The Videographer

                             by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MMMF, MFf 14, Mf 14, Mf 13, exhibitionism, incest, 1st, fau/dau, con, oral, romantic.

Nick North and his daughter Faith shoot videos of weddings and birthday parties, but when he is approached by a woman with a special request it leads him down a road he never would have thought he would take and his daughter comes along for the ride.

Word Count: 14,660

Published: May 19 2019

Chapter One

I was shooting photos of a couple's wedding one sunny June Saturday outside the small Norman church. My thirteen-year-old daughter, Faith, was helping me as usual. I had come to rely on her to organize the people for the shots—bride and groom first, making sure the bride's train was as it should be; then the bride's mother and father; then with just the groom's mother and father, and so forth. She knew the sequence and made sure that the taller guests stood at the rear and the children at the front.

The little boys and girls had always given my previous aide, a twenty-three-year-old guy, a fit. But Faith was good at getting them to behave; it seemed as if the children took notice of her without being told a second time. With that phase of the shoot over, we followed the parade of limousines to the reception at a local village hall.

Faith had been my rock, my beacon in the darkest nights, my wonderful companion since Faith's mother's untimely death of ovarian cancer at the young age of twenty-six when Faith was just seven years old. We did everything together; went on vacation together; shopped together; dined out together; went to the movies together. I often said that she needed to go out with her friends more often; catch a movie; have a sleepover. But she would have none of it. She said her place was by my side. I couldn't ask for a more loving and caring daughter.

The reception was a typical affair with shots of the bride shoving cake into her new husband's face; their first dance; the throwing of her bouquet over her shoulder to be caught by one lucky girl. And, of course, the shot of the cans tied to the rear of their car, plastered with words formed from whipped cream and adorned with 'Just Married' and L plate for learner tied to the rear bumper. I gave a deep sigh of relief when the bride and groom had left. Faith was busy packing up my equipment when an older man and a much younger woman approached me.

"You're the photographer, right?" she said.

She was an attractive woman of around late-twenties—early thirties I figured with dusky-blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was shorter than my five-eight at around five-five with a petite figure but with soft curves in all the right places.

"Yes, that's right," I replied.

"Do you just shoot photos or do you do videos as well?" she asked.

"I do mainly photos, but I have videotaped a wedding or two and I did a girl's birthday party a month back. What do you have in mind?" I replied. I never turned down a shoot.

"As you can see, my husband is quite a bit older than I, and I was wondering if you would shoot some video of us."

I had no idea why the age of her husband would have any bearing on the videotaping but didn't pursue the issue. "I could do that, for sure."

"Can you be discreet, Mr. . . ?"

"Oh, sorry. My name's Nick . . . Nick North." I had no idea what discretion had to do with shooting a video.

The woman put out her hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. North. My name's Erin Wainwright."

"Please, it's Nick."

"So, can I trust you to be discreet, Nick?"

"Of course you can, Erin, if I may address you by your christian name?"

"Yes, you may. And I'm probably being a little cryptic in my language."

"Yes, you are."

"You see, I need to make sure that I have your complete discretion in what my husband and I need you to videotape."

I was intrigued by Erin's comments and decided that if she really needed my trust at whatever she wanted me to shoot, it was going to cost money.

"Money buys trust," I replied.

Her answer excited me.

"Money is not a problem. Name your price."

"First, I need to know what I'm going to shoot."

Erin lowered her voice to almost a whisper. "My husband and I want you to film us having sex."

Even though I had an inkling of what she was wanting me to do with all the talk of trust, when she came out and said it, I was a little taken aback. I mean it's not every day that a beautiful woman asks a total stranger to videotape her being fucked by her husband. The thought excited me and I felt my cock growing inside my thankfully baggy pants. When I was on a shoot, I always wore cargo pants with multiple pockets for lens filters, SD cards and other paraphernalia. Now the bulky pants were hiding my erection.

"I can do that, but why ask me since you can set up a camera to record that by yourself?" I feared that I replied rather too quickly as I saw a lucrative shoot slipping away.

"Yes, that is correct. But a static camcorder doesn't capture the intimate moments as one wielded by a professional would."

I had to agree with her. "So how long would the shoot take?"

"At least two hours. A couple of young men would bring me to a state of arousal and then my husband would finish. You see, he is sixty-seven years old and doesn't have the stamina of a young man any longer. But he wants to be the one to bring me to my orgasm, and it takes time."

My standard fee for weddings and graduation and such was fifty pounds an hour with additional charges for photographs and albums. So, at ten times my usual rate was being pushy, I figured she and her husband could afford it.

"Okay. I can do it, but I'm going to need a five hundred pounds an hour," I ventured.

"Not a problem," Erin replied.

Her quick acceptance told me that I could have asked for more, but I was happy with the fee. I gave her my business card with my mobile number and asked her to text me with the date, time and location. Erin said she would. After she had left, Faith came over carrying the case containing our equipment.

"Who was that?" she asked.

"Her name's Erin, and she wants me to videotape her daughter's birthday party."

"Ooo, that's going to be fun, Dad. I loved shooting that girl's birthday party."

"Shit," I said under my breath. I hadn't thought of what to tell Faith. "Sorry, Love, but you won't be assisting this time."

"Why not, Dad?" Faith said a little disappointed with a trace of annoyance in her voice.

I was torn between telling my daughter a lie—something I had told myself and Faith that I would never do. I had said to her that complete honesty between us was paramount to our relationship.

I held Faith's shoulders and looked into her eyes. "I'm sorry, Faith, I just did something I promised I would never do. I told you a lie. I'm not going to videotape Erin's daughter's birthday party."

Faith had a confused look on her face. "But what are you going to shoot, Dad?"

I swallowed hard and sighed. "She wants me to shoot her and her husband having sex."

"Wow! How cool is that?"


"Sorry, Dad, but don't you think it cool as well?"

I smiled. "I guess it is. People do strange things, and I guess it's okay as long as no one gets hurt."

"So, when are we going to do this?"

"There is no 'we,' Faith. You're not coming with me."


"Faith, there's no way on God's green earth that I'm going to allow my thirteen-year-old daughter to watch a man and his wife have sex."

"It's not like I've not seen men and women fucking. The Internet is full of it."

"But that's different. On the web you're watching a video; this would be live."

"I don't see the difference, Dad. Please let me come. I can use the small camcorder to get some additional footage that you can use in your editing of the final video."

I had to admit to myself that the thought of watching my daughter watch a couple fucking was quite a turn-on. In the last twelve months, Faith had blossomed from a little girl to a young girl on the cusp of womanhood. She had filled out with curves in all the right places, and I'd noticed men giving her second looks—some were more blatant by ogling her. Those men made my skin crawl even though I enjoyed looking at Faith's developing body inside the skimpy string bikini she wore at our backyard pool.

"Is this something you want? I mean watching a couple of guys go down on a woman before her husband has sex with her, is not an everyday occurrence—and certainly not for a thirteen-year-old."

"Two guys!? I thought you said it was a man and his wife."

I swallowed hard again and told her, "Well, Erin's husband is getting on in years, and Erin said it takes a while for her to climax so there will be two young guys getting her warmed up, so to speak. God, I can't believe I'm having this type of conversation with my daughter." I felt my face flushed.

The truth of the matter was, as Faith got older, she had asked me questions that she would have asked her mother if she hadn't died. I was the one who explained what a penis and a vagina was and what part they played in either just enjoyable sex or in making a baby. Before Faith began menstruating, I had explained what changes her body would go through; how her breasts would form and where she would grow hair. It was me who took her to buy her first bra.

Faith put her arms around my chest and hugged me. "It's okay, Dad, you don't have to be embarrassed. Please, can I come with you?"

"On one condition, Faith, and I truly mean this since I could lose business if it got out that I made pornography. You cannot breathe a word to anyone. You understand?"

"Daaad! I'm not stupid! Of course, I won't tell anyone."

Chapter Two

A few days later, I got a text from Erin giving me the date and time and location. I was to turn up at the Hilton hotel on Downing Street in Cambridge city center the upcoming Friday evening at seven. I texted back and asked if it was okay to bring my thirteen-year-old daughter as she was my assistant. Erin texted back and said that was okay so long as she could keep it in confidence. I told Erin that she could. I got the impression from her choice of words that she was going to enjoy having a young girl watch her get fucked.

I looked across at Faith who was doing her homework at the large granite-topped kitchen island and smiled. She was still dressed in her school uniform comprising a white, long-sleeved cotton blouse, gray pleated skirt that came to her knees, light-gray socks that covered her calves and black flat shoes. Her maroon blazer with the school crest on the left breast pocket was hung over the back of the bar stool she was sat on.

Faith was a very beautiful young girl, with ash-blond hair and hazel eyes. For school, she wore her hair in a tight ponytail which enhanced her delicate face with its small, straight nose and full mouth with lush lips. But as soon as she got home and took off her blazer and the white scrunchie, she let her locks fall to her shoulders.

Faith looked up at me staring at her. "What?"

"Nothing, Love, I was just admiring your beauty."

Faith gave me one of her soft smiles that melted my heart. "Thanks, Dad. Who texted you?"

"It was Erin, the woman who wants me to videotape her and her husband. We have to meet her at her hotel in the center of town this Friday evening at seven."

"Wow! This is going to be sooo much fun."

"You're really looking forward to this aren't you?"

"Yes, Dad I am. Aren't you?"

"Not wanting to sound like some pervert, yes I am. Of course, the five-hundred quid an hour for the shoot is the icing on the cake."

"That's . . . what . . . ten times our regular fee?"

"Yes, and we are sworn to secrecy, and there will be no copies of the video."

"It feels kinda we'd be like voyeurs doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Chapter Three

Friday came around and, at six forty-five, I parked my Vauxhall Grandland in the Hilton carpark and carried the large video camera case that contained my Panasonic AG-3DP1 in one hand and another hard case with the portable lighting in my other hand into the hotel lobby. Faith who was carrying the smaller camcorder bag followed close behind me.

"Could you call Mrs. Erin Wainwright and tell her Nick North is in the lobby," I said to the front desk manager.

"Certainly, sir," he replied.

I watched as the manager spoke to Erin. Then he hung up.

"Mrs. Wainwright is in room four-one-seven," he said.

Faith and I got into the lift, and I pressed the button for the fourth floor.

"You nervous?" I asked Faith.

"Yes, and you?"

"Very, I hope I can hold the camera steady. I'm glad it's got image stabilization." I knocked on the bedroom door.

Erin opened the door and stepped aside to let us in. It wasn't just a hotel room, it was a suite. I saw Erin's husband as he was the only man in the room. He was a tall, distinguished looking man with a shock of silver hair.

Erin introduced us, "This is my husband David," she said. She turned to me and Faith. "David, this is Nick and his daughter . . . sorry, I don't know her name."

"Her name's Faith," I said.

David shook mine and Faith's hand. "Nice to meet you," he said. "Would you like a drink?"

"I'll have a beer if you have one, and soda for Faith," I replied.

As David handed Faith and me our drinks, there was a knock at the door. I glanced over as two young men were admitted by Erin.

"This is Geoff, and that's Mike," Erin said as she introduced them. Both men appeared to be in their twenties and, judging by their biceps straining at their tee shirt sleeves, they worked out at the gym.

We all stood around chit-chatting and sipping our drinks for fifteen minutes. Well, that's another hundred and twenty-five quid, I thought.

"Why don't you go and set up in the bedroom, Nick," Erin said.

Faith and I took our cases and went into the bedroom where I set up the lighting, and we checked our cameras to make sure the batteries were fully charged, and fresh SD cards were in their slots even though we had already done so that afternoon.

"You ready, Faith?"

"Yes, Dad," Faith replied excitedly.

"I know it's going to be difficult, but try and remain professional, okay?"

Faith nodded. I put my head around the bedroom door and saw that everyone was naked. I let out a quiet gasp as I saw Erin's incredible body. Her breasts looked firm, the size of half oranges with larger dark pink areolas and brown nipples. It was evident that she and her husband had regular wax jobs since their pubes were smooth and bare. Erin's mons was large, swelling up from her flat tummy; her labia with its tight slit was squashed between slender thighs. I looked at David who stood there with his limp cock hanging over his ball sack. He seemed reasonably fit for his age with just a small pooch of a stomach. Geoff and Mike, on the other hand, had toned bodies from time spent in the gym. Both men already sported hard erections.

I heard a small gasp escape Faith's lips as she saw the two young guys enter the bedroom. David sat in a chair at the foot of the bed and began squeezing his flaccid penis trying to get it hard while his young wife got onto the king-sized bed and lay on her back with her legs parted. I began filming as the two men got on beside her.

Geoff immediately got between Erin's legs and began licking her pussy. Mike knelt beside Erin who took his penis inside her mouth and began to suck and stroke him. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw Faith staring at the sight of two young men pleasuring Erin. She wasn't filming so I coughed quietly. Faith looked at me with tinges of red on her cheeks and neck, nodded and began shooting.

Watching men and women fucking wasn't new to me. I had been in the sex clubs on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg a few times. But I had never been so close to the action before. I moved in and zoomed the camera's lens in tight on Geoff's face buried in Erin's pussy. The lighting made Erin's juices on his fingers, plunging in and out of her vagina, glisten. I thought that Erin had quite a large clit and I got some excellent footage of Geoff sucking on it and nipping it between his lips.

Next, I panned the camera up the bed and got close-ups of Erin's lips around the glans of Mike's ample cock. Her tongue was on its underside, and her hand was stroking his shaft with a twisting motion. She looked directly into the camera and smiled. I got the distinct impression that this whole thing was not just so her husband could make her climax, but was for her own satisfaction and I wondered what she was going to do with the video.

Geoff and Mike changed places, and this time it was apparent that Mike was going to penetrate Erin, so I zoomed in for a closeup as he grasped his shaft and positioned the end against Erin's opening that was oozing liquid. Mike pushed the bulbous head of his cock into Erin's vagina inverting her inner labia. She gasped loudly as, in one continuous stroke, he fully penetrated her.

I saw Faith getting a close-up shot of Erin's face as she was penetrated by Mike's thick member. As Mike fucked Erin, Geoff was busy squeezing Erin's breasts and sucking her nipples. Faith moved behind me to get record what Erin's husband David was doing. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that David's cock was only half hard and he was stroking it and pulling it while watching his wife get fucked by two young men. I wondered what was going through his mind.

Erin was getting aroused by the attention she was receiving from Geoff and Mike. I had a feeling, from the way Geoff and Mike interacted with Erin, that this wasn't the first time they had fucked her.

Faith came back from filming David and whispered in my ear, "I don't think he's going to get his cock hard enough, Dad."

My hard cock twitched inside my cargo pants at my daughter's use of the word cock and the fact that she was watching a real live sex show for the first time. I wondered if her knickers were getting wet.

"Why don't you get your daughter to help my husband get hard," Erin said.

I was gobsmacked for a few moments then recovered and replied, "Sorry Erin, that's not going to happen. Faith's only here to shoot video."

"I'll make it worth her while," Erin said.

"No way, Erin."

"An extra thousand pounds," She added.

"No," I said firmly.

"Fifteen hundred," Erin said.

"Let me do it, Dad," Faith whispered. "It's not like I haven't done it before, and the money will come in handy."

That last comment shocked me. I knew that Faith had dated a couple of boys, but had no idea she had jacked them off. Before I could reply, Faith got on her knees beside David and, while filming with the camcorder in her left hand, began to stroke David's semi-erect penis. I was speechless but, being the professional that I was, I carried on shooting.

I could see that Erin was getting close to her orgasm as her legs began to jerk and her tummy flutter. Mike was really letting her have it with hard thrusts that cause her whole body to move.

"He's ready." I heard Faith say over my left shoulder.

"Come on, David, fuck me," Erin moaned.

Mike pulled out of Erin's red, swollen vagina and David crawled between his wife's legs and quickly penetrated her. He began thrusting while Geoff and Mike knelt to each side of Erin's chest with their cocks in their hands masturbating. I was pretty sure what was going to happen once Erin had climaxed and I wasn't disappointed.

"Good God, David!" Erin cried as she orgasmed.

Her whole body was shaking, and she had her hands around David's forearms, squeezing tight. I could see David trying hard to climax—chasing his own orgasm; he was red-faced, with sweat on his brow, arms trembling, breaths coming quick and hard. I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack. Then he climaxed and sat back on his haunches. I got a closeup of his rapidly softening cock as Erin expelled it. A small amount of David's cum dribbled out; it was no more than a tablespoonful.

By now, Erin had calmed from her orgasm and was smiling at Geoff and Mike. I panned over to Erin's chest to catch the money shots. The guys quickened their strokes, and first Mike ejaculated, followed quickly by Geoff. Both men splattered their sticky, viscous ropes of semen all over Erin's mouth and neck and breasts. Compared to the small amount David had spurted, theirs seemed like a deluge. I could see that Faith had lowered her camcorder and was sat open-mouthed as she watched the cumfest.

Then it was all over. I followed Erin into the bathroom and filmed her as she stepped into the shower. She smiled at me as she scooped some of the copious amount of semen off her breast with two fingers and sucked them clean. I filmed her showering and when she was done, she blew me a kiss.

By the time Faith and I had packed up our gear, David, Erin, Geoff, and Mike were dressed. I guessed it was about two hours from the moment Faith and I entered the hotel suite to this moment. That time, together with the fifteen hundred quid that Faith was promised, added up to twenty-five hundred. David handed me a cheque for three thousand pounds. I didn't dispute the amount; I thanked them, and Faith and I picked up our gear and we left. Faith never spoke during the drive home.

Chapter Four

The next day, I was sat at my desk in my office using iMovie to edit the video on my iMac. Faith knocked and entered. She looked over my shoulder.

"How's the editing coming along, Dad?" she asked.

"Good, Love. I've used almost all of the footage you shot, including where you were getting David hard. I can't believe you did that. And what was the 'it's not like I haven't done it before' comment?"

Faith blushed a little and gave me a shy smile. "You remember Stu, the older brother of my friend Rachel?"


"I was having a sleepover with Rachel and Stu hung out with us. The conversation sorta got 'round to masturbation and Rachel told me that she would . . . you know . . . do it for him. Well, one thing led to another and I . . . sorta did it for him."

"What do you mean 'sorta did it for him,' Faith?"

"I . . . I you know . . . stroked his cock. But I didn't you know . . . make him . . . you know like spurt. He said I wasn't doing it right, so he did it himself while me and Rachel watched."

I chuckled. This was a side of my daughter I wasn't aware of. I guess kids these days a little more open about sex than my generation—not that there was a whole lot of age difference between us as her mother and me had married young. Truth of the matter is, I knocked her up while we were in high school.

"What's funny, Dad?"

"Oh, I don't know, Love. I guess your generation is more open about stuff like that. I hope you're not having sex."

"God, no, Dad!"

"I trust you're aware of sexually transmitted diseases, not to mention pregnancy?"

"Yes, Dad. We learned all about that in Sex Education classes at school. In any case, boys of my age don't interest me enough to have sex with them."

"So, what did you think of what Erin did?"

"I don't think she went to all trouble so she could let her husband . . . you know . . . make her orgasm. I think she did it because she enjoyed it. And I don't think it was the first time that Geoff or Mike fucked—sorry, had sex with her."

"Fuck is a perfectly adequate verb for what they did. They certainly didn't make love, and I hope you know the difference, Faith."

"Yes, Dad, I do. I sometimes think you think I'm a little girl. I'll soon be fourteen you know!"

I pulled her to me and hugged her and kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry, Love. It's just that you're growing up so fast. I still find it hard to believe that I let you come with me yesterday evening."

Faith smiled softly. "Look on it as part of my education," she replied and giggled. "I'll let you finish up while I get things ready for dinner. Lasagna okay?"

I kissed Faith again, but this time it was just a quick kiss on her lips. "Yes, sweetheart, Lasagna is fine and thanks."

"Thanks for what, Dad?"

"Thanks for being who you are. I love you very, very much."

"Love you too, Dad."

Chapter Five

I finished the editing of Erin's video and made arrangements to meet with her at a Starbucks local to where she lived.

"I hope you like it, Erin. I used quite a bit of my daughter's footage."

"I'm sure I will Nick. Did you include the bit about your daughter getting David hard?"

"Err, yes I did. She surprised the heck out of me. She told me she has done it before with her friend's older brother."

"Girls these days look on sex as an activity to be enjoyed."

"I don't think I want my little girl to look on sex as some extracurricular activity."

Erin leaned in and lowered her voice. "That leads me to ask you if you are interested in another . . . how shall I put it . . . unusual job."

"I'm all ears, Erin."

"I have a very good friend who has a fourteen-year-old daughter. The girl, whose name is Sophia, is doing things with her father."

"Doing things?"

"Yes, doing things. They would mutually pleasure each other, and all of this was with the knowledge and full agreement of her mother since she had an enjoyable incestuous relationship with her own father. Sophia and her father have not yet had intercourse and wanted to have a lasting memento of their first time. Would you be willing to film it?"

"Bloody hell, Erin! I mean videotaping you and your husband and friends is one thing, but a father and his daughter! Apart from the fact the girl is underage, and it would be considered statutory rape, it's also incest—both are highly illegal. I could get into big, big trouble for making what would be classed as child pornography."

"I know, I know, Nick, but it would all be in secret, and the father isn't about to tell anyone, so you're protected in that respect."

"But what about the daughter? She could blurt it out by mistake, and then the shit would really hit the fan."

"Look, why don't you meet up with the two of them. Talk to the girl—alone if you will to satisfy yourself that she is a willing participant and get a feeling for whether she can keep a secret."

I sighed. If I were honest with myself, I would be thrilled to see a fourteen-year-old girl get fucked. I'd not seen any child pornography and to see a live performance would be incredibly arousing.

"Okay, Erin. I'll meet up with them. Give me the father's phone number, and I'll talk to him."

"Great, thanks Nick."

Erin gave me Tony Foster's phone number.

Chapter Six

I had contacted Tony and arranged to meet up with him and his daughter Sophia at the same Starbucks where I had met Erin and her husband. I was sat sipping a Latte when I saw a man and a beautiful girl come walking in hand-in-hand. She was indeed a beauty with dark brown hair with blond streaks and gorgeous grayish-blue eyes with long lashes. She wore a simple cotton shirt with tails like a man's dress shirt that came to mid-thigh, multi-colored leggings and Converse classic high-tops. I was the only man sitting alone, so Tony walked over and introduced himself and his daughter then headed off to get their drinks leaving me alone with Sophia. I was sure that Erin had told him I needed to talk to the girl alone.

I wasted no time when I asked Sophia, "Your mother's friend, Erin, told me about what you want to do, Sophia. Please tell me that this is your idea and you're not being coerced into doing it."

"Daddy and Mummy and me have been having sex ever since I can remember. They would include me in their lovemaking, so I knew all about sex from an early age. Do you have a daughter Mr. North?"

"Yes, I do, and please call me Nick. She's about the same age as you."

"Do you have sex with her?"

"Heavens no!"

"How do you know she wouldn't want to?"

"She's my daughter and daughters don't have sex with their fathers—sorry, well most don't anyway."

"You would be surprised at how many girls fantasize about having sex with their dads. I know a lot of my friends do, it's just that they're too scared to do anything about it. I bet if you asked your daughter, she would surprise you with her answer." That thought sent a shiver of sexual excitement through my body, wondering if Faith had those kinds of thoughts about me?

The more I talked to Sophia, the more I became aware of how mature she was for her age—much like my own daughter. It was obvious that she was doing this of her own free will and there was not a trace of coercion—in fact she was gushing with enthusiasm at the thought of her and her father having intercourse. I glanced over at Sophia's father who was hovering near the order counter obviously delaying ordering to give me more time with his daughter.

"Okay, Sophia, I get it that you have what the great majority of people would call a very unusual, and very illegal relationship with your parents and I can tell that you thoroughly enjoy and embrace it, but why record a very, very special moment in your young life?"

"You're right, Nick, it is a very special event. I want to relive every moment of it, and your video will allow me and my parents to enjoy it over and over. Also, if I ever have a daughter of my own, I want to be able to show her what a wonderful experience losing her virginity can be."

Satisfied with my conversation with Sophia, I looked over at her father and nodded, indicating he could join us which he did a few minutes later with an espresso for himself and a Frappe for Sophia.

"So," Tony said, after taking a sip of his coffee, "are you satisfied that my wife and I are not forcing Sophia to do this?"

"Yes, Tony. Sophia is quite mature for her age, and it's apparent that this is something she has given serious thought to."

"It was all my idea," Sophia chimed in.

"My wife and I didn't want to have you film this for obvious reasons—the least of which was involving someone outside the family," Tony said. "We even purchased a Sony camcorder, and my wife tried filming Sophia and me, but the end result was very amateurish. When we saw the professional video, you took of Erin, her husband David and her . . . em . . . two friends, we knew we had to use your services."

"Oh, so you've seen the video?" I was a little surprised that Erin had shown it to them.

"Yes, my wife and I are quite close to Erin, and when we confided in her what Sophia wanted to do, she showed it to us. I understand that your daughter assists you in your business and was present when you shot that video. I hope she will assist you when you film us."

"Err . . . I'm not sure that would be a good idea. I mean she's only thirteen."

"I think it would be a good idea, Nick," Sophia said. "You never know, it might let her know that it's okay to have sex with you."

I hadn't really thought this whole thing through. I was pretty sure that Faith would want to attend. The thought of my daughter watching a girl of similar age to her, have sex with her father caused my cock to grow hard. I had wanted to see Faith naked ever since she entered puberty and began growing breasts. It was hard to keep my eyes off her developing body in her string bikini that she wore at our pool. And I was sure she had seen the bulge in my pants from time to time. But the good parent in me rejected the notion that a girl would want to have sex with her father. Meeting Sophia and Tony had was changing that mindset.

"That's a good thought."

"So, are we a go for the filming?" Tony asked.

"Yes, but we need to discuss my fee. I charged Erin a thousand pounds for her shoot, but there were no illegal acts involved. What you are proposing, on the other hand, is highly illegal and, given that I will be taking a huge risk, I have to ask for a flat fee of five thousand pounds. Deal?" I held out my hand for Tony to shake on the deal.

Tony rubbed his chin as he thought about the sizable sum of money I had just thrown out for consideration. He glanced at Sophia who had a look of hope on her face. Erin had told me that the Foster family weren't rich, but were well off as Tony owned his own construction business.

"I think we can do that, Nick," Tony said shaking my hand.

"Here's my phone number, text me with a date, time and venue," I said handing him my business card.

We finished our coffees. I was looking at Sophia's body, trying to imagine what she looked like naked, but couldn't as her clothes were too loose.

Chapter Seven

The moment I got home, Faith wanted to know if we had a new shoot. I sat her down at the kitchen island.

"Well?" she said.

"This is going to be difficult for me, Faith. I know you want to come with me, so I almost turned down a five thousand quid shoot because of you."

Faith had a puzzled look on her face. "Why on earth would you even consider turning down a job paying that sort of money? And why because of me?"

I sighed, swallowed hard and said, "We're going to shoot a video of a fourteen-year-old girl losing her virginity to her father." Faith's reply surprised me. I expected her to be shocked—gobsmacked even, but her reply was very matter-of-factly.

"So, this is something she wants to do?"

"Yes, I made sure of that. I was alone with her for about five minutes to make sure she wasn't being coerced by her father. Turns out she's been having sex with her mum and dad ever since she was really young. The way she looks at her dad told me she loves him very, very much."

"Wow! How cool is that."

"It doesn't surprise or shock you, because I was gobsmacked when I found out what they wanted me to film?"

"Nuh huh. I know a girl at school who's having sex with her uncle."

"Bloody heck, Faith, how did you find out?"

"She told me. It's common knowledge among our tight group. I hope the girl we're going to film knows how to keep her mouth shut as the girl I just told you about was called into the head mistress's office and confronted with it. She denied it of course, but her uncle was put on the spot when the Bobbies interviewed him. He managed to convince them that it was just her wild imagination. I asked her why she did it and she said because she wanted to lose her virginity, but wanted an older man to do it with."

"Yes, she knows to keep it a secret. So, I guess you're okay with it?"

"Sure, why shouldn't I be?"

"Dunno. Thought it might gross you out or something."

"No, I think it's kinda neat. I wonder if it's going to hurt her as the girl I told you about said it did when her uncle put his cock inside her. But she did say he was quite big and didn't take his time. I would hate to lose my virginity like that."

Chapter Eight

A week later I got a text message from Tony giving me his home address and date and time for the shoot. When I told Faith, she was almost as excited as I was. We were to be at their home at seven on the upcoming Saturday evening. Saturday afternoon, Faith and I did our equipment check that we did before every shoot. At six-thirty we put our equipment in the boot of my Vauxhall and headed out. We pulled up in the gravel driveway of a large Victorian style house twenty-five minutes later. Tony greeted us at the door.

"Come on in," he said stepping aside.

Faith and I walked into a large hallway with period-correct black and white tiles on the floor and oak paneling on the walls.

"This is my daughter and assistant Faith," I said. Tony nodded.

We followed Tony down the hall and into a large eat-in kitchen. Sophia was stood next to whom I presumed was her mum; she was a tall woman with blond hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a pale-blue silk kimono as was Sophia. It appeared that both mother and daughter were naked underneath as her mum's ample breasts tented the front of the kimono and the daughter's swells were visible inside. Both women's hard nipples pushed against the thin silk.

We put out equipment cases on the floor and introduced ourselves.

"Sophia, you've met," Tony said, "and this is my wife, Gail."

I shook Gail's outstretched hand. I could feel a little dampness in her palm no doubt from nervousness. I was nervous as well but had wiped my palm before entering the kitchen. "Good to meet you, Gail. I'm Nick," I said, "and this is my daughter and assistant Faith."

Gail shook Faith's hand. "You're quite the beauty, Faith," Gail said. "Why don't you go upstairs with Sophia while I talk to your father." Sophia took Faith's hand, and they disappeared into the hallway.

"Did my husband let you know how tonight was going to work out?" Gail said.

"Just the basics," I replied.

"Well, I am going to begin with Sophia, then Tony will join us, and I will be next to my daughter when he takes her virginity and makes love to her. Sophia is on the birth control patch so he will ejaculate inside her. I want to make sure that you get a good, tight closeup as my husband penetrates her. I don't think she's going to bleed as her hymen has already melted away from playing football in high school."

"Don't concern yourself, Gail, I'll make sure I capture the special moments. Will Sophia perform oral sex on her dad?"

"Most certainly. She's been doing that ever since her mouth was large enough to get the head inside. May I ask you a personal question, Nick?"

"Of course," I replied.

"You have a very beautiful and sexy daughter. Do the two of you have sex?"

"No, we don't. I'm not sure she would want to."

Gail smiled. "Well, Sophia will find out for you. Sexual relations between a father and his daughter, if she's willing, is a wonderful thing. My relationship with my own father began when I was seven. He took my virginity when I was twelve. Alas, there's no record of that special moment which is why you're here so Sophia can relive the moment for years to come."

I picked up the equipment cases and followed Gail and Tony upstairs to the master suite. I had to stifle a gasp as I saw Sophia lying naked on the large bed. Her cone-shaped breasts with puffed areolas and small brown nipples stood proud of her chest. Her mons was prominent; it swelled up from her tummy and was hairless, presumably from waxing. Faith was already videotaping Sophia as she posed for the camera.

Faith put down her camcorder and helped me set up the lighting. I happen to glance over at Gail who had shed her kimono. Her breasts were larger than her daughter's but were almost as firm as there was hardly any sag—just small creases on their underside at their confluence with her chest. Gail's large vee-shaped mons was also bare; it seemed as if mother and daughter had regular wax jobs. Whereas Sophia's slit was tight with no signs of her inner labia, Gail's inner labia were visible between her plump outer labia as a long ruffle of flesh a few shades darker pink.

As soon as Faith and I were ready, Gail got onto the bed beside her daughter and put her arm around her and then began kissing. Just small kisses at first, then as mother and daughter got aroused, their mouths opened, and they French kissed. Gail was cupping Sophia's breasts as they kissed. I looked over at Tony who was now naked and was sat on a chair with his erect penis in his hand watching the action on the bed. I envied him, a gorgeous sexy wife; a daughter who he was about to have intercourse with; what more could a man want?

I looked at Faith as she was getting closeup footage of mother and daughter's heads as they kissed passionately. I wondered if Sophia and she had spoken and whether my daughter wanted to do things with me. My cock, already hard at watching Gail and Sophia kiss, twitched at the thought of making love with Faith. As Gail's hand left her daughter's breast and slid down across her tummy, I zoomed in and panned my camera to follow its slow movement. It captured Sophia's body jerk as Gail cupped her pussy and pressed her middle finger in between her plump labia.

I moved to the end of the bed to get good footage of Gail's finger gathering her daughter's moisture and bringing it up to work on her clit. While Gail was working on her daughter's vulva, Faith moved behind me and started shooting footage of Tony who was sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed slowly stroking his penis erect penis.

Sophia opened her legs, and I got good footage of Gail curling her finger and entering her vagina. Gail's second knuckle moved back and forth as she finger fucked her daughter. To my right, I could see Faith move in to shoot Gail sucking Sophia's right breast then panning up to capture the expression in Sophia's face as her mother slowly brought her to orgasm.

Gail held her daughter as she climaxed. Sophia's body was shaking and jerking as she orgasmed. I concentrated my camera on Gail's finger rapidly plunging in and out of Sophia's vagina as Faith was capturing the sheer bliss on Sophia's face. As Sophia slowly calmed down, Gail removed her finger from her daughter's vagina, brought it to her nose and inhaled. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the aroma of her daughter's sex. She sucked the creamy secretions off her finger and got off the bed.

Tony, with his cock standing straight up against his stomach, got down between his daughter's legs. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and began to eat out her still quivering pussy. I had to lean over Sophia's tummy to get a straight shot of Tony's tongue lapping her vulva; his mouth was partly hidden by Sophia's prominent mons. Faith moved behind me and to my left, and got the lens of her camera alongside Tony's face to get a close up of his tongue probing his daughter's wet, tight hole. I saw Faith move his arm a little so she could get an uninterrupted view of Sophia's plump labia.

Sophia was so aroused, by first her mother's probing of her vagina and then her father eating out her vulva, that she quickly climaxed again. Tony sat back up and moved Sophia's legs down off his shoulders and over his thighs. Faith got good footage of the bulbous, purple-hued head of his penis lying on Sophia's mons with her red and engorged labia underneath. Gail was lying beside her daughter gently squeezing her breasts that looked firm and full with her arousal. All of Sophia's upper chest and neck were flushed.

"You ready to give the precious gift of your virginity to your father, Sophia?" Gail asked her daughter when she had calmed from her second orgasm.

"Yes, Mummy," Sophia replied.

Faith got back up near Sophia's head ready to capture her expressions as her father penetrated her for the first time. I zoomed in for a tight shot of Sophia's vagina. Tony grasped the shaft of his penis between fingers and thumb and pressed its head against her red, plump vulva and pushed a little. His cockhead pooched Sophia's swollen labia aside. As her labia spread, I could see the small, red virginal opening of Sophia's vagina come into view.

Tony moved his cockhead lower covering her opening then began the slow process of penetrating her for the very first time in her young life. I couldn't see Sophia's face as I was busy concentrating on Sophia's vulva making sure I got the moment that her father entered her.

"She's tensing, Gail," Tony said to his wife.

I kept the camera on Sophia's pussy while glancing across at Gail, who was lovingly stroking her daughter's face.

"Don't clench your pussy, Love, it will only hurt more. Let Daddy penetrate you."

"I'll try, Mummy," Sophia replied.

I looked back at the LCD display on my video camera and saw Tony pushing down on the head of his cock with two fingers trying to get it inside her tight channel.

"That's my girl, much better, Sophia," he said.

With a small whimper from Sophia's lips, the head of her father's penis quickly penetrated her opening, taking her virginity.

I heard Sophia speak, "Oh, that feels sooo good, Mummy, and it hardly hurt at all."

"I'm so proud of you, Love." I heard Gail say.

I'm a professional, and I pride myself on being able to stay uninvolved in what is going on in front of my camera lens, but this was different. I had been hard the whole time, and I couldn't help but look at what was going on and wish it were me instead of Sophia's dad having sex with her. Then the thought that it could be me and Faith instead of Tony and Sophia made my cock pulse.

Slowly, Tony pushed his penis inside his daughter's vagina until it was fully buried inside her. With the help of her mother, Sophia raised up to see her father's pubes pressed against hers. Then I heard Sophia gasp as she saw the shaft of his penis glistening with her moisture withdraw hugged by her thin inner labia. Her outer labia were red and plump—engorged with blood by her intense arousal.

While I stayed focused on Tony stroking in and out of his daughter's vagina, Faith was filming Sophia's expressions and her mother squeezing her cone-shaped breasts that had grown some, and sucking her now hard nipples. I wondered what thoughts were coursing through Sophia's mind as her father made love to her. I couldn't imagine what it must feel like to her, to have a penis inside her, knowing it belonged to her father and that he had put it in her mother's pussy to make her.

I could tell that Tony was on the cusp of his orgasm as I saw him slow his thrusting and concentrate hard to keep from climaxing too soon. Gail had her hand on Sophia's tummy and was rubbing her clit with the pad of a finger. I heard soft moans of pleasure escape Sophia's lips, and her breathing sped up as she neared her orgasm.

Then she stopped breathing, arched her back and orgasmed, "Ohhhhhh," she cried. Her legs began to jerk, and she grabbed fistfuls of bed linen. Her orgasm lasted a good two minutes this time, probably because she had her father's penis thrusting in and out of her vagina.

When she calmed, she looked at her father and said, "You going to cum inside me now, Daddy?"

"Yes, Love, I've been on the edge for the past five minutes."

Sophia giggled. "When you're done, I'm going to suck your cock."

My own cock twitched at that comment. I wondered if Faith was going to see what it took to fellate a man properly. Tony began thrusting into Sophia's now very wet vagina—well it wasn't so much thrusting since that implied he wasn't being tender which he was. It was more like gentle strokes that I'm sure bumped her cervix as she was taking all of him inside her.

I saw his eyes closed tight and his brow furrow as he chased his orgasm. Then there was sweet relief on his face as, with a guttural grunt, he exploded inside his daughter's vagina. Sophia must have felt him spurting inside her as I heard a quiet gasp coming from her direction.

"I can feel it, Mummy," Sophia said, "I can feel him spurting his spunk."

"Yes, Love, I know how it feels," Gail told her daughter.

I could see that Faith had her camcorder trained on Sophia's pussy from above waiting for Tony to pull out. After his breathing calmed, he pulled out of her. I got a really good tight closeup of Sophia's vulva, red and raw with a stream of white sticky semen running out and down between her buttocks, pressed tightly together by the firm mattress, and pooling on the bedsheet.

While I captured the aftermath of Tony's ejaculation oozing out of his daughter's vagina, Faith was already panning her camera following Tony's still quite hard penis. Gail had already put pillows behind Sophia who was now propped up awaiting her father's penis. As the last of Tony's semen bubbled out of Sophia's vagina, I moved my camera so that it was capturing the head of Tony's penis as it entered her waiting mouth.

Sophia's hand immediately grasped Tony's shaft and began stroking it as she took his cockhead and about two inches of his shaft inside her mouth. I could hear Faith breathing hard as she watched the live show unfolding in front of her camera's lens. I wondered if her knickers were wet watching this incredibly erotic scene. My cock was straining at the restriction of my underwear inside my cargo pants.

It was obviously not the first time Sophia had fellated her father as she was doing it with a lot of experience. I could see Faith getting in close to record the action. Then to my surprises. I saw Tony pull his penis out of Sophia's mouth and begin to masturbate. There was no bloody way the guy was going to cum again so soon, I thought, but by God he did. I watched in amazement as he spurted about a tablespoon of semen onto Sophia's waiting tongue. When he was done, she swallowed then squeezed one last drop out of the end and licked it off while a big grin spread across her face.

"Wow!" I said as I stopped filming and lowered my camera. Faith did the same. She looked at me with eyes as big as saucers, then she smiled, and I thought I saw a hint of naughtiness on her face. Everyone just sat there for a few minutes, then Tony got off the bed and headed for the ensuite. Gail put her kimono back on, and Sophia just lay there. She seemed to have a glow on her face.

Faith and I packed up our equipment and headed downstairs and waited in the hallway. There was nothing said between us for a few moments. Then Faith spoke.

"That was amazing, Dad. I know my knickers are soaked and I'm sure you're hard inside your trousers."

It was the first overtly sexual thing she had ever said to me. Which deserved an equally sexual response.

"It was very arousing. I've leaked a lot of precum, and I almost shot my load in my underpants a few times."

Faith gave me a shy smile and blushed a little telling me this was all so new to her. She was so bloody cute.

"You did well, Love. You were very professional and anticipated what was going to happen next and get ready for it."

"Thanks, Dad. I don't think I'm ever going to forget this shoot and I can't wait to see the edited version."

"If it's what you want, Faith, we can watch it together."

Faith blushed again and said, "I'd like that, Dad. I'd like that very much."

Tony came downstairs and handed me a personal cheque for five thousand pounds made out to me and not to my company.

"Thanks, Tony," I said as I took the cheque from him. "I should have the edited video to you in less than a week."

"Great, we all look forward to watching it together. I know that even if you tell me that you to not make a copy, there's no way I can verify that. However, there would be as much trouble for you and Faith as it would for our family if it ever became public."

I didn't confirm or deny what he just said about the copy but replied, "Tony, you have our word that no one but Faith and I will ever see it. The SD card I will give you containing the finished video will be password protected."

Tony shook my hand. "Thanks, Nick and I'm sure the finished video will be professional."

Faith and I picked up our gear and left. Nothing was said during the drive home, but we both knew that our relationship was going to change. That fact was confirmed when the next morning I got a text from Gail. It excited me no end; it said:

"Sophia had a little girl-to-girl talk before you began shooting. Your daughter wants very much to have the same relationship with you as Sophia has with her father."

Chapter Nine

It took me three days of editing to get a final version that I was happy with. Faith's footage was great, and I used about ninety percent of it. I thought the wipes and fades, zooms, and pans, softened faces, and split screens ended up producing, not just a video of the event, but a record of the love between a father and his daughter being consummated in a very very sensitive manner. I was very, very pleased. I dropped the SD card off with Gail, providing her with the password that was going to be challenging to crack. She thanked me with a hug.

"I felt a great privilege to witness what was a beautiful event," I said.

"Thank you, Nick. I'm sure we're going to enjoy watching the video as a family. Are you going to begin doing things with Faith? You saw the text I sent you?"

"Yes, I did, and I . . . er . . . think I will."

"It's going to be wonderful for you and your daughter. I wish I could witness you taking her virginity."


"When can we watch the video, Dad?" Faith asked the next morning.

"How about Friday night. You know Fridays are our movie nights."

"Yeah, this is going to be a very special movie night."

Friday evening came round and, after eating a Domino's pizza, we settled on the sofa after I had put the SD card into the slot on our large flatscreen tele. Faith snuggled up to me and hugged my left arm with both of hers as she was wont to do when we watched movies together. I hit the play button on the television remote. The video started with stills of Tony, Gail, and Sophia with the title scrolling across the screen. It said:

                        A VERY SPECIAL EVENT IN SOPHIA'S LIFE

The video started and as I saw Sophia lying naked on the bed; my cock began to get hard and, as I was wearing pajama bottoms and no underwear, there was no hiding it from Faith. I should have known this was going to happen, but maybe subconsciously I wanted my daughter to know I was aroused. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Faith glance down at my crotch. When Faith's footage of Tony stroking his erect penis appeared, I felt Faith's hand squeeze mine through the thin cotton of my pajama bottoms.

"What are you doing, Faith?" I asked halfheartedly.

"You okay with me doing this?" she replied. "I mean I did it to Erin's husband."

God! Was I okay? You bet your arse I was. "I guess you did didn't you? It's okay as long as no one finds out," I whispered.

Emboldened by me letting her fondle me, she slipped her hand inside the fly and fished my cock out and began slowly stroking it. When she had let go of my arm to grab my cock, I had put my arm around her shoulder. I moved my hand down and felt her firm young breast through the oversized tee shirt she wore to bed. The act of touching my thirteen-year-old daughter's breast for the first time caused my cock to twitch.

"This is nice, isn't it, Dad?"

"Mmmm," I replied enjoying the sensation of my daughter stroking my cock.

As the video progressed, I was getting more and more aroused, and I knew I wasn't far from cumming. When Tony pulled out of Sophia's pussy, and she took his penis into her mouth, Faith lowered her head into my lap and took the head of my cock inside her mouth.

"Oh my lord!" I cried as I felt my cock swell and flooded Faith's mouth with a huge load of my hot semen. "Sorry, Love, I couldn't help it."

I heard Faith cough as I spurted more cum into her mouth. She managed to swallow some, but most of my semen escaped her lips and ran down my shaft and into my pubic hair. When I was done. Faith lifted back up and wiped her lips with the palm of her hand.

"Sorry, Dad, I didn't know what to expect. I'll be better next time."

I groaned with pleasure. "I didn't expect you to do that, Faith. But I must say it was incredible." I was quiet for a short while as we looked at the blank screen now that the video was over.

"Could I . . . can I . . . I mean would you let me . . . you know do the same for you?" I asked with a slight quiver in my voice.

"You want to give me an orgasm?"

"Could I?"

"God, yes, Dad. I'd love that. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Yes, Love. I'd like that very much. Now if you'll turn off the tele and the lights, I'm going to clean up."

Fifteen minutes later, after I'd taken a quick shower in my ensuite, I turned out the light and got into bed where Faith was lying with the sheet pulled up to her chin. She slowly pulled the sheet down showing me that she was naked. I gasped quietly as I saw her breasts for the first time. I had tried to visualize what they looked like inside the cloth triangles of that skimpy string bikini she wore. All I could see were two firm swells giving the material form. Now they were unencumbered by her bikini top, I could see that they were the size of half lemons with quite large, dome-like areolas with pink nipples at their centers like tiny beads. As she pushed the sheet down some more, she uncovered her vulva with its large mons swelling up from her flat tummy. There was a smattering of ash-blond hairs in a sort of vee-shape with its apex at the top of her tight slit.

"Bloody heck, Faith, you've got an incredible body. I always wondered what it looked like under that sexy, skimpy string bikini you wear."

"I loved wearing it for you knowing you got hard looking at me."

"You did?"

"Yes, Dad. I've had a big thing for you ever since I was ten years old."

I leaned over and kissed my daughter on her lush lips. She put her hand on the back of my neck and pulled my mouth into hers. I felt her tongue probing. I opened my mouth, and soon we were French kissing as if we had been lovers for ages. My hand cupped her breast feeling how very firm it was; her hard, beaded nipple pressed into my palm as I gently squeezed her breast. Faith was moaning into my mouth as we kissed passionately.

I just had to touch her pussy, so I slipped my hand down across her flat tummy and touched her prominent mons. Faith responded by opening her legs allowing me free rein to fondle her. I slipped a finger inside her tight cleft feeling how very wet she was. I was giddy with excitement that I was fondling my thirteen-year-old daughter's pussy.

Wasting no more time, I moved down the bed and between Faith's legs. With my face inches away from her vulva, I inhaled her sex. My head was swimming as I smelled her musky, slightly sweet and slightly sweaty pussy. I tasted her vagina for the first time; it was tangy and a tad salty. She tasted and smelled a little like her mother did, but it was more of a little-girl smell—quite distinctive, and I was in seventh heaven.

"God, Faith, you taste and smell wonderful." And she did.

I teased Faith's small pink clitoris out of its hood and began sucking and licking it. Soon it doubled in size, and I was surprised how large it got. Faith was moaning, and her body was trembling as I brought her to orgasm for the first time with my tongue. I too trembled as I thought about our future as lovers.

"Gawd, Dad," she cried as her legs closed on my head. She arched her back, pushing her pussy into my face, grinding her blood engorged clit onto my lips. I could feel her legs jerking as she rode her orgasm for all it was worth. Then, slowly she began to come down off her intense orgasmic high. She opened her legs, and I moved up the bed beside her putting my arm around her. She snuggled up to me with her head in the crook of my shoulder and her arm over my stomach pressing her wet vulva into my thigh. Next thing I heard was her soft snores. My little girl was tuckered out from her no doubt very intense orgasm.

Chapter Ten

I opened my eyes the next morning and inhaled the aroma of my daughter lying beside me still asleep. I drew her close to me and put both arms around her and enjoyed her presence. I had slept with quite a few women, but Faith was very different. The feeling I got as I hugged her was one of intense pleasure and excitement at where our new-found relationship was headed. I needed to pee real bad, so I carefully extracted myself from my daughter's slender body and slipped quietly out of bed. After emptying my bladder and brushing the taste of Faith's sex out of my mouth with minty toothpaste, I returned to bed and pulled Faith to me. The act of moving her woke her up.

"Mmmmm, morning, Dad." Faith stretched her arms and yawned.

"Morning, Love," I replied. I kissed her lips.

"You've brushed your teeth."

"And peed."

"I gotta pee as well."

With that, Faith rolled away from me and got off the bed. She left the bathroom door open, and I could hear the tinkle of her urine splashing into the toilet bowl.

"Okay if I use your toothbrush," she shouted.

"Sure, go ahead."

A few minutes later, she came back and jumped on the bed, gave me a minty kiss and snuggled up to me.

"Hold me, Dad," she murmured. I held her. "My orgasm last night was incredible. I've never had such an intense one before."

"I'm glad you let me."

Faith was quiet for a while, and I could tell that she was thinking and I was reasonably sure I knew what was going through her mind.


"Yes, Love?"

"Can we . . . you know . . . like go all the way?"

"You mean intercourse?"

"Uh-huh. I want to experience what Sophia felt as her daddy put it inside her. Can we do it?"

"If that's what you truly want, Faith."

"It is, Dad. I really want to . . . can we?"

"Would you be willing to come with me to the clinic and get a prescription for the birth control patch?"

"Of course. Just like Sophia had."

"Okay. On Monday afternoon I'll pick you up from school and drive you there."

Faith kissed me. "Thanks, Dad."


Faith slept with me again Saturday night. As soon as we were in bed, she pushed the covers down exposing my erection lying on my stomach. I felt Faith's hand grasp my shaft and lift it up.

"I'm going to try and do it without choking this time," she said firmly.

"Just close your throat and breathe through your nose," I instructed.

I shuddered as I felt Faith's hot breath on my glans and then her soft lips around its underside. I gasped softly as I felt her tongue swirl around the tip and her spare hand cradle my scrotum.

"Good lord, Faith, you're amazing. I hope you've not done this before with some guy."

Faith lifter her mouth off my cock and said, "No, Dad. Last night was the very first time. But I've seen quite a few blowjobs on the internet to know what and what not to do."

As Faith went back to giving me one incredible blowjob, I counted myself, one fortunate father. Now I knew how Tony felt and soon I was going to take my daughter's virginity just like we had videotaped him doing the same thing. I lay back and let my orgasm rise inside me, spreading from my bowels and permeating throughout my nether regions until that wonderful feeling caused my ballsack to draw up tight.

"Blimey, Faith," I cried as my cock swelled and pulsed. The first thick viscous rope of my semen spurted into my daughter's mouth. I felt her flinch a little as it splashed against the back of her throat, but she didn't cough or splutter this time.

My cock continued to pulse as more and more ropes of semen jetted into Faith's waiting mouth. I could feel her lips clamping on the underside of my glans keeping my semen from spilling. I was finally done, and I felt my penis begin to soften. I looked at Faith's bulging cheeks hardly believing I had spurted that much. She looked at me and swallowed twice before smiling in satisfaction.

"I didn't waste any this time, did I, Dad?"

"No, you didn't, Love."

"I love you very, very much, Dad."

"I love you too, Faith. You're the best, most beautiful, most sexy daughter. I can't tell you how proud I am of you."

Faith kissed me. I could taste my salty semen on her lips. "I've never told you how good a father you've been to me; raising me all by yourself: always telling me how good I was at this or that: guiding me down the right path: never failing to encourage me."

"And now I've made you my lover," I reminded her.

"You never made me do anything, Dad. It was me who initiated it; I did it of my own free will."

"But I still feel guilty at using you to satisfy my desires."

"And I feel guilty at using you to satisfy my desires."

We both burst out laughing. "Let's just say it's a mutual satisfaction shall we?" I ventured.

"Okay, deal!"

Chapter Eleven

At three-thirty on Monday afternoon, I was waiting outside Saint Mary's school for girls in my Vauxhall when I saw Faith come bounding out with her book bag over her shoulder. She got into the passenger seat, leaned over and kissed me on my lips.

"I can't wait to get the patch so we can have real sex," she said all bubbly.

I chuckled at her use of the phrase 'real sex.' "You have to wait five days before having unprotected sex, so sorry Love, we can't have sex until Saturday evening."

The look on Faith's face was one of disappointment. "But I have something special planned for Saturday. I'm taking you out on a sort of date. I have a table for two booked for seven o'clock on Saturday evening at your favorite restaurant."

Faith's face brightened. "A real date?"

"Yes, Love, a real date. And on Saturday morning, I'm dropping you off at the shopping centre so you can buy a new set of clothes for our first date."

Faith kissed me again that made me swerve a little into the right-hand traffic lane. "Thanks, Dad, you're the best."


I had no idea what Faith had purchased, but I did see a Victoria's Secret bag, so I assumed I was going to be treated to some sexy lingerie. At five o'clock, Faith ensconced herself in the master suite to shower and get ready. I reminded her that we had to leave at six thirty.

I was relegated to the family bathroom to get ready. Fortunately, I had gotten my outfit out of the master closet before she locked the bedroom door. I was waiting in the living room when Faith finally made her appearance at six-thirty on the dot which surprised me. I had to gasp and catch my breath as I saw her. She had fixed her ash-blond hair with two thin braids that were tied behind her head, holding the rest of her shoulder-length hair behind her ears.

She had on a little makeup—just a smidgen of colour on her cheeks and a little eyeliner and lipstick that emphasized her full lips. Her emerald-green dress was figure hugging that celebrated her heart-shaped figure; it came to mid-thigh, and the back was open down to the small of her back with two pieces of fabric that joined the two sides together—a thin one at the neck and a wide one where her bra was. Faith's outfit was finished off with black shoes with low heels.

I was slack-jawed until I said, "My lord, Faith, you look gorgeous."

Faith gave me one of her soft smiles that always made my heart skip a beat. "Thanks, Dad. You like my dress?"

"It's beautiful, and it emphasizes your sexy body. I can't wait to see your undies as I saw that Victoria's Secret bag."

She blushed a little. "I hope you like them as I picked them out just for you."

I took her arm, and we walked out the front door where a limousine was waiting with the livered driver holding the rear passenger door open.

"You got a limo!"

"Only the best for the most beautiful daughter in the world," I replied. "And we can afford it after our last shoot," I whispered.

Faith slid across the bench seat and I followed. I picked up the glasses of champagne that were awaiting us and handed one to her. "To a special night," I said as I raised my glass.

"To OUR special night," Faith replied as she clinked my glass and took a sip of the pale-amber coloured bubbly liquid.

The driver opened the door on Faith's side to let us out kerb-side at the restaurant. Inside, the mâitre d' led us to our table. I ordered a Stoli martini with a twist for myself and a small glass of white wine for Faith. During dinner, Faith was as animated as I'd ever seen her.

"Are you going to set up a camera to record us?" Faith asked.

"Do you want me to?" I asked.

Faith thought for a moment, then replied, "I don't think so, Dad. I'm sure I won't need a video to remember something so special."

I could tell that Faith was nervous the entire drive back to the house as she held my hand. Her palm was damp, and she trembled a little.

"Remember what Sophia's mother told her?" I said.

"Yes, Dad, she told her to relax. I'll try my best, I promise."

Faith went into the ensuite and closed the door. I quickly got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed waiting with bated breath to see what Faith's underwear looked like.

"Good lord, Faith, if that isn't the sexiest underwear I've ever seen, then I don't know what is," I said as she came walking out of the bathroom.

Her bra and knickers were made from white satin trimmed with white lace. The bra had a little underwire that pushed her breasts up; the cups were small, they barely covered her nipples. The knickers were bikini style and coddled her plump vulva in the two-finger gap at the top of her slender thighs.

Faith walked over to the bed where I was sat. "You like them?"

"My God, do I!"

She pirouetted showing me two gorgeous buttocks with her cleft visible as a dark shadow at the waist of her knickers.

"Why don't you take the bra off for me, I want to remove your knickers myself."

Faith gave me a shy smile as she put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. She let it fall down her arms where she caught it in one hand and dropped it on the floor. I thought her tits were the epitome of perkiness, firm with their domed areolas and dark pink nipples. There were thin red lines under her breasts where the wire of the bra had dug in to her chest.

"Come here, Love," I told her. She stood between my legs with her gorgeous tits almost level with my chin. I put my hands behind her and cupped her firm pantied buttocks. I planted a kiss on each nipple that caused her to giggle, reminding me that she was still a young girl. Faith moaned softly as I sucked each of her puffy areolas and nipples and squeezed her firm buttocks.

"You ready, Faith?" I asked after five minutes of kissing and fondling my daughter.

"Yes, Dad," Faith replied nervously.

I hooked my fingers inside the elastic waistband of her knickers and tugged them over her hips and let them fall to the floor. I got onto the bed, and Faith climbed on beside me. I wasted no time; I got between her legs and inhaled the smell of her sex, slightly pungent, a trace of acid from her sweat and the sweetness of her secretions. Her whole body jerked as I sucked her clit. After a minute of attention from my tongue, it was now out of its hood and had grown to twice its size. I slowly brought my thirteen-year-old daughter to a climax with my tongue and three fingers inside her hot, very wet vagina.

"I'm going to put it inside you now, Faith, don't forget to try hard and relax."

"Okay, Dad."

Grasping the shaft between my fingers and thumb, I moved the head to her waiting dark-red hole. The head looked so big compared with the opening to her vagina, but I felt sure that she would stretch. As I pushed, I felt the tight ring of skin dilate a little. Another gentle push down with my fingers on the shaft caused the head to pop inside her. I head a small whimper escape Faith's lips as I penetrated her for the first time.

"Gawd, Dad, you feel so big. I can't believe I stretched so much. Now I know how Sophia felt when her dad put his inside her."

Faith was indeed tight, but copious amounts of my precum combined with her juices served to lubricate her. I slowly pushed all the way inside her, bumping her rubbery end. I looked down and saw our pubes joined together.

"Wow! I feel so stuffed, and I felt you bump the end. Are you all the way inside me?"

"Yes, Love, you've taken all of me."

Faith grasped my forearms and pulled herself up until she was sitting in my lap with her bent legs each side of my chest. It served to bury my penis even deeper which I didn't think was possible. I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against her cervix.

"This feels soooo good, Dad."

I moved my hips a little, providing some friction between my cock and Faith's vaginal walls. She began to do the same. At first, we were a little uncoordinated but soon found our rhythm, as she curled her pussy up against my gentle thrusts. We kissed passionately as we made love to each other with her arms around my neck and my hands on her buttocks. I could feel Faith's butt, and legs jerk as her orgasm neared. I was on the cusp of my orgasm, and I couldn't wait any longer for Faith to have hers.

My cock swelled, and the first load of my semen spurted hard against her cervix. That feeling took Faith over the top, and she climaxed hard. I felt her vagina contracting around my member as she climaxed and her hot puffs of breath on my neck as she panted hard. My orgasm was soon over, but Faith's carried on for another few minutes. She finally calmed and kissed me.

"God, Dad," she murmured. "I love you sooo much. This feels so good."

"Love you too, Faith and thank you for your precious gift."

"I'm glad it was you and not some boy in the back of his car like a couple of girls I know lost theirs. Tonight, the dinner and the sex were amazing."

We stayed locked together for five minutes or so. Then I felt my cock softening. "When you lift up, clench your pussy to keep my semen inside so you can get to the bathroom. Unprotected sex can be so exciting, but can also be messy."

"Okay, Dad," Faith replied. My cock finally began to slip out of her, and I felt Faith clenching her vaginal muscles and got off the bed. I followed her into the bathroom and, while she sat on the toilet letting my semen run out of her, I got a washcloth and cleaned myself. Faith pulled on a pair of absorbent, cotton knickers I had told her to leave out, and we got back into bed.

Faith snuggled up to me and said, "Thanks, Dad, that was more amazing than I imagined. It hardly hurt at all as you went inside me, and the feeling of your cock stretching me and filling me up was incredible."

I kissed her lush lips. "It was wonderful, and I'm happy that I could make it special for you."

We soon drifted off into our very satisfying and deep sleeps.


The next day, was the first day with Faith and me as lovers. I was amazed at Faith's demeanor; it was if she was a whole new person and in a way she was—she was no longer a girl—she was a young woman. She wanted to have sex again that morning but was too sore. Over the next few months, her sexual appetite amazed me; we had sex in all sorts of different positions. Faith loved to be on top and enjoyed the sixty-nine position. We tried anal sex one time, but she didn't like it at all, so we didn't do it again.

The next year, Faith and I videotaped the birth of Erin's baby boy. She told me that she got pregnant that night when her husband ejaculated inside her, which surprised me as he only spurted a little. For our private collection, I taped Faith masturbating to orgasm, and she did the same for me. Not surprisingly, we were also hired to videotape Erin, now recovered from childbirth, having sex with two new guys, Rob and Collin, but this time her husband was not present which confirmed my suspicions when the first time we taped her, that it was for her own pleasure. It was the first time I had filmed Erin with a cock in her arse and her pussy at the same time and she seemed to be really enjoying it. I wondered if she let her husband watch the videos.


Faith's and my love life couldn't get any better. She shared my bed every night like husband and wife. But I knew in the back of my mind that, as she got older and went away to university, our relationship would change. Although we lived together like man and wife, we could never show the world what our true relationship was, and she could never bear my child.

True enough, at age eighteen she left for uni and, I not only lost my lover, but also my assistant. She would text or call me most days, and in her second-year—her undergrad year she said she was in a relationship with a fellow student. It was inevitable, but I accepted it. The acceptance was eased by Julie, my new assistant, and my new lover.

Julie, a nineteen-year-old, dark-haired blue-eyed beauty had applied for my assistant after I placed an ad in the local newspaper. I had struggled for six months with photo shoots by myself so hiring Julie was a godsend. Our intimate relationship began soon after we videotaped another session—the third—with Erin and a couple of new guys, Nigel and Patrick. As last time, Erin took their cocks in both holes at the same time. It wouldnt surprise me if the next time she brought along a third chap so she could suck his cock while the other two pleasure her pussy and arse. I had told Julie what kind of shoot it was going to be and said to her that if she didn't want to come as my assistant that I was okay with it. She surprised me by telling me she looked forward to it. A week after the shoot as we watched the final edit, she too, like Faith, went down on me. I didn't know why a nineteen-year-old beauty wanted to get in a relationship with a thirty-two-year-old fella, but I never for one moment gave it a second thought.

When Faith came home for summer break that year, she instantly took a like to Julie. Faith surprised me when she said she was glad I was having sex with Julie when I hadn't told her. All I had texted her was that I had hired an assistant. Faith said she could tell by my demeanor and the way I looked at Julie that the two of us were lovers. She told me she was happy for me.

Faith didn't marry her second-year lover, or even the one in her third—her bachelor's degree year. She graduated at the end of that year and got a job with an investment firm in the City. Two years later she got engaged and six months after that got married. It was an interesting wedding with the father of the bride also the photographer, but Julie filled in for me on many occasions. Two years later, with Julie and I married, Faith graced us with a granddaughter who she and her husband Alex named Sophia.


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