looking back, I think it was puppy love at first, but later I became aware of my other feelings for you."

"But you hardly knew me, Hayley. I mean this is only the fifth time we've met, and two of those you would have been too young to remember because I was either changing your diapers or giving you a bath."

Hayley blushed at the thought of her uncle seeing her pussy. "I know, Brian, and I can't explain it. I always had this idea of falling in love, and it was always your face that I saw in my dreams."

I smiled and sipped my coffee. Hayley got up and jumped in the pool, swam a few laps and got out. As she walked toward me, water cascaded off her body. The water had made her white bikini semi-transparent; I could see her dark-pink areolas and her nipples pressing at the thin material. There was a small shadow of hair showing in a small triangle that covered her pussy; she had a nice cameltoe formed by her plump pussy lips. My cock started to get hard. It was entirely out of my control.

Hayley picked up a towel and proceeded to dry her face. She stood there letting me see all the details of her body through the thin white fabric. I could see all the fine details of her areolas, with their circles of tiny pinhead-like bumps and her hard nipples. She smiled as she saw the noticeable bulge in my shorts. I was finding it hard to believe that my fourteen-year-old niece was trying to seduce me. I didn't think fourteen-year-old girls had the guile to even begin to know how to seduce a man—but Hayley knew, I was sure of that. The trick was knowing how to keep it a secret from my sister and from Pete, that was for damn sure.

"You know, Hayley, you're treading on dangerous ground here."

She smiled. "Why I don't know what you're talking about, Brian," she said in a mock-innocent voice.

"Oh, you know alright, and I wonder if you could handle it if I responded to you."

"There's only one way to find out isn't there."

"What about your parents?"

"Ever since we've been coming down here, They rent a boat with a small crew and go snorkeling every Friday. They'll be gone all day."

If I had any lingering doubts that my fourteen-year-old niece had the wherewithal to seduce me, they disappeared with the words she spoke.

Friday morning rolled around, and at eight-twenty, Pete loaded his and Kate's snorkeling gear into the trunk of the villa's white Range Rover. After kissing my sister and shaking Pete's hand, I watched them drive away. Back inside the villa I grabbed my second cup of coffee and went out to the terrace. Five minutes later, Hayley came padding out wearing a teeshirt that came to mid-thigh, I could see the outline of a pair of panties underneath. She stretched and yawned.

"Mornin', Brian," she said. She bent over and kissed me on my mouth. The loose neck of her teeshirt gaped, and I could see the outline of her breasts and their nipples and her lemon-yellow panties beyond. My cock twitched—not just at the sight of Hayley's breasts but what was going to happen later. After breakfast, I sat out on the terrace when Hayley came out. She pulled her teeshirt over her head and tugged her panties down.

"Skinny-dipping today," she said, as she dropped her clothes on a chair.

She stood in front of me, and I drank in the sight of her naked form. Two perfect half-lemon size breasts with dark-pink areolas and small, red beaded nipples. The small patch of hair I had seen under her translucent white bikini three days ago formed a perfect, small triangle with its apex pointed to the small ruffle of her clitoral sheath showing between plump, hairless labia.

Hayley smiled and asked, "You like what you see, Brian?"

"Good God Hayley, do I ever."

"Now it's your turn. Off with your clothes."

I stood, unsnapped the fastener at the waist of my shorts, drew the zipper down and let them fall to the floor. I had purposely left my boxers off that morning when I got dressed, and my semi-erect cock flopped out. Hayley looked at it and smiled.

"I knew it, I knew it," she said. "I always imagined your cock would be beautiful, and it is."

She took it in her hand and squeezed it. I was soon as hard as a rock.

"Sit down," she said, so I complied. She picked up the towel, folded it twice, placed it in front of me and knelt. I was in no doubt what was going to happen next—I was going to get a blowjob from my fourteen-year-old niece.

"I've never done this before, Brian. I've only seen it done on the Internet, so tell me if I'm not doing it right, okay?"

Hayley proceeded to lift my rock-hard cock off my stomach and lowered her mouth over its end. I groaned with pleasure as she sucked on it and stroked its shaft. If this was her first time and she'd learned how to do it by watching porn, then whomever her long-time boyfriend would be, he had better hold on for a hell of a ride.

She lifted her head off my cock and asked, "Am I doing it right?"

"If you hadn't told me this was your first time, I'd have thought you'd been doing it for quite a while," I told her.

"I'll take that as a yes then," Hayley said.

"No, Hayley, that's a HELL YES."

I almost lost it and spurted as she cradled my balls in her spare hand and squeezed them gently. She fellated me for five minutes, and I almost climaxed three times. I don't know if she did it on purpose, or it was just a coincidence, but just as I was about to explode, she stopped. I think her jaws were getting a little tired, and she switched to licking my whole shaft from root to tip with a broad tongue. I was moaning loudly as she continued to suck, lick, stroke and squeeze my cock.

I mused whether I should tell her I was about to cum. Then I remembered it was her first time. Better to let her know her since I didn't want her to choke or snort my semen down her nose.

"I'm close to cumming, Hayley," I said. "You may want to breathe through your nose if you're going to let me cum in your mouth."

She was so sweet. She lifted her head off my cock and said," You want to cum in my mouth?"

"God, yes if you'll let me."

She went back to sucking and stroking my cock. I was so near. I felt my ballsack draw up and a nice warm feeling started to spread throughout my groin. Then I felt my cock swell, and I exploded in her mouth. I don't think I had spurted so much cum in my life. To Hayley's credit, she took it all, and I could see her throat moving as she swallowed my teeming liquid. All the time I was spurting, she never took her eyes off mine.

Hayley smiled, as she squeezed the last drop of semen out, licked it off and swallowed it. She licked her lips. She said, "I didn't think I'd like the taste, but it was okay. I let you cum in my mouth because I've read that guys like that. I was then going to see if it tasted okay to swallow."

I smiled at her and said. "You were incredible, Hayley. Will you let me return the favor?"

Hayley had a puzzled look on her face, and then it dawned on her what I wanted to do. She got up off the towel, picked it up and stretched it out on the chaise. She lay on her back and opened her legs, planting her feet on the terrace either side. I lay on the chaise and lowered my head until my face was inches from her pussy. Her pussy lips were plump and full, and the insides were red and coated with a creamy liquid. I lapped my tongue all the way from her anus to her clit. The taste was incredibly intoxicating, and the aroma—it was to die for. I was light-headed for a while.

"Good heavens, Hayley. You've got the most gorgeous pussy I've ever seen, and I've seen a few."

I licked between her legs all the way from her pink rosebud to her clitoris. I felt her whole body shudder as I sucked on her love button and inserted first one then two fingers inside her pussy, gauging how much she could stretch. She was so aroused from sucking my cock that it didn't take long for her to climax. Her legs snapped closed over my head as I finger fucked my fourteen-year-old niece.

"Oh God, Brian, fuck, fuck fuck," she cried as her orgasm consumed her. I kept up with finger fucking her as she rode her orgasm to its very peak. Her whole body was as taut as a violin string, her back arched. Then she collapsed back onto the chaise utterly spent. Her thighs opened, and I withdrew my fingers from her wet pussy and licked them clean.

Then I panicked when I heard the front door open and the voices of my sister and her husband.

"Quick, Hayley, put your clothes on, your mom and dad are back."

At first, Hayley was slow to react. Then she too heard the voices and jumped up. She grabbed her panties and quickly pulled them up. She had just put her teeshirt on, and I had pulled up my shorts when Kate came out of the villa.

"You're back early," I said.

"Yes," Kate replied disappointedly. "We only got out of the harbor when the engine died. The captain had to call in a favor to get us towed back to the dock."

"That's a bummer," I said.

Unfortunately, Hayley and I couldn't get alone for the rest of my stay. I could see the frustration on her face. She whispered to me that she really wanted to give me her virginity and asked if there was a chance we could meet up once we got back to the States. As much as I wanted to, it never happened though.

Pete's funeral was a somber occasion. There were quite a few of his office colleagues, three close friends as well as six of his fellow marathon runners. At four o'clock when the last of the guest had left, my sister Kate sank into an armchair.

"How long are you staying, Brian?" Kate asked.

"Through the weekend," I replied. "I have a morning flight back on Monday."

"So soon?"

"Sorry, Kate, I have some urgent business that can't wait any longer."

Hayley and I walked out onto the terrace. She said, "Can you spend Friday night at my apartment . . . you know . . . the unfinished business."

"I was counting on it, Hayley."

"I was so disappointed we never got to do it in the Bahamas ten years ago. I wanted you to be my first so bad."

"I did too, sweetheart."

Friday morning I told Kate that I wanted to spend time with Hayley and that I would be spending the night at her apartment.

"That'll be nice, Brian. She absolutely adores you. I remember that time you spent at the villa. After you had gone home, she was really upset. I tried to find out why, but she wouldn't tell me. Did something happen between the two of you—words maybe?"

God, if you only knew Kate, I thought to myself. "No, we had a good time together. I think she was just sad to see me go."

Hayley picked me up at six, and we drove to a French bistro. She was as happy as I'd seen her the whole week. Losing a father is a dramatic event in anyone's life, but I think the thought of us making love for the first time buoyed her spirits some. Dinner was excellent, and we talked while we ate, catching up on each other's lives and loves. She told me she had been dating a guy for the last eighteen months, but that it didn't work out since he had other things on his mind besides marriage. In any case, she said, they didn't match up to me, and that made me feel special.

I told her that, although my bed was never vacant for any length of time, none of the women were of the marrying kind. I told her that it was unfair to them since even time we had sex, her face was always in my mind. She liked that.

Hayley showed me around her apartment, and we ended up in the master suite. There was no tearing off of clothes, no mad dash to see who could get naked first. We walked into her bathroom and got undressed. When she was naked, I stood there and admired how much she'd matured. I was glad to see that she had kept her mons waxed; her long clitoral sheath was prominent between plump, naturally hairless labia. She could easily pass for a runway model with a body to die for. For her physique, her breasts looked quite large but were only A-cups—about the size of half lemons.

"God, Hayley, you have matured into a sensational woman. The one thing I remembered of you at the villa was that darn sexy string bikini and the girlish body inside. But look at you now—wow!"

"Thanks, Brian and you've retained your muscular body. You still work out?"

"Three days a week," I replied.

We got into the shower and washed each other's bodies. I was hard as a rock the whole time my hands were all over her body. We dried off and got onto her bed. She attacked my cock with an urgency. She sucked its end and stroked its shaft. I felt my cockhead bump the back of her throat. She gagged a little.

"Sorry, Brian, I can't take it all in. I've tried with my boyfriends to deep-throat them, but I can never get past the gag."

"That's okay, Hayley, the sensation of your lips around my cock is enough. In any case, if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum in your mouth."

"Time to consummate our love for each other?" Hayley asked.

"I've been waiting ten long years, sweetheart."

I got between her legs; she draped them over my thighs. I looked down at her gorgeous pussy with its prominent mons, plump engorged labia and the dark red opening to her vagina. There was a creamy liquid glistening on her perineum. Grasping the shaft in my hand, I swiped its purple head up and down her wet slit a few times and positioned it at her dark entrance and pushed.

"Jeez, Brian," she cried, as my cock slid inside her. "I've waited a long, long time to feel that, and it was worth the wait."

Hayley hooked her ankles together at the small of my back and bent her knees every time I thrust into her. I increased the speed of my thrusts, sweat was beading on my brow and dripping onto Hayley's breasts.

"Yes, yes, don't stop, that feels so fucking good, Ja—ahhhhhh," Hayley cried as she orgasmed. She pulled me down on top of her; I could feel the hot puffs of breath on my shoulder. Her body was jerking, and I could feel her pussy spasming; her vaginal muscles were contracting and releasing my cock. There was no way I could hold back any longer. She had not said anything about birth control but damn the torpedos. With one final deep thrust inside her, I exploded filling her with my teeming fluid. It seemed as if I was spurting gallons of cum, but I knew it was probably my normal two shot glasses full that one of my girlfriends had measured one time before drinking them.

"God, that was incredible, Brian," Hayley said after she'd calmed down.

I rolled to her side, and she got up, straddled my chest and let my cum dribble out. When her pussy was empty, she lay down and licked my chest clean.

"I loved the taste of your cum, that day at the villa," Hayley said, "and I still love it."

"You're one amazing woman, Hayley," I said. "This may be an off the wall request, and I'd fully understand if you said no, but would you consider coming back to LA to live with me?"

Hayley thought for a few moments and replied, "I'd love to come and live with you, Brian."

"The age difference doesn't bother you?" I asked.

"Heavens no," she replied. "But we should wait a while. It wouldn't be right to drop this on Mom right now."

"I agree, Hayley."

Out of respect for Kate's grieving, Hayley and I waited for two months before telling her. I had caught a red-eye to Atlanta on a Friday evening and was at Kate's house by mid-morning. Hayley arrived a little over half an hour later. We all sat at the kitchen island.

"So what's all this about, Brian. I don't see you for ten years then you're back inside a couple of months after Pete's funeral?"

I looked at Hayley then back at my sister and said, "Hayley is moving to LA to live with me."

"Just to live with you . . ." Kate said and made it obvious it wasn't a question.

"There's no way of sugar-coating this, Kate, so I'll just come right out and say it. We've been in love with each other ever since she was quite young. She told me as much that time at the villa."

My sister shocked me by smiling. She said, "I sort of had an inkling of what was going on at the villa. When we came back early from the aborted snorkeling trip, the two of you may have had clothes on, but the smell of sex in the air was unmistakable. I never said anything to Pete, and I wasn't concerned that you were taking advantage of my daughter because I knew she was old enough to make that decision for herself."

Hayley put her hand on her mother's arm. "I'm glad you understand, Mom. I hope you didn't think bad of me going behind your back. I've been in love with Brian ever since I was nine or ten. It was puppy love at first, but then as I got older, I knew there was no other man for me even though I dated quite a few."

Kate put her hand over Hayley's. "I don't think bad of you, honey. As long as you're happy, then I'm happy. You know you could get married even though it's illegal. You have different last names."

"We hadn't thought about that, and to be honest we don't need a marriage license to say how much we love each other."

A month later, after Hayley worked her notice for her employer, she got a moving company to pack up all her belongings and ship them to Brian's sprawling house in the hills above LA. She flew to LA where Brian met her. When she got to his house, she started the rest of her life.


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